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subject to change, the latest on LAX and Johnny Mundo leaving Impact Wrestling, and rumours
of Shane McMahon being phased off WWE TV. Click the timestamps to jump to any of those
news stories. But first! While a lot of fans are saying we’re in
a creative down period for the company, with some even comparing it to the dark days of
1995 and ‘96, or even comparing it to the even darker days of 2000 WCW, there are some
shining lights. AJ Styles turning heel and reforming The Club, Kevin Owens’ promo on
Smackdown, Kofi Kingston being booked strong, and anything involving Bray Wyatt’s Firefly
Funhouse. However, one consistent problem in WWE’s writing team is coming up with
tag team names. From The Viking Experience to Kabuki Warriors to Besties Best For Business,
it seems as though the company just can’t come up with decent names for tandems anymore.
And never has that been more true than the new tag team name for Roman Reigns and The
Undertaker. Yes, despite only tagging together for one night this Sunday at Extreme Rules
when they take on Drew McIntyre and The Best in the WOOOOOOOORLD, Shane McMahon, WWE.com
unveiled a t-shirt for Reigns and Taker – revealing their team name of Graveyard Dogs. Sigh. Do
you know what, shall we put this to a vote? Vote in the poll above my head to let me know
which team name you think is the worst: Vikng Experience, Kabuki Warriors, Besties Best
for the Business, and Graveyard Dogs. I’ll reveal the result in our Extreme Rules review
on Monday. Undertaker and Roman Reigns taking on Shane
McMahon and Drew McIntyre is just one of the matches on Sunday at Extreme Rules, which
will also see Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch defending their Universal Championship and
Raw Women’s Championship against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans, Kofi Kingston defending his
WWE Championship against Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Ricochet clashing for the United States
Championship, The Planeteers defending their Smackdown Tag Team Championships against Heavy
Machinery and New Day, The Usos vs. Revival for the Raw Tag Team Championships and Aleister
Black and Cesaro on PPV yes please mate. One of the other matches on the card sees
Bayley defend her Smackdown Women’s Championship against Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in a two-on-one
handicap match, which was set up on Monday’s Raw where Cross beat Bayley in a Beat the
Clock challenge. It’s now being reported by Dave Meltzer
in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that this was a last-minute switch, and the change
was made because Alexa Bliss has been dealing with a sinus infection all week. Bliss was
at both Raw and Smackdown, but was unable to go out in front of the crowd due to her
illness, and so the decision was made to change the match to a 2-on-1 handicap match so Cross
can do all the heavy lifting to protect Bliss this coming Sunday.
Something else that changed on last Monday’s Raw was the closing angle, where Cedric Alexander
disguised himself as janitor Gary Garbutt to team with Roman Reigns to take on Shane
McMahon and Drew McIntyre. Cedric’s plan went off without a hitch – despite being Claymore’d
by Drew and pinned by Shane – and he celebrated with Roman after the match – despite being
Claymore’d by Drew and pinned by Shane. That does not make sense. PWInsider are now reporting that this was
also a last-minute change, with the original plan set to simply have an extra playing the
role of Gary Garbutt in the tag match. Mike Johnson of PWInsider doesn’t go into more
detail on what this extra would have done during the match, but reports that there was
a pitch during the day to put Alexander in the Garbutt position instead. According to
Johnson, “We are told there will be a follow-up to Alexander’s involvement on Raw Monday.”
But Extreme Rules is not the only wrestling that is happening this weekend.
It’s a busy weekend of wrestling, with WWE holding Extreme Rules this Sunday, the B Block
of New Japan’s G1 kicking off, Evolve airing on the WWE Network for the first-time ever
with their 10th anniversary show, and AEW hosting their third PPV Fight for the Fallen
– which has a stacked card including The Rhodes Brothers taking on The Young Bucks, Kenny
Omega taking on CIMA, Lucha Brothers vs. SoCal Uncensored, Allie taking on Brandi Rhodes,
Adam Page vs. Kip Sabian, and MJF, Shawn Spears and Sammy Guevara teaming up against the death
match trio of Jimmy Jacobs, Joey Janela and Darby Allin.
And because AEW clearly want to mess with our predictions videos and WrestleLeague Season
Two – head on over to Patreon.com/wrestletalk for more info on how to join that – the company
has announced a slew of new matches – including Sonny Kiss taking on The Librarian Peter Avalon,
as well as matches for Dr. Britt Baker and the AEW debut of Bea Priestly, and a triple
threat tag team match between Dark Order, Jack Evans & Angelico, and Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus
– with the winners advancing to All Out in August for the opportunity for a first-round
bye in the tournament to crown the first AEW World Tag Team Championships.
One team that could be part of that tag tournament is former Impact Tag Champs, LAX. The team
of Santana and Ortiz lost their titles to The North last Friday ahead of Slammiversary,
where they failed to recapture the belts in a three-way match that also involved The Rascalz.
It was reported shortly after the show by Figure Four Weekly that Slammiversary would
likely be the final night for LAX in Impact Wrestling, with their contracts expiring in
August and they are unlikely to re-sign. PWInsider added that Impact Wrestling were
looking to offer a big money contract to get the team to stay, but Dave Meltzer has reported
in the latest Observer that both WWE and AEW are interested in signing the duo – with WWE
believing that they’ll be joining NXT in September. However he adds, “most close
to the situation expect the decision will be AEW.”
