WWE WrestleMania 35 Plans CHANGED?! More UNHAPPY WWE Stars! | WrestleTalk News Feb. 2019

WWE WrestleMania 35 Plans CHANGED?! More UNHAPPY WWE Stars! | WrestleTalk News Feb. 2019

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk MECHA
NEWS, I am Luke Owen. We’ve got a packed show of news today – with an update on the
contract of AJ Styles, more names joining All Elite Wrestling, and news on the WrestleMania
35 main event. But first! Who are the best wrestlers in the whole world?
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using the link below and support WrestleTalk. Someone who could also use some support is
former United States Champion and incredibly handsome man, Rusev. Despite being one of
the most over acts in the company – with his Rusev Day gimmick catching more fire than
I think anyone in WWE could have predicted – Rusev was an afterthought for a lot of 2018.
His tag team with Aiden English was never fully pushed, then split up, and now he’s
back to being a heel again after forming an alliance with Shinsuke Nakamura. He did win
the United States Championship in December, but lost it just a few weeks later on the
kick off show for Royal Rumble. And thanks to the folks over at Cage Side Seats – who
put together some stats with boffins in lab coats – we’ve learned that this pre-show
loss is just one in a long line of PPV losses. In fact the last time Rusev won a match on
PPV was on the Roadblock: End of the Line 2017 pre-show where he beat Big Cass by countout.
And if you want to just talk about main card matches, his last win was at Battleground
2016. And that was against Zack Ryder. Yeah, two thousand sixteen against Zack Ryder. That’s
nearly three years ago. And these sorts of win-loss records appear
to be playing into the various reports that many wrestlers are unhappy backstage with
their positions in WWE. Over the last few weeks we’ve heard that The Revival, Mike
and Maria Kanellis, Hideo Itami and Dean Ambrose have all asked to leave the company, with
Itami being granted his release and WWE announcing that Ambrose will be leaving after WrestleMania.
Although it should be noted that the Ambrose story could all be a work. The latest group of people who are seemingly
upset are forgotten NXT call-up Sanity – who have done absolutely nothing since coming
up to the main roster after WrestleMania last year. Sanity haven’t had a feud since their
short-lived rivalry with New Day – which resulted in an Extreme Rules kickoff show match in
July last year – and couldn’t even get on TV this past week to be part of the fatal
four way match to crown new number contenders to face Miz and Shane McMahon at Elimination
Chamber. And Sanity’s non-appearance on the show
led to group member Killian Dane posting “where is Sanity” on Twitter. And while this could
just be a wrestler looking to get their spot back on TV again, his tag partner Alexander
Wolfe retweeted his hashtag with: “sick of this.” Another Smackdown wrestler that has been in
the news a lot as of late is that of former WWE Champion AJ Styles. It’s been widely
reported that Styles signed a three-year contract with WWE – which was reported to expire at
the end of January. This brought up a lot of talk about whether or not AJ would leave
WWE and join fledgling promotion All Elite Wrestling – especially with the option to
work less dates to spend time with his family likely being an offer that would be put on
the table. Styles is set to be part of the Elimination Chamber for Daniel Bryan’s Hempyweight
Championship in a few weeks, and a new report suggests we’ll be seeing more of AJ in WWE
in the future. Dave Meltzer has written in the latest Wrestling
Observer Newsletter that AJ’s contract is actually set to expire in April this year
following WrestleMania, but adds that although he has friends in AEW, “he appears to be
staying with WWE.” And speaking of AJ Styles! That was your Impact Wrestling Re-re-rewind
[with some mixing sound effects] of the week! A clip from AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels
defending the NWA Tag Titles against the original LAX at Bound For Glory 2006. A big thank you
to Impact for letting us use their footage and not giving us a copyright claim on YouTube. Someone who looks like they won’t be returning
to Impact Wrestling anytime soon is Matt Sydal. Sydal is currently out with an injury and
had surgery on it this past Tuesday – but according to the Wrestling Observer he was
