WWE Superstars React To Top 10 WWE Smackdown Moments Of All Time

– (laughs) What the freak. Oh, he just backhanded Triple H. – Here he comes, and pow! – (FBE) So with Smackdown
about to have a huge moment, premiering on Fox,
we brought in WWE superstars to break down the Top 10
Smackdown moments of all time. – Of all time, man. – Ah, I mean I headbutted
Vince McMahon on Smackdown, and if that’s not the top moment, then I might flip this table over,
we’ll see. – (FBE) So this list was actually
ranked by WWE on their website, WWE.com, and we’ll be showing you
clips from each moment, and see if you can correctly guess
where in the top 10 they’re ranked. – Alright, this is a lot of pressure. I’ll do my best,
we’ll see what happens. – I think I’m gonna nail it.
Yeah, ’cause ‘Mella is money. – They better be, at least half
needs to be the Rock. – Half?
– Yeah, half. – Is she crazy? – I’m pretty bad at predicting
weather and navigation, but when it comes to wrestling,
I think I’m straight on. – (Becky) Oh no no no. How does it feel
that you were expecting a man… – Well of course I remember this one.
This one’s a little unforgettable. You know, that’s my wife. – (Becky) What you weren’t expecting
was The Man. (Bayley laughs) – (Zelina) I hate to interrupt
this little… – What is she wearing?
What is on her head? – She’s dressed up
for prom queen, right? – (Zelina) Game of one-ups-man-ship,
you guys got going on. – See what she did there?
A little pun on The Man. – (John) My name is John Cena. You may know me
from being John Cena… – Hard to tell who you are
with that hair, John. – That hair though. – (John) Young lady you are hitting
way out of your weight class, and padre, I bet she could kick
your teeth down your throat. – Good moment.
– Good moment! – I actually remember being backstage
watching this go down. I remember watching that and going
Becky Lynch has more than arrived now. – (FBE) Where do you think
thinks ranks in the top 10? – Number nine.
– I’m gonna put that at five. – They are getting
the number seven spot. – I might go 10 on that one. – I’m putting this at the very bottom. I love you, wife, I love you, I do,
but I mean, you might have had better moments by yourself
without John. – (announcer) Avoided disaster!
Oh, Trouble In Paradise, Kofi hit it! – Oh, this is the,
is this the gauntlet thing? – Oh was this the Kofi gauntlet? – Love Kofi.
– Big Kofi fan. – (announcer) You wanna get
to WrestleMania… – My man. – (announcer) Kofi has fought
incredibly hard. Trying to get back up
to his feet somehow. – Woo! – Ah!
– (announcer) Countered the RKO! Cover, cover on Orton!
– Got him! – That was huge. – (announcer) Kofi Kingston
is going to WrestleMania! – Welp, that was a big moment
for Kofi, obviously. – That was a very feel-good moment.
Special moment, because that was Kofi’s moment
to rise to success. Number five.
– Okay, I’m putting it at seven. – Number three. – It was the rise
of Kofi-Mania, right? Like it was starting to get super hot,
and it was a big moment, so I’m gonna put that at number four. – I was actually supposed to be
in the Elimination Chamber match earlier that year,
and I had got injured by Randy Orton, and Kofi Kingston replaced me. I was backstage jumping for joy knowing that Kofi’s
getting his rightful spot. So for that, I’m gonna rank this,
Kofi and Randy spot, right in the middle at number five. – (Michael) Brock Lesnar
to the top rope! – (Tazz) No!
– Oh yeah. – Oh gosh, this is up there,
I guarantee ya. (Seth growls)
– (Tazz) A 500 pound suplex! – (Michael) Superplex!
– (Tazz) A 500 pound suplex! (Ali mimics explosion) – Yeah!
That was so crazy. – Good one.
– Yeah, yeah. – Oh, that’s gotta be way up there. – That’s gotta be way up.
– Gotta be. – That was the very first time
that I saw a ring break down, so that’s, man, that’s a hard one.
