[Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] anyway [Applause] Madison Square Garden Jews come here and [Music] [Music] oh yeah hey man is gonna be back here at Madison Square Garden somebody told me that had been over 20 years since stone cold that’s been to the gun my ice is here right here right now and before we take care of this illustrious contract signing let me go back down memory Road one time I’ll never forget I was standing over here in the corner Survivor Series I was going up against someone and only Bret the Hitman Hart and I came out here and I leaned on this turnbuckle and they hit Bret’s music and that guitar riff just raised every hair up on my arm and I was singing hey old man that’s Bret the Hitman Hart fish come out here not bitch get a piece of his ass and that was a heavy duty moment in my career and I’ll never forget it and then I’ll never forget also I come out of here and breath it I came out here and WWE was worried about my damn neck had been shot here trying to serenade me and I look at some bitch in the eyes and I said hit his ass with the first Stone Cold Stunner that Vincent man ever took and then one other occasion before we get to the business at hand and that’s a contract signing for the universal championship coming in here about 1998 whenever the hell it was myself Stone Cold Steve Austin against the one and only undertake here at SummerSlam highway to hell and so I was doing business with the Undertaker he pinned down to give me a backdrop and I kicked his big ass right in the head and he raised up and caught me underneath my chin and knocked me out I was laying right here in the garden first time in my life I don’t read knocked out Earl Hebner looks up I mean he goes got negative or I cleaned it up for TV he goes God dang it boy you okay I said where am I they go damn boy you in the garden good times here and more good times to come I’m happy to be here Hey got a couple guys back there let me get trying to sign to a contract having a hard time getting this thing sad so Michael : but they’re doing their duties that’s all fine and dandy but you need a real sumbitch in here to mediate this thing and make things happen the way there is supposed to be so that’s why they brought my ass all the way out here from the west coast to the east coast if you ready to see this Universal Championship contract gets I’d give it hell yeah that’s all you had to say I want to bring the challenge around here at this moment in time he is known as the monster among men he’s a big bad sumbitch his name is broad straw bad [Applause] champions we will be defended that be that was a fight a battle is back be partner step amongst us night this Sunday a classic champions for braun strowman the raw Tag Team Championship it could be braun strowman leaving strata me what version of braun strowman do we get a glass the champions of what are there really multiple versions of chrome chrome alley no but kinda like [Music] [Applause] and now I bring out the universal champion Seth freaking Rollins [Applause] [Music] [Applause] indeed Stone Cold Steve Austin is Hannah Lana Quincy Universal Championship knocking off rock Lesnar not only at WrestleMania and again Sunday their tag-team titles on the stay night of the first time Ranger to being a mark with the command aiming for me [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we got business take care of gentlemen Seth Rollins but a little difficulty signing this contract for what reason I have no idea but I’m here to take care of business for you guys to sign this damn contract so these people can watch you guys get it on well let’s get to signing that contract but first of all we are a New York City we are Madison Square Garden and Stone Cold Steve Austin is what I’m talking about when I say burn it down stiva I don’t know if you know this but it’s big goon over here he uh he thinks you might have it informed the night he’s a little concern matter of fact he thinks I might have an informant our tag title match this Sunday we’ll be doing what’s can I do the Lutz I don’t mean to step on your toes but they’re wanting me and usually I hate it but since you’re here tonight I’m down with it and so am i but somebody’s got a berry hangover just a damn second somebody’s got to write their name on that contract so we can take care of business because that’s why they brought me here alright I want since you are the man your Stone Cold Steve Austin I will oblige you but I gotta tell you one thing partner nobody’s Savin anybody in the back I told you this before I am the best wrestler on the planet I am the universal champion and after clash a champion I’m still gonna be the best wrestler on the planet and I’m still gonna be Universal champion [Applause] Seth Rollins has signed the contract broad it’s up to you now [Applause] look first and foremost I grew up watching you and I have nothing but the utmost respect but let’s be for real Steve a rattlesnakes still a rattlesnake [Applause] and says you ain’t got nothing to worry about I ain’t turning my back on you I like being tag champs but I’m gonna love being Universal Champion so to close one of the greatest of all times I’m about to open a can of whoop-ass and you’re gonna get these hands ladies and gentlemen it is don’t Cold Steve Austin back in Madison Square yeah little funny coming from a Steve but just so you know the OHS thing we don’t want to get the rattlesnake all riled up you know like Oh bunch to learn oh my god [Applause] all right I got one for you what what what shut up cold turn your little beady eyes to me and just know this sit this plate [Applause] do you guys want me to talk or not [Applause] this is all your fault Steve just shut up for a second let me talk like I will say this has nothing to do with you Steve all so stay out of our business it has everything to do with braun strowman it’s Seth Rollins [Applause] you see [Applause] this is why no one likes coming to New York why don’t you put a little bass in your voice and why don’t you shut up Steve [Applause] this has nothing to do you you see your role tech team champions here didn’t even have the gall to defend their championship against the boys they didn’t even give him a rematch and I’m gonna tell you this listen up in atlast we can all say it again [Applause] I don’t know how good you hearing this JJ but you got about 18,000 people calling you an asshole [Applause] you know what Steve and your old age you turned into a real asshole [Applause] you see this man he looks at a championship and get the universal title match how does that happen so let me ask you Steve since you know everything did you cut everything that you’ve been in this business for so long you old fart [Applause] you got to know where I’m coming from right huh [Applause] what are you doing [Applause] energy I don’t know who are you coming from but I damn sure know where you’re going [Applause] going ready for the scene AJ Styles launching gallows to the floor Rollins at Stroman house [Applause] it’s trubbish that done AJ Styles outnumbered in the ring Rollins went for the stop and styles fall over JJ [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] right day [Music] Oh on their feet the top trackside for strawberry wrong [Music] I am Steve Weiser he’s gonna need it I don’t think AJ has any idea what a hit a Becky Lynch in Charlotte Flair I get suspect now champion Bailey and Sasha banks back team action line tonight I’m Ross has to bring people together it’s a great day pitch sherry pizza is a good start [Music] [Applause] fuck that one big guys gonna stick together Oh left-handed that’s good agrees better pizza better day [Music] United States Champion AJ Styles still suffering the effects of the stunner from stone he has to refocus because he has a scheduled match up against Cedric perhaps taupe less than 100% AJ Styles here a score to settle with AJ in the OC you attacked him last week and cause de bourree may have crossed an opportunity to advance early be made for that case Cedric looking for a bit of redemption AJ Styles is now in the position Cedric was last week Patrick says no dice style Alexander from behind you see his shoulder heavily taped out for the attack last week Alexander also realizes what this means this match tonight a victory over styles could earn him an opportunity at the United States Championship AJ style said earlier I hope that he’s ready to step in the ring with the phenomenal one seems it clearly Cedric Alexander’s game many believed that Alexander had a chance to knock off Baron Corbin last week in the King of the Ring tournament if it was not for that attack by Styles in the OC before the match jogo given all the credit the styles in the OC Baron Corbin was incredible last I agree with you on that point is well Corey Corbin’s in action later tonight against Rick a chance to mojo in a triple threat semifinal King of the Ring tournament match here live on Raw first time ever a triple threat match with the side of advancement in the King of the Ring tournament and here’s Styles a reversal Alexander the high flyer Lance at his feet rolls through and catches AJ Styles off guard a voracious athleticism from Center smart move drop kicking the knee and out right to the face of styles as well and a kept up by Cedric Alexander here’s the cover by Alexander in a kick-out Alexander who made his name onto a fight live as the former cruiserweight champion has really taken Monday Night Raw by storm over the past couple of weeks Cedric’s just seizing every single opportunity that comes his way in tonight’s no different under the bright lights here at MSG that’s drew McIntyre with Cedric Alexander is all