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what’s up you guys Sean Ross at managing editor or janitor – at fight ‘full calm as I was announced as on last Wednesday’s list and you boy it is September 9th nine nine nineteen reminds me of that Dreamcast joined here by the dream maker Alex pelowski but Alex all dreams must come to an end yeah as has your run on the Monday Night Raw post show here the Eifel calm it’s been a while like I know Rob Rob was on it to begin with and then he was removed and I took over but it was Leah Remini ously fired was Rob not really not really rot Rob had to leave because he was thinking about accepting a flow slam job then he told him hit the bricks in in a great career move from Rob yes here yeah and then I took over but that was that was what fall of 2016 something like that and years man years dissecting Monday Night Raw its ups and it’s many many downs and and and frankly I’m I’m excited to be going on to the a shows on on Wednesday but we may have an announcement later that I may not be moving entirely away from the B and C shows we can go ahead and make some of those announcements cuz I teased them and let’s be honest there weren’t that many segments on Raw tonight there was a lot of stuff but not that many segments so we can talk about it next Monday you will be replaced by Denise acido who does some great work with afterbuzz she’s been on xbox podcast she is awesome when I was able to land her I was very very excited now Alex will remain on the Tuesday shows until Smackdown moves to Friday then Warren Hayes joins me on Fridays there will be some times where I have fill-ins for that show because guys got to have a day off but Alex and Warren will both be joining me on Wednesdays it’s looking like we’re gonna do a post show I got a little eager and said maybe we’ll do a watch along but I got a little big for your britches so what that does is it shuffles a lot of things our fight will select subscribers said what happened to the NXT 205 live UK review that warns born does well to NXT will be covered weekly starting next week we’re gonna get on a live post show as soon as they go on USA we’re gonna be covering that weekly along with aew we do The Weekender podcast on fight will select with Steven Jensen who covers non WWE stuff so I said hey why don’t you run down 205 live and in X to UK we can make it a a non main roster show so to speak he was down with that but we have additional segments Alex has pitched and honestly me and Jimmy had kind of talked about it prior without him even knowing I know it’s weird and Alex you pitched me a segment called sour grapes yeah yeah uh uh I don’t know if I’ll be watching Monday Night Raw live but I’ll be watching it that night at some point in fits and starts and I’ll be taking some notes and I’ll be for those of you who feel like you’re gonna miss me crapping all over bad segments of Raw don’t worry you’ll still be able to get them in a little one man review thing I’m still playing around exactly with how it’s going to work but it’s going to be called sour grapes where I hate what you like and it’s gonna be a lot of fun I I think that was a fantastic name cuz I was thinking like okay I wanna pitch Alex this segment but what should we do cuz even Jimmy was like alright if alex is awful raw we should have him do some sort of segment but myself and Jimmy have a segment that’s being added to select along with sour grapes that stupid people extended ran its course it’s out of here so we’re doing the list goes on last week we had an additional like 16 minutes that we added to the podcast feed a fight full select so no shortage of new content coming to fight for select and we’ve got even more coming I’m going to be doing more bonus shows ever month as I’m kind of off the the new off the news beat Jeremy Lambert carlos toro robert DeFelice have taken that over and i’m able to do a little bit more different content got a lot of stuff in the plans so make sure you guys subscribe to fight will select more big changes coming there but we’re really excited about the stuff with alex and of course you know we got we got warned over there all the time doing retro reviews lots of neat stuff go check out fight will select calm there’s probably going to be something there that you’re gonna like so you’re gonna have monday’s myself and denise wednesdays myself alex and more and plus that listen you voice show with jimmy van then fridays myself and warren and on some weeks it’ll be warned and a co-host but tonight if you’re here after Monday Night Raw you want your question read you want your statement read donate a super chat any amount we’ll get it done but hey maybe you want to ask as many questions as you want and you want to do it for just 5 bucks well lucky you you can subscribe to fight will select my Q&A field is up right now for this week’s Q&A show check it out Hannah Moore who was at MSG sent a super jet and said this is for us doing the wave during the show Anthony a says do you think gable will win King of the Ring I don’t Alex I think you’ll you’ll flip into a really neat end of days and get pinned oh yeah I mean that’s the the idea is certainly that he he’s gonna make for a great foible he’s going to get us to believe that he’s going to win several times throughout