WWE Women’s Wrestling Review Week of Sep 9th, 2019 | WWE Raw, SmackDown, NXT UK

welcome everyone treat the bell this in dear fell on a star and today we have a special guest from WWE ring one i’m the interdimensional hero moxie moly and if you are interested in what des is talking about you can find me as Samantha Simon I guess to the horse winner that is crazy awesome I am extremely blessed I was lucky I was in the right place at the right time but I honestly don’t remember it being in there like I remember walking down and then I remember us like losing and me like grabbing my tag partner and walking back but I’ll remember anything in the rings did you get the bank statement let’s jump right into raw this speaks raw was in medicine Square Garden let’s talk about this huge match for horse woman tag managed a huge deal I kind of almost wish like man there’s so much talent in the ring spread it out but it was kind of cool to see the dynamic of the four horsemen going against each other there was a pro package that aired right before the match it was a really good video because last week when Bailey turned heel and then she was talking about like hey I’m still a same person I was just very loyal some people were confused but this video clearly states that Ali’s Direction is going like full-on delusions totally they always do such a good job of the video packages cuz even if you not caught up with it you could watch a video that you like oh that’s what’s going on so shout out to their editing team for that and always the turned out so well like you said like a lot of people were confused like what what is going on with this video package really kind of put the stamp on and sealed on they’re like oh this is where you’re going Bailey’s just crazy thing she’s still a good guy but it’s not so it says something about Bailey acting chops and there’s like a backstage segment showing the relationships between two like teams of course Bailey and Sasha’s like lovey-dovey but Becky and Charlotte they’re kind of like tagging because I’m necessity so they really set up the storyline going to match when this match happened instant brawl that’s how you should start it well I think it was like really important to have Bailey be coming here because Bailey and Sasha are their first ever ladies tag-team champion might have been two of the greatest actual like physical tag team champions we’ve had so far so it’d be great like to bring the relevancy back to the men’s Tag Team Championship so you think they’re gonna eventually go into the tag division yes okay so this brawl and when Charlotte just brought in a chair I don’t know yeah it was a really hot start of a match but also one thing I noticed is that Bailey got no reaction when she came in no booze no cheers Hyatt and that’s the worst like you have been like when Roman was being booed he’s still getting a reaction like any whether it’s a good reaction or a bad reaction at least you get a reaction but when you’re getting no reaction that’s when it’s bad this character that’s kind of confusing to people because she still comes in with that bubbly theme song he still has that I really like that complexity of this character they just have to figure out how they’re gonna have that reaction going for her because this match overall was very complex match because Shara’s not face she was working that’s funny you brought that up because I was actually when I was watching that match of Mike so is Becky the only face in this match but the psychology in the set of who you match who was faces versus heel because the whole hot tags like Charlotte got a hot tag Becky got a hot tag Sasha and Bailey were cutting the ring in half not letting them go Tiger partner so it was very heel versus native even though Charlotte’s snow here yeah the thing is like even because of that whole mix of face and heel dynamics I think people didn’t know who to cheer yeah a lot of the match was kind of like quiet cuz people didn’t know what to do who do you think stood out in the ring Charlotte did actually yeah especially how you just that huh sure just like brought the chair into the ring that is like I’m here like a baller I am Ric Flair’s daughter obviously I did think Charlotte stood out in the ring action wise even though she had triple sloppiness all say like it wasn’t a botch that moon saw that she hit didn’t even hit her it was like this much space you can’t even see my arm because that’s how much distance on it I guess I just kind of like go see her athleticism that she could hit the moonsault and line on her yeah but whenever it’s your move like the moonsault in the hit the big boot didn’t hand I think it was about kind of like angle yeah you too a lot of timing – yeah in the baseball slide I don’t know what happened with that Bailey was somewhere else than that timing issues for other than that Charlotte was so impressive enduring whenever she was doing the moves she was working the crowd she made each kick really get in there definitely intensity there and I think that’s what almost Bailey is missing is being more intense and like as opposed to like you said just like the surface level character so I hope it brings it up her being this delusional face but I enjoyed