about quite the rivalry over the summer Federer dollars into the highly intelligent competitor each time Cedric steps inside the ring he learned something like something from that prepares better but he’s in there with one of the best in the entire world the United States Champion former WWE Champion AJ Styles [Music] the slower pace is gonna benefit Styles a little bit more not that aging can’t pick up the pace can’t step on the gas pedal off but this allows AJ to think as he works oh and Alex yet are going to fight back and not to mention that Stiles is angry right now he was embarrassed and humiliated by Stone Cold Steve Austin Alexander as he bounces off the ropes kick caught AJ in the face of those instinct or luck putting Styles on the outside but AJ passed the realize he is not safe outside when he’s dealing with Cedric Alexander Stiles hard landing for Cedric as well Alexander said tonight was another opportunity to show up and show out the age of Alexander and here’s another example of what Cedric Alexander is all about first to grace then the impact Down Goes Styles but you’re right Renee Center a little bit of an awkward landing seem to be favoring his tailbone a little bit and have to fight through the pain let the adrenaline kick in AJ Styles called Cedric Alexander a very talented young man with a bright future Barbara he’s ready to step into the ring of the here’s ready to me oh and there’s the battery styles right to the bad arm AJ now focusing as a touch on the already injured shoulder of Cedric Alexander AJ Styles has taken over canal extent or cly back in this what have you done to me I’m not myself anymore Meritage array of sleeper agents with no memory of their training [Music] they woke make a date with commbuys you can dine for $10 to fall in love with my tuque and dine for 10 deal ain’t ASA can overpower you over to relax rise from pain I see her I know people love the dish remote it’s great so why building a Google assistant turn the thermostat up change turn the lights down and still access their DVR the new dish Boise remote dish tuned into you are you going I don’t know Evelyn if you’re looking for the best place to pick up a pizza might we recommend the place with pizza in the name in 99 no one how pizzas the hub the hottest sneakers impossible get until every grill always available always popping table never sell that stock X now you know this is stock XCOM today playing soccer for me has always been a getaway from what I’ve seen in my normal lights with scrimmages during practice so we had one goal on the other side and we had two backpacks on the other the earning that allowed me to get the funds that I had been working hard for to buy a goal for on my soccer team download exactly Liberty Mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need nice but what’s up with your partner not again you know that’s your reflection only pay for what you need Sonic’s got all my fare fair no Barney West no reason hurry we are back live on Monday Night Raw from a sold-out Madison Square Garden in New York the United States Champion AJ Styles against Cedric Alexander and Alexander trying to fight back at their styles dominated during the commercial break once again AJ Styles focusing the attack on the injured left shoulder of Cedric Alexander each time Cedric starts to build momentum style shuts it down unless you remember why that courtesy of Stiles and Anderson and gallows in a backstage attack last week Alexander fighting back Stan’s an opportunity if he can knock off Styles tonight could be in the future for the United States Championship Cedric Alexander was only able to hook a Jays leg with one arm the effects of Stiles attack put a Pepe J in this match we still see that power that Cedric Alexander has and that quickness kicks in Alexander’s next level that stunts tiles against Alexander take advantage Alexander went for that back elbow and P will land on his feet great balance by Alexander this time he caught him at the point of the elbow in the cheek I don’t wonder if it maximized the effect centered Alexander’s swinging with the injured left arm maybe didn’t achieve the desired effect [Applause] ajj swatting buddies the OSI attacking Alexander it can’t be surprised anywhere Stiles goes the OSI follows all no surprise at all just when Alexander was taking control the matchup the OSI got involved again and it is a three-on-one assault of Cedric Alexander that tag team turmoil match to the old city a few weeks ago their frustration and anger on styles in the rest of the OSI Network here comes Eric the Viking raiders that can apart the OC we’ve got a man like I’ve already uses a weapon and our Alexandra back in the mix [Applause] and Anderson with a Viking experience unlikely saviors in the form of Aaron and I’ve are coming to stand beside Cedric Alexander what an explosive start tonight Night Raw our example tonight where we continue the prestigious six tournament here tonight in Madison Square Garden pool advanced effort a triple threat match will decide through infants Baron Corbin brother King of the Ring to the Queen and the man tonight the robbed woman chant till the cub here tonight on Monday Night Raw [Music] [Applause] oh I heard Charlotte and Becky were walking around Oh mad because of what we did to them last week well I should be mad just like we should be happy because we’re back together and there ain’t no stronger connection than what we got right here that’s right because we’re gonna take this to the ring and you can take that to the bank and the team they face tonight these two women on your left the man Becky Lynch on your right the Queen Charlotte player it is about retribution tonight for Becky and Charlotte as they team up at a necessity live on Monday Night Raw they don’t trust each other one bit and this is a friendship that’ll never ever end [Music] I hope you’re all excited because later tonight I’ll be hosting a brand-new episode of the Firefly funhouse [Music] [Applause] [Applause] one eight times a year USA can for the best place to pick up a pizza might we recommend the place with pizza nine know one out pizzas the hub so Josh you going for our drive safe and safe discount yep using the app driving safe [Applause] Preity penny only on USA arena so synonymous of the history of the veterans water responses unbelievable yeah what a start to Monday Night Raw here awareness month we at WWE are so proud to once again be joining forces with the V Foundation through Connors cure to help raise awareness for this terrible disease you know over the years we’ve met the likes of Connor the crusher and super Messiah these brave and courageous kids who are doing everything to fight and to start fair and my treatment is for my brain tumor he has fought leukemia three times especially when victory seems so far to walk way it wasn’t supposed to be here these moments can steal your strength or they can be moments when the smallest fighters become the strongest warriors [Music] I destroy the routine yourself three times courageous I’m nine years old but I will kick your blood determined to win together we can all kick cancers butt believe in the fight support the superstars of tomorrow today [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] so almost a year ago I made my announcement that my leukemia had returned my leave and that night through all your love and support y’all gave me the strength to heal [Applause] and when I made my return it was all that love and strength that gave me the strength to change my perspective it changed my goals you see it was always about that ring but there’s more to this there’s more to this platform and for me I said it that night is that I wanted to use this platform to raise awareness I wanted to be able to use the power to pay it forward and create that momentum for others like you did for me so over the past few months I’ve had the incredible opportunity to visit so many different pediatric cancer hospitals across the country and not too long ago I visited one right here in New York a man y’all don’t disappoint they were awesome and the fact that we knew we’re gonna be here for two nights in a row here in the garden I knew I had a great opportunity to see him again but I told myself why go to them when we can bring him to us so tonight we’re gonna use this platform and we’re gonna put the spotlight on their stories and don’t worry it’s all cheers because their hometown products they are from here in New York and New Jersey yes sir [Applause] cool [Applause] [Music] whoa [Applause] [Music] Miguel [Applause] [Music] leo [Applause] [Music] Evelina means Lily [Applause] [Music] these little warriors have been through the biggest fights of their young lives and they’re still standing here as strong as ever but our works not done you see as we’re showing their victories there’s still that are beginning their fight and it’s on us to help them it’s on us to support them and to have their backs so please join me and believe in the fight and support tomorrow’s superstars today thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] these young children throwing strength dressing up as WWE Superstars the superstars that they want to be in their battle against pediatric cancer but we need your help help the superstars of tomorrow today donated powder to crusher dot-com [Music] each and every September we do this and again we asked for your house to try to beat this this terrible disease there’s just so much strength and power in those kids and being able to see them today means that just touches they raw live from Madison Square Garden royalty tonight is the name of the in Sasha banks will team up to face the man