the match and then burn Kobe will win and guess what if I’m wrong and chad gable does win gosh yeah wait to be wrong that’d be awesome but i’m not gonna be around about this I was right about King Corbin getting through all of Raw as I was even right when they were like hey triple threat and like so Corbin steals the pin from ricochet then right and yeah that’s what happens sometimes it’s predictable doesn’t mean the match was bad and that’s what’s great we’ll talk about it but it’s the same time if you’re gonna put together this kind of bracket for uh for your King of the Ring tournament maybe throws swerves in there which they did on Smackdown but not so many on Raw Brendan asks do you see a babyface Carmelo versus a he’ll Bailey food I think that’s a real good idea Carmela has shown that she can deliver in the ring and they have history Alex they’ve heard legitimate best friends sure I mean absolutely though it’s it’s wide open at this point when they’ve decided to like and I did enjoy a lot of what they’re doing with their keep they’re staying true to all the characters even when Bailey quote/unquote turned heel she did so by aligning herself with her best friend for years so that’s not really a heel turn it’s just like decide no no no my priority is my best friend Sasha banks I’m still the same old Bailey like she’s not acting differently she’s the same person so that’s interesting and I’m wanting to see were like we’re how her relationship with other people besides Sasha and you know Charlotte who she’s meeting with actually turns out last Super chat of this bunch somebody says Shawn what are you drinking and when you cut in your hair I’m drinking pure leaf brewed tea I actually I’m drinking tea cuz they’re not paying me sweetness stevia because Jimmy Jimmy Van has me as nagged me to the point to where I have I’m not doing the artificial sweetener when I’ll cut my hair Oh kind of like it these days maybe I’ll never cut it I don’t know we’ll see maybe if you all want me to cut it bad enough maybe I will maybe I will but we got Monday Night Raw to talk about Monday Night Raw from MSG now WB hadn’t done this in a while Alex it had been a long time since they worked Matt or they ran Madison Square Garden and do you think it’s a coincidence that when ROH and New Japan decided to run Madison Square Garden and Triple A decided to run Madison Square Garden thing then only ran the Hulu theater that this happened because to me it seems like very jealous ex-boyfriend ish like I didn’t really care about you that much enough to hang on to you but now that I see you with somebody else so I gotta come back and show you how good I am well that’s always the way it works I mean it does feel that way I mean III don’t I mean it certainly is also possible they decided to run this you know as to combat the first Monday Night Football game of the year should like thinking that even if you know it’s an event to see to watch raw from inside the garden from the comfort of your own couch I mean I don’t know if that’s certainly an event anymore but considering the people they decided to bring out to these two nights in Austin and The Undertaker I think that that’s that that’s kind of the event of trying to go for it and definitely I think that if you can ever ascribe a jealous a former boyfriend a motive to Vince McMahon it’s probably correct and like I’m looking I think it’s been uh Survivor Series 2011 last time they ran TV there yeah last time they ran Raw there looks like ten years ago ten years ago last like November was was that the the night the Kofi or tonight I don’t think so I thought it was oh well maybe I don’t know oh well oh well my god we would but it started off with Steve Austin a deafening pop Alex he’s always going to get that and the thing about it that I love is that even though you know it’s it’s our you know our brains like go back to a certain time when we see guys from that era show up and we go uh yeah member that gosh I really have to like wipe of my brain of what I’m watching as they kind of shamble to the ring and struggle to get through the ropes and and you know and creaky knees to get up on the turnbuckles to raise a hand not Steve Austin that dude looks sick he looks like he could go right now like I mean that that’s what’s cool is like II is I look at Steve Austin now and I go that’s amazing to me that he was doing all this stuff 20 years ago because he does look fantastic for his age yeah like better than any of those of those guys from that generation with the exception of the rock who ever come back alright I don’t care the situation I would still watch a CM Punk versus Steve Austin match give me four weeks a build and I’m good don’t care how bad the match is gonna be it’s one of those things that I’m like man we should have had it we should have said it but happen austin says it’s been over 20 years he’s been in the garden but it definitely hasn’t been he wrestled it’s true six or seven times there in last twenty years had the Brock Lesnar Goldberg match at mania twenty fifteen years ago that he raft but he recalled memories of MSG and lets the world know that he was brought there to make sure the contract signing tonight actually happens boston refuses to shake braun strowman’s hand Rollins out there next and I thought