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you got a tent tag match man we got all kinds of you floating around jack farmers in the building I got a special guest crazy let’s go afterbuzz TV the ESPN now oh yeah DJ I have a chisel job yeah we’re gonna man my man Pro beat the New York’s finest home well brother next to him listen horses were the woman that showed me that woman from this great white north I don’t know how that work listed she changed your hand every five seconds right before the show that comes down oh yeah but I’m also not alone oh man you know you know there’s no gonna pops in the bill you’ll be back in the building man [Applause] [Applause] Marie’s call you daddy madness I’ll let you know this was more was good tap sneak more was really good on modulate from jolly old England what’s really really good on before we get started with a special shout out to my girl Gabby man Gabby on Smackdown impact TNA got the call up got getting that little girl to a nicer person to be honest with you so best of luck in her future endeavors hope she can make some time to come back with smackdown I think she’s gonna bite it there her post didn’t say she was leaving bow because she could casino they film and says the certain times yeah I did a via text to get out of the T but I can’t say the team you can’t see before we get she started man when it agreed as of all time came out I was 3/16 glass breaks man’s coming out a little bit waiting looking out of it look like he said is playing away will slim down yeah comes out for the contract signing listen IH a style comes and interrupts I just want y’all to take me to the opening of Raw what you guys think what you think of a little AJ taking that bump that stunner and I’ll just take me through that flow beat to know I would say that is always cool to see Steve Austin MSG New York City contract sign was kind of weird having it to week two but weeks back-to-back one with Michael Cole but I’m so glad it did this way it was almost the signing itself was like an afterthought well the fact that the OC is still getting involved in the main event even though I’m not quite sure how strong they are the team no I I disagree well one stone cold is great stone cold amazing he’s a star I love him I thought AJ came off really really well here now obviously he took the stunner but what was his role to take the stunner someone had to be the heel that slips on a banana somebody big to be someone big and I thought his promo was great he was funny making fun of stone cold he was he was a perfect heel and I know that OC may have come off looking weak here but they needed to make those guys look hot going into the paper and so he did a very good job of that I think I think AJ would look great there GK just want to say stone cold he smells very lovely he’s xbox show he’s on the show and yeah he smelled these lovely Mayumi lovely it’s like that man smell but it was an overpowering smell like a man yeah you smell amazing yo t Lee was good baby I’ll see you in the chat oh my goodness Bob could get y’all special knowledge shout out happy birthday 25th birthday uh Mikey all about getting that right he know he loved he loved he loves all of us man he’s amazing you’re Mikey Mikey Mikey happy birthday birthday Mikey yeah appreciate you um I guess it was don’t see in that man his contracts are number getting close to clash attempt champions man I know our March had a great prediction it didn’t come to fruition I would have been a nice time to see Bray Wyatt come out and give you a little you know a mandible claw sister Abigail to the great Steve awesome would’ve put out a little bit but you know uncle was having it now ma it’s happening tomorrow with Undertaker Oh monster Thomas is what I’ve declared him now he’s gonna be predicted it’s gonna be Undertaker it’s gonna like taking like I understand he’s a company man and you know he doesn’t have to show up all the time I feel like he’s been taking way too many elves even though we don’t see him enough though you know see I’m saying like as a legend it’s just like sometimes there’s some people that you just can’t take else from we won his last two matches so what was the last I know we talked about like what I’m thinking uh Undertaker right yeah but with him how many more rounds do you have left with him you kind of read his value out now before he’s done brother what do you mean now me more round he works out on a regular basis I don’t mean nothing no like that the game is sped up so fast that you can be training all day and not keep up with the boys now 53 yeah I thought he was older he’s been in the game for a minute um yeah so we arm here [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] so the people together yo goods we got it man no different than seeing an old-school act it’s the same thing Viking raiders come out man and to my surprise that I’m not saying they were never built I didn’t say they were ever build as heel I never said that but they really caught the Viking raiders man I know two things are like they’re healing I’m saying so I’m just tired of saying what they came out they kind of saved the day was kind of interesting