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channel and as always we’re talking all the latest when it comes to Pro
Wrestling coming up we’re talking of the latest AEW vs. WWE banter and some
heated conversations that we have gotten out of late between top superstars and
executives WWE dealing with big internal pressure heading into Survivor Series
and Triple H and Vince McMahon not necessarily seen eye-to-eye with each
other with a major potential plan this weekend update’ on multiple WWE contract
status and even a championship change after Monday Night Raw we’re also
talking to recap everything that went down on Monday Night Raw
the good the bad the consistently ugly and more the ladies before we get into
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start off with a find a topic of discussion and that is the battle
between aew stars and WWE over on social media and it all started with CM Punk
literally already making controversy from a single tweet which aew president
and CEO Tony Ken responded to so Punk made this week while preparing for his
new WWE backstage gig tag in aw tony kahn and WWE chairman and CEO Vince
McMahon he wrote the following it is we’re trying to catch up on five plus
years of wrestling I’m doing what I can there’s bright spots mostly woman from
what I could tell there is bad – I’m gonna talk about it and no one is safe
join us then he proceeded to tag Renee young
WWE on Fox account Booker T page and then lastly Vince McMahon and Tony can
the last one of course not having anything to do with WWE instead having
everything to do with the opposition 8uw then things got heated up as soon as
Tony can responded and took a shot at WWE and the recent travel de Vaca by
stating the following no one is safe question mark
sounds like a Plane full of wrestlers in Saudi Arabia
following this we had Randy aren’t coming to the aid of WWE but only to get
burn again Randy Orton tweeted the following what’s the whole thing about
Glass Houses and stone and then linked everyone to an October 2018 Jacksonville
dot-com article on how aew lead investor Tony Kent father was being investigated
for corruption which led to Tony Kent replying the following I thought you
only tagged me in your post when you were grasping for leverage of course
reference II Randy Orton negotiating his latest contract he continued the
articles over a year old plus it’s about baselet claims made
about my diet ago it’s not the best you can do meanwhile in the time since that
was written you use the n-word on Twitch which is a bit of a controversy two
month ago Randy Orton digital one final reply to all of this stating the
following Jacksonville dizzy why else will I tag you if I wanted to talk
business I want to call your father so certainly a lot of shots going back and
forth a lot of tweet and it’s probably not over yet
and there’s a lot of burdens going around the best thing that Randy Orton
can add on though is probably not even replied to the tweet to begin with
because in the end he had nothing to do with it still get bantering back and
forth between the aew president and CEO and Randy Orton representing WWE I’m
hoping that CM Punk’s made reference of this on WWE backstage and at least
acknowledged atw in some type of way since he is tagging Tony can and he’s
certainly trying to create some controversy moving into some other
reports and we’re talking some internal pressure when it comes to the WWE and
more specifically Triple H heading into Survivor Series as we could be seeing
him return to the ring to lead a team WWE NXT and this upcoming paper wheel
reservoirs reported the following hearing that over the past few weeks
there has been a push from creative to have Triple H as a member of Team nxe in
the men’s elimination match that idea has been met with mixed reaction
including that of the game Triple H untold he does not want to be part of
the match this Sunday this of course put Triple H in a very awkward position
because he does works for the WWE and even if he is to see oo at the end of
the day of Vince McMahon once reports to compete then he has to compete there is
nowhere yet on if they will go with Triple H on the team but all of this
could also be one of the reason up to yn XE team hasn’t even been set up yet we
don’t even know who the captain is it is of course believed that the NXT champion
Adam Cole will be the leader but unless your boys joined the match then he will
probably be the captain regardless we should find out all of that this week on
Wednesday night with Triple H already invited on Smackdown as he has an open
door policy and anybody could show up on the for sale arena I’m gonna stick with
Triple H on this one I will honestly love to see him compete but at the same
time he is doing the right thing if he ends up competing on Sunday then he’s
taking a spot away from one of his own and superstars from NXT which I’m not
surprised that it is something that he doesn’t want and has probably clashed
with Vince McMahon about it in the backstage as he wants to look out for
his NXT superstar than him taking the spotlight on to some other quick news
rusev has been a hot topic of discussion where of course is curry storyline and
finally recently he addressed his WWE contract status as a fan tweeted him
that he made a big mistake by residing with WWE once again which prompted rusev
to reply with the following who said I have resigned question mark question
mark question mark now this does gives the impression that he hasn’t resigned a
new contract just yet but he’s not necessarily confirming it instead of
asking who exactly said that rusev is known for trolling a lot on Twitter so
we gotta be careful with it regardless we simply don’t know specifically
whether he signed a new contract or not but it doesn’t seem like it and if that
is the case WWE better pick it up and give us better quality content when it
comes to rusev sticking with WWE contract square circle sirens do reports
on nikki cross assign a new WWE contract extension that is said to be for
multiple years the specific on top it hasn’t been revealed just yet
well we’re gonna be seen twisting a key cross for multiple years to come on to
some other quick news Archer of one two 24/7 championship once again right after
Monday Night Raw as he was dressed up as a doctor when Samir Singh needed to be
attended after what went down on Raw all right you’ve won the title so many times
that I can’t even keep up with it anymore
and now let’s go ahead and discuss what went down on Monday Night Raw for this
week’s episode November 18 2019 which was one of their go home show for
Survivor Series one of their big four pay-per-view and I guess WWE did try to
make it feel special but there were a lot more of the same that I just hardly
made any sense so we are Becky Lynch opening the show what a promo calling
out Shayna Baszler it’s Monday nitro so the iconic interrupted instead I’m said
that they weren’t considered for the raw woman’s Survivor Series team and we are
Becky Lynch challenging them to a handicap match they accept but Charlotte
Flair showed up anyway to make a neat acting match right before we go to
commercial though we do have some more Joe joining the commentary team for the
episode as deal Madden he still taken out from one single and five continuing
the match we had Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair defeating the ikonics
by submission but after the match we are Shayna Baszler with Duke in Marina
attacking Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch but they were backing down they
chased them into the crowd which then security for whatever reason split them
off which led to Becky Lynch knocking down a security guard in the backstage
who has Sakurai turned Curt Hawkins getting taken out by AOP second match of
the night we had Alberto Colegio defeating Carl Anderson with the assist
of the shree proffer as they came out to even the odds against the whole OSI we
are Bobby Lashley defeating no way Jose but before that even happened Lana
revealed that she’s taking out a restraining order on rusev that he can’t
move within 90 miles of her and Lashley she said 90 miles but Bobby Lashley
corrected her to 90 feet anyways after the match they made out double
you is really stalling with this thing taking every single step to just make
you longer and it already feels like you’re never gonna end up next we had a
very good match between South Rollins and Andrade and this was a rotten spot
on the romance Survivor Series team and it led to a no contest and they won the
lucha house party from Smackdown live attack Seth Rollins and Andrade Rollins
made the safe 100 and they agreed to have another match sometime soon buddy
Murphy knocked on Alistair black door and challenged him but he walked away
right before Alistair black answered the door confused so this just leads to
buddy Murphy defeating a key row to zawa and then after the match body Murphy
goes backstage once again knocking Alistair black door which he does open
and both men stare down on each other so I guess that match is gonna happen soon
every growing defeat in a local talent Alex Malcolm and yes he’s still carrying
a mystery pet to the ring or whatever it is we had Kevin Owens vs. drew McIntyre
in another amazing match definitely match of the night unfortunately it also
ended in a no contest because we had Triple H coming out and the match of the
sudden just ending Triple H gets on the microphone he tries
to recruit Kevin Owens into the nxc brawn just like he did to self Rollins
but before Kevin Owens even answer him random brawl wrestlers attack the NHC
guys that were already there and then on disputer era sure our blade attacking
Kevin Owens Triple H look visibly upset and maybe not too happy that Kevin Owens
was attacked to begin with because he kind of said that wasn’t what he was
there for and the end the OSI made the save chasing undisputed era into the
crown Paul Heyman made a Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio Survivor Series a no
holds barred match Rey Mysterio responded to the
announcement by saying he’s not afraid and he is coming for both revenge and
the WWE Championship it was an amazing backstage promo by Rey
Mysterio and I’m excited for this match Brock Rey and Paul Heyman has made it
exciting then for the main event we had the raw tag-team championship match
Viking raiders versus Randy Orton and a mystery partner which ended up being
ricochet this was the third match of the night that literally ended in a no
contest which to be fair ELISA does make sense since Smackdown Superstar invaded
Monday Night Raw all the way from the backstage but all of their main event
superstars were not even there so you knew Smackdown was gonna get
decimated and that is exactly what happened in the end it was more a fight
between raw and NXT superstar who also ended up joining the invasion and
actually ended up looking stronger and the show ended with Triple H letting
everybody know from gorilla position that this one that he has a open door
policy so Raw and SmackDown could show up on and exceed if they want more which
you know it means that on this Wednesday night those ratings are gonna go up big
time it was a good way to end the show and leading to nxe might be the first
week that on Wednesday night they’d be aew on the ratings anyways guys that is
what I got for you in this coverage if you enjoy the forget to elbow drop it
and hit those notifications winter what two hundred thousand subscribers so much
it’s Yahoo did

