WWE STOMPING GROUNDS 2019 Full Show Review & Results: Roman Reigns Go’s Over On Mcintyre Again.

WWE STOMPING GROUNDS 2019 Full Show Review & Results: Roman Reigns Go’s Over On Mcintyre Again.

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do it WWE stomping grounds ladies and gentlemen WWE stomping grounds folks if there’s
one thing there’s one thing that sticks out to me about this fucking
pay-per-view if there’s one thing that sticks out that has just a sour taste in
my mouth it’s the fucking Roman reigns agenda ladies and gentlemen my god when
is this Roman agenda going to fucking end if there’s one thing that had to
positively happen tonight if there’s one thing that had to positively happen
tonight it was fucking drew McIntyre going over
on Roman reigns ladies and gentlemen can Roman reigns ever put anyone over can he
ever take a loss and put up and put over a fucking WWE Superstar or does this man
have to fucking bury everyone that he gets in the fucking ring with ladies and gentlemen I am so sick of
Roman reigns I’m fuckin had it up to fucking here with this guy drew McIntyre
has all the fucking potential in the world to be one of the top fucking dogs
and the WWE has all the potential in the world to take the WWE to the next level
has all the potential in the world to be WWE Champion has all the potential in
the world to be universal champion has all the potential in the world to be a
fucking Intercontinental Champion which the fucking Intercontinental
Championship wasn’t nowhere to be fucking seen on this show could someone
explain to me where is Finn Balor drew McIntyre coming out of NXT had a fucking
rocket pack strapped to his back this guy was going straight to the top there
was no one stopping drew McIntyre’s path of destruction an NXT
he fucking absolutely ran through the NXT division became an XT champion there
was nothing more for drew McIntyre to do in NXT here he comes into the WWE again
gets to Monday Night Raw and they have fucking absolutely underutilized this
man just like everyone on the fucking main roster but Drew McIntyre how can
you miss how can you fuck up through McIntyre’s path and how can you fucking
feed this man to Roman reigns not once not twice fucking I don’t even know how
many times we have fed drew McIntyre to fucking Roman reigns the most fuckin disappointing thing on
this show was that ladies and gentlemen I was gonna come on here and say wow
stomping ground was a fucking decent pay-per-view stomping ground wasn’t that
bad ladies and gentlemen the first four matches of the show I mean I was into
them they were pretty good damn fucking matches the cruiserweight championship
match on the fucking pretty sure was fucking excellent Samoa Joe and ricochet
tore the fucking house down the new day Xavier woods and Big E
versus Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn was a good fucking match Daniel Bryan and Eric
Rowan versus heavy machinery was another good
match but as soon as that fucking music hit burner burner the fucking show went
right down the fucking toilet it went fucking right down the toilet
and I even fucking tweeted out I even tweeted out I said drew McIntyre
has to go over on Roman reigns Roman reigns has to fucking take a fucking pin
he has to take a fucking pain you already fed drew McIntyre to Roman
reigns at that biggest stage of them all this year in April you fed him to Roman
reigns 280 fucking five thousand people that MetLife Stadium with everyone
around the world watching you tell I mean you couldn’t give this fucking win
to drew McIntyre drew McIntyre that desperately needs this fucking win what
would this law stunt – Roman reigns can someone explain this to me what this
loss would have done to Roman reigns absolutely positively nothing because he
feels gonna take this loss tonight Andrew maggot I’ll go over on Roman
reigns you’re going to hear fucking Michael Cole’s fucking annoying voice
say on Monday Night Raw tomorrow night and here comes nah big dog right Roman reigns goes over on Drew McIntyre
again same old type of fucking Roman reigns match this man gets beat up the
whole fucking match and he fucking Romans Hulk’s up right the two moves of
doom are performed and there goes through McIntyre’s burial once again