Number four. – I’m gonna go with number one
with that one. – That’s a pretty infamous
Smackdown moment for me, so I’m gonna put that
at number three. – Because I remember it so well,
I’m gonna put it at number three. – I’ll go number eight,
as far as like moments, I feel like Kofi’s
winning the gauntlet, going to WrestleMania was
still a bigger moment. – I’ll put it at number three.
Dude, that was crazy. Now every time we see
Big Show in the ring, everyone wants the ring to collapse,
like no matter what it is. Like come on, let’s break the ring! – (announcer) Uh oh, timekeeper’s area!
– Look at this sexy devil. – Oh, ah! – (announcer) Eyes on
the champion here! AJ Styles, phenomenal forearm!
– Oof. – AJ’s a beast, man. – It was a great moment,
but I don’t think it was, I don’t know where it ranks. – (announcer) AJ Styles, cover!
– (crowd) One, two, three! – (announcer) AJ’s done it again!
(bell rings) – Look at the reaction
of that kid, man. That’s what every
sports entertainer strives, that reaction right now. – I’m gonna put that at eight.
– Seven! – I put that at number nine.
– Smackdown history, I would probably put it
under the Kofi gauntlet, now that I know this is it,
but it’s already at 10, so I’ll put AJ winning at nine. – I’m gonna put that at three. I can’t explain it, man.
It was really, it was breathtaking.
I don’t know how to explain it. It was just off the charts awesome,
that crowd reaction. – (Rock) The Rock doesn’t even look
like Stone Cold. – Ah, yes, okay! – Look at that shirt. – (Rock) He looks like Stone Cold.
– (Jerry) What? – Ah! – (Steve) Hell, I’m out
in the parking lot. – He looks so young!
– Damn. Look how young, man. (laughs) – (Steve) Over whose side
Stone Cold Steve Austin is gonna be on
this Sunday at Backlash. I’m gonna be on the side
I’ve always been on, and that’s mine!
(Seth laughs) – (announcer) Wait a minute!
– I remember this. – (announcer) That’s the DX Express! (explosion echoes)
– So good. – Ah. – Oh my God, so cool.
I need to rewatch all this stuff. – (announcer) Holy cow!
(Seth laughs) – Young Shane, Young Stephanie!
– (announcer) Just exploded! – Oh.
– Ah. I mean, that’s what
I grew up watching, so I love that. – Infamous moment, I’m gonna put it
definitely in the top five, so I’m gonna throw it in
number four right now. – I don’t think that’s gonna rate
very high, it’s cool and all. I’m gonna give it an eight. – I’m gonna mark that at number seven.
– Number five, that’s insane, the fact that that was 20 years ago. When I see the year 2000, I’m like oh,
that was like 10 years ago. – On number two. Those years were so special
to us wrestling fans that those are the kind of moments
that we remember as if it just happened
a few years ago. – I am issuing a challenge
to anyone in that locker room. (Rey laughs) That I’ve never wrestled before!
– This was big. – (Kurt) To come down here
and face Kurt Angle! ♪ (rock music) ♪
– And who is it? – Oh gosh. (Carmella laughs) – Seeing John in tights and boots
is just too much for me. – Yo Cena, if you ever come back,
rock the tights again, man. – (Kurt) Who in the hell are you? – (John) I’m John Cena! – (Kurt) What is the one quality
that you possess that makes you think…
– God, I love Kurt Angle. – (Kurt) That you can walk out here
and come into the ring and face the very best
in the business? – (both) Ruthless aggression!
– (announcer) Oh! – (Tazz) You gotta pin him! – Ah, look at that.
– Get him Kurt, get him Kurt! Teach him a lesson! – Freakin’ Kurt, so awesome. – (announcer) Kurt Angle
has pinned John Cena. – I love that finish. I remember seeing it at the time,
and I ended up using it a couple of times
in some of my matches on the independents after that. – Just to think that that’s
where it all started, huh? I was at that show that night too. – I mean, it’s John Cena’s debut, so I mean, we’ve seen what he’s done.
I’m gonna put him at five. – I put that at number six. – I’ll do that one at number two. – Maybe five.
– Okay. – Can I put ruthless aggression? – I’m gonna go number two.
