WWE Star QUITS! Becky Lynch WrestleMania 36 Plans REVEALED?! | WrestleTalk News May 2019

WWE Star QUITS! Becky Lynch WrestleMania 36 Plans REVEALED?! | WrestleTalk News May 2019

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at WrestleMania 36 next year? We’ve got a packed show of news for you today, including
an update on The Man’s Mania 36 plans, a WWE sponsor unhappy about the Lars Sullivan
situation, and who is the latest name to quit the company? But first. It was a big day here in England yesterday,
as both Liverpool and Manchester City vyed to win the English Premier League in a sporting
game of football – that’s soccer for our American friends. Sadly for Liverpool, they
did not get enough men to do the goal points, and CITEH won the league because they did
do some goals and had more points… touchdown. And with WWE overseas in the UK for their
European Tour, Elias decided to take a shot at Liverpool failing once again to win the
football – by putting on a Man City shirt for the Liverpool crowd. It went down as well
as you would think. We now move on to some very sad news – as
veteran Mexican wrestler Silver King passed away on Saturday night at the age of 51 while
wrestling Juventud Guerrera at The Greatest Show Of Lucha Libre event in North London. In a video of the incident shared online,
Silver King’s troubles appear to begin after hitting Guerrera with a jumping clothesline
– which he followed up with a near fall, but then couldn’t get to his feet. Presumably
stalling for time and unaware of the seriousness of what was happening, Juvi worked the crowd,
before cutting the match short by pinning Silver King. It’s since been reported that Silver King
had suffered a heart attack – during the match. Silver King wrestled for WCW from 1997 to
2000 as part of the promotion’s world renowned cruiserweight division, won championships
in CMLL, AAA and All Japan Pro Wrestling, and starred alongside Jack Black in the comedy
film Nacho Libre. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. WWE have had a terrible slew of injuries as
of late, with Big E, Akam of AOP, Jeff Hardy, Nia Jax and more currently on the injured
shelf. But perhaps the most sad of all has now been revealed, with MizDad telling The
Jobbing Out Podcast that he suffered broken ribs at WrestleMania at the hands of THE BEST
IN THE WOOOOOOOORLD Shane McMahon. MizDad told the podcast that he was told before
the match not to get in the ring and just follow Shane McMahon’s lead. He is the best
in the world after all. However, like father like son, Shane changed his mind during the
match and told MizDad to get in the ring. Shane then gave MizDad some of his patented
Best in the World knees and broke one of MizDad’s ribs. He truly is the Best in the World. Someone else on that injured list is former
Bar member Sheamus. Sheamus hasn’t been on WWE TV since the Smackdown After Mania,
where he teamed with Cesaro and Drew McIntyre in a losing effort to New Day and reportedly
suffered a concussion. These reports were seemingly confirmed when his Bar tag team
was split when Cesaro was drafted to Raw in the somehow-still-ongoing Superstar Shake-Up
WHEN WILL YOU END? While there isn’t a tonne of news on when
Sheamus will return to the ring, Rajah are reporting that there is some concern backstage
in WWE that Sheamus could be “winding down his career in the near future”, with Sean
Ross Sapp of Fighful saying that there are people backstage who are amazed that Sheamus
is even still wrestling at this point considering his spinal stenosis injury. So that could mean that both Sheamus and MizDad
might not make it to WrestleMania 36, and there is a chance Lars Sullivan won’t either. Last week saw comments made by Lars Sullivan
from a body building message board in 2008 again brought to light. The comments, which
are incredibly hate-filled, racist, sexist and homophobic, have been brought to public
attention on several occasions before, however this time we’ve heard from WWE stars themselves
about the situation, with both Big E and Kalisto commenting on Twitter, and Sullivan himself
releasing a statement to Wrestling Inc saying, “There is no excuse for the inappropriate
remarks that I made years ago. They do not reflect my personal beliefs nor who I am today,
and I apologize to anyone I offended.” Which while rather generic, is better than Hulk
Hogan’s “sorry I got caught, brother” apology. Sullivan is currently on WWE’s European
tour, with no signs of his mega push coming to an end, and WrestleVotes reported last
week that WWE were going the Shaun of the Dead route: having a cup of tea while waiting
for all of this to blow over. Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Online has also reported on
Wrestling Observer Live that Lars spoke to New Day in person and apologised for his comments. But there is someone that WWE will listen
to more than its wrestlers and fans when it comes to issues like this, and that’s corporate
sponsors. Last year WWE tried to name their WrestleMania
Women’s Battle Royal after former Women’s Champion The Fabulous Moolah, despite the
well-publicised dark history of abuse by Moolah and the negative connotations connected to
her name. However it wasn’t fan backlash that got the name changed to the WrestleMania
Women’s Battle Royal, but instead pressure from the event’s sponsor Snickers. And now one Reddit user has reached out to
Mars – the makers of Snickers – to alert them about Lars Sullivan’s comments, with the
company replying: “We learned of Lars Sullivan’s comments recently and share in your shock
and disgust. As a values-based company, we find his behavior abhorrent and unacceptable.