ladies and gentlemen I set it on my preview and predictions with you you can
put try our Tyrannosaurus Rex in the fucking ring with Roman reigns and Roman
reigns is gonna hit the Superman punch and he’s going to hit the spear and pin
Toronto soars rexes Paul’s down to the mat 1 2 3 disgusting people absolutely fucking
disgusting drew McIntyre should have fucking won this fucking match should
have fucking won this match what’s net what’s left for drew McIntyre
what’s left for drew McIntyre what’s left for him there’s nothing left for
him can we send him back down to NXT please can we send drew McIntyre back
down to NXT I would love to see Drew McIntyre versus fucking Marrero
I would love to see Drew McIntyre versus the velvetine dream I would love to see
Drew McIntyre versus Adam Cole Bay Bay I would love to see two McIntyre versus
fucking johnny Gargano can we send him back down to NXT
please I have seen enough of the fucking burial of Drew McIntyre drew McIntyre
should have won this fucking match night ladies Jim
this was the fucking worst part of the show it was the absolute fucking worst
part of the show I had a fucking sour taste in my mouth because Drew McIntyre
should have went over on Roman fucking reigns
ladies and gentlemen Roman reigns and I tweeted this out also on Twitter the
guys who follow me on twitter at AC from new york
you guys will wouldn’t know what i was tweeting during this show ladies and
gentlemen Roman reigns will be WWE Champion
before you can fucking blink before you can blink
you think this fucking Shane McMahon push isn’t gonna have a fucking payoff
for fucking Roman reigns at the end you don’t think they’re fucking building
Shane McMahon up for a fucking purpose you don’t think that’s happening ladies
and gentlemen they’re building Shane McMahon up to be the fucking most hated
fucking heel in the fucking world which is so the fucking Superman Roman reigns
the Samoan badass can come and to throne Shane McMahon’s WWE title run Shane
McMahon is going to be WWE Champion sooner than later
and then Roman reigns is gonna come and save the day and take the title off of
Shane McMahon mark my words ladies and gentlemen Roman reigns will
be WWE Champion before you can fucking blink but ladies
and gentlemen other than that i mean stopping rounds was just whatever it was
just a get by pay-per-view WWE is on absolute fucking pilot mold right now
this fucking paper here was nothing but fucking rematches from WrestleMania on
no one cared about this fucking show WWE didn’t even care about this fucking show
by booking this fucking show on Monday night on Smackdown live
it was absolutely fucking awful the booking for this pay-per-view and the
pay-per-view fucking sucked too because the last three matches of the show were
on sufferable to watch I was falling asleep during Baron Corbin and fucking
Steph Rollins match I can care less about that fucking match and when they
sprung out Lacey Evans Lacey fuckin Evans has the fucking special guest
referee I was like this is the fucking cherry on top for this fucking show WWE
just cannot put on a fucking decent pay-per-view for the love of God this
fucking company cannot put out a fucking decent pay-per-view but the fucking
first four matches of the show were fucking actually decent but the last
fucking five of them were fucking absolutely horrible which makes the
fucking show horrible fucking horrible I don’t know what else to say people I
mean WWE did one right thing by giving ricochet to United States title
I’m happy for ricochet even the fucking after the match there was a good feeling
moment ricochet comes to the bag gets fucking congratulated by Steph Rollins
get congratulated by fucking the women’s version of Roman reigns fucking
Charlotte Flair even gets congratulated by fucking Triple H that was a fucking
great moment that was probably the best moment of the fucking night the fucking
worst moment of the night was seen Roman reigns fucking win another match and
barring another fucking superstar what the two moves of doom the fucking main
event stunk the WWE Championship match was fucking boring and a steel cage
match Finn Balor’s fucking nowhere to be fucking seen neither are the fucking
Royal tag team titles ladies and gentlemen stopping grounds I
mean it was just a get over pay-per-view that’s all it was this was just a