That’s like huge, you know, in history for John Cena. I mean, and it’s so funny to see
how much he’s evolved and changed from when he first debuted
to where he is now. – I have the best fans in the world. – Well this made everybody emotional. – (Daniel) And I also have
an amazing… uh, beautiful wife.
– Aw, this is sad. – (Daniel) She came to me and she said
“it’s wonderful that you’re grateful, but you need to fight,
and you need to fight for your dreams” – (sighs) Mmm. – (Daniel) But will Daniel Bryan
compete in a WWE ring again? – Aw.
– I got goosebumps watching that. – (crowd) Yes, yes, yes! – This was huge. We thought he was
never gonna wrestle again, with everything that was going on,
and he came back. – I’m gonna give it seven.
– I’m gonna put that at six. – I’ll put it at six. – That’s a definitely
feel good moment, that’s number two.
– I’m gonna go three. – Seven, but I know
I’m gonna rearrange. Daniel Bryan is someone that resonates
with a lot of people backstage. I’m a guy in an industry
that’s dominated by big guys, and Daniel Bryan is a guy that,
at least in our era, proved that the size of your heart
is what matters. – (Michael) Look out
here comes the champ! Here comes Triple H! – (King) What are you gonna go?
– (Michael) Wait a minute! – (King) Triple H
slugged Schwarzenegger! – What the freak? Oh, he just backhanded Triple H. – (laughs) Oh my God!
– He didn’t want none! – Duh, backhand!
He backhanded him! – (laughs) Just,
just battering him. (Kevin laughs)
– (Michael) Oh my! – Alright, that’s gonna go at five. Just ’cause that backhand
was really something. – I put him at number one, I guess, because so far,
that’s the craziest moment I’ve seen. – The backhand from hell, you know, I’m gonna go ahead
and throw that up there. That’s a number two, man.
Arnold backhands Hunter. So good. – Oh, I remember this
in the grocery store. – So good. – Nothing like beating someone up
in the grocery store. – (Michael) Austin’s got Booker T!
(Rey laughs) – (King) Somebody better
call the police! (Carmella laughs)
Not the citrus, look out! – (Michael) The Rattlesnake’s
out of control! – (King) Now they’re in the syrup!
– Not the citrus. – (King) Somebody pass the jelly!
(Billie laughs) Oh, not the condiments! – Aw man, that was great. – It’s not a number one,
most definitely, so I’m gonna put it at the 10. – I guess I’m gonna go
five on that one. – I’ll go number 10 with that one. There’s no way that’s
the number one moment at the supermarket. – I’m gonna put it at nine, and hope we get a huge moment
for this next one. – (King) Oh no!
– (Jim) Look out here! – Yes, nailed it!
– Yes, yes! Nailed it, number one for sure! – (Jim) New champion!
– (King) Oh no, here he comes! – Oh my God, look at the fans. – The crowd is so lit. – I’m just gonna drop this elbow.
I’m gonna win, on the first episode,
I won’t get kicked in the, oh, I got kicked in the face! – Here he comes and pow!
– (Jim) What the hell? (Seth laughs) Oh no!
(Rey laughs) The Rock had the title won! – Ooh, got him! – Woo, look at those legs! – (Jim) Are you kidding me? – Shawn Michaels strikes again.
– Of course! You gotta know better than that. – (Jim) We’ve got
a crooked commissioner! – (announcer) Triple H! – I mean, teamwork
makes the dream work. – Where’s the Iconics moment?
– I thought we were gonna get a WrestleMania, Iconics.
– Where’s our debut, mate? – Believe this was
the very first Smackdown? – (FBE) Yes, debut.
– Yeah, so, number one. – When you think of Smackdown,
you think of The Rock. Like his crazy, electrifying promos. I mean, so I don’t mind that
being my number one. – Definitely fit number one. It is such a good moment, and it’s such a good kickoff
for history to be made. – (FBE) So now that you’ve
watched through all these, we’re gonna give you a chance
to make changes. – You know, I’m not gonna
second-guess myself. I’m just gonna lock ’em in. – I’m gonna put Austin/Booker
at number one. I’m gonna leave Cena’s debut
at number two. And I’m gonna leave Big Show/Lesnar
at number three. – (FBE) So here’s the actual order
going from 10 to one. You’ll get two points
for every answer you get dead on, and one point for every answer
you’re one away from. – Ah, okay, okay, okay. – (FBE) Coming in at number 10
is Arnie taking out Triple H. – Oh dang it, wrong.