Becky Lynch and the Queen Charlotte Flair live but you know growing up I never thought I being on this side of the camera now I want to bring that Popolo to the communion better ingredients better pizza better day the consequences will find a package for James Lazar cigarettes may leave you with stinky yeah Red Lobster’s Emily shrimp is back for just $15.99 get all the shrimp you want any way you want them like new sriracha honey shrimp savory grilled teriyaki shrimp hariette blows nose you’re the type who doesn’t write who knows a hobby can also be an investment we do it right – with a lifetime warranty on craftsman so you could count on passing it down get a craftsman mechanics tools [Applause] I’m gonna hang you up creaky covers over 99% Americans and I’m here Dean of WWE means Crickett queen of coverage where are you this lean green queen is here to here’s what oh hey girl [Music] [Applause] women champion [Music] pretty Lionel Adobe w/e Network such he’s gotta figure out a way to get through the night before worrying about classic champions this Sunday she’s evil the way this Becky Lynch in Charlotte Flair coexist tonight [Applause] from the Queen city [Applause] Night Raw which is presented by Sonic enjoy the car Hawk classic for a knockout price everything about Charlotte Flair Charlotte now focused this Sunday at Basha champions on once again reigning champion Bailey you know the situation between Becky Charlotte Sasha and Bailey took a strange [Music] [Applause] barely coming in to put an end to face this smackdown when the championship means just as much as a raw Women’s Championship I won’t be overshadowed by anybody [Applause] [Music] hero from the Roman loyal I’m doing everything that I can [Music] clash of Champions [Music] but what you see is what you get [Applause] I’m telling you you better hug that title because it clashed champions [Music] out of necessity Charlotte clear turning [Applause] nothing has changed [Applause] [Applause] wait we could be looking at the most powerful duo in all of sports entertainment and that is what Becky and Charlotte must face here tonight in tag-team action on Monday Night Raw [Music] [Applause] [Music] social media I pop out when I feel like it might kill it every time [Music] you’ll see and if that is the case I read Sunday if Sasha banks is able to knock off Becky Lynch and become Rocky going right after Sasha banks is barely not forgetting where those two did of that last week I didn’t sugar Bailey and banks on the same page Charlotte flares Becky just trying to get through this Vince this is turn to an all-out brawl here I’m wrong had a fight fire with fire both win it their most vicious and out Bailey from behind as Becky was going after Sasha and Bailey take it out Becky Lynch Becky’s on her own the Charlotte still on the outside Charlotte with a chair at hand [Applause] stop as we trying to get this matchup started live on Raw Sunday at 7:00 if it’s laundry night it’s got to be tied with dominoes new delivering insurance if your delivery isn’t what you expected we’ll make it right it could be a missing dipping sauce work for wrong copy we want to make up for that mistake xfinity XY let’s you own the competition the XY gateway gives you reliably fast speeds and Wi-Fi coverage for the entire home the only downside is you’re guests may get too comfortable this is beyond Wi-Fi this is x5 okay loser mows my lawn [Music] WrestleMania here at Madison Square Garden were sold out tonight for Monday Night Raw Becky Lynch and Charlotte against Sasha banks and Bailey in tag team action for women who experienced WrestleMania multiple times know what it’s like to be in the spotlight and crave it like nothing else bag made by Bailey and now the SmackDown Women’s Champion Bailey the raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will square off and for Bailey I believe it’s been about jealousy the fact that she believes that Becky Lynch in the raw women’s title has been held to a higher level in sports entertainment and in the outside media than it has the Smackdown title we found out but it’s also so much jealousy for Sasha banks so upset that Becky was able to go on in main event WrestleMania alongside Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey’s that just got under the skin of bags well perfect example about what we’re seeing this week here ESPN a Becky Lynch will be in a 3 this is SportsCenter commercials the iconic commercial that are celebrating the 40th anniversary on that show Becky Lynch joined Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar is the only WWE superstar to actually be a part of those spots also you’ve got Becky Lynch and set rounds by the tougher the latest edition of Muscle & Fitness Magazine it’s been all Becky a subway or things that eat Sasha banks own and Bailey as well Cory you served with Bailey said last week that it’s about timeless fact that when his title was treated with the same respect that the wall Women’s Championship is Oscar should be on SportsCenter she’s like the Antonio Brown at 30 table cover now by Becky and a kick-out by Bailey and Sasha looking on is a pinkie heads to the corner tag made to the nine-time Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair could be just six nice away from a tenth Championship reign for the Queen as she faces Bayley Sunday at classic champions streaming live on the WWE Network you know there’s a real interesting article by ESPN that you can check out there now on espn.com talks about these four women and how they came up known as the four horsewomen of WWE of course pay respect to the Four Horsemen of Athena legendary days of the 1980s and one of the things that Charlotte talked about was the fact that Becky when she first saw Becky that she knew Becky was larger than life that she was charismatic and that she would eventually take the WWE by stole for this woman who certainly spent their time in NXT with a healthy respect for one another they all four of them take credit and it could be argued that they are responsible for the change in the women’s division ultimately here in WWE through some of the most competitive incredible matches you will ever see these four women hold each other to that same standard for this very day and speaking of standards Sasha banks has begun calling herself quote hashtag the standard and hashtag the blueprint here in WWE double team by Bailey and Sasha to Charlotte in the fact that these four women had such similar experiences in an experience lends itself to this competition to the jealousy all of these four women feel entitled to the same things covered by Bailey and Charlotte in a kick-ass Summa we’re all fighting for the same cause but at the same time all fighting for that one singular spotlight and speaking of fighting Becky said of that ESPN article that it was always competitive between these four no one wanted to be left behind and Becky always believed she is the underdog which is what is driven her here in her WWE career and hair the raw women’s champion the man the Irish last kicker Becky Lynch the corner goes Lynch and barely nobody home and Becky oh you see the ropes to our advantage women I’ll just know each other so well yet they’ve all changed so much over the course of the years from NXT to where they are now in WWE multiple time women’s champions the games changed drastically since then too mostly because of these women Becky able to ignore that and also Sasha as well but Bailey takes advantage of a second rope and Becky hit a hard operat saw first seen enough and Sasha banks taken advantage on the outside this is the after mentioned loyalty that banks and Bayley have you don’t have to understand it you don’t have to like it I don’t but it is what it is and it’s a threat to be dealt with and Sasha saying a social idiot quote ain’t never seen a fire like the one I’m going to cause and she has a put WWE on notice since brie arriving here’s the cover by banks hook of the leg and a kick-out by Lynch banks and Bailey certainly doing great work here on the woman that overcame Ronda Rousey in the main event of WrestleMania suplex by banks to Becky Lynch Sasha into the cover is enough to put the raw women’s Chapel and a kick-out by Becky look how well Sasha banks and Bayley have cut the ring and a half isolated Becky Lynch from Charlotte Flair you are looking at the first-ever WWE Tag Team Champions in Balian banks you can just tell that this is just what Sasha banks are waiting for waiting for her time to strike waiting for her time to just seize these opportunities and steal that spotlight tag made here comes Bailey the fight left in the man yet Becky oh and plants Bailey critical point in this tag-team matchup [Applause] and Becky Lynch muster enough to make it to the Queen in the corner daily tag made the banks and here comes the Queen Charlotte Flair looking to build momentum toward classic champions on Sunday the woman who calls herself the queen of all eras chopped after chopped after chopped [Applause] don’t worry rivalry between these two having so many incredible historic matches give up by Charlotte buuut top Bailey well let’s just kick Bailey into the front row good lord Sasha ducks underneath banks caught that cracker face of our satanic Arbuckle [Applause] look at Sasha lands on her feet Charlotte though over the counter into the neckbreaker Charlotte cover on the boss isn’t enough to win the tag team man’s copper kicked out near fall for Flair [Applause] think of how long it’s been since these four women have been able to even be in the ring together now Charlotte are enough to get these full women in the same room together [Music] [Applause] that’s a surprising that