a lot of what Rollins said was cheesy but I did kind of like how he embraced the what chance that made for kind of a fun moment all things considered I liked that he also came out and said normally I friggin hate it when you guys do this because like no nobody gives voice to that like I’m pretty sure all those performers hate being wanted you know they’re not they’re not gonna say that like but in this case he can come out and say normally I hate it tonight with this guy in the ring I kind of like it because listen I mean also during his promo his gosh remember how great it used to be anyway Here I am to do this thing Vincent asked me to do promo that that Steve Austin did they were wedding him hard and he was playing along with it that was good oh yeah his bronze comes out and Austin says okay I’m here to have you guys sign this contract and Austin and Ron says yeah let’s get drunk to it let’s sign that contract but first I’m gonna talk about bullshit for the next five minutes like it was kind of his like that that didn’t help when you acknowledge that you’re here to do one thing and you decide to talk about nothing like hey we’re here in New York City as though nobody else who’s in the arena knows what city they’re in yeah there was a lot of time killing on this show a lot of time lots like The OC coming out and just just abusing time with their own what chance oh man this took forever this one about four minutes longer than it needed to go they get called assholes which awesome brings attention to the most where’s the asshole talk we’ve had on this show that’s true now fortunately there’s plenty of asshole talk in my interview that drops tomorrow with RJ City make sure you guys check that out a lot of you might know him from if you’re in Canada if you’re in any country that he’s syndicated in he’s on the show splatalot he’s a pro wrestler that has worked a lot with David Arquette he is going to be a name that you all are gonna watch it is one of my best interviews ever check that one out but today we have the Alexa bliss interview that dropped so make sure you guys check that out too Stroman says he’s going to open up a can of whoop-ass there’s all the asshole talk strowman and Rollins beat up the OSI but it ends with Austin giving Styles a stunner what do you think about that I mean it’s another one of the situations where the old guy goes over Styles but I mean honestly unless it’s Bray Wyatt at this point you’re probably and Austin for many of the same reasons of Foley Foley I mean you don’t want him exactly dropping on his head and back and neck but I could see Steve Austin taking a mandible claw or something of that nature but I’m cool with this yeah no it doesn’t hurt Stiles a bit no no it is Hurst I was a bit and stiles came out and decided to run his him house like usually the guys that when I hate it when I hate that it’s like hey these here are these guys who are currently under contract you got you guys who are currently under contract you young guys you suck you suck young guys goading them into attacking the old guy and the old guy gets it goes over on him AJ came out and immediately decided to like do it a mockery impersonation of stone cold and kept Ron telling him to shut up and all this stuff like AJ was asking for it like if he didn’t get it would have been you know false advertising at that point yeah you never want false advertising when when somebody wants to get it when they’re asking for it absolutely whether you’re 54 years old like Stone Cold Steve Austin you’re 40-something years old like AJ Styles maybe you’re in your early 30s like Seth Rollins really doesn’t matter how old you are when somebody wants it and they want you to give it to him you got to deliver unfortunately when the mailman delivers your blue chouhi though that you’re going after a hard year because it is delivered in a discreet package everybody’s not all up in your business I mean people words gonna get around that you got a super good dick game thanks to Blue Cheer comm code fight for blue chi brings you the first chewable of the same fda-approved active ingredients as Viagra and Cialis so you know they work whether you’re you’re a legend like Stone Cold Steve Austin that wants to just keep his head in the game if you know what I’m saying or an up-and-comer blue ChiCom 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leads to a j-style still reeling in the ring Alex and Cedric Alexander wisely comes out there and is like hey I I want to get this going now let’s do this and he’s dominant and there’s a topic on Hilo that hits hard one of many topic on helos that hit hard on this show AJ went to work on Cedric’s arm after a few minutes some hard-hitting action ensued but gallows Anderson came out and attacked Cedric causing a DQ well Viking raiders make the save the faces the ring and I am beyond well let’s talk about the match first off good hard-hitting action Cedric controlled it it made a lot of sense considering that AJ Styles just ate a stunner ya know I I liked I liked all that Cedric has has looked incredible in recent matches on Raw I love that they’re pushing him it is no longer a mystery as we recognize now that the guy who was in charge of creative on 205 live is now Paul Heyman’s right-hand man and running Raw so he says hey