the match I did I did it was way better than I thought it was gonna be because I was like I don’t know how this is gonna work out Bailey was really trying she was even trying that flair walk like nobody was definitely working heel here they don’t really know because you saw her turn heel and then she comes out with all these bright colors like how we were saying like it was you weren’t sure what Charlotte was gonna be I felt it was very much like you have Becky that’s the face that like it’s definitely the face Sasha who is definitely a heel and then their partners are both kind of like tweeners yeah at the moment Charlotte isn’t a tweener but you put her next to Becky Lynch then she’s like becomes a tweener you know what I mean yeah so it’s exactly what you guys said it’s complacency they don’t really know I don’t even know what like this direction though I love my usual idea like I want her to actually just push it through I don’t even want her to work he like I hope she leans into it even more maybe more over the top like positive and hogging you know how I start hugging somebody but like I’m gonna hug you like squeeze them keep on squeezing them like not letting them go kind of like yes like that annoying super over-the-top happy positive person to like you know really lean into it and kind of which is kind of like contradiction but I think it would work so it was a little disappointing as she was working more just conventional heel in during any standout moments in this match when everybody was doing their finisher each person was locked into a move figure eight Becky Lynch was gonna do disarm her and then she’s thrown into Charlotte yeah that was really creative I always think whenever I see stuff like that like who came up with that was an agent was it them like I always wonder who comes up with like the awesome creative never-before-seen spots I think it stood out for the bad way but that’s Charlotte missing those it’s like oh my so Charlotte won the whole thing Charlotte scenario she’s gonna win I am surprised that they made Boston hook connection lose because that’s their first match as a heel so I thought they’re gonna build a team strong well I see it as a way we’re like good heels don’t really win unless they cheat so it’s like if they keep losing losing losing they’re gonna have to go full heel and cheat to win I don’t know what direction they’re going with so I don’t know if this was the right choice you’re right though I think a Boston hug couldn’t she should have won even if it was dirty even if it’s like Bayley doing something but I’m just trying to help or something I think they should have won yeah of course Charlotte won she is the golden child hope this will make more sense to Sunday when Charlotte loses to Bailey yeah and Becky loses to Sasha that would make sense if that’s what your action doesn’t work yeah but if that’s not the direction Charlotte yeah I have no idea what if Charlotte defeats Bayley again that’s funny that might make her crazy maybe if she loses everything very good match yeah yeah I enjoyed it there’s no way you could put those four ladies in a ring and it not be an amazing finish there’s a reason we call them the four horse yeah let’s go to our second match it isn’t Italia purses Lisi of it what’s the T what’s the T I really like her as a worker but her gimmick way back before Maxie Molly became half human half comic-book I was like totally vintage where the Liberty curls and the high-waisted shorts in fact if you take my picture and put it next to what Lacey Evans debuted in aside from her being blonde and in much better shape it’s almost like athlete’s page on Facebook I had like the truest lady of Northwest Indiana Wrestling and now she’s like the truest lady of WWE so I think she’s like an amazing worker I just didn’t kind of like who came up with this gimmick because whatever I was reading a comic book one day and a flying saucer came and tried to abduct me and in a super fantastical way I became half human half comic book I’m way cooler now Lacey Evans where’d you come up with that oh my god having issues this match Madi with that intensity that fire that like finally that where has this been for so many years so so entertaining so much fire I don’t know why she’s so mad at Lacey maybe for you Sasha but she’s really just putting it on Lacey yeah I really have been enjoying Lacey Evans in this role oh yeah give her the credit where credit is due she’s like go ahead she’s good at what she does she’s a very like technically she know what she’s doing she’s not so bad at promos she’s not so bad at even like social media presence and everything like that I just want to know where she got her loser great she had that really cool neckbreaker outside moonsault of course jumping elbow all very impressive and she had that creative spot says she’s been keep coming up with now she used that ready friend I’m totally gonna steal that I’m stealing that for you and be like this is for boxing that was so good I know I really enjoyed that I almost wish that this would have happened first and then the whole last storyline that she did and what happened second so think I think it would have been better for her building her up this way as opposed