there was a wry smile myself and then um and it was it was weird put like this o TK tell me what you thought about the the them being baby faces the Viking maybe maybe she’s feeling I’m not feeling them at all I feel like we’ve talked about when they went from NXT to the main roster and they’re trying to figure out everything with the name changes everything that it’s just like they’re just not getting it and they seemed lost in themselves like they’re not really fully committed to what they’re trying to do because like we don’t even know what we’re what we’re trying to do like and you’re biking Raiders like you were saying the name you still see like reckon we’ll say you I don’t worry I’m not saying it’s a bad thing I just I was just surprised that’s all I’m saying I’m surprised that’s all yeah sorry Dillon says don’t close 55 and Undertaker is turning 54 and March 55 it could be on the cruise can you imagine this this seniors wrestling sir oh no not all the seniors God dang it angry angry grandfather’s a character man yo listen [Laughter] [Applause] a j-style Cedric Alexander which is very interesting man in a DQ I think I said we always go back before this flow boat yeah we we always say like they do this kind of thing too gonna protect both athletes maybe they were they were setting some ablator of course but they do you like that and then I think you do mind things ending in DQ’s do you care that ends in DQ oh no i don’t i mean you can’t live on that forever you can’t have your main events being all DQ’s and watch it’s like I remember we’re at the WrestleMania where it’s gonna be like champion first Champion Kofi for a set but then like the bar showed up and I was a thank you excuse me that was a big like schmoes but for this and Ross totally fine I mean cus guys are strong I mean the Hat do I have officially have a match yet and pay-per-view Sunday so I gotta give him a reason to have a match sans on the rise too man yeah time horizon and Jack I don’t know what do you attribute him his rise to what do you what do you think that’s about cuz he was stuck on 205 live in here he is emerging getting the double gainst um drew McIntyre showing up strong against drew back inside even though he lost like just he’s uh kind of like just like I said literally like him stop rising about a day yeah he I think it was always great I think we saw that on 205 I think the difference is now is just getting TV time that’s such a big difference for so many different peoples that he’s getting TV time and he’s getting valuable TV time not just chasing after a 24/7 champions not just doing whatever but he’s he’s getting a chance to really show how good he is in the ring like that match the the early on his match with AJ was great he looked great and later on we’ll probably get to it he looked great there too yeah and as I said before it he looks cool he wrestles well he’s not that see next to AJ I think he was fibbing about being 205 he looks a lot bigger that’s my question no like I you know obviously I’m biased towards Cedric based off of who his wife is but he chocolate – oh no taking out know much about sorry you I don’t know Koko move with the word out of doing my research with Cedric the fact that using 205 and that is the main roster now what’s the difference between the other two a fiver is like you know you there’s some that’s a little bit smaller but there’s some there are the same size of subjects true and what I mean again I am kind of biased but from your perspective what do you think is the difference that makes him stand out well I think about centric is that he was always you can move up the cruiserweight level but he had the strength powerhouse mouth as well the lumbar check requires so much power move up there yeah so I would say it’s kind of an oval round person who just happened to have a smaller frame and they put him on till five in the roster but I mean that’s nothing different wean him like alright Avari like I said I think we can officially just put that 205 nose as the bad dog here I’m back there tonight that they’re trying to let you know something there so we gotta just stop calling me he’s not associated to a lot anymore than listen listen sigue sigue probably loves self you talk that boudoir man whenever you get a dress oh my goodness brought to you by Center in Kirkland skincare and candles I can’t help it we have a sponsor if you want if you run out of cocoa butter cheese and Jack using the charcoal facial scrub today and it made my face feel so fresh that I decided I’m just gonna shave off the 5 o’clock shadow get him cutting off fast enough he’s gonna be like I talked put your body that’s on you yeah you just gataki flow wow we are such that you guys mention it will put said you’ll get in the boudoir noise mm-hmm we’re gonna definitely put Bailey and Sasha in the boudoir maybe in our onward boudoir like I don’t want to make it seem weird but I’m just saying hmm the Bears in the boudoir um we had a Firefly full house right there fire five fun house was very interesting today um you know where I’m at with that Jack’s on did you take it away yeah I thought it’s funny he’s taking shots at stone cool that the