offered a new deal with Impact and decided to turn it down. Interestingly, Meltzer writes
that Sydal has been in talks with All Elite Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and WWE
about signing with them now he’s a free agent. Sydal previously wrestled in WWE as
Evan Bourne, but has also worked with New Japan and the Young Bucks. Meltzer adds that
NJPW have not made an official offer to Sydal, and adds that Matt and Nick Jackson are very
high on him from their previous matches. And some more names that have reportedly signed
with All Elite Wrestling include Sammy Guevara and Kylie Rae. It’s being reported that
Guevara told MLW he was finishing up with the company, and Kylie Rae – not to be confused
with British wrestling star and new WWE signee Kay Lee Ray – should be officially announced
at the AEW Double or Nothing ticket announcement party in Las Vegas next Thursday. Ever since Ronda Rousey was rumoured to be
joining in 2017, there have been reports that WWE want to do a Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen
match – pitting the UFC Horsewomen of Rousey, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir
against WWE’s Horsewomen of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley. WWE even
filmed teases for this match at the 2017 Mae Young Classic – and these rumours only intensified
after Rousey debuted at the 2018 Royal Rumble and when it was reported that Shafir and Duke
had signed developmental deals in NXT. Although news of that rumoured match have
run cold as of late – although Duke, Sharif and Baszler are now a faction in NXT – the
possibility of the match once again came to life this past Sunday – when Sasha Banks threw
up the Four Horsewomen gesture to Ronda Rousey after their Raw Women’s Championship match,
as well as a cheeky little moment between Bayley and Lynch on the following night’s
Raw – though I’m not sure Charlotte is all on board with this at the moment. And it seems as though Flair isn’t the only
one not down for the match, with Dave Meltzer reporting in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter,
“There is no plan to do that 4-on-4 match. It can change, but that’s not planned for
the next two PPVs.” This will also rule out WrestleMania as the main event of that
show is set to be Lynch vs. Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship. Meltzer adds though
that all eight women really want to have the match but “they have to convince Vince”
McMahon. But while the WrestleMania match is currently
Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey for the title, the long-standing rumour is that Charlotte
Flair will be added to that match to make it a triple threat. However a new report suggests
that might not be the case any more. Justin Barrasso has reported in his Extra
Mustard column that, “sources close to WWE have told Sports Illustrated that the current
plan is to close WrestleMania 35 with the Ronda Rousey-Becky Lynch match as the main
event” – suggesting that WWE will do a straight one-on-one match rather than the triple threat. Now it should be noted that Barrasso sadly
doesn’t have the best track record of backstage news – last year reporting that Rey Mysterio
would face John Cena at WrestleMania and that Rey could also be the mystery tag partner
of Braun Strowman against The Bar – neither of which came to fruition. For what it’s worth, Dave Meltzer has again
reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that, “the idea is still a 3-way”
and “[WWE] already have a storyline to add Charlotte”. He does add however, “this
is WWE and anything can change as of now”. And while many of you will be quick to type
in the comments that Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff told you that Meltzer ‘just makes
everything up’, it is worth noting that he correctly reported last year that Seth
Rollins would face Brock Lesnar for the title at Mania, that Braun would not face Lesnar
at the Royal Rumble, and that Shawn Michaels would wrestle at Crown Jewel back in October. And before we get out of here we just wanted
to let you know that the poll for WrestleRamble Extra – where Oli and I review classic wrestling
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Patreon icon on screen. And is Brock Lesnar also set to leave WWE and join AEW? Sounds
implausible and it probably is, but watch the WrestleTalk News to find out the details.
I’ve been Luke Owen and that was Mecha News.