(buzzer rings) – 10?
Guys! When’s the last time
you seen someone backhand someone? – (laughs) Yes, that’s a…
I’m gonna put two points right there. Two points for me. – You gotta be kidding me! Who did this list? Are you outta your mind? Are you, what are you smoking? Go, go, keep it coming. – (FBE) Coming in number nine,
Stone Cold destroying the DX Express. (buzzer rings)
– What!? Guys, there was an explosion! – I had that at seven.
(bell rings) – I’m dead on, bus blowing up,
two points. (buzzer rings)
– I think that should be a little bit higher.
– Yeah. I mean, we put it at four. – (FBE) Coming in at number eight, Shawn Michaels turning on The Rock
and helping Triple H. (buzzer rings)
– Yeah that was not even close. – One away from that one,
so that’s another one point there. – It’s the first episode of Smackdown
of all time! We don’t even have any of these
other moments without that moment! What are you talking about? – You gotta be joking me!
(buzzer rings) That’s is, that’s number eight!? Where do we go from there? Where do we go from there?
– What is number one!? – (FBE) Coming in at number seven,
is Kofi, Kofi-Mania. (buzzer rings)
– What? That’s terrible!
– Nope. That’s messed up. (bell rings)
– Yep, I got that one on the money. – Hey, we got that one right!
Number seven also, we actually call that
hashtag heartbreak. – (FBE) Coming in at number six,
Daniel Bryan returning to WWE. – Wow, I got a point for that one.
– I got that one! – Dead on, number,
two points right there. (buzzer rings)
– Daniel Bryan, I put that at number three. – (FBE) Coming in at number five,
AJ Styles. (buzzer rings)
– Wow, I had that at seven. – Really? – I mean, he’s phenomenal,
but let’s be honest. (buzzer rings)
– I think that’s cool. It makes sense, I was there
when he debuted at the Royal Rumble, and you hear the reaction
and he’s been around for years, and you never expected AJ Styles
to come to WWE. – That was an amazing moment. Now I’m not saying it’s number one,
I didn’t say it was number two. But had you been there,
you would know how crazy it was. – (FBE) Coming in at number four
is Supermarket Showdown. (buzzer rings)
– What? – How could that be at number four?
That’s impossible. – I ranked that at number one!
‘Cause that’s where it belongs! – I mean, name a better brawl,
besides me beating up Vince McMahon in the last 20 years of Smackdown.
You won’t find one. – (FBE) Coming in number three,
Becky Lynch and John Cena team up. – Oh wow.
I put that nine. – I got one point!
Woo! – (FBE) Coming in at number two,
John Cena’s debut with Kurt Angle. – Yeah!
(bell rings) – Damn it.
(buzzer rings) – I had it very, very low.
That should be up higher, because that’s John Cena. – (FBE) And finally,
the number one moment, is Brock Lesnar and the Big Show. Two giants destroying the ring
for the first time in history. (buzzer rings) – I’m actually impressed
that they chose that. – Now looking back on it,
I do see why that’s number one. Like I said, they’ve tried
to recreate that moment, it’s just, you can’t, man.
It was historic. (buzzer rings)
– I’m not saying my list is perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t know what you’re
taking into account when they ranked that list.
I honestly have no clue. – I like the variety of the list
to be honest with you. You have the carnage,
you have the emotional aspect of it. You have someone
achieving their dreams. You’ve got a good mix that’s not all
just these crazy action moments. They’ve done a good job
of compiling this list. Yeah, all these moments are awesome. – Thank you so much FBE
for having us, and subscribe for more WWE. – And don’t forget to tune in
October 4th for Smackdown on Fox. Booyaka 619!

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