22 thoughts on “WWE UNDER PRESSURE Heading To Survivor Series! AEW ROASTS WWE & CM Punk Causes CONTROVERSY!

  1. I hope Rusev doesn’t sign a new contract, or else he is signing a new contract of him just showing up every single money, and wasting his time for nothing, Rusev is a great wrestler 😇

  2. I really feel like the time for punk to come back has passed… I mean…HBK came back after 4 years but I believe his age and circumstances were a lot different.

  3. Lmfao, Tony Khan is becoming one of my favorite wrestling personalities FAST

    You can tell that his fandom of wrestling when he was growing up allowed him to have fast and witty comebacks. Like, mans shot HARD lmfao. You can tell his media handling training is coming into play as well, because he made his points, fast and sharp and to the point. Most important of all, they are all FACTS. A tycoon of his stature would've looked bad if he just slandered another companies talent with insults that aren't factual. But mans looked at the facts and slapped them in the face of orton and wwe lmfao.

  4. After listening to this last round up the wwe could save themselves a ton of money,time and energy if they dropped raw and smack down for nxt witch seems to be the only value there its a shame fox paid them all of that money

  5. If NXT beats AEW in the ratings this week,it will more than likely be because of the invasion angles,which won't continue after Survivor Series anyway.

  6. The ending of raw would have been much better if Brock Lesnar and The Fiend would have showed up for their respective brands !🔥

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