all these guys that I used to love working with back in 205 live I’m gonna give them a push okay Paul Paul says fine so yeah Cedric looked great I loved it the context of it the reason that he gets a chance to look that break in beginning it is because AJ just took a stunner that left him laid out that’s great I’m a huge fan of context you know me Shawn genre semi I love a match in a vacuum but I love even more a match outside of a vacuum non vacuum two matches yeah a vacuum in a Cell match could be very good or hell thank you maybe yeah yeah we could rock with that Viking raiders out I’m beyond ready for them to face actual teams I just don’t want the OC jobbed out too much because we just we literally just got done with them not getting job doubt job that would have been an improvement they were on TV for a year and a half and then they signed a new deal they got a little push and all of a sudden they’re pushed back down the card yeah I mean I I think I think they could be utilized greatly to establish a team like the Viking raiders as major threats I think it should be a thing where it’s for the titles because at least then you know it’s not like here were these also-rans who used to be great and we’re gonna put over the the younger guys it does it feels more important if the titles are involved but you know I mean rude and Ziggler I guess yeah speaking of rude and Ziggler really tried to they tried to weasel their way in at the time I was like are they trying to weasel their way into the OSI are they trying to weasel their way into a match what is it they’re trying to do well they get the OSI to agree to let them kind of weasel their way in at least to the match but there was no match at that point right no they were like hey hey guys you have some some common enemies that we have so maybe we should okay handshake fist pound yes handshake fist pound yes and there was no like hey would you like to team with us in a 10-man tag as the main event of tonight’s program there was nothing so specific as that it was just made later they were yeah but just hey oh well now I guess we have to have this match it was just weird and I don’t love the way that they’re writing Ziggler and Andrew is really rude is like hey hey Sigler look it’s it’s the OSI those guys have run things but not tonight I guess that’s never been whoo that’s not roots woods the guy wears a great suit he’s totally like then I don’t know what this is like you can figure out you can you can make them a pair if you want you can decide now they’re a tag team we don’t get to like decide there are completely different characters than who they have been for their entire time on on TV Roman reigns comes out speaks for Connors cure I thought this was the good good really great use for him yeah on this show is trying to find the words to really describe it and kind of stumbled over but reigns is an honest-to-god cancer survivor so I mean why not have him do this it means so much more I mean can you imagine these kids who are all probably huge Roman reigns fans yeah who are battling cancer and have beaten cancer and have an honest-to-goodness superhero to look up to to say like Roman reigns had cancer he beat it I’m gonna be like Roman reigns like how important that is for a little kid to have something like that to latch on to and look up to this was a really this was one of the better Connors cure segments I remember them doing I have learned to tune all this street profits shit out it’s really hurtful at this point like I’m watching it going and it was so bad forever and I don’t know like is it is it a thing with their like hey watch these guys and I mix tea or now that these guys aren’t champs anymore like maybe they’ll be on Raw where there’s a draft coming up rumor dish did like that would have been one of the if this were crammed into two hours it would have been one of the better to our rows in years because of the quality of the in ring work but that the extra four or five minutes to the opening segment and honestly we didn’t need AJ and Cedric if they were gonna do a 10-man tag you didn’t need it the women’s tag match while good that was a 28 minute segment for an 18 minute match yeah there were like three or four commercials there the street profits you didn’t need it at all well no the street profits have to be there it’s a directive from Vince we have those three profits that the two funny black guys have to be there to do jive things and inform the audience of the things they’ve already seen like it’s really really stupid like you you can utilize these guys through so many better ways than this at least let them write their own stuff or improv a little but this is all drak that they’re being given to do and it’s it’s just painful to watch and they’re both so good so talented and they babe they’ve really come a long way in the ring there’s so much fun to watch like you can’t you’re gonna have people who when they finally get a chance to watch these guys on the USA Network we’re on Fox depending on where they wind up in said rumored draft are gonna be like oh these guys change this channel like like because it’s that you’ve conditioned us to hate them as opposed to really want to see what they’re about when they get in the ring we saw enes kanter get in the ring now Alex