fucking sea level pay-per-view I mean no one gives a fuck about this pay-per-view
the fucking show didn’t even sell out the fucking arena you can dare you can
fucking did you could fucking tell that there was a lot of empty seats in this
fucking arena ww cannot sell this fucking paper you
couldn’t sell this fucking card for the life of them and it fucking showed it
absolutely showed ladies and gentlemen but stopping grounds I mean it WWE’s on
pilot mode right now people and next we got fucking Extreme Rules get ready for
that one Extreme Rules remember what happened with last year’s Extreme Rules
there wasn’t even a fucking extreme fucking match on the show everything was
fucking what a regular match was no fucking extreme stipulations in the
match how many fucking Extreme Rules stipulation that we’re gonna have this
year this is fucking next Extreme Rules in fucking July let’s see how WWE starts
building this one on Monday Night Raw tomorrow night’s ladies and gentlemen
definitely definitely like not not looking forward to fucking Extreme Rules
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and gentlemen let’s get right into WWE stopping ground review ladies gentlemen
we start the show we start with the pre-show depreciate Tony nice when he’s
announced by the fucking commentator he’s coming out doing his stick he says
steal the show before the show starts steal the show before the show starts
and ladies and gentlemen did they fucking steal the show
this match was absolutely phenomenal this match was phenomenal why wasn’t
this match on the fucking main card I mean two or five live and his
cruiserweight fucking championship it gets no fucking respect whatsoever the
body of work that these fucking cruiserweights do in the fucking ring
and you can’t just fucking throw them a bone and put him on the fucking main
shell this match was absolutely fucking great and nobody watched it nobody
watched it people were still trying to get into the fucking door and the
fucking arena getting to security people fucking stuffing stuck in traffic people
trying to get the fucking way home to watch the fucking pre-show some people
would even fucking bother than watch the pre-show Tony needs got no fucking
reaction from the crowd but when these guys started to go in the fucking ring
people appreciated what they were watching people were starting to
appreciate what they were watching because the body of work that these
three men had in this ring tonight ladies and gentlemen this this match and
ricochet match were the fucking two best matches on the fucking show
no it wasn’t fucking Dolph Ziggler he should’ve been me versus fucking Kofi
Kingston no it wasn’t fucking Roman reigns and fucking drew McIntyre
no one wasn’t fuckin Barry Corbet constable dickhead Corbin vs. fucking
Steph freaking Rollins and Lacey and the special guest referee no Tony nice to
zawa and drew gulick tore the fucking absolute house down absolute house down
this fucking this fucking match didn’t get no fucking respect that they went to
a split-screen commercial fucking advertising Roman reigns vs. drew
McIntyre and advertising Lacey Evans vs. Becky Lynch and I’m like can we fucking
stop advertising this fucking show and let me watch the fucking match we
already know that we got stomping grounds coming why are we advertising
this fucking show during a match like this why I fucking absolutely hate when
they fucking do that shit I hate when they do a split screen commercial during
a fucking good match but nonetheless Tazawa vs. drew Gulick versus Tony nice
for the cruiserweight championship great fucking match drew Gulick wins the match
he is your new cruiserweight champion dragula had a new look he a tall black
trunks serious lucky they have the fucking Rocky fucking suit on robe with
his fucking uh the United States fucking trunks he had all black all business
focus came in there pulled on a fuckin clinic and he is your
new cruiserweight champion true Kulak Beach Tony nice and beast is our one of
the best matches on the fucking night moving on Lacey Evans versus Becky Lynch
this match was fuckin good – I was like ok we’re two for two good fuckin start –
fuckin stopping girls I was fuckin shocked
Lacey Evans and Becky Lynch good fucking match Michael Cole what the fuck is