We have engaged the WWE to discuss this situation and seek to understand what actions they will
take to swiftly address this matter.” There has been no further comment from WWE
on the situation, and Bryan Alvarez has backed up WrestleVotes report, saying on an episode
of Wrestling Observer Live that WWE felt this was a “dead issue”. Someone who’s WWE future seems certainly
brighter is the current Raw and Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Despite many fans feeling that Charlotte Flair
is WWE’s favourite wrestler and the company favours blonde women over those who are not
blonde, it has been heavily reported by various outlets that Becky is Vince’s current golden
girl, with plans to have her as the face of the women’s division going forward – especially
with Ronda Rousey taking time away from the company to start a family. It’s also been
reported that Lynch might once again find herself in the main event of WrestleMania
next year when WWE sails the seven seas of WrestleMania 36. And yar har fiddley dee, who will Becky Lynch’s
opponent be? Well it had been reported that the three names lined up for Lynch at Mania
next year were Flair, a returning Ronda Rousey and Stephanie McMahon – because she invented
women’s wrestling, remember – however Dave Meltzer has now reported that while Lynch
is still set for a big match next year at Mania, it won’t be against any of those
names. It should also be noted that prior to WrestleMania,
Meltzer reported that WWE planned to have Lynch, Flair and Lacey Evans as the top three
stars in the women’s division in 2019 – which looks to be correct given the two title matches
at Money in the Bank this Sunday – so there could be a chance that Evans is being lined
up for Becky’s Mania match next year. However this is WWE in 2019, and plans are
changing on a weekly basis, so we can probably expect this to be a very different story when
WrestleMania 36 rolls around in 2020. And once Money in the Bank is out of the way,
there’s the small matter of WWE heading back to Saudi Arabia next month. Despite all the negative press the shows bring
the company, WWE is heading back to Saudi Arabia for their third show as part of the
10-year deal with the country. The as-yet-be-be-named show was very quietly
announced on Twitter and WWE’s website, with no storyline pushes for it on Raw or
Smackdown so far. Not only are WWE still unmoving in their relationship with Saudi Arabia, but
they’re also spending the big bucks to bring back Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker and Goldberg
for the show. And now according to WrestleVotes, we have
a name for the third Saudi show, which reportedly will be Sands of Time. Prince of Persia to
WWE confirmed! WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia has
come under a lot of scrutiny, from the country’s archaic treatment of women, the public beheadings,
and the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khasoggi last year. However it’s been
reported that WWE make so much money from these events – way more than they make for
WrestleMania – it’s highly unlikely that they will waver on their relationship. They’ll
just keep coming up with awful show names. Someone who could be at a future Saudi Arabia
show is former Impact World Champion Eli Drake. Drake was released from Impact Wrestling last
month, after Drake refused to do an intergender match with Tessa Blanchard at United We Stand
over WrestleMania weekend, and found himself in hot water following comments he made on
the Wrestling Perspective Podcast where he talked about his frustrations with the company
and his push. It’s now being reported by Sean Ross Sapp
of Fightful that WWE have interest in signing Eli Drake, noting that several people in the
company like his promo skills. According to Sapp, WWE were waiting for Drake to finish
up with Impact before approaching him, which means we could hear about him coming into
the company sooner rather than later. Drake had previously wrestled for NXT in 2013
as Slate Randall – and you thought Viking Experience was bad – but left after just one
year citing issues with then-head trainer Bill DeMott. Drake went to Impact Wrestling
where he became one of their biggest and most pushed acts. Someone who won’t be in NXT if Drake signs
there is Percy Watson. It was reported from the latest set of NXT TV tapings that Beth
Phoenix had replaced Watson on the commentary booth alongside Maruo Rannello and Nigel McGuiness,
but there was no reason given for Watson’s absence. It’s now being reported by Casey Michael
of Squared Circle Sirens that Percy Watson has actually quit the company, tweeting that,
“He wants to do acting and not be a commentator/personality/wrestler apparently.” Watson returned to NXT in 2016 as a commentator,
and has also provided colour commentary for 205 Live, Main Event and most recently World
Collide over WrestleMania weekend. He’s since been replaced on 205 Live by Aiden English,
and on Main Event by the likes of Sam Roberts and David Otunga. So yeah, David Otunga is
still employed with the company apparently. This weekend might see Money in the Bank on
Sunday – but the day before, on Saturday 18th May, it’s all about Nottingham in the UK!
One of the most exciting new independent British promotions WrestleGate will be hosting their
Lions Spirit show at Nottingham’s Rushcliffe Arena with an incredible main event – young
high-flyer Robbie X vs UK wrestling legend Jody Fleish vs the former Neville from WWE
PAC! The card is stacked with Rampage Brown, Chris
Ridgeway, Nathan Cruz and more. Get your tickets using the link in the video description below
now – with just £15 general admission and £25 for the front row. And don’t worry
if you can’t physically get to the show, as you can catch-up on all WrestleGate’s
events so far by joining their on-demand service at WrestleGatePro.Pivotshare.com. And stay tuned to WrestleTalk, as we’ve
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