you know I’m gonna love this cuz he went to school that 40 minutes from me as if there were any accomplishment greater than the fact that him simply not playing at Kentucky got Josh Harrelson’s big white ass drafted that’s a miracle the fact is simply in his canter not playing any ball got this big dopey white dude drafted by the NBA several seasons to he won the 24/7 championship from r-truth before this then tears off his suit reveal his new Celtics Jersey yeah and I loved graves saying and now we can go back there where nobody’s gonna like him there either now I’ve inquired in the past about his possibility of wrestling in the future and he sees pretty young he’s like 26 27 and his knees are already racked Oh totally wrecked I mean he’s he’s a big man in the NBA yeah yeah of course is these records yeah it’s really too bad I mean if he could do the great khali thing he’s gonna put on a lot of weight though oh yeah he you don’t realize how small MEA yeah ears are easily speaking six foot ten but like 235 you don’t I mean like that’s that doesn’t work in WWE yeah it’s just like yeah I enjoyed seeing him on on Raw cuz I’ll tell you what that DDP stuff was painful to watch as much as I I love DDP and I love in his Kanter that stuff was so painfully scripted yeah I it was it was not for me it definitely just was not for me Joseph r-truth won the title back by the way Joseph Farley says weekly profanity buffer go cats yeah it is that time it is that time firefly funhouse another good one because they’re easing the Steve Austin stuff who knows if we’ll get anything from it but then there’s a clock with 11 19 there’s a lot of speculation and I asked people Wyatt what do you think this is and a bunch of people who apparently don’t know how calendars work we’re saying Oh smack down Oh Survivor Series well let me tell you guys neither Smackdown or Survivor Series are on or on 1119 Smackdown moves to Friday next month smacked our Survivor Series is like 11 22 something like that it’s not the same it’s Tuesday not the same then people are saying oh well that’ll be the time on Raw or it’s right so help me God a survivor or this show Sunday goes till 11:00 19 I’m gonna snap cuz the show’s gonna start at 6:00 right I don’t need it doo doo doo know what it is Shawn I’ve heard Bible verses I’ve heard the date that Undertaker is the Undertaker debuted nationally official officially debuted yes now that that to me is the really intriguing thing because it’s I mean 11:19 means something it doesn’t mean nothing Shawn if they did something with it and to me that’s that’s the the logical way to go girl after you take blue chew right is if the way I would book it is I don’t I don’t need like it’s fun to think of Bray Wyatt versus Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell match but once you put the title on him he’s no longer a special guy like he’s the champion which means he’s the face of the brand he’s not like this guy flicks in and out he’d you can’t like make the lights go out and give Jerry Lawler a mandible claw we’re here on the belt you serve a different purpose at that point I don’t think he should be losing cling to Seth Rollins not in me losing period at all so the way I would do it is they have Undertaker somehow ruined that for Bray Wyatt because because you know he basically put his date in his mouth and then now you have a Survivor Series the themed versus the Undertaker this time it’s for real dead man if you lose this match you’re gone like you could do that because what a perfect guy to do it because Bray Wyatt and all this momentum and went up against the Deadman at WrestleMania and Ed Gein everything after that was nothing so is it Bray Wyatt’s new version that the new scary evil guy is way scarier than like you know a very old slow man in a trench coat and he would be the one to actually put out Undertaker they’re never gonna do that but there are certainly ways to get to an undertaker the themed match that I would be very interested in watching I think the last two episodes of Firefly funhouse have been a couple of my favorites and yet honestly there was a period where I wondered if they had beat and they have not I was very happy with that I was not happy with the extended video package and all the entrances for this woman’s tag match like we’re talking like 10 11 minutes and a couple commercial breaks before the match happened from the the video package to the bell ringing to commercial break so you don’t need that you don’t need that you could have done something else there but this was a very fun match it went 17 18 minutes there were some real lulls in the crowd and then there was some this is awesome chance when it picked up towards the end Alex man I thought this was really good some lowlights the second rope leg drop of Becky’s doesn’t do it for me the little push kick doesn’t do it for me if Becky had Bailey’s offense I think that would even accelerate her like as far as like hitting hard and slugging it out that moonsault that Charlotte missed and wasn’t supposed to yuck but there’s some really great spots that figure-eight getting broken up the good strike combo from Becky Sasha doing the Meteora outside a backstabber on Becky as she’s trying to go for the disarmer Bayley left standing she looked really good at