WWE2K19 Story – Seth Rollins cover the face of Lesnar of blood

[Applause] we are ready tonight to kick things off with yet another edition of SmackDown live get arena sold out tensions at an all-time high in all roads lead to the pay-per-view is to set for competition watch out yeah okay look it I expected this to happen it’s we don’t have to wait much longer prior to supers dinner kidney first into the apron the official looking to separate these he’s chillin the crawl is underway chaos he wants no part of the outside [Applause] down to be careful not to get counted out here and he’s headed back in the sledgehammer critics that’ll walk out of here beaten in battle [Applause] I’m just as surprised as you guys are man set wrongs it’s just relentless big album in that one spots in somebody’s on a mission tonight darío vicious head crank look at the torque I don’t mess up the neck I don’t know about you guys but it looks to me like these superstars are on their last legs here [Applause] well if it didn’t work the first several times we have seen him here before [Applause] I gotta say that I’m in shock I really thought Lesnar would look better here tonight [Applause]

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