bummer is I don’t think that’s gonna go anywhere but but I enjoyed it I saw him when he fixed the clock you changed it from 316 to 11 19 I wanted to ask the chatter you guys did that the 11 night team is that a call to anything isn’t everything in that funhouse the lesser virus or Hell in a Cell you me after that but I I was watching I was really enjoying it but then I had a moment where I felt bad because I knew I’m enjoying this but somewhere Evan Mac was watching it shaking his head Dubbs it doesn’t matter without dubs and I felt bad that you don’t get to enjoy this fun segment happening I enjoyed it I thought it was a good time give a damn what they do told you I won’t sketches out watch they’re in our live man I throw some old man TV I’ll be put on my favorite sketch comedy of all time and live in color if I want to see funny sketches going I won’t dub ray is undefeated since becoming it is also sure had one you know you know undefeated so what if he goes they always take a stuff for my sister’s out here they always up my sister what’s next I kind of agree with Jay it’s entertaining and the thing is even if he liked even the bright debris right before he was taking else but I still miss that incarnation of him that was their fault though that’s why they did the rebranding cuz he took too many else what I’m trying to say that else he took is the reason why he had to come back with a rebranding I guess cuz he took so many losses he got the whole world is and he tore eater of worlds don’t lose that’s that’s a reference and Pennywise Pennywise got got a whole bunch of dubs right that’s that either Ordos thing he didn’t come up with that that’s penny wise he took he got dubs putting little children down the sewer got you know so north kids beat up it’s not entertaining at least I’m entertain anymore you’re not gonna wrestle Lucy like this let’s say you wrestled every Monday or he wrestled every other Monday or he write that and he just late wrestled on Smackdown like they’re like every other and got dubs and then the fire fight we’re good tell me y’all you listen y’all tell me I want to see the fire five on ours and then nothing else yeah that’s where me all right we’ve got a match coming though we know it’s coming another seat y’all know what y’all know where I’m at is saying about brain it’s about him getting dibs rights by destroying my product that I love so much the guy that supposed to be Undertaker 2.0 that’s what this is about right that’s the guy that’s potential to be the next Undertaker if book properly am I taking you mean like the site attraction the mystique you know when the fireflies came out and he won with the lantern it was it was a movement man he was an England man and they say channa that he got the world what that was a movement man isn’t that what they’re doing now though it’s kind of the attraction they don’t have that I’m saying if they build it properly like that and he can’t Stax dubs with the Firefly all good let’s sum certain things you you have to have that patience like they build up like sometimes they bring about too far they bring them bring them out too much if you see the character and the character dies and then we complain that the kid like you know there’s nothing they haven’t done anything with them or they lost too much or they want too much it’s like sometimes you just have to let certain people breathe I love Lacey Evans like we were complaining Oh like she’s walking down to a point where it’s just like well what are you gonna do it there and they have a game plan even the street profits we’re seeing them every week but they’re not doing anything with them yet but I’m sure I mean I’m sure though there’s something’s gonna have I’ll be with you a hundred percent on that but the two people you name besides him date he was already there he was already there Street profits never seen lazy it was never seen bright was already there he had a full baby in a full he had all that and he went to do take care and be a father and create a kid three I love you but you gon go save you terrific nail bro even if he loses he’ll to sell though if I enjoy the trip feel comfortable saying that Wow Bobby Bobby bummed out I just wasted but if he ll miss out he’s done he’s absolutely done the be some type of storyline with a plane went before he left he was just Louise taking all these L for no reason yeah absolutely but the thing is you put the time to bring him back you have merchandise for Halloween oh my gosh if he comes out and loses in October I’m saying today the enjoyment today will always have the enjoyment today regardless of what happens so I got one for you so it’s okay so as Christmas coming up man oh hello a little jack farm with excited man the anticipation of Christmas and jackhammers so excited who’s mommy and daddy gonna get for me it’s down the stairs and you don’t get nothing time machine comes back in your house and you will be like who you I’m not listen did you enjoy the journey Jack [Applause] Playa was okay the thing is the problem I have is is what I was saying last week about Bailey being hits to Sasha so what happened was you had a match where all Fortner and fought