points especially she goes Bayley to belly into the barricade on Becky then Bayley to back onto Charlotte outside the ring yeah that sets up natural selection in the ring lots of good spots they got some good time they got main event caliber wrestler time on the show Alex yes all of the things that you have mentioned that are good I agree with hmm and yet I wonder if if you could trade having this match for the first time ever these four women on in the WWE main event a for the tag match between these four women and instead you figured out a way to build to it so that like we’ve met we keep these women out of the ring all four of them at the same time between now and Survivor Series they go at each other they hate each other there’s a few of them in the ring one of them saves the other one from a beat-down all this stuff until we’re frothing at the mouth to see them get their hands on each other all four of them and the same as opposed to hey by the way we announced on Twitter we’re gonna do this match on Monday like it like it didn’t there wasn’t I mean I know there’s a build to it in the other way but there’s a way of getting to it to the point where when are we ever going to get another first time ever you’ve been asking for it here it is these these people fight each other for the first time ever on a big-time pay-per-view match like I just I miss that this was great and it’s cool to see these women have this kind of a great match in Madison Square Garden yeah where the last time let’s be honest that raw ran the garden was what do you like I wonder how long the longest women’s match on that night was two minutes two minutes maybe was there was a brought was it a broad and panties match like listen like the how far we’ve come in a decade so that these women could have this spot doing this great stuff at Madison Square Garden on Raw is awesome and yet I just really wanted them to do this it’s Survivor Series or something you know what I mean but as long as this continues you could you could absolutely if you’re doing it right billed to a four corners fatal four-way winner-take-all both championships on the line between these four at mania and you tell me what’s a bit of a bigger match than that if you build it right and these guys are these these women are all still going strong I mean they showed that what they can do there they’re the top of their game and we’d love to see where that goes from here I need some more women built up effectively underneath these that can work in the ring because it can’t always just be these for right now it can but right if you hear it right when you say you need some women built up underneath these four who can work and go in the ring know who it can’t be its Nettie and Lacey Evans because a 50/50 booked like Feud like protracted I don’t know any time doesn’t like that that now that’s the word the women’s revolution goes to die I’m sorry like like the crowd could not have been less into this like nope nobody cared like there’s got to be a level beneath the four horsewomen having an awesome feud together and above lacey and natty doing something let’s go ahead and talk about that and italia defeated lacey evans i thought this is one of Lacey’s better in ring performances she had a great neckbreaker smothered in italia with the ring apron a really good heel move that slingshot elbow hits so hard it’s amazing yeah oh boy her work does still have that early Baron Corbin feel and not just because of the association but it’s where she applies that Cobra clutch and just grinds it to a halt and Natalya was like now we’re not doing that we’re gonna work out of that one lacy misses her marrow salt because that that Cobra clutch resting is not what you need an hour three of Raw you got to have fast-paced stuff there except in rare cases Natalya has some great counters like she’s she’s really good with that with like just getting a foot up and really grinding everything and and doing something as little as putting a foot up on a Bronco Buster attempt yeah it was anyway in launching somebody for Natalya it’s good because it really portrays that she is a crafty veteran that she knows her way around the ring and lacy maybe doesn’t well Natalya does know her way around the ring except for the points where she’s like she gets in a little uh she’s like gets a boot up and gets an opportunity and then before she does her speedy clothesline she goes come on you guys way did you sit right in the ribs but did you see the now this post today where it’s got the girl explaining why Oh shouldn’t say you guys man the time you get it it’s not gender inclusive enough and boy they got a third a third in the replies but Natalia wins and I mean this match is pointless but WTV does pro desperately need to build up some more female talent and they need it for people who can deliver in the ring people like Lacey Evans right now as I’ve mentioned before in a tag team she would be very very serviceable she would be very like especially with somebody who can work but W be right now needs to make some strong people who can work in the ring yeah to where I ask where does ember moon fit into all this I honestly don’t know let’s hope that after the upcoming rumored draft that she fits in somewhere where she could actually get some TV time I mean