Charlotte and Becky have been able to get along so far in this tag match against the enemy of my enemy is my friend in this particular situation voting for the bank’s David Sasha bag sent over ray can she put Charlotte away looks like Charlotte trying to reverse into a pity combination but thanks able through [Applause] here we go Becky right into her partner Charlotte breaking the figure eight before Sasha tap that was just happenstance unlucky for Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch with the collision but now all four women are down this could be anybody’s matchup as we take another look a desperate Bailey attempting a schoolboys launching Lynch into her partner Charlotte Flair the South crowd here at Madison Square Garden is showing their respect for this tag team match all four women down 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every pair every grill always available always authentic never seen billions No [Music] two weeks is a long time but thanks to earning her wait is over with earning I can cash out when I clock out just connect your bank and enter your employer info then BOOM earning gives you access the money you’ve already earned there’s no interest no fees and no more waiting download the ARMA 2 prosecutor how could you betray Harvey like that don’t we lose my license you’re the only person who can fix it whatever you’re doing I wanted I’m doing things you can’t you’re not just fighting Harvey you’re fighting all of us since the final season of all new Wednesday on USA and we are back live on Monday Night Raw great tag-team action here between Sasha banks and Bailey and Becky Lynch and Charlotte remember what happens Sunday at classic champions streaming live on the WWE Network Becky defends the raw women’s title against defending the smack now in its title against Charlotte Flair on Sunday anton Bailey woman’s weather the storm provided by the Queen and in regained control step there into the cover and a kick-out by Charlotte at two [Applause] sascha perhaps getting a bit frustrated but lecture why she understands which Charlotte has made up talked before about these four women growing up together in sports entertainment now trash-talking back as he looks at Lynch Charlotte in the corner tag made here comes Bailey great tag team worked here Bailey and sausage is cutting a bringing out and putting and work on the Queen Bailey what’s Smackdown this past week talked about wanting to be a role model to show kids around the world what it means to be loyal to your friend is in there it fights back there is something to be said the display loyalty like Bailey has you don’t have to agree with it but you can understand it Bailey has certainly been nothing short of an incredible best friend to Sasha banks I think Bailey could choose better but it is what it is I’m spittin mocking the WWE fans here tonight at the sold-out Madison Square Garden Bailey into the corner kick to the midsection what do you think about what’s on the line for Bailey Sunday at classic champions an opportunity for vindication to show that she does belong at the top of the heap that she does belong knocking off the nine-time winners champion Charlotte Charlie’s trying to make a way over to Becky go Oh bounced off the second rope [Applause] at the time to recover breathe it straight fire here in the garden Becky Lynch on the second rope taking out a smack now winners champion and Becky feeding off the WWE Universe you wanna get something done ask a busy woman to do it that makes perfect phones and look at Becky now caught Sasha coming into the ring and delivers the best quarter like you’re looking at taking high-risk baseball slide take Sasha ow the Becky’s not done there she is glad for job with Sasha bags did to her the night that Sasha returned to WWE steel chair and all Bailey the man a step ahead of both banks and Bailey for the moment Down Goes the SmackDown Women’s Champion and Bailey though oh hi Nene drop the man there the trademark tenacity of Bailey stop beside of baby going for the Bailey Italian thank you looking for the disarmer [Applause] sure I don’t know Scarlet’s lair got all the boot but got it up biting knock one of the bosses teeth loose this is no time for friendship [Applause] [Music] they only checking on banks now the double team by the former women’s tag team champions show us some lenience with his charlotte right now bucks through Becky Lynch well at this point who are the legal competitors believe Becky and Bailey it’s made by Charlotte de oz it’s hard to keep track of Becky there’s the leg drop here we go the house Charlotte fired up heading to the top rope and Sasha banks breaking it up well she gets dragged to the outside by Lynch [Applause] oh what an uppercut [Applause] sausage waving his son [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Baili breaks it up but there comes Charlotte belly scents becky into the barricade [Applause] look at this impact the shoulders and neck of Charlotte Claire this is a ruthless side of Bailey we’ve only been seen recently but it has been very very effective now Charlotte back into the ring Bailey it is well Bayley perched up top we’ll be looking for the flying elbow legs up check she got her knees up Bailey’s elbow and triceps driven right down into the knees of Charlotte Flair thanks Charlotte looking to capitalize on an injured Bailey oh the banks from behind Sasha a half [Applause] and Charlotte with a natural selection [Applause] Hey [Applause] hiss of allies stand tall tonight in Madison Square Garden certainly a confidence booster for Becky Lynch as Miss Becky defensive always title against Sasha banks deli defenseless [Applause] close able to hit natural selection I’m very curious to see which way the pendulum Blankenship or will they leave with nothing both possibilities Whittaker whose basis Sasha banks again Charlotte and Becky victorious here tonight on Monday Night Raw on a night when the prestigious King of the Ring tournament will continue it is a time-honored tournament here in WWE tonight for the first time ever Arron Korbin live tonight on Monday Night Raw fireflies funhouse that’s tonight on Monday Night Raw still to come tonight here on Monday Night Raw Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin who moderated the contract signing between Seth Rollins and braun strowman thankful for the universal championship match this coming Sunday at classic champions austin strowman and Rollins in the round up you know like Oh tables are gonna stuff up oh my god geez I don’t know where you’re coming from but I damn sure know where you’re going Roman with lay waste for the OSI including fraud doing this training personation and then there is this AJ Styles forgot the rattlesnake was lurking and tried to strike a Stone Cold Stunner once again in Madison Square Garden make yourselves at home they’re messing with between what transpired during the universal championship contract signing and your magic and Cedric Alexander I was wondering if you ever what what if the OSI was gonna pack their bags and go home who do you think runs this place Cedric Alexander wrong the yolks II don’t check it out it’s the OSI you know the guys that run the place no although it didn’t look like that earlier it’s my job the OSI you should be running the place you could be running the place you want to enlist the help of I don’t know two of the best ever did it kind of a no-brainer if you ask me we have some enemies in common and you know that and I know that tonight you would take your business one way or another question is where do you stand I like those tablets to mow case we might miss my drapes muncher [Applause] presented by Sonic enjoy the car hop classic run occupy subdued returns to action rey mysterio takes on grandma – likewise Nats [Music] listen it’s only goodbye for now some of you this is goodbye forever we’re not here to stray away can these couples survive tough she definitely was like his type on the ultimate he’s so handsome on the big dog you astray keishon we both a sacred DVR now I love being part of this team and I love peace of my whole life better pizza better day [Music] where’s he going I don’t know you ever like [Music] rated M for Mature play it with Xbox game path ultimate timeless like my club rated mature white shoes feet Grace and great feet both paint asa can overpower you overwhelm you it obviously doesn’t know you I see hot I see the dole hot to relax rise from pain Oh a new kind of breakfast introducing Jimmy Dean biscuit roll-ups we took delicious sausage egg and cheese and rolled it all up in a soft flaky biscuit give your family a good hearty breakfast that you can eat on the go three words warm strawberry jam [Music] so to speak remember it seemed like he was going to retire a few weeks ago before he was talked out of that by his son Dominic the ruffian rey mysterio wants to test himself to see if he’s still got it so to speak to what a great challenge lies ahead in the form of grand betel-leaf Mysterio and grand meta Lake is presented by Sonic enjoy the carhop classic for a knockout price of $2.99 very similar start to both of these men’s careers grand meta leak obviously making a name for himself in his native Mexico where at one time he simultaneously held the real deal maybe hasn’t tasted the success that he’s desired here in WWE but tonight would be the night that propels into the next level I feel like I was hearing so much buzz online leading up to this matchup tonight on Monday Night Raw two of the best luchas at this point right now under the stars here at Madison Square Garden why we hear so much buzz about grandma leek now because brand new age has arguably the