wrong with him was he on fucking drugs or something because Becky Lynch clearly
clearly put on a fucking armbar on Lacey Evans and this man’s commentating like
nicely Evans goes for disarming the disarmer
and I’m like disarmer that’s not the fucking disarm disarmer that’s the
fucking uh and a fucking armbar what is this guy talking about and he kept
saying fucking disarmer this fucking michael cole not know what the fuck the
difference is of the fucking disarmer and a fucking armbar I mean uh what is
wrong with Michael Cole what the fuck match was he fucking watching what the
fuck match was he commentating that fucking even Corey Gray’s had to come
out and fucking correct him like three fucking times when he kept saying
fucking disarmer I was like are you kidding me
are you fucking kidding me open your fucking eyes Michael Cole police
nonetheless Becky Lynch wins the match has Lacey Evans tap out again
okay enough enough or Lacey Evans with her fucking championship opportunities
please enough this woman has had three or to correct me if I’m wrong
championship title matches and amber moon hasn’t had fucking won and last
fucking year enough a lacy Evans okay we have seen enough Elysium
no more title opportunities for Lacey Evans please Becky Lynch beats Lacey
Evans Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn versus the new day this match was also decent I
was absolutely shocked this match was actually fucking decent Kevin Owens and
Sami Zayn make a fucking great fucking tag team I wish they would just become
the new fucking raw tag team champions because this fucking uh the tag team
division right now Monday Night Raw is fucking absolutely horrible people
it’s absolutely fucking horrible and the revival are your raw tag team champions
and they weren’t even on the fucking show tonight they weren’t even on the
fucking show tonight defending their championships the revival that’s how
much ww cares about the fucking revival and the fucking tag team titles Kevin
Owens and Sami Zayn if you’re gonna have this wild card bullshit going on
we’ll just keep these guys together please can we just keep these guys
together and just have them win the fucking tag
team titles because the revival are unfixable me so revival have lost two
pinatas multiple times on Monday now Ronnie lose your house party the revival
are as good as dead to me they they they show no none no no
legitimacy with the fucking tag team titles
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn had a great fucking match of the new day Kevin Owens
– Sami Zayn beat the fucking new day they beat the new day great fucking
match Kevin Owens everything go over on the new day moving on another great
match WWE three for three so far four for four great matches on stoppi ground
Samoa Joe versus ricochet the one and only the future of the WWE clowns and no
it’s not Roman reigns ricochet is the future of the WWE and you want his first
WWE championship tonight he is the new the United States Champion ricochet
beats Samoa Joe and hopefully he can turn this fucking hot potato into a
legitimate fucking title hopefully ricochets gonna defend the title against
fucking uh who uh fucking Alistair black or fucking Andrade seeing armies or
fucking AJ Styles or Finn Balor I mean there’s multiple fucking matches that
ricochet can have and and put this United States title back where it needs
to be because right now it’s nothing but a fucking hot potato all right one
minute rusev has it the next morning fucking Shinsegae Nakamura has it the
next minute this fucking person has the next minute that person has it
let ricochet keep his title for a while hey while WWE teased AJ Styles versus
ricochet apparently tomorrow I’m Monday Night Raw because right after ricochet
won the match he got confronted by the fucking club
and a j-style says i see i see you tomorrow on raw I hope they don’t give
this match away tomorrow Monday narrow save this match for SummerSlam please do
not give this match away on a meaningless Monday Night Raw with no
fucking bill to it aj styles of vs ricochet for the United States
Championship at SummerSlam needs to happen and not on a meaningless Monday
Night Raw please please save it let it marinate
please ricochet beat some Oh Joe he is your new