100 thoughts on “WWE WrestleMania 35 Plans CHANGED?! More UNHAPPY WWE Stars! | WrestleTalk News Feb. 2019

  1. LUKE: There's been an update to that Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen series – https://wrestletalk.com/news/four-horsewomen-elimination-chamber/

  2. AEW, AEW, AEW… Blah Blah, Blah, Blah Blaaaaaahhhhh……. Find some new news because until they run a show, they have done nothing but create a lot of smoke and t-shirts.

  3. Thinking thinking ooooh yeah. Would it be horrible for wwe to do a wm10 wm30 goldberg Hogan Georgia dome nitro thing where becky takes on Charlotte early on card with winner taking on rousey?

  4. Charlotte is slowly becoming the new Roman Reigns. WWE is forcing her down people's throats and Vince is trying to get her to ride on Becky's push..

  5. What’s the point of winning the royal rumble is Charlotte will stick her ass in between the two of them? Let her face Asuka and lose

  6. All this Charlotte hate is sickening. She's talented as hell and people are treating her like the female Roman Reigns. I don't like it. I'm glad Becky's getting her time to shine, but people need to calm down about Charlotte. The woman spent years delivering near perfect matches and these Becky dick riders are treating her like trash. For shame, ya virgins.

  7. No matter how good the booking decision is for Becky vs Ronda is. You gotta feel for Charlotte she was the absolute top dog of the female division for so long and she was SHOE IN for first ever female main event of mania and Becky caught on fire so fast and many things went wrong and accident made Becky the hottest wrestling star in the world.

  8. Of course wrestlers are unhappy with WWE…. after all, Vince buys up everyone he can just so nobody else can get them…the only problem is if you have 75 men on your roster you cant highlight them all. Anyone stupid enough to sign a contract with Vinnie Mac is flat out greedy because Vince tosses cash around

  9. Charlotte does not deserve to be in that match. That match needs to be Becky and Ronda. It’s pretty ridiculous to be honest

  10. AJ is prob stanking that paper n chilling lol. As for the 4 horsewomen… it SHOULD BE Done. You know its Weird when the wrestlers do things n the crowd NOTICES n responsive Good to it… yet Vince is like… No just a 1v1 with adding flair last min. Charlotte/Ashley does NOT need to be in it AT ALL. This should be nothing but the 2. Flair should fight asuka n lose to her. That was WWE's big problem. They over pushed charlotte so hard.. so fast. that now she is like a bella. It's like please stand to the side a for a moment pls.

  11. I’m noticing a pattern here, not only is their wrestling talk but damn their has to be horror movie talks to 🤣 I’ve noticed the horror shirts lol

  12. Becky vs Ronday
    Charlotte vs asuka
    Sasha banks & bayley vs lita & trish

    At the end of the main event, Becky, Charlotte, Sasha and Bayley will all celebrate in the ring as the four horsewomen, as champions and possibly setting a feud for the 4 horsewoman wwe vs 4 horsewoman ufc.

  13. As much as I love Becky, I'm afraid that she's gonna loose to rhonda cuz she's (rhonda) wwe golden girl…..if she loses I hope she gives rhonda a good beating after being defeated so everyone will go crazy

  14. Why are you including Impact spots in your news videos now? I really don't like it and often fast forward through it. Are you being sponsored by them?

  15. I do not want to see Charlotte involved in the Becky vs Ronda main event. Nothing against Charlotte but this has all the tension and build up it needs. Making it a triple threat match would cheapen it I think. Charlotte does not have to be involved in every title picture. Asuka needs a good match.

  16. I'm sure AJ takes pride in making his kids proud small children don't care about Indy promotions they care about wwe his children get to see him there every week they can tell their friends plus AJ is making a ton of money doing it I'm sure he will stay put.

  17. The main event of mania is going to be great no matter what…but adding Charlotte completely takes away from Becky's story.

  18. only way to get the title of rousey is for them to do the 4 horsemen thing…thats whats becky was iluding to…the foursemen will form during that match and get the title from ronda

  19. why does wwe shove this tampon matches enough nobody cares about ronda wrestlemania was an awesome fest now those days are gone

  20. But for real where is SANITY? I feel like since they debuted they been on TV maybe like 4 times. Really strange since they are all extremely talented and could be amazing.

  21. The only match I'm interested in is Becky vs Ronda. And if they add Charlotte, I won't be watching the show. There's no reason for her to be in it.

  22. Ciampa talks to Gargano, tells him that this was not the way and now he sees it focused on great things. Gargano distrusts, the event Money in the Bank 2019 arrives , Joe and Mcintyre almost take the suitcase but Gargano breaks in, Ciampa appears and punishes the two wrestlers, Jhony takes the briefcase and the crowd roars.Lather , when finish the figth of Bryan , Jhony Cash and your new WWE champion.Wrestlemania 35 Bryan vs Gargano.

  23. I know that it won't happen but I hope that Ronda Rousey beats Becky Lynch and retains her title at "WRESTLEMANIA 35" just so I can see that entire Arena go absolutely berserk!

  24. The Only Way that I would accept a "Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair" Triple Threat Match would be if it is also a "HELL IN A CELL" Match.

