WWE Smackdown Live Review! WWE 2K20 Glitches To Be Resolved! Randy Couture Status! Wrestling News!

WWE Smackdown Live Review! WWE 2K20 Glitches To Be Resolved! Randy Couture Status! Wrestling News!

Here is NEWS for October 26 2019 We’re starting today with last night’s
edition of SmackDown as Brock
Lesnar and Cain Velasquez didn’t dissapoint in their latest
encounter. Velasquez, joined by Rey Mysterio
taunted Lesnar with the fact that
he defeated the Beast in UFC, whilst Mysterio thanked the fans
for their support for his son
Dominick who is doing much better after
being mauled by The Beast. Appearing on the Titantron, Lesnar and
Paul Heyman revealed that Brock
wouldn’t be meeting face-to-face
with Velasquez, but instead took their frustration out
backstage on Dominick, assaulting the
young man which caused Rey and
Cain to run backstage. Returning from commercials, fans saw
Dominick laid out on a stretcher and
tended to by Rey and Cain, who were interrupted again by the
Beast, who brutalized both men
with a garbage can. With Crown Jewel less than a week
away, it’s clear that the Beast will do
anything to retain his title in Riyadh, and more importantly, get his win
back from his old nemesis. This week’s show also saw a special
preview of the Team Hogan Vs.
Team Flair match at Crown Jewel, as Shorty G, Roman Reigns and Ali
defeated King Corbin and Shinuje
Nakamura, who teamed with Cesaro. Despite being the butt of short jokes
recently, Gable was the clear
MVP of the match, holding his own against the Team Flair
members, and things came to an
end when the Big Dog was tagged in. Attempting a Superman Punch, Reigns
was countered into a spinebuster
and Cesaro Swing and may have lost the match if not
for the timely interference of Ali. As Corbin and Nakamura entered
the ring, it was Gable who was
able to hold them off long enough to allow Roman to hit the Superman
Punch on Nakamura, followed by
a second on the King. A flip from Ali off the top rope sealed
the deal for team Hogan, giving the
Hulkster and his men the psychological advantage going
into next week’s match, which will
have much higher stakes. This week’s SmackDown also saw
Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode
defeat the New Day, whilst Lacey Evans made quick
work of local competitor
Cameron Conners. After Drew Gulak presented some
slides of why Braun Strowman will
lose to Tyson Fury at Crown Jewel, the former Cruiserweight Champion
was mauled by the Monster, leaving Gulak easy pickings for
Kalisto, who defeated the
powerpoint-powerhouse. In Women’s division action, Nikki Cross
picked up a win over Mandy Rose, building momentum to her eventual
title match against SmackDown
Women’s Champion Bayley, whilst Daniel Bryan was given a
strange proposition by Shinsuke
Nakamura and Sami Zayn. After claiming the new Daniel Bryan
fans saw this year was the real Bryan, Zayn offered an invitation to join
himself and Nakamura, and whilst
the fans were clearly against the idea, Bryan didn’t say no before
walking away. From SmackDown to RAW now, as
the love triangle between Rusev,
Lana and Bobby Lashley will once again take centre stage
on next week’s show. Yesterday, WWE announced that the
unhappy couple will be part of a
divorce court edition of Jerry Lawler’s King’s Court after
Rusev had a brush with the
law last week. When Rusev returned to RAW a few
weeks ago, Lana also returned
but with Lashley, which started an on-screen
romance between the two. This romance led to Rusev storming
a Cleveland restaurant on the
October 21s show, which caused him to get in-story
Arrested, and he’s since been
released from custody. In a tweet, the former US Champion
said he’s still California dreamin’, but he won’t be so happy on next
week’s RAW, when he confronts
his wife and her lover. Speaking of the new power couple,
WWE.com has also released a
special photo gallery dubbed
“Sorry Rusev”, which features the first Lashley
and Lana joint photoshoot since
making it official in WWE. If Divorce Courts aren’t your thing,
next week’s RAW will also feature
a special Champion Vs
Champion match, as RAW Women’s Champion Becky
Lynch will face WWE Women’s
Tag Team Champion Kairi Sane. This will be the start of a busy week
for the Pirate Princess, who will
travel to NXT on October 30th, as she and Asuka will defend their
titles against Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox. The pair earned a shot at the Kabuki
Warriors by winning a recent number