their fantastic hey Sasha’s came back a month ago how about you is dirt her dominance by beating Charlotte Flair whatever bears biggest rival no you have Billy take the L as the Smackdown champion and then it’s further proving the point that bill doesn’t mean that one people don’t think about as important of the three so thoughts people personality I mean yeah it’s a great match but we’ve we’ve talked about Bailey before it’s like yeah we’ve seen her by herself and sometimes when she’s by herself she’s just floundering yeah it’s like her gosh it together it makes sense they’re good friends so I should bring us a little bit of dog out of her not a full Bulldog of her but it’s one of those things where some people flourish together and I think Sasha can do either/or and then with Bailey it’s just like her personality is just not but bilious I forget Billy for a second wouldn’t you want to see Sasha win a match on Raw as she came back and I think the reason they did that is I think they’re both gonna win at the pay-per-view so they had to make there they go hide that build anesthetic with them both with the belt yeah at the end of the night what I love about this match is the emotion of it seem really intense everyone seemed real I was into into whoo this is awesome Jam separately yeah and all the wrestlers even they all seemed like I really believed that Becky and Charlotte hated those two and they were just beating each other it was yeah I agree match the night by far it was really good oh speaking of matching the jockey booking you a kind of promo until these lovely people at home where they can find everything after buzz and all good at the bush you can find us on iTunes YouTube Spotify all the places where you can find good podcasts and like and make sure when you go check out our like button click it and make sure we know that you like what you are seeing or listening to and leave a comment or a review on iTunes those are things that let us know that we’re doing a good job and that we’re doing the things that you want to see otherwise we won’t know so if you like it go ahead and put in all that good stuff if you don’t like it who are you to judge [Laughter] definitely hit the like button I know we say it every single time but those things do matter to us and it does make a difference so click that like button make a comment we respond to a lot of them shout out to Heidi met yo what up boo come back oh great we got to read how to read Mysterio siding against Maryam Italy it was a lucha lucha lucha doing it was interesting I feel like they just they there’s so much history with lucha libre that they could talk about that they could educate in a fun way you okay there may water anything [Music] [Applause] they take the Lucha Libre like you know the whole history of it and they just say here you guys go and then they do a match and that’s it like yes we definitely appreciate Rey Mysterio I’m it’s just like it that’s it hmm you said saying it’s like they could do so much more and it’s third third they’re always been a side attraction yes very fair yes very it’s kind of apologetic with the commentary here where you had Grand Mountain meta leak was one of them actually one of my mains in 2k okay so dynamic you know it was almost like the Cubs was apologizing for it noise murmurs – oh he’s trying to get back in it he’s great party but now he’s serious when I was weird but why do that because I feel like you’re just telling me okay he’s finished this matches I’m else what happens I’m cool happened in this match but the mess-up was great it was it was loose in a very raw style it wasn’t too fast it was slow now for people grandma at the Leake show you can do things in the ropes and Ramos – yeah yeah Rey Mysterio’s Rey Mysterio an upset they don’t appreciate that true yeah the lucha I love Lucha Libre style I love the way it’s so fluid and flows together the the the thing that hurt this match was obviously there’s no way that Rey Mysterio was losing this match and it’s a it’s a shame that you’re and middle league hasn’t been treated more seriously up to this point because he’s so he’s phenomenal he’s great but I thought he did good it looked like he almost killed Rey Mysterio diving out of the right thing that popped out of his mouth yeah it was bad um yeah so we add um the lovely lazy Evans first Natalia I’m very surprisingly Natal you got the dub I thought I was rich things about time yes absolutely so any thoughts on that because we talked about it last week know what I said I think I’ll she’s just a person that makes people look good you got to do it man tap into y’all gotta stop having lazy tap out you guys guys listen man I think I think to go gold seeing them only time that like once in his life early in his career oh yeah yeah you guys gotta you guys can you know way out 2004 everybody knows it shot up for that memory man but la people don’t know they gonna tap out and you think is like the worst thing that you can do like tap out I don’t know man I love the match it was great match it’s an Italian it’s how you can make people look good you can make anyone look at labels to me is a top draw um I thought it was cool