to like let’s just push her to the moon and then work her down like if she would start this way and then maybe works her way up would have been better but she’s definitely improving there was some CM Punk chance going around people were really dad it’s a Madison Square Garden crowd they’re trying to be part of the show but themselves over so I don’t think we’re ever going to stop hearing CM Punk I actually thought here we’re gonna be there at aw show you want it what hasn’t you been out there like signings the humidor that guy wearing AJ Lee’s t-shirts which is really cute really the problem is if WB gave them lacy a Natalya like one backstage segment yeah lacy Evans like mocking Natalya or something backstage that would have been a lot better like we don’t know why they’re fighting Natalya was getting picked on by Sasha for weeks and forget about that for some reason she’s really upset lacy and we don’t know why we’re not invested especially putting on the third hour overall yeah people already dead also let’s move the Smackdown by the way I don’t know if you noticed there’s a women’s tag-team match for pay-per-view Maria’s are coming so fast I can’t even keep up with them it’s gonna be Nikki cross and Alexa bliss vs. fire so Nikki cross is having a match with Mandy frozen smackdown before this match started Mandy rose and Sonya Deville came to the ring so when you’re looking like Tamina totally stealing her love coming back come back like in 80s garb or something nothing into the leather or anything black number one she used to wear like huge like flower prints yeah yeah yeah that was really bad so Mandy Rose caught a weird-ass promo saying that I’m hot and you’re fugly what this is the woman’s revolution going on I thought we are waiting I don’t even know how to say this without seeming like a hater but like I don’t necessarily like most of the storylines Mandy has been in she can do more than what she has been served like the one where she was trying to make the oh me Naomi jealous like that was silly and we’re like way past that we don’t need Mean Girls we don’t need to like go back to 1999 with Lindsay Lohan this is all been played out before I just want to watch like good female wrestling you know so I I don’t have issue with the Mean Girls type storyline I think it’s fine if it’s done entertaining way but it was just straight up I’m pretty and you’re ugly yeah it’s not just same from the match last week whenever Mandy Rosa said you’ll never look like me and I’m like oh okay I think if there is some kind of story line saying that old man eros is doing this to play mind games yeah if we’d seen some kind of insecurity from Nikki cross I mean we did seen some of it not regarding her hard loss yeah so if there were some backstories that might have been work but like it was just straight up you’re ugly and I have an issue with it which was yeah didn’t even really get over either consciously especially when the four horsewomen storyline is getting so complicated and like going into histories and everything this seems so out of place like what they’re like no hate campaigns are fine cuz it’s like II love seeing it but like if you’re gonna do it make it more meaning make it meaningful make it go somewhere but it’s one week before this big pay-per-view and this was the only bill that we get your ugly so so underwhelming and not only of course is it demeaning Nicki Cross but it’s also kind of submitting money rose it’s like this is all you could do your heart and I’m good right like it should be like oh you’re a wrestler who just so happens to be y’all really pretty or whatever but I just need that there just like your heart so just run with that and that’s it but it could be so much more and she is very society pretty and what a lot of people would think boy heart is and I think nikki is – what is that – Beavis yeah I think Mandy has a lot more to offer I mean she’s very like strong yeah she’s got good moves her finisher is really powerful so I think she has a lot to offer especially her and Sonia there’s a lot to be done we keep saying that we want that lesbian storyline let’s go Harry you don’t be better than your ugly story like bring that doughnuts immediately yeah but then they dropped all that little subplot I mean fans were thinking like when Sonja was looking into her eyes were like something going on but no nothing a little disappointing there were so many layers they just didn’t why do they do that sometimes they like give us like lead up to such good storylines and they’re just like we put all of my attention all the time good anymore what do we think about this match I thought it’s okay I mean this kind of really goes back to what you were saying is that Mandy is actually strong and powerful she did a really really nice follow a slam that looked good and she doesn’t look like she was struggling with it at all she could do more almost like powerhouse power moves and they’ll be awesome because you have this hot girl doing like power moves that’s another layer they could add on as opposed to like oh she’s pretty even yeah much was fine everyone I hate it honestly not promo at the beginning put a such a sour taste in my mouth I’m just like I mean I really like Nikki’s