United States Champion what’s next for some Oh Joe what’s next for some old Joe
who fucking knows let’s feed him to Roman again – I don’t know what’s left
for Samoa Joe Samoa Joe loses again and ricochets your new United States
Champion moving on Alexa piss I mean Alexa bliss versus Bayley I can care
less Bayley to Bayley 1 2 3 Alexa bliss
fucking losses moving on I really don’t care about that match another match that
I really didn’t you fuck about but something that needed to absolutely
happen tonight in this match did not fucking happen Roman reigns to move
subdue spear Superman punch 1 2 3 Roman wins again Roman buries
another superstar Roman look strong drew McIntyre buried not six feet on there
but twenty feet on there Roman reigns beats drew McIntyre again moving on
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston and the pancake title in a steel cage match soon
as Kofi Kingston’s music hits it’s the new day yes it is
Kofi Kingston has the fucking WWE title around his waist right and inside his
waist between his fucking stomach and the WWE title there is about 20 fucking
pancakes stuffed in it and I’m like are you fucking kidding me
what is it with these fucking pancakes it was funny in the beginning when they
started on flipping pancakes and flipping fucking booty o’s and fucking
flipping ice creams you are the WWE Champion
you’ve been the WWE Champion since April why are you flipping pancakes till you
show no legitimacy to the fucking WWE Championship my friend Kofi Kingston and his pancakes need to
go they need to go I would have been happy if Dolph Ziggler would have won
this match thing just to end this Kofi Kingston pancake bandwagon I would have
been absolutely happy but it didn’t happen of course not it didn’t happen
ww can’t think outside the box they got to keep Kofi Kingston WWE Champion he’s
gonna walk into the WBA champion at SummerSlam and he’s probably lose the
title – Shane McMahon at SummerSlam probably I mean I don’t put it past WW
to do such a thing right Kofi Kingston wins he beats Dolph
Ziggler he dives through the fucking ropes while the fucking doors open lands
on the mat Kofi Kingston beats Dolph Ziggler and they fucking miserable
fucking match this match was boring as shit I can care less about the first
match why would you put this match again on a pay-per-view and a steel cage I
still didn’t care this match was awful Kofi Kingston wins
still your WWE pancake champion and moving on Stef Rollins versus constable
dickhead Corbin for the universal championship and macey Evans yes Lacey
Evans your special guest referee this match was fucking awful it was fucking
predictable as fuck that fucking Becky Lynch was gonna come out and fucking
save the fucking day I was falling asleep on my couch while watching this
fucking match I was just dying for this match could fucking finish so I could
start doing this fucking review and fucking go to sleep and that’s what I’m
gonna do in like two fucking minutes I’m going to go to sleep because this match
had me dozing off dozing off the match is fucking garbage Baron Corbin is
fucking garbage Steph Rollins I’m sorry people but he is a boring a universal
champion he really really is that match was off super kick curve stop one two
three Steff rounds wins still your new
Universal champion and stopping grounds goes off the air finally with Becky
Lynch and Steph Rollins hugging it out i guaranteed theta genome tomorrow night a
month in a row I guarantee tomorrow night on Monday
Night Raw we are going to see a tag-team match a mixed man tag team match Becky
Lynch and Steph Rollins versus Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans mark my words
that’s gonna happen on Monday Night Raw tomorrow but ladies and gentlemen that’s
it I’m going to sleep stomping grounds was fucking miserable again ww cannot
put a decent pay-per-view for the fucking life of them stop her gone
sucked fourth four matches are great and then Roman reigns music hits and the
show goes down the fuckin tube and that’s your stomping grounds for you
ladies gentlemen if you guys like the video hit that like button subscribe the
channel like always don’t forget to hit that bill for all notification when I
upload a video and I will see you guys next time thank you guys so much