when she did that one where she jump from the second rope to the third rope and flipped and then in a backflip Soto I think it’s okay for heels to tap I think it’s your kind of a chicken you don’t wanna do she’s jumped on a lot the last six months I think the reason they had her win is it I feel like they’re building to a rubber match just beat her and so I think it’s kind of just a midcard thing maybe one of them will move on to a title match I’ll watch so that’s where I think it is that’s why I think they went back and forth but I was a good solid match fYI Rey Mysterio is 45 he’ll be 45 min December thanks Dylan that’s what’s up I’m just saying if you are a younger person with your teenage years or middle school or whatever and you were into Lacey Evans and the past three month you saw her lose one with everything James it’s like well that’s not how do you build a star I know dubs do matter we don’t have rankings like other promotions or what you know what I mean though yeah I mean you tell you get her a have a win or have a retreat or something like that or ever like you know have a roll up or something but however be like this move is so devastating that like oh yeah it’s a clever what I’m saying about getting dubs I’m talking about I just you can’t just lose so much yeah I’m not asking you to go for a 50 win streak but you can’t just keep taking l’s if you’re if you were building a top build person yeah I mean I think that’s when they do matter I think we remember I told you everyone thought you didn’t get doubles I was talking crazy when I used to say that and then until Ziggler what happened is Ziggler yeah now when he comes out dude what do you think you’ll do win or lose in because they precondition you get used to L tell L ll ll a little said maybe you win LLL disqualification or you something with a chair you’re like okay now it’s happened to Drew McIntyre and Samoa Joe as well losin eventually you’ll be like oh he’s gonna lose speaking of that we get to the man listen Jim I thought about you out of here man listen Jim might have been onto something all along King Corbin could be coming to fruition Baron Corbin get stood up against ricochet mani who thought he is the next nine against one of my favorites I think he’s top three in the entire business Samoa Joe um better quarter get stood up King of the Ring semifinals triple threat match take the floor gentlemen ladies [Laughter] but man I was saying before this is a different Baron Corbin I mean the crowd was going nuts for him he was the hottest star in six months ago send the crowd is gonna like break over they’re gonna love Barry Corbin now I know new to me New York is a good gauge because New York history was when the best marinus training in the world especially msg for a fan they it was it was a bigger corbin champ yeah they didn’t tamper ricochet or Samoa Joe that isn’t Sanders they chanted just for Baron Corbin a lot I mean there was there was negative and positive but the whole time it was for him and he actually and and beyond that he wrestled really well he actually had that deep-six he spun ricochet around so many times Cesaro is like cool it do you think people just because they hate him so much and they’ve seen he hasn’t been doing much meaning like he was taking the elves now people are like okay we have to give him something so now they’re cheering for him or what do you think what a hope moon crowd I think they just close to him he was giving they were giving him 30-minute promos every show for a booking fatigue fever is over I think now they they pulled him away a little bit now they’re just sprinkling him in a little bit they can just appreciate that he is a great heel he’s a really good heel and so I think that now he’s able to breathe and do that instead of being lumbered down with being a constable and all weird that constable stuff is what put him in the position now cuz he came around before the console oh yeah you’re right cuz you’re absolutely right it was like Baron Corbin and then yeah constable Corbin here and then all of a sudden you see his personality he was in your face you might hate it let’s all calm down was a point out with that bears in his bag right now he’s one man with me getting a ring and that lives no matter what people say that lives on they actually do keep a regular name yeah so if he wins he will be king of the ring he will be insufferable yeah you would be but yeah I think he’s not the record is not talking as much I think is letting this is a new ring work work he’s much on to that but I didn’t i didn’t like bank or grand when he was doing the long hair but the comb-over and the super like that yeah it’s like rather than manga that’s why I wrote them off but yeah if you can’t deny our counter reaction 18,000 fans can’t be wrong all the time right especially at MSG man it’s an earth well yeah with a smackdown it was just Jim by himself everybody around like quiet man did you hear the crowd there now you clap it yourself right now man oh yeah oh we had a 10 man tag match for some reason in the main event I think 10 is way too many but only on my slide it’s a whole bunch of talent out there said get stood up on