fire in this match in the match she was both fire and as I am she was twerking her face so when whenever the camera zoomed in and Nikki I really liked it so Nikki has to tap into that crazy side I mean we’re gonna get there with some kind of storyline I guess something would Alexa I’m guessing later in the year whenever we get to see the taste of that crazy Nikki I’m loving I’m glad Alexa bliss that come out though because it kind of solidifies that they are really a tag team because for a little while there I thought they were just like kind of thrown together but now they kind of like actually acting more like a drag team so I thought that was cool that she did come here let’s face it Cassell always gets this kind of storyline they’re gonna be best friends and then she’s gonna turn on her and then Nikki and Alexa who both have a different kind of crazy thing both their crazies are gonna unleash on each other and it’s gonna be mad crazy in the ring amazing different kinds of crazy like Nikki James comes back come back yeah moving on to Bayley and ember moon situation so they were talking in backstage they’re not in front of pink makeup anymore amber moon was like what happened to you and Bailey was like I’m the same person and I did this for a smackdown Women’s Championship or cut all right so championship is so like second tier basically like us do you think about this segment it looks good I still don’t believe Bailey anytime she has a backstage segment honestly I feel like she’s reading her teleprompter or endorsement when she talks sometimes and Athena I love how her sassy now is like going back to what we were saying like it’s really hard for anyone to have like females especially in wrestling to have that natural charisma and Bailey knows what she’s doing in the ring by alright but like any time she said anything in front of the camera I don’t know I just don’t feel any heart or sincerity behind it in the match when Charlotte Flair was like on commentary Charlotte wasn’t even like cutting a promo and everything she said you believe what she’s saying oh and she was like a better champion would be me like she believes that you hear you hear the heart you hear the passion in it and I think the reason Bailey may not be getting over as a heel is because like you don’t feel that sincerity you don’t feel that like hate or like anger in her at all and I don’t know if you ever really felt like the positivity or happiness either the real positivity and happiness either the fake stuff is starting to get there I mean you did wrestle her Bailey started out super hot I think this is like the trend of women’s wrestling lately and WVUE they start really hard Bailey’s just add amber outside right yeah I think the trend with like the ladies matches of like coming in hot is like because we’re grabbing your attention I can I can do without popcorn for 14 minutes or however long it’s going to be I think it’s needed especially like how hot you’re coming in like their moves are just a move like they’re a whole outside sponsor that we’re doing that definitely some intensity there so I hope we see more of that from Bailey and I actually think this much was better than that sure yeah for a shortened I will say though during this match my attention was getting thrown to Amber moon she’s the one that like demands attention and like kind of takes over the ring like even if you don’t know like for example at the casual fan was watching this I think your eyes are automatically drawn to and removed yeah she’s athletic hey ash she’s amazing I always knew she was gonna get signed so I’m glad to see her getting a little bit more time but I just really want them to you know just go for it as cliche as it is like amber moon like she’s got the it factor like even if she’s not wrestling if you see her just like walking around you want to know more about her you want to know what she’s doing what she’s talking about everything she does is here like be a heel or babyface when we were to like watching it I was just like oh it’s over like I wanted to see more cool stuff remember movies everything about it right I adore her me this match was pretty short but amber every move says she hit it was crisp it was well delivered I guess the only thing is W really needs to find a great character over the place she is a freaking wall yeah like it just go for it like some I don’t know where was she like 31 is she what did she give it to her just give it to her I think what we were talking about earlier about like bringing people from NXT the main roster and like it’s like heartbreaking because you don’t necessarily see them as much as you saw them as an XD I think Emma moon is like a huge example of that like she was like so amazing and everybody wanted her and she came up and now it’s kind of like what do we do with her oh my god speaking of that Oscar please go subscribe Tosca new YouTube channel well no it’s coz sad because she has nothing to do on the show so she’s now making like a little game room in her little apartment and she’s playing game why don’t we sit out let’s quickly talk about last weekend’s NXT UK takeover Tony Storm versus Kelly Rae there’s not words you know it’s really funny so the crowd was cut