1 contenders match on NXT, but given that both Asuka and Sane
are former NXT Women’s Champions, defeating them will be easier
said than done. Whilst next week’s edition of WWE
TV is shaping up to be a huge
seven days for fans, the same can’t be said for the recent
WWE 2K20 game, which continues
to be haunted by bad graphics, glitches and other issues that
make it nearly unplayable. In fact, most fans panned the game
before it was even released
and Playstation are even giving out refunds to those
who bought the game digitally
without any hassle. This week, the official WWE Games
twitter responded to claims by fans
that they sold a broken game, saying: “We are listening closely to the
feedback that’s been shared regarding
WWE2K20 and are aware of the
concerns some players are reporting. We’re working hard to investigate these
concerns and address them as
necessary. We expect to have an initial
patch ready in the next two weeks, with others to follow. Stay tuned to
WWEGames social media
channels for more information.” Hopefully, these patches will come
soon and fix things, as it seems the
recent hashtag #FixWWE2K20
worked like a charm. As we mentioned, next week will see
WWE host Crown Jewel in Riyadh, and this is the fourth show of a
decade-long deal with the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In preparation for the huge night, the
WWE wisely set up a big booth at
the Riyadh Games Festival as
part of Riyadh Season, where the set up a little ring, other
displays and a gaming section,
though we hope fans got to play
2k19, and not 2k20. No WWE Superstars were present at
the event, but we got plenty of
photos from Ring Rules, the latter of whom will face Cesaro
at Crown Jewel after winning
the Biggest Battle Royal
earlier this year. The Undertaker, Seth Rollins and
AJ Styles were also there in
cardboard form as the show seemed to be similar to
WrestleMania Axxess,
but for Crown Jewel. The Pay Per View itself will take place
on October 31st at 1pm Eastern, and
whilst a lot could change between
now and then, one thing we do know is that
there’ll be no women’s match. One of the most controversial parts of
the Saudi deal is that WWE aren’t
allowed to host a women’s match and despite rumors of a match taking
place at June’s Super Showdown event, with Alexa Bliss and Natalya even
being flown out to the conservative
nation, the contest didn’t occur. Now, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter
reports that WWE haven’t received
any hope of a women’s match
this time, saying: “Unlike the last show, where the
government gave WWE the impression
they would allow women on the show, to the point the Natalya vs. Alexa Bliss
match was quietly booked and
both were flown over, and the rug was pulled out, we’ve
heard nothing in that direction so
far this time.” With this being year two of the ten-year-
deal, there’s always a chance that fans
will see a women’s match eventually
in Saudi Arabia, but in the meantime, it’s not happening.
Over to the world of MMA now, and whilst AEW star Jake Hager
remains undefeated in Bellator, the Inner Circle member faced the
most adversity he’s seen in the cage
yet, but thanks to his own doing. Hager’s fight at Belltor 231 was ruled
a no contest, due to a number of fouls
that rendered his opponent Anthony
Garrett unable to continue. This is the first time Hager has failed
to earn a victory in his young
MMA career, as early in the fight, the former WWE World Champion
worked the clinch, and later
busted open his opponent, before delivering a swift knee
to Garrett’s groin. The second knee dropped Garrett
into the cage wall, and as it became
apparent that he wasn’t getting up,
the match was stopped. Despite the fouls, Hager remains
undefeated in his three
professional MMA fights, and with the fight behind him, may
now finally start having matches in
AEW as part of the Inner Circle. Some good MMA news now as
Randy Couture is expected to
make a full recovery after suffering a heart attack earlier
this week during a workout at
Unbreakable Performance in
West Hollywood. A former UFC Heavyweight Champion,
Couture had fans worried after
checking into the Cedars Sinai Hospital with an apparent Heart attack on
October 23rd, and these worries
were only strengthened when he
was moved to intensive care In a frankly badass move, the 56-year-
old Couture somehow walked his way
to the emergency room and checked
himself in, and is now making a speedy recovery.