the Great and Powerful AJ Styles it was a very interesting match alot it was weird I think it’s a lot to go on with that they didn’t get a lot of faces out there I just wanna get you guys his final thoughts on this last match in the lumbar check getting the Dove 1-2-3 dead center in the ring right before class champions yeah the mattress up was great I am torn because on one hand I’m like oh they’re building Cedric Alexander to be a star chocolate brother the guy like yeah again you can’t buy his merch he doesn’t talk as much he’s gonna have no merch no I’m sure I can’t buy shirt how does he not emerge what’s her name Alicia Fox just got her much like two or three years ago and she has that one shirt and you probably probably can’t find it now either that’s a good tie this has one shirt maybe if he has I want your it still you ready yet – yes – but I guess so by Travis O’Neil shirt is this guy using the rides like wow if I’m macare some are even I don’t want to buy into him some a homie I can’t it’s like well what kind of lawyer he’s gonna be right is it gonna be a thing for this season and maybe pull back I see is it gonna have a long fight a state champion probably bro hope I would that be something yeah I think it easily be a United States Champion and US Champion yeah I love the match it was 10-man matches are always gonna be a little bit of a cluster so it’s never gonna be like a great match but it was fun I thought yeah everyone looked good in it and that lumbar check was like oh I was gonna sit I didn’t I was I was thought I might be forgetting one but yeah that look yeah with a man of that weight neck size and that impact his a Jamie James agree rustling ready to makes everything good it’s not a coincidence that that might have been his best lumbar check JJ was a part of it doesn’t me but now it’s great because now I believe he could be AJ at the pay-per-view I believe he can go on to bigger things and AJ is one of those guys that’s so good that he can lose and of course not too many times but he can lose and I don’t lose respect for him as the guy I still think no he’s still the best one of the best in the world because in the next the next pay-per-view gonna be in the title title match and you be like kind of off topic I’m not because kinda has a been do you think when it’s all said and done when careers are over well AJ be seen as more influential than Jericho never know okay a little bit more time but I feel like when he first came over he he could have jerkles this is Michael it’s one of those things that and I’m thinking I’m just thinking about me watching that dude since I was like 12 yeah difference right off the bat is unfortunately AJ spent so much of his time the ene which there’s not as big of a viewership or Jericho is in the amazing cruiserweight division yeah I’m doing this thing first undisputed champion and raw yes will you be the rocket man this is gonna be hard because then if AJ beats Tom John but even at that point John did stone cold and the rock John Wooden’s because those two at the same time one maybe but not both but um yeah Jericho be led back into the hole WB family eventually yeah it depends no Manny because he cuz he left it real sour though yeah but you know final thoughts jack farmer bad boy man raw WWE as a whole I’ve said it for the past few weeks has just been on fire it’s been so good I’m so excited for a build to Wrestlemania if this is how good the build to clash of Champions has been greed I am really loving whatever whatever the change was whatever their whatever is in the water over there right now is just made everything so good over there it’s been great it’s a super-fun rep to be a wrestling fan it’s a great time to be a wrestling fan right now absolutely I mean it’s there sometimes I can’t lie to you what you watch wrestling you’re like man this is kind of a tour I’m gonna skip them and I’m gonna go through it but it has been that way in about three months maybe the shows have been strong I mean they’ve been tighter I still have a deal with an hour three being like nothing happened two hours ago but than that I was all she’ll catch me Pappas wearing me out tonight man so long yeah it’s so that is one where I say we got it they gotta get having some matches they got to start getting sighs any time so when they do in every lose whenever they lose the rematch at whatever take overs coming up big in the call-up and nothing they answer they get to November thing to go to win exact games I was the second they get two wrong okay this Saturday you do wrong other and whatever whatever tag-team match they get for establishment they will win they’ve got to do something on TV or it might be the total opposite and their leg lacy just taking nah man I’ve been damn leaping on TV you guys got to read agree to dirt sheets easy three be pissed somebody off oh yeah it’s classic put somebody off when you are on TV every week you ain’t even in the back you pissed somebody off that’s the trance classic old school wrestling anyone who knows really the ins and outs of real wrestling backstage that’s what they do that’s your locker room they put you in a dog house legitimately and they