biggest opportunity of his entire career tonight it’s the world’s most famous arena it’s the greatest massive superstar of all time and Rey Mysterio I mean if you talk about the stars aligning that couldn’t be a more perfect description for Grandma tonight get an opportunity see grand middle link at 2:05 live the cruiserweights show on the WWE Network as well oh the stereo lands on his feet former WWE in a world in rey mysterio once won the Royal Rumble Natalie still gonna take bring Mysterio back to his roots a little bit the high-flying Lucha Libre style some moves look exciting athleticism on the planet mentally Cronus king of the ropes we’re gonna knock off Mysterio would be the biggest win of his career if he wins here tonight on Monday Night Raw oh that’s what I keep hearing about grand metalic that he is just one win away from that superstardom he’s one move away from 6 1 9 because Mysterio’s got him in position here and Menelik ducks underneath able to catch Mysterio roll up shoulders down kick-out at two by Mysterio what about Rey Mysterio quarry would you start thinking about retirement thinking about hanging up the mask as he said this union you try to return to action that’s gonna be weighing on your mind while you’re in the room if you’re looking at like a calendar you understand Rey Mysterio feeling like winding down his career if you watch what Mysterio is still capable of to this day in the ring it’s almost unbelievable unfathomable that Rey Mysterio would retire that’s it like any athlete you have to listen to your body sometimes if your heart’s not in it it’s a good way to get hurt and here’s metal eek now is Mysterio trying to fight back Oh Madeline he hit hard back it as a neck on the apron and then tied to the floor we’re gonna take a risk right through beautiful face could be a game-changer year Menelik – just kick the teeth out of Mysterio’s mouth it could be the turning point of this match for 1 grand metallic looking to knock off the legendary rey mysterio here tonight each maneuver more spectacular than the last the superior was rocked badly by that superkick yeah and the referees out there to check on him I think that Ray is hurt take a look at this to take another look at it right now the head and you saw the way mysterious Nick twisted when he hit the floor touching the forefront of metal each body as he came over the top rope I’m still not entirely sure ray wasn’t out on his feet when mentally delivered the dive to the outside perfect opportunity for Menelik touch though beautiful scent on connects is it enough to put Mysterio away middle the ring and Rey able to get the shoulder up at two he’s trying to shake the cobwebs as we take one more look at grandma deletes focused attack look at the way rays rest to the side nasty the warrior spirit of Rey Mysterio on full display as he fights through the pain trying to get his way back into this matchup and many say of grey Mysterio with the biggest heart in WWE history what a feather in the cap it would be four grand Menelik to knock off Rey Mysterio tonight on Monday Night Raw before the entire WWE Universe got to imagine that kalisto and then say Dorado are watching close by that of course the other members of the lucha house party with grande mentally as Mysterio now stands battle leak into the second turnbuckle face-first Horsell insane kalisto route for grand middle league is job security for them Rey out to the apron [Music] they have mentally crate where he wants him the great high flyer up to the top rope rey mysterio down off the seated senton goes mentally they picking up the pace yes body metal leaks all out of source at the moment give a range look right either I agree look at this this is the athlete’s name take the ropes right there dropkick driving Mysterio into the corner [Applause] metalic has been very very impressive to this point in this matchup obviously knowing the stakes with an all-time high we’d be looking for the homerun to seal the deal we either crumble or flourish under the pressure but right now Grande metal leaf rising up the stereo with a headbutt trying to pull out all the stops here tonight what a shot by met Kalika there’s that innovative hard carver by Menelik to knock off Mysterio here on rondelle fall just got the shoulder up take a second to appreciate the snap that metal eek delivered with this hurricanrana as raised on the ropes look at the impact just ferocious when Rey crashed down and grande metalic nearly picked up the biggest win of his career grand medal he just keeps bringing that fight to Rey Mysterio not give an array of move to get advantage [Applause] Rustom was that meddling still able to kick out mention the snap that metal eat delivered on the her karana ray just answered it and raised him one take a look at this up and over ray able to adapt into a sunset bomb just planet grande metal link in the center of the ring what a match this has been here tonight between these two Luchadors Mysterio catches metal each drives him back a bit Rey Mysterio now we’ll spend Menelik in a position travesty a look at it dial it up for the vintage [Applause] connecting Reagan ahead up top looks to drop a dime [Applause] when over on Gabe grandma hang your head meta Lake tonight brought the big fight to the greatest mass superstar of all time medal II came up just short these breathtaking moments first the fact that Mysterio was able to endure this and make it back into the match this crashing down on Ray’s head neck delivered a trademark six one nine perfect frogs he spent a leak down for three and rey mysterio rolls on rey mysterio press the locker-room on notice and a great job sport thirty-four year history the King of the Ring tournament we’ve never had a triple threat match at least before tonight still to come ricochet Samoan joke Baron Corbin Triple Threat rules in the semifinals of King of the Ring Cedric Alexander you gotta wonder if whatever they’re discussing anything to do with that conversation earlier with Sigmund rudely on state [Music] yes loser buys lunch okay Jack USA a bank has you 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earning you can cash out as soon as you clock out with no interest or fees download early come on men watts himself some Sami Zayn and send me going to retreat ow ow [Music] [Applause] man tag team match has been made official on one side seem rude in Stigler P match live bye-bye yeah yeah MSD it’s gonna need a bigger mark t be just a nice tin man tag team match it’s bigger than the NYC fell that salt bill right there but uh no mistakes we got ricochet versus Samoa Joe versus Bancorp Triple Threat semifinals king of rain match we are here looking for assemble the one true king six days removed from classic champions streaming live this Sunday on the WWE Network Network look ah top stick this out Monday Night Raw haha Madison Square Garden so yes solid pin the SmackDown Women’s Champion Bailey and you best believe that classic champions the Queen she wants to run that back so far but but huh keep this keep this bro right right that’s not the only women’s championship match this weekend I can’t lie to you fair I got a roll with the boss speaking of which hey Sasha you were right blue is Yoko [Applause] in Stone Cold Steve Austin – Seth Rollins in braun strowman’s it’s a fairly soon contract oh hell yeah so sufficient this weekend they clash a champion huh braun strowman with that Seth Rollins right we’ll go 101 for the WWE’s Universalist the exact the exact same line that they had to defend the raw Tag Team Championships legends Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode all a double dude oh so it all is heightened talk about classic champions just know that it was ah the smoke don’t believe us her but I need an apology for over grades because he is calling me a liar wanted to stand get his wish my god you think you can control me nobody’s papa bro man I’m practice [Applause] [Music] with Erick Rowan pull the big dog finally make everything right regarding his attacker in this behemoth he’s known as Rowan [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the first time in the history that’s 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career ask the man who kicked off Monday Night Raw tonight to this [Applause] [Music] it was a quarter final mission because glory at the end of the matchup Joe hit RIT to say the cookie to cut on the top rope the coax he hands across one another’s bodies referee John cone counted three after a short conference with come to a decision here much the Baron Corbin chagrin they became a triple threat match DeVoe involved pretenders to the throne Triple Threat rules here tonight first man to gain pinfall or submission will win an advanced finals there are notions it’s the fight at a ricochet right out the gate respect intelligence of Baron Corbin right now rolling to the outside realizing he doesn’t have to compete he just has to make sure he’s not beaten in the face as well and now as ricochet get a sense of mojo flying and ricochet look at it uses high-flying ability tonight in this matchup ricochets just gonna keep moving as Baron oh here goes carbon now at Baron carbon with a shoulder tackle arrey wisely picking his spot that is the strategist at work right now which is why King Corbin will make a grueling ruler of WWE ricochet shitless but I got a lot of experience in tournaments and I do very well in them and Barry these tournaments did you get a review in when you didn’t get the job done the first time like last week I bet you love participation Awards that’s what he says to wreckage it’s a very valid point I mean if there’s a tie in the American League Championship