  25. Personally i'd rather see those wonderfully exciting Uso boys for the 5000th time than a new tag team. I can't get enough of the Uso's. They're so interesting. Even the 400th time i saw them wrestle The New Day or The Bar they gave me something new and interesting. Not like Sanity, who have been way too overexposed and bring nothing new to the table.
    Pretty sure the brass at WWE comes up with some kind of lame excuse for why Shane being put over is not nepotism at all, and that giving us episode 536 of New Day vs Bar vs Usos is more interesting than something fresh.
    So when Sanity will understandably complain, some sort of admonishment will come as if their treatment makes any sense.
    I think unhappy wrestlers speaking out is good and healthy, because it lets the industry and fans know that working for WWE is NOT all it's cracked up to be, and it might serve to warn other talent not to sign any contract there as long as Vince McMahon doesn't change. He needs the wake up call.

  26. Rusev is a prime example of top guy who is totally wasted by WWE by booking him completely terrible.
    Sanity is F'N AWESOME Kilian Dane is an amazing wrestler n should ask for his release bc he could be a Heavyweight champion in any promotion in existence as he was Totally Over in NXT I mean look at the 1st NXT War Games. When he entered that match at least for me Dane was the MVP and should be top guy NOW!!!

  27. Rowsy vs Lynch needs to be 1 on 1. Charlotte Flair already faced Ronda n to me the match would feel totally cheapened and watered down!!!

  28. What Dave said, “there’s no talk of a 4 on 4 match, although there’s no talk on that for ANOTHER 2 PPV,s” so could happen

  29. According to Wikipedia, Andrade will defend the US title against Mysterio. Cena Vs Undertaker in a retirement match. I'm not sure to believe it or not but here is the link.
    By the time you read someone may have already edited it.

  30. Charlotte Flair will NEVER leave the title picture because she has accomplished so much and because of who her father is. GET OVER IT

  31. I hope they don't add Charlotte in Becky vs ronda match.WWE will be ruining things by adding Charlotte in the match.

  32. A few thoughts. Becky vs. Rousey is money. Throwing Charlotte in will water it down, especially since fans see WWE want you to get onboard with Charlotte's "Hey I'm Becky too" copycat character they are pushing.

    As far as AJ, sorry smarks. AJ has fared really well in WWE. Almost always in Smackdown main events, the Jinder Mahal debacle savior, he's got no reason to leave. He's being treated well. Also, he is a wrestling fan, and he's living the dream being a top superstar, who is often portrayed well.

  33. People are really dense about this topic lol. Charlotte is being added so she can take the fall and not have rousey lose one on one to protect her ego

  34. Becky’s Knee is fine Ladies + Gentlemen she’s not even injured it’s a side story or should I say “A Work” it’s just WWE’s way of telling us that their still in charge and they don’t care about us fans. This side story is best the writers can come up with? On the way to Wrestlemania? Everything goes through Vince so I guess he’s ok with it 😡

  35. Lynch hast to stop calling herself the man because she’s a woman and flair should beat rousey because she is the best

  36. I feel it would be a real let down if Dean doesn’t leave, Revival should get out while they can, Ryder would be good to get out I’m not saying all show go to AEW and I don’t think that’s the best idea either, I reckon Dean would be better traveling around various places as the potential that his turn had. AJ wouldn’t be going too wrong if he went to AEW, lesser schedule is very appealing in my eyes and I would presume the same for anyone. Rusev is another that could do well in the larger world of wrestling and finally hopefully Kenny returns to NJPW in the G1 after a nice long break from them in AEW and goes on to win in the main event of WK14 etc etc (way too much hopeful thinking in this comment)

  37. Ronda rousey will win VS Becky lynch at wrestlemania and its 100% will happened ,,, its only a wishful thinking of some fans that Becky will win , no way ,,, she lost to auska at rr so she will also lost to Ronda at wm35 , Ronda will make sure she defend her wwe title and remain a champion even if she leave wwe after wm as per rumors ,,, or staged the dream match , Ronda VS Auska , whhhoooooo what a great fight indeed if this happened ,,,,,

  38. Ronda Rousey shouls do her first special stipulation match for the first time at wrestlemania….. I don't think so. She 's not able

  39. I used to get annoyed with the WWE for not using its talent properly, but now I’m starting to think some wrestlers are entitled. They all want to be on TV, they all want pushes, they all want to be champions, they all want to lol good in the ring.

    But if you look at WWE’s history, there have always been jobbers, there’s always been only so much TV time to be spread around and there’s always been guys who hold more favor with management than others.

    Just because you’re a work horse, you get yourself over on social media or you’ve put in a lot of years doesn’t mean you get to be pushed to the moon. If you’re not part of the plan, you’re not part of the plan.

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