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what’s up care if you found a gang issue for people trying to fight them through my WI full review and results because you got to do connect with me the right way hit that thumbs up now raw was just terrible it was just terrible to me so it says raw kicks off kicks off with the entire roster on the stage for a moment of remember remembrance of the victims the victims of the help pesto and Dayton mass shootings the crowd stands as ten say ten bills loose ring through the arena Simone Joe burns rushes to the nuts desk joe Klaus on the top and screams that he had nothing to do what happened to Roman reigns on Smackdown Joe was nowhere near the backstage arena Joe says he is going to wait for him range to get two wrong then he is going to shut down the show until he gets the apology he deserves Becky Lynch team starts to play Joe is pissed Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair versus an Italian trish stratus this match which is garbage this match was garbage Lynch almost locked in disarmed her Natalia can counters Natalia rose lay shit Lynch it to a cross armbar Natalya almost kicked almost locks in the Sharpshooter but banking is reversed into the disarm her before Lynch can lock any Flair text herself in flared lands a few chops flare works over an Italian why I starting trish down flair refused to tag in to tag lynching flair drives her knee and to Natalya spire over and over again flair put Natalya in in the O’Connor row Nutella kicks out head first into the turnbuckle this clothesline by Natalya player hits the ropes which which allows Lynch to tag her so being black last Lynch and leaves the ring Natalia puts Lynch in the Sharpshooter Lynch gets gets to the ropes Natalia refused to release the the submission hold Natalia is disqualified and says the window it says the winner of the match by disqualification make Yulia Charlotte clear after the match Trish pulls Natalya off flinch Natalia push Trish into the corner Natalia walks away Trish helps Lynch out of the ring okay what else helping on this garbage show you know I’m saying we see Rey Mysterio versus a Johnny with Selena mega we seen this match already we’ve seen in smash before so I’m just gonna say this I’m just gonna say this this match was yeah it was it was okay to me this was a decent match so I’m just gonna say the winner of the match brought driving then we go to a backstage segment my real and my canals are are are at the ob/gyn Maria tells Mike he’s only his only job is to protect her the baby and thus the 24/7 champion Mike says he won’t let her down Maria says that will be the one day after the break more real is in the strip search Mike hugs his wife the doctor stars count starts to count might just beat Maria for 24/7 size champion the winner and the new 20 foot saber slash champion Mike Kanellis then we see Jamie then Mike runs out of the room and our tube is waiting true says his water broke to toss a baby doll in the air Mike catches it chews rose up and Mike was a mic for the win new 24/7 champion r-truth backstage Lynch says she wants the Italia to bring her whole family to SummerSlam so they can’t watch her chop out Nutella the Italian says she is going to end their career at SummerSlam that’s that that segment between our truth and Mike there aren’t troopers just garbage I don’t care about the 24/7 champion I don’t care I just don’t care moving on we see a back a backs in the ring sent me with Brock Lesnar Paul Heyman which is I didn’t really care about I didn’t really care about that segment then we see the Viking raiders versus Jay Alexander for Abraham I didn’t really care about this match because the right ones number facing jobbers we got the week after week so it is with it’s from there sits the winner of the match the Viking raiders okay move on then we see Jim McIntyre versus Cedric Alexander this match never even happened a special guest referee korangal this managed to do it this match didn’t even happen then we see Bray Wyatt attack attacking Kerr angle then we then we get another match card we see the new day versus OC with AJ Styles this man should went this man actually a molasses not too long until a six-man tag team match between the new day and ricochet versus the OCE AJ Styles this I’m sick I’m so sick and tired of six-man tag team matches I’m so sick and tired of it but anyway let me continue since the winner of the match OCA AJ Styles banks a small Jewish thought that races on his way to the arena Joe says Roy is officially shut down Joe power power walks in Iran did now Samoa Joe know how to talk man he know how to speak the mic man that’s all I gotta say now let me move on well top in the ring saying with someone enter a second with some some more Joe I like this was this was this was the best night of the this was the best night Samoa Joe segment this was the best night so this that’s my pen then we get a fatal 4-way very afraid Oh for elimination tag team championship match between the iconic versus fire and desire and we got a vs Nikki cross and Alexa business versus the the Kabuki Warriors with Paige what was that one many roads day what was that what was that what men what was that that just happened on Monday Night Raw with Manny rose what was that Manny rose what was that then weapon fire and design have been eliminated and well it’s have been of course the dodo the winner of the match in your neww women’s tag team champion Celeste of listen Nicky cross why do they have to win kara Zayn and Oscar deserved better that’s it Oscar and Congress ain’t deserve better that’s all guys say premier then after that we get the men’s TV we get the men’s TV contracts iron man’s TV which is I didn’t really care about you know I’m saying Goldberg Goldberg came out then go where says go where go became my tutoring signed a contract and say Dolph Ziggler you’re next then then all of a sudden Shawn Michaels superkicked Dolph Ziggler and wrong goes off the air you know I’m saying I just thought that’s it man but if you guys enjoy my dog that we mind that raw full review of a sauce video give me a thumbs up comment down below what you got sticking up let me know in the comment section what you guys think of mine at raw and this shit boy people John took dishing bumpy with this shit boy before Johnny to five calves your family I will see you guys tomorrow on my Smackdown live preview taught you guys later thank you so much

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