Series to both teams go on to the World Series no you have to pick a winner call the Russian tie in the NFL yesterday Braves you went out the door answer with john-boy that’s what his verdict was too bad we’ve got ricochet and Samoa Joe ricochet daddy shooting star press cover on Corbin and a kick-out I got an answer but just because someone in stripes gives you an answer doesn’t mean it’s the truth dug a little deeper no bounce face first off the apron now what does ricochet do both his opponents outside the ring and Renison gonna send Corbin Toula boot rate the face your Baron Corbin says about refuge a being a superhero take it out Samoa Joe what to say he says you’re like one of those tiny actual will the finals gonna cave the ring joy Papa John’s to bring people together it’s a great day Shari pista is a good start [Music] [Applause] [Music] big guys gonna stick together better day we’re all unique in their own ways someone’s mood if it infinity verizon knows everyone in your family is different there are so many of us doing so many different things that’s why fur eysan lets everyone mix and match different unlimited plans so everyone gets what they need without paying for things they don’t have plan is so reasonable they could stay on for the rest of the day switch now to Verizon new plans started just $35 that’s our lowest price for and limited ever their network more people rely on gives you more golden correct Golden Corral the only one named ASA can overpower you overwhelm you it obviously doesn’t know you I see hot I see the door to relax rise from pain I see her sweet is my cues be Grace and great peace be answered sweet tarts be both feed both three words warm strawberry jam he’s not dangerous hey boy or girl you’re definitely a boy there are people looking for you I will make sure you get home imagine [Music] blueberry this was their dream that I’ve had since I was a little kid it’s a fresh start it feels good to get back to football it keeps you young I felt like a rookie again the city’s always got our back you could throw the energy those kids are gonna remember at those moments for us for their lives that’s the beauty of football we are back live on Monday Night Raw ricochet Samoa Joe Baron Corbin triple threat match semifinals King of the Ring tournament first man against his father submission will advance to the finals ricochet trying to fight back with this batch – mojo dominated however using his power to his advantage and our ricochet Frank posed a huge drop to the ground well ricochets WWE’s resident superhero I think Baron Corbin just became fan oohs hey a look at this power [Applause] powered befitting hunting did you talk to me that’s barely his way through Corbin that rocked Corbin faded there Samoa Joe scaring off in Corbin there’s the face of intensity that’s a man looks ready to be called king Oh Joe would love to finish the business he began again remember there are no disqualifications or count-outs under Triple Threat rules but again the pinfall or submission must take place inside the ring hence the reason Joe got Corbin ain’t quickly now Perrin trying to fight back to these two big physical men pounding at one another and for Baron Corbin we’ll bring those gold and gloves to the fight our move by Carmen body shots to Samoa Joe and choked up beneath the Donner widow’s peak bear paws [Applause] eleven tucked underneath in it go straight to the throat drop Corbin town with a big boot those my cover by job to advance to the finals and a ricochet breaking it up more of an advance to this spot here tonight by beating the Miz and Cedric Alexander Joe knocked off Cesaro ricochet drew McIntyre before they had the inconclusive matchup last week and here now ricochet fighting back to say continuing to shop away who answers back if three shots in ricochet equals one from Joe not sure you want to go toe-to-toe with Samoa Joe and Rick and say though not to choke back into the ropes gonna use his forward momentum to his advantage looking to do it against the shoulder up at two [Applause] absolutely terrifying acceleration from Somalia John quickly pivots his hips nearly drives ricochet through the center of the Ring these three men looking to advance one of these men will advance to the finals next week in the King of the Ring tournament the winner of the King of the Ring tournament will join a dozen Hall of Famers who have once called themselves King of the Ring the likes of Harley Race and Booker T and Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle and Bret Hart many many others it’s just the menacing focus that we can see from Samoa Joe’s here putting great – she just where she wants and once you see those wheels start to spin moment is near by days perhaps the last week these two men were up there when Joe locked in the clocks with led to ära both men being pinned and now Samoa Joe looking for a superplex perhaps they can say very wisely trying to hook his arm underneath the top turnbuckle it’ll prevent Joe from leveraging him over and out Poorman looking for does he have the power to do it no not today great right from Joe stops the Baron Corbin from executing his plan ricochet top rope gonna land on his feet and force himself to roll through it without Baron Corbin turning ricochet inside out I guess she went back to last week’s Samoa Joe let’s step up kick right to the side of the face this could be our future – still maybe all three men are down critical moment in this match [Music] great show respect from the sellout crowd here in the city’s Madison Square Garden so many champions have been crowned and Madison Square Garden over the years the house that Bruno Sammartino sold out 188 times in his career sold out again here tonight for Monday Night Raw playing field oh you will endure who will move on Poorman back to his feet ricochet to his feet as well ricochet going to meet him in the center of the Ring gentle ricochet pull off what many would consider and upset in this triple threat here today it being upset with the fan base for ricochet just continues to go driving ricochet levels through the center of the Ring Fleiss a mile on the face of Corbin [Applause] underneath the chin of ricochet the man who has once of money in the bank on track winter former United States Champion Commissioner a Monday Night Raw would love to become King of the Ring there’s a constable pole although he would have been a great Commissioner as well I stand corrected you want to be on the right side of the King you want to be in his favor and Corbett [Applause] [Applause] w universe here in the garden is rabid right now Borman trying to do everything he can to break the clutch Samoa Joe with it locked in Corbett is fighting Joe his laser focus is draining the energy the right that of barry corbin right now he’s got to somehow turn himself around if he can somehow face samoa joe have an opportunity to get out of the Coquina clutch here corbin fighting but Joe’s got a down korban may be fading corbett is in trouble [Applause] was spectacular yes but I got a question ricochets logic can do it so in a year Point quarry the submission has to take place inside the ring does the pinfall ricochet can add one less opponent to deal with for the time being as we take another look at this yes spectacular yes breathtaking yes baby just thought the wisest decision for ricochet ricochet wants to prove that he belongs in the finals he’s going to do everything he can to knock off these men here tonight Triple Threat rules Monday nitro [Applause] we’re just a now trying somehow to get some Oh a joke back you to the ring and he does just that [Applause] until could be a position if ricochet could capitalize you see the welts on the ribcage of ricochet top brought down for ricochet 630 roll for Samoa Joe ricca-san underused is a human arm to his advantage there’s the leaked oil goings down in the corner once again ricochet gotta move Ricochet me in a club up top the energy this trip is this ricochets moment Jews in trouble ricochet could be 630° to the finals ricochet [Applause] six-thirty ricochet [Applause] [Music] you say thanks to Barry Corbet in fairy only that with situational awareness of the finest a victory for ki the emotion on the face of the Joe defeated looks on the face of everybody here at is there the fact is blast crashing down on his Samoa Joe but he always responsible ever ricocheting to the first row [Music] [Applause] of the King of the Ring [Applause] the coronation of King Borbon what an offense that will be [Music] make the month off a day is better learn now because you’re gonna say it a lot all hail Jay you whore [Music] [Applause] tournament finals who will he face will it be a live finals tomorrow night on Smackdown eight that image right there and hang it on a wall we will round out please and rather than important students back team at that Rollins Stroman Cedric Alexander and the Viking raiders we talked about Corbin 1-0 we’re done Corbin all hail King : my collar straight Rene’s [Music] we got muddy nightrod Natalia not half he’s got an opportunity and retribution Evans an Italian be quite next Tiffany can be trust with the out of WWE Network is free for new subscribers make a date with Tom wise it’s for just 10 bucks you’re gonna fall in love with my tuque and dine for 10 deal once you start smoking the consequences we’ll find you a kiss for James lies room cigarettes mainly 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grill all ZnO now you do to stock X now you know visit stock XCOM today it’s morphin time hey you guys are back if you want to hear this engine give me a hell yeah I’m gonna see if I can get to come out of retirement I’m gonna