for this match because they’re all the other matches for like 30 40 minutes commentary was like people lost awards tired your way of twisting it though I think this match really kind of sums up how much women’s wrestling has changed over the years maybe you show this match to somebody who was watching it back in like oh one even he completely different and I think this match really says like there’s no more girl moves and guy moves they’re just wrestling loose yeah because they did Germans that that German off the second rope which was awesome they have a lot of falsies that did lots of hard-hitting moves which are mainly s’more used to seem like those are guy moves and stuff they just went I think now this just seems there’s just two really good wrestlers in the ring having a great match as opposed to you’re like oh – good girl wrestlers they’re just good wrestlers regardless of gender but I really enjoyed this match and it was really good I really like Kaylee ray I think she definitely meets that extra push so I think that title will hurt I don’t think Tony strong leads entire well she’s a star I also really like she said Tony storm is a star and I think them taking the title away from her is gonna give us that storyline where she’s just like Quine back up to the top to get it and I think it’s setting us up for the match we just saw that was amazing like we can’t even comprehend how great the next championship match we’re gonna get from Tony Stewart is gonna be you know I am honestly surprised at Tony’s still in the next UK I feel like Vince saw her like randomly swiping through every network he was like the main roster cuz Tony is like such like a full package no matter what this is still a business and I think that she’s like without her NXT UK is starting to get more components that you carry it but she’s carried it on her back like she needed her there I think they’re taking the title off of her to give other people chances I think she’s gonna have a really great run one more time but we’re gonna see her before this time next year she’s gonna be okay there are a lot of new talents coming into the next UK and Jeannie’s my favorite but hyper hyper Niven so a lot of talent stairs so I’m like that there is showing yeah shaking it up some real Ripley is now in NXT yeah wouldn’t it be amazing if for the new and XTS getting TV time and annex to UK that there might be a while okay Joyce don’t I know she’s awesome I haven’t seen her like go beyond that oh shit this is crazy good level I think she had the oh shit this is good crazy level in the may young class I was about to say that do you think so because the only one I remember from man classic was a ko saw tomorrow I think Mako Sato Merida stole the spotlight from entire show I can see that and you sure I – I agree with Paloma that it has in the may young classic okay and like in a weird way she like he came in like all oh shit this is awesome I don’t know if she can top that I want to see her top it because like I said I don’t even think we can comprehend how great it’s gonna be but when you come in so great like it’s hard to top it should you lessen yourself though no like she’s what made an XD UK has that charisma that I actually don’t think a lot of women have that natural charisma no I agree it comes out she’s like who is that like even if you don’t watch what I mean like oh you definitely like one of those that I feel like years and years in from now people are gonna be like Tony storm is the reason why I got into wrestling for me to ask you UK takeover matches for women I think they were on par with like current Shayna Baszler matches but I don’t think you went to the level of like amber moon osku yeah Sasha banks Bayley matches not like completely like orgasmic oh my golly like yeah I just a little bit more maybe she’ll bring that little bit more was it that soon that’s not to say she hasn’t had the chance to wrestle people like them yeah like I mean everyone that she’s wrestled in an XT is great in their own way but she hasn’t been like with osku or anything like that to be able to show us that yeah I did like by the way that she was giving lots of Shawn Michaels lives in her entrance I thought that was kind of cool and also I don’t know if you guys noticed the whole like back story line of it my Kaylee Rey was telling I’m like oh you’re the reason why your dad back this is what you guys are doing over here the NXT you can all right good thing I really like about Tony is that she has this a random moment so extreme emotions in the matches she goes like excited to see more from XT UK and see where Tony storms my ego that was a go home show for clash of Champions I keep on forgetting that’s already this week yeah it’s crazy the build-up was pretty decent yeah yeah I’m actually really excited about the two matches I think it’s gonna be a good show yeah so super excited for that so where can you find you earth on social media platforms you can find me on Instagram Twitter or Facebook at V Maxime Ali you can find your past self in lazy evidence if you find me on instagram or twitter at Paloma star you can find me idea shin and bring the melody s on Twitter thank you

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