don’t eat which all the TV and then when they do you get embarrassed if you see how in Dean Ambrose embarrass that dude man that was that was a punishment yeah cuz they knew he was leaving so what’s more embarrassing than getting beat by the guy that’s leaving I think they were that key I don’t know what he did right I don’t know he pissed off but waving and Smackdown W is you know tightening everything up is because there’s you know we take out the fact that ad aw is coming right the money factor sure there’s more sponsors there’s new network you know and say there’s more pressure and there’s you know yes we have another promotion that’s gonna be competition so you have all those factors it’s like they have to tighten up the ship so some people might got fired some people feel like they have to keep their jobs like you know new creative juices are happening and let’s be honest maybe the last two and a half years it’s kind of been hit or miss since I’ve been on recovering it here you know sometimes it’s been like a snooze fest like oh my god smack that was so much better than been better than raw it seems like now they’re picking it up because there’s a lot more on the line right because you know you ww is the flagship you did write options to go to as far as picking up and they can sell the same amount of commercials and have the same amount of eyeballs and eventually then you know you know they’re trying to maintain that top spot that’s sponsored by Sonic yeah I would like to tell you everybody on my lovely pen who I love very much this will be my last show Night Raw show tonight listen listen our nominee already off to break them just even dropping this is my last row I want a nominee I am but I want a one flow bow to be in this thing flow bow to go so um hardest-working man here soon as he got here nezam is showing me show when he went back one time to go see his family never miss the raw as a miss raw I’ve missed more rows in this dude in here that he’s never miss rock Oh facto mother you deserve this spot I don’t think the cast will disagree no I want you right in the catbird seat man I want you the catbird seat NXT is well they’re just dropping like my last show man I do appreciate everybody Josh Josh from Josh in the booth man he’s been great riding the boobs amazing I love the guys Bri and Steven and I mean all the people that dad and hear that always like tell me down everybody have to buzz man and I’ll truly this is the best show ever been a part of and you guys are the best people I’ve ever been with and happy to meet Jack before I had the boot roll out Wednesday NXT I will see y’all but um that’s it for me man everybody a chance amazing man especially man long shot you um Mikey was good minds was good at farmer Nick was good take it away but the people finance I’m gonna say where you can find me I’m gonna say thank you to Evan for being such an awesome person to do this with I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from you your energy your passion as you bring to it in the way you can just keep shows thank you so much for letting me be on the show this year this is February and I learned so much about you and your family I mean part of your family even bury Matt today you know get some greens you know don’t say like I just I’m honored man – I hope you’re around to say I’ve known you I still know you thank you thank you for the recommendation was intrical part and I appreciate you your host gotcha appreciate your apprecia reference bro and thank you so much I said no idea what’s going on I love you you know we always have beef but I love I love you like a brother let me do buddy you know I the hell out of me and I’ll still send text messages waiting for you to text back you and miss Heidi matching shoes I appreciate it appreciate all your work and you know it’s only I already know already know you’re gonna be you’re gonna be great okay so appreciate you learned a lot from you uh no one works harder than you do no one moves as much you do know but as many jobs as you do no more trucks senator self as much money right John no one on nobody no one no one cares about making it more than you do whoever whoever foot figures out that you’re the best at what you do and they’ll be lucky to have you so I appreciate you Twiggy you guys keep all know what you’re doing you don’t mean keep on putting work out there keep on practicing your crap you won’t do what you do and when the blessings come and if things don’t work out guys I’ll be right back voice to like you know I’m go pray now thank you sir BuzzFeed in the family man I would like to think everybody man there’s a the real Jack former at football boys I take ax he can’t Trinidad and go go see an identity my pops man he know social media would like to thank you for tuning in to afterbuzz TV remember we’re not just the first we’re the biggest in the world and will be our destination for all your favorite TV shows whatever you play we’ve got it so go to afterbuzz TV comm check out our lineup later Jesus bred herein are those of the hosts only do not necessarily reflect news afterbuzz TV which older

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