make this the most popular show on television according to you among your choices Game of Thrones Grey’s Anatomy stranger things River Vale The Walking Dead or Monday Night Raw the longest-running episodic program in television history is nominated for a People’s Choice Award and hashtag WWE Raw in any tweet in town dave-o congratulations buddy night Ron nominated for a People’s Choice Award Lacey Evans with a rematch tonight against Lee of the day win up go right at relationships before the start of their mass Natalya attempted to take advantage using dishonesty and gaining an upper hand on Lacey Evans who would battle through adversity and do the right thing and outsmart her competition right thing well it was a woman’s right that Lacey Evans who delivered a pickup tool in the classiest New York City’s been in I mean decade especially prepared eliminated very nice that’s near 51 with Lacey Evans here tonight Natalya seeking retribution Renee I know you did talk to the Italian and last award retribution was the war first word that came out of nagging Bob forum nobody wants to associate tonight that he’s gonna shutter them lacy evan has no desire to be associated with anybody in her locker room she’s a sassy southern bell rang its Placid up the joint Renee and listen I don’t know what last week lacy outsmarted to tell you period point-blank Italian out firing up here on lace the Evans lady here can ever get the best of a feisty one that breaks the rules of his people this is ridiculous it’s about time you know what everybody just picks it Natalia all the time I like when this version of her comes out to the right value it’s brought out the best Lacey Evans is also beaten best so Oh Natalya something up the legs looking perhaps for the Sharpshooter her submission maneuver look at Natalya whistie lacy inside out lacy with nowhere to go to use their long arms and just barely gets to the bottom rope to force of blades problem baby the referees count look at her up there’s hair pulling in there cool [Applause] this is classless this is despicable the official do what he can but now Lacey Evans rolling up d’Italia the tire rolled right through big discus clothesline takes down lacy cover now buying Italian is it enough to put her way and a kick-out by Evans dahlias got determination all over tonight we’re gonna step through for the Sharpshooter here smart move by lacy crawling the bottom rope lacy scrambling she doesn’t know what hit her Natalya has been relentless we’re gonna take a breather and shucker d’Italia yeah with a neckbreaker outside the ranks I guess once again lacy Evans outsmarts Vitaly on the tie letting her emotions get the best of her hair in this matchup and lacy just laid in wait and launched the attack is dimness and emotion bone [Music] the dye of now stop theater to cut one times Oh Lacey go play the aggression aggression here tonight this is payback for days if the time you was doing it he would have been saying oh it’s fine Maddie’s upset she just wants revenge but Lacey’s doing it she’s doing it better and this is exactly why you should be on the Lacey train it was interesting the way she usually apron there of course it was [Applause] elbow cover by Evans is that enough Aaron a kick-out look at this lent lessly stomping in the corner addy looks like she’s fading at this point Lacey just looked bothered do you know how difficult it is to maintain class when you’re in the wrong hole it’s very very difficult and Lacey excels at it cover violation Natalia and a kick-out yet again if I were in charge of New York City I would replace that nasty out on Ellis Island with the Statue of Lacey Evans and here’s the Talia fighting back to her feet looking to create separation on Evans that’s all right listen our Lacey Evans has the guts to tell the truth and be honest I think she’d agree with me [Applause] now Alan Lacey Evans from the second rope and I’m Natalia look at it take advantage right to the ribs Italian wasted time pandering and paid for it hey Rene give me your tired your poor Canadians we’ll take them all one nation under LaCie we can’t say anything miss Lacy’s dominating Natalya started this match very aggressive just like last week I’m glad she’s got a lot of other games she’s got good hygiene Rene yeah Conor with a boot now natty likes to take advantage the tie you’re gonna step through sharpshooter time the middle of the Ring Lacey nowhere to go she’s got a [Applause] [Music] this the tally is the winner mr. graves cigarette I’m a patriot Cole you’re definitely 4/6 darling [Music] we let this go white Brussels destroy this world we don’t have a lot of time you can take them down together mr. 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the industry’s largest catastrophe response teams State Farm will always be among the first to arrive and the last to leave to help show that human nature is greater than nature [Applause] with Domino’s new delivering insurance if you 99 each and put our delivery insurance to the test Steve Austin is less talk more show that WWE Hall of Famer taking his guests on one hell of a ride as they learn what it’s like to spend a day steve austin style choice steve as he welcomes his guests the legend come at you from New York City and a sold-out Madison Square Garden the arena that helped inaugural WrestleMania and SummerSlam tonight we’ve got a packed house in Manhattan also here tonight before Monday Night Raw review he’d be interrupted by Olaf Anna his a 24/7 champion r-truth would actually come down to the ring and greet and his cancer right here in Madison Square Garden try to get champion down moments before Monday Night Raw was that this guy and then this cancer give back and Cantor would actually hit our tree look Lee was there 24/7 championship he’d take off his warm-up suit and show that Jersey of his duty likes of which we’ve only seen some giant Gonzales in the past but thankfully our suits would save us from such a disastrous face recapture is 24/7 championship pretty 430 first time and his cancer is free to go back to Boston where no one likes him there either so our truth is now the 24/7 champion yet again how many times did you say that was James 15 times twenty-four seven different WWE will be defended please head over to WWE Network calm right now to sign up because clash of Champions is free for a new subscriber for grabs as if beastslayer Seth Rollins defends against his tag team culture continental championship on the line a classic kid class of Champions this Sunday the women’s tag team titles will be ups for grabs Alexa dough and the WWE Championship is as we find out if Kofi Kingston fairytale championship rain will continue or if it will come crashing down at the hands of the Viper Randy Orton at w/e Network if you haven’t done so already head over to WWE Network calm right now to sign up because class of champions is free for new subscribers but if you order a WWE Network calm right now you also get next month’s now in a Cell pay-per-view event for absolutely free for new subscribers class of champions this Sunday pretty live and this is a friendship battle never ever end [Music] [Applause] today we have very special lesson plan for you what’s got your tail tied and a not stranger with our friends sent abroad hmm a stranger you say you mean Stone Cold Steve Austin [Music] stop them hey the fiend power couple takes over to cover the latest edition of Muscle & Fitness available this Friday Universal Champion Seth Rollins and the champion Viki let’s talk about their unique workout to their plans to continue dominating WWE Seth says Becky and I have opposite strength when it comes to workouts Becky says LNC beef Slayer the universal champion getting fit for this massive headband and we return WWE to Madison Square Garden tomorrow night live Phil semifinals to the King of the Ring tournament gable and Elias tomorrow night the other team manages to work together tonight Kentucky with so many personalities so many gigantic men ha [Music] and Rollins for the tag-team titles at clash of Champions [Music] AJ spilling out the Stone Cold Stunner [Applause] [Music] Monday Night Raw is presented by 10-man tag team beat the United States Oh seat but he’s got involved in the crosshairs of AJ Styles by King Raiders in his cool looking good for such a Alexander [Music] this is gonna be chaotic with how to town for the meth in this match it’s throwing the Viking raiders go to one side he got cowpoke’s and company on the other and now the match is officially underway and it [Applause] Alexander ladies taken trying to take the initiative to start this thing off perspective there’s got to be a bit of a pecking order here though right I believe it’s going to be Seth Rollins the universal champion gonna start things off against Dolph Ziggler remember Rollins and strowman will defend against Ziggler and Roode tag-team titles before rollins and strowman meets the universal championship come Sunday you know Ziggler and Roode have started calling themselves the cultures of the tag-team division on Monday Night Raw [Applause] they had the bones of the tag-team division Ziggler and Reid had really shocked the world that they could knock off bronze and strowman on Sunday night you heard braun strowman earlier though he said listen I’m not turning my back on my partner I love being tag-team champions but I’m also gonna love being the universal champion as well and from the look in bronze I don’t doubt Romans intentions I think he is gonna compete at the highest level possible but as possible is the caveat there because braun strowman ultimately is focused on the universal title buries the knee to the midsection of Dolph Ziggler