Meltzer writes the AEW choice is the more likely as tag teams will be a big focus for
the new promotion, and they can continue their partnership with Konnan due to All Elite Wrestling’s
partnership with AAA. Not only that, but AEW will offer more money than they would make
in NXT. Slammiversary was also the reported final
night of former World Champion Johnny Impact. PWInsider reported that his contract actually
ended with Impact Wrestling a few weeks before Slammiversary, but he agreed to work the show
to finish up his feud with Rich Swann over the X-Division Championship.
But while Johnny Impact is now a free agent and could negotiate with any company he wants,
Meltzer is reporting that the feeling is that Mr. Impact looks at wrestling as a side gig
to pay his bills and he wants to focus on his acting career. Meltzer notes that if Mundo
went to WWE, he’d have less time to make films and they would have to be approved by
the company, and that AEW would offer him more freedom to do outside projects. However,
“the last word was that he was leaning neither in the direction of WWE or AEW.”
Someone who did choose to head to All Elite Wrestling is the former Dean Ambrose, Jon
Moxley. Mox debuted for AEW at Double or Nothing in May, attacking both Kenny Omega and Chris
Jericho, then defeating Joey Janela in a lights out unsanctioned match at Fyter Fest last
month. Moxley won’t be at Fight for the Fallen due to him competing in New Japan’s
G1, but he has now been announced for Starrcast III, the fan convention that will take place
prior to AEW’s All Out in August. Not only that, but Moxley will have a sit down interview
with Jim Ross where they promise, “nothing will be off limits”.
Moxley’s former employer WWE will soon be gearing up for their second biggest show of
the year, Summerslam, but if reports are to be believed, plans for that show are now out
the window. With Extreme Rules coming this Sunday, many
fans will be looking to the results to see what we can expect fo Summerslam – with many
fans expecting matches between Undertaker and Drew McIntyre, Shane McMahon vs. Roman
Reigns or Kevin Owens, and even some speculating that Shane could go for Kofi Kingston’s
WWE Championship. WWE themselves have advertised locally in
the Tornoto area that Drew McIntyre vs. The Undertaker will be one of the show’s big
marquee matches, but Dave Meltzer is reporting “that is not the actual plan right now”.
Meltzer fully expects Undertaker to be on the show, and theorizes that it will either
be against McIntyre, Shane McMahon or someone new like Bray Wyatt.
Taker vs. Drew not being the current plan has been somewhat backed up by the very reliable
WrestleVotes on Twitter, who posted that “anything WWE had planned for SummerSlam in advance
was all subject to change once [Eric] Bischoff & [Paul] Heyman fully start their roles this
upcoming week.” Heyman and Bischoff will officially start
their roles as executive directors for Raw and Smackdown respectivly following Extreme
Rules, with WrestleVotes saying they’re going to be given a legitimate fresh start
with no forced agendas. Which sort of means that the results of Extreme Rules are effectivly
pointless as they might not mean much by Monday. It’s been reported by various outlets that
Heyman has been more involved in the creative process since the announcement, being present
for Raw meetings with one report saying he sat in Gorilla Position with Vince McMahon
taking notes. Heyman has been credited for the Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley storyline,
Street Profits getting a call up from NXT, and the Mike and Maria Kannellis pregnancy
angle. However that’s not been the case for Eric
Bischoff, who hasn’t been at either Smackdown Live taping since the announcement. One wrestler
backstage told the very reliable Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful that “things cannot get
any worse”, with Dave Meltzer adding in a Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the internal
feeling is that Bischoff’s knowledge of the current product is worse than feared – with
Bischoff himself admitting recently in an interview that he has a lot to learn in this
new role. And according to the latest Observer Newsletter,
Bischoff has some heat with WWE office staffers for not showing up to the Smackdown tapings.
Meltzer expanded on Wrestling Observer Radio saying, “There’s definitely negativity
towards Eric because I’ve seen it, I’ve heard it. I don’t think so much among the
wrestlers. I think it’s more among office people… they’re the ones that can see
through Eric.” He adds in the Newsletter that Bischoff’s name hasn’t even been
mentioned in creative meetings and that, “It’s been noted to us that every week he’s not
there puts him another week behind and the battles necessary to be the catalyst of change
and improvement are going to take a long time.” One of Bischoff’s big characters to play
with is The Best in the World, Shane McMahon – who I think technically is still a Smackdown
guy but that’s been up in the air since the Wild Card. At present, Shane is currently
involved in storylines with The Revival, The Miz, Drew McIntyre, Elias, The Undertaker,
Roman Reigns, and following Smackdown, Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler.
His latest feud with Owens started on this week’s Smackdown – with Owens cutting a
worked shoot promo – pew pew – on the boss’ son where he buried the McMahon’s December
promo where they said things would change. Owens said in his promo that the only thing
that’s changed is more Shane – noting that guys and girls like Buddy Murphy and Asuka
can’t get TV time because Shane is on both shows feuding with everyone.
However according to WrestlingNews.co – this new feud with Owens could end up being Shane’s
last for some time, with the website reporting that the storyline is being designed to phase
Shane O Mac off TV. Their report claims that Vince McMahon is listening to the critisisms
of WWE more than ever, and has been more willing to accept advise from other officials within
the company – with one bit of advice being less Shane might be a good idea.
Now it should be noted that WrestlingNews.co don’t have a perfect track record when it
comes to backstage reports, so this one should be taken with a pinch of salt. So for all
we know, we could end up with more Shane once Heyman and Bischoff take over.
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