24 thoughts on “WWE STOMPING GROUNDS 2019 Full Show Review & Results: Roman Reigns Go’s Over On Mcintyre Again.

  1. Soo it continues. WWE Dumping Grounds. 9:45 that's my own prediction. If we all can see it then thats a problem. Someone else called it on youtube that Lacey would be the ref lol.

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  3. The two main events were something else. Ziggler and Kofi gave each other long "hurtful" leg submissions and both no sold to the end. Lacey Evans?!!! Main Event as a ref? She lost to Becky tapping out in seconds. No sold too. Matches started good and went downhill quick.

  4. Great product! Once again I was more excited for your reviews than the actual show. You're amazing bro!

  5. This review is way entertainment then StompingGrounds. I waa waiting for this review. You are a god.

  6. Stomping Grounds is without a doubt an above average show. At least the WWE Championship is way better than the Universal Title. Three words:Fuck this match. Why, Lacey Evans? Why is she the special guest referee? I swear to god, WWE needs to get rid of special guest referees trope. Roman Wins, LOL. When is this fucking feud gonna end? Tomorrow on RAW, 2 on 1 handicap match with Roman Fuck Face vs. Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. Awful.

  7. Man. Drew got so buried again. Why couldn’t Drew win this? He really needed this. Drew might as well be a part of 3 man band again. Roman needs to just leave and stay away.

  8. They can give a victory over Roman Reigns to Shane McMahon, but they can’t give one to Drew Mcintyre. Seriously wwe are a bunch of idiots. Especially with all the outside interference. Roman beat drew once by DQ and twice by pinfall. Drew is a bonified jobber now.

  9. i read a report that said Drew McIntyre Was Suppose to win due interference by Shane but Vince McMahon Changed the outcome.
    Roman Can put people over its just vince wont let Roman put anyone over which is not Romans Fault hell Look at braun strowman Roman is the only man on the roster who put braun over………..and before you say it yes i know Braun has been a complete flop coming out of that feud with roman. Kevin owens couldn't bring braun to a great feud sami couldn't do it either. Big show i'll let you decide on that one he has had start and stop feuds with The Miz, Triple H, Drew Mcintyre, and Samoa Joe
    The Miz oh the miz threw him in a dump truck WWE Ah forget about it
    Triple H Nearly fucked braun over WWE Ah forget about it
    Drew Mcintyre Claymore kicked him WWE Ah Forget about it
    Samoa Joe?………..WWE Ah Forget About it
    Roman is the only one who put on a solid feud with braun
    He put Finn Balor over on finns debut and then WWE Wasted finn ever since his return
    he put over seth rollins and dean ambrose MITB 2016 And Battleground 2016
    he took the pin from bray wyatt at survivor series 2016 i think
    1 of 2 comments

  10. Great review AC.. i didnt watch the PPV i couldnt honestly be bothered I might find a highlights video..

  11. EDIT: I Kinda figured WWE Would fail Drew McIntyre, i was one of the first people to say Vince will sour on Drew McIntyre…….not because i hated Drew, i said vince would sour on Drew Because he soured on him once before and i had a feeling he'd sour on him again

    i thought Stomping Grounds Was Decent PPV, despite what you think of Kofi Kingston you gotta admit that was an ingenius move by kofi to suicide dive the floor to win the cage match, and dolph ziggler must be a fan of taylor swift lol

    Roman almost over shot drew mcintyre with that suicide dive.

    Baron Corbin is a genius for picking Lacey Evans as the special guest referee, Its obvious who wears the balls in Seth and becky's relationship coughs becky lynch

    Heavy Machinery…………..this one i cant help be feel sorry for them because of how over daniel bryan was, its one of those incidents where Heavy Machinery should have won but fell victim to a crowd , being in daniel bryans corner so its like whats the right decision Erick and bryan or heavy machinery, but it is what it is

  12. WWE shows have been so bad lately and people's minds got tuned/used to that so some people now are calling this below average PPV in general as decent. Buhahahahaha. Poor WWE audience

  13. I partially agree with you about the whole Boreman Lames situation but I place all the blame on pisspoor booking and VKM.

  14. I’m probably looking forward to Extreme Rules in three weeks since it’s taking place in Philadelphia! It’s gonna be an ECW atmosphere here and there! In fact, I’d love to see some of the ECW alumni make an appearance at Extreme Rules.

  15. It’s better than we post expected mixed tag team match @BeckyLynchWWE and @WWERollins vs @LaceyEvansWWE and @BaronCorbinWWE at extreme rules winners take all🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

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