think of the effect that Rudy Ziggler could have on the universal championship picture by throwing look at this tandem offense here from the fighters ivar the burly wrecking ball cover by Eric and it’s AJ Styles will knock off the is a der alexander can’t wait to get himself [Applause] look at everybody going out at the official gonna have to try to somehow regain some sort of control here Rudy and Ziggler caught by strowman chokeslam [Applause] I’m gonna see if I can get to come out of retirement I’m gonna make a comeback fluffy talked me into it straight up Steve Austin all-new next on USA make a date with Tom wise – can dine for $10 just find someone as special as my chicken and sheriff life he says two sides and two biscuits for just ten bucks you’re gonna fall in love with my – smoking the consequences we’ll find you a kiss for James Lizer cigarettes may leave you with stained teeth disease do what you do best let us begin but a spoiler because it don’t spoil a 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delivers something more delivering M Carl Anderson of AOC and Cedric Alexander in a very physical matchup ensued right before the commercial break before the official was able to regain control [Applause] stuck in the corner Yossi Ziegler fresh in his mind that went down earlier tonight he was stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin tonight does not be the good night for AJ he was taken to the limit by Cedric Alexander crowd didn’t have good words for neither and styles looking a punish Alexander here whoa face-first I’ll go Styles centered with an opportunity should be looking for a tag right now critical point this matchup boot can get to their partners first all men trying to get a hand in our decision my Styles nothin fancy just driving the shore of Cedric into the Mountaineer Tom’s big Luke Gallows member with galas and anderson and styles to the cinetic Alexander last week that’s the reason he’s got the kinesio tape on his shoulder a backstage attack he’s alert and not presses kinesio tape tonight tomorrow it could be a cast to be a slave jazz continues work on the injured left arm of Cedric Alexander still too far from the good corners the good corn are you implying that the OSI root and Ziggler are bad because it’s the one that needs to get to it look at Robert brewed hoping to be caught Tag Team Champion Sunday at classic champions day you know where he is right now Bobby Roode to him work ceteris gotta somehow trying to get to his corner but you gotta give AJ and his team credit isolating the smallest ban on a team on the other side to wear him down also a man that’s already injured pad left arm and all this one case from Senator Alexander’s pride being a detriment already competed once tonight found himself under the boots of the OSI and decided to come out here and take this matchup brave short smart don’t think on his feet now how long Robert Roode can dominate but Alexander Atlanta this match and a kick-out by Cedric look look out for quickly Robert Roode runs interference keeping the ring in half placing his own body her again by Roode and again Alexander forced to kick out Roode placing his own body and look every time he goes into a cover core he wraps the bad arm of Alexander listen Robert Roode is a veteran a world traveled veteran why would you just show up one day and possess some skill for many many years arguably the most success Robert Roode has had in his career was as a member of the tag team he’s looking to recapture that glory alongside Dolph Ziggler it’s on full display here tonight him and Dolph Ziggler been firing on all cylinders together Madison Square echo chamber and look at rude now he’s got a Alexander it eats Emmett trying somehow to get back to his corner notice how Robert Roode keeps his body in between Robert is always a ever-present obstacle for Cedric to overcome and get past that’s one way to do it Cedric it really hurt this is a critical moment his partners know it Alexander trying to make it to the corner rules gonna make it to his corner however make a tag Rollins and Anderson now legal Universal champion on a roll right now by Rollins to carry to gallows Rollins launched out to the apron Seth gonna use the top rope to his advantage here’s the knee let’s precision striking by the champion and now Rollins it narrow is that enough to put Anderson away as he hooks the leg and it’s Robert Roode saving the matchup for his team they’re back into the mix [Applause] saw Eric with a heavy right flops Dolph gallows with a boot Aybar though with some circus Panda elbow [Applause] stairs so champion attack team champions rather monster among men is now legal college with a suicide to the other side be champions the opponents to the universal title or wiping everybody out rounds it strowman working like a well-oiled machine right now Ronnie door slam cover by strobing pushed into his partner by rude and Ziggler and I don’t think strowman strowman didn’t realize what happened [Applause] I love the dish remote it’s great so why build him a thermostat up change temperatures the lights down and still access their DVR [Music] actually [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey neighbor see this sweet she’s just taped on for show they’ll still buy it thank you golden Corral’s juicy endless sirloin and saucy st. louis-style ribs really put the meat in meet me in st. Louis endless sirloin and st. louis-style ribs Golden Corral the only one I don’t know I ever liked [Applause] hmm exactly Liberty Mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay new crest gum insensitivity and then I don’t well the trampoline ah no it’s my teeth your teacher just sensitivity I should see my dentist my teeth have been really sensitive lately well 80% of sensitivities starts at the gum line Sojin sensitivity protection Oh your teeth no it’s brain freeze crest healthy beautiful smiles for life [Music] [Applause] [Music] I love being part of this team better pizza better day [Music] I love being part of this too and I love peace of my whole life better pizza better day [Music] it’s gonna get you right in the gut straight up Steve Austin is left over to do this a dark horse shoe I have never knew next on us a three-night law the universal champion Seth Rollins is in trouble Dolph Ziggler makes the tag and here comes Carl Anderson of the OSI again with clash of Champions living this Sunday streaming live on the WWE Network so much at stake momentum to be built in this match here tonight rollins and strowman here’s the cover by anderson hook to the leg and a kick-out they defend their tag-team titles against root Ziggler then they’ll battle each other for the universal championship once again Anderson gallows in the OSP rooting Ziggler doing a great job of cutting the ring in half isolating a member of the other team and grind down as Seth Rollins is finding out right now Rollins and strowman at a flurry before the commercial break had a bit of an argument as well Rollins trying to make a tag and plant it on a spinebuster cover high Anderson isn’t it better kick out the frustration setting in for Carl and us at Carl Anderson sorry it has been quite the night here on Monday Night Raw we kicked things off of course with Stone Cold Steve Austin who had braun strowman and Seth Rollins signed the contract officially the universal championship match on Sunday and then guys AJ Styles would separate Stone Cold Stunner also here tonight on a Monday Night Raw we saw Baron Corbin with a triple threat match over Samoa Joe and ricochet to advance to the finals of the King of the Ring stole it Cole he stole that and what about the matchup between Becky Lynch Charlotte Clara gets Sasha banks and Bayley almost miraculously Lynch and Sterling Blair picked up the win over the best friends but Oh wrongs make it over to get the tag Stroman and company realized this is a big big turning point of this batch perhaps general uns get they’re rude to his partner Ziggler and out Dolph Ziggler legal man and Dolph caught by rock dolls under the famous football not what he got Rollins now a long long way from his corner has to get past Dolph Ziggler who’s beginning to stir Dolph trying to prevent Rollins from making the tag tag made to the United States Champion AJ Styles and he will not allow Rollins to get through the quarter at least momentarily tag made here comes strowman [Applause] Rollins tag-team partner laughs in a tag team champion sauvages battering styles with shoulder tackles and a monstrous boot Carlos is gonna get some drama just flashing styles in the corner looking for the right power slam style beside himself in great awareness by the Viking raiders Erica legal man that’s Dolph Ziggler flying is the kind of stuff that Eric and I have our live port just brutality at any cost just being a fight wherever you are primal scream in the face moments ago there is a Jamie the Pele stick kick there’s the tag comes I VAR hi VAR an agent a legal man in this matchup as Aybar takes out Stiles he’s ready for a fight deceptive agility over 300 pounds moves like a man half that size as we are about to see go to the top bro [Applause] Alexander is the legal man i’ma just flatten the rest of the team AJ Styles caught Alexander and now Styles think of his phenomenal flora but he caught it with a single form and now styles off the top rope down [Applause] Cedric Alexander has been the an estate [Music] [Music] [Music] hey everybody since over any disease don’t call back as we head towards Sunday [Music] titles people [Applause] this is cold beer back and Cory if you’re ready for Sunday Class A champions yeah

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