In a statement, Couture revealed that
he hasn’t kicked the bucket yet, saying: “I am alive and well. Special thanks to
the amazing staff at Cedars Sinai
Hospital. From the ER to cardiac ICU thanks
for taking care of me.” “I’m one of those people that has
crazy thick blood and nominally
high bad cholesterol. .Unfortunately, those 2 factors
combined to create a nice clot
including my diagonal artery. The (catheterization laboratory) at
Cedars got right on it, cleared it
out and placed a stint in its place.” “Thanks to all of you out there
expressing your concern. Your love
and support mean the world to
me and my family. Live your lives to the fullest. You
never know when you’ll draw
that last breath in!” In even better news, ESPN’s Ariel
Helwani is reporting that Couture has
already been discharged from the
hospital after just two days proving that it’s gonna take a lot
more than a heart attack to
keep the Natural down. More medical news next but this
time form WWE, as Xavier Woods
will be on the shelf for quite a while after suffering an Achilles Tendon
tear during an Austalian house show. This is obviously bad news for the
New Day, though Woods is
keeping positive saying that he plans on doing plenty
of live streaming, and uploaded a
video about his condition shortly
after the surgery. In the video, the former Tag Champion
admitted he has no idea how long
he’ll be out for, but also said that because he
just woke up from surgery, he probably won’t remember the
video at all, saying “I’m pumped
full of all, all of the good stuff.” On Twitter, the SmackDown Superstar
was his humorous self, saying
that the injury actually came from falling out of his treehouse
when someone yelled his
epidermis was showing, a reference that only die-hard fans of
The Simpsons will recognize from
being from Season 6 episode
‘Bart of Darkness’ where Bart breaks his leg in the
same manner. Whilst he may be
gone from the ring, Whilst he may be gone from the ring,
Woods is clearly taking things
in his stride, and has said that he’s pumped to be
able to spend Halloween with his
kids and keep busy on Twitch. Though Woods may be feeling
good now, he’ll soon be in a lot
of hurt when the medication
wears off, and during WWE Backstage, host
Booker T teased that the New Day
star may never wrestle again, but as bad as an Achilles Tear is,
it was clear that Booker was just
having fun at his friend’s expense. Woods may be gone for the time
being, but one Superstar who is
doing great is Bayley, who has a brand new shirt out to
show her new change in behaviour. The shirt, which documents the
murder of the Bayley Buddies from
the October 11th edition of SmackDown, shows Bayley’s emoji-self with a
pink axe, surrounded by popped
inflatable friends, all with Xs
over their eyes. With the phrase “Bayley is my role
model” written on it, the shirt is
definitely one of the most
interesting designs WWE Shop has made recently, and
whoever designed it should
receive some major credit. Since turning heel, the former
Hugger has done a complete
180 with her character, and after capturing the SmackDown
Women’s title from Charlotte Flair,
now has the shirt to match her title. And finally today we’re ending with
some more T-Shirt news, as Jim Ross is set to make some
serious dough from his
recent comments. As previously reported, the AEW
commentator recently spoke
about Seth Rollins, criticizing the Architect for describing
AEW as the minor leagues, and in
one particularly biting comment, wondered if Rollins will be ever as
over as his fiancee Becky Lynch. On ProWrestlingTees now, fans can
get a shirt of the infamous line, which
reads “Maybe One Day You’ll Be As
Over As Your Girlfriend”, as Rollins has learned not to mess
with arguably the greatest
commentator of all time

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  5. That is the same injury that ended Sonjay Dutt's career….he is done. At most he will just be the mouthpiece (horn, get it?) of the new day. It's a shame, I loathe the group, but he is a good wrestler.

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