she needs to be at that level right below these four women and there are a bunch of other woman who could absolutely fit into that that that place but Lacey Evans a net man like this is some of her best work and that’s that saying something you don’t I mean but yeah this was this was not my jam I don’t I don’t need a 5050 feud between these between these women I don’t either I if the tally is gonna win this make her go over hard that’s what I say oh I mean it seems it seems tailor-made to like make Lacey look strong while she’s not involved with the with the top viewed in the women’s division if that’s the case you have a tap out to the Sharpshooter yeah a deficit that doesn’t help like I mean you could have her like like getting the Sharpshooter get to the ropes and then get angry and like you know gets qualified in some way like she was going to tap out but she didn’t I mean I don’t know whatever it is but it’s like if that’s your point which to me seems like why you run this free to begin with is to keep Lacey looking strong so she can be a because they love Lacey I don’t know why but they do but if you’re gonna keep her looking strong you can’t have her tap out clean to them to the Sharpshooter well goddamn it the wrestling world was promised Lucha Libre wrestling Madison Square Garden in September 2019 and triple-a is rocking the Hulu theater so WWE was like we’ll do it damn it and they did it pretty good Rey Mysterio defeated Grande metal leak this match was like all metal leak yeah this was made it made him look very good I love rays gear in this match yeah it’s full I did not like metal League almost breaking Ray’s head with his ass Alex Wow yeah I it’s one of those things like I feel like Ray’s like oh no usually somebody else catches me I’m not usually the guy underneath you know taking all the brunt of these things you know atomic stink face there he did not catch that well and that’s a that’s a that’s a metalic move you scouted him at all that’s one of the things he does is that step up the overcome hero Alto pecan salad toss there yeah it was filthy there’s a nice spring Ward ass want on the hits for metal leak but Ray kicks out why is it a Centon when everybody else does it but it’s only a Swanton when Jeff Hardy does it but it’s the same it’s the same new it’s the exact same move I don’t know metal League beats the breaks off of Ray my favorite spot of this match was that second rope hurricanrana and I love it they pointed out the snap that Ray and Mel yeah ooh boy that we’re talking like an old that’s what you used to see Scott Steiner finish people with like not that type of move but when they got that snap on it you believe yeah ooh that probably messed him up a little bit oh and he’s gonna take advantage and pin them well yeah they’re at it yeah that was real good stuff ray winds with the sunset flip bomb six one nine in frog splash but this was designed to do a couple things a few things Alex get metal leaked on TV have a good match ray win highlight metal leak and it did all those this is a home run segment yeah I know it was all it was great I love the idea of I’m not retiring instead I’m gonna I’m gonna wrestle all these guys who absolutely grew up watching like old grainy video tape of that heard that had Halloween Havoc match between me and Eddie and I’m going to like get in the ring and I’m gonna like see if I can still go against the guys who came up wanting to be me like can we just have him keep doing that like it’s all kind to dudes out there now we’re cited WWE who fit that description this meta leaked looked fantastic like if you go back to this crews Android classic stuff like he was so good in that tournament I don’t think he’s been utilized like the third most important guy in lucha house-party you could really utilize that guy he’s a big the biggest of the three you might put away the noisemakers even yeah I mean the pagana so importantly here’s the thing I appreciate about Rey Mysterio when I got full-on back into wrestling he was 96 that’s when I was really like allowed to watch it again and really watch it all the time and I remember the big spot in the Shawn Michaels Bret Hart WrestleMania biggest match of the year match was a moonsault we saw Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair both do those in random spots in the middle of matches tonight they’re stuff that Rey Mysterio did in that same year in matches that I still don’t see people doing today the net in 1997 Rey Mysterio did that DDT to Eddie Guerrero when do you see that you know ray does break can’t even pull it off like that when I tried like there was stuff back then 20 years ago that he was doing that some people that people can’t do today much less have done and then expanded upon and like made it completely different nobody was doing 6 30s back then a 450 was like whoa what the hell is this but you got guys like Rey Mysterio who was doing like a back flip DDT got guys like to cold Scorpio who did a moonsault legdrop nobody’s doing that today when you see guys like that man and that that’s what really stands out to me so the fact that both he and Scorpio are still working today that that’s pretty telling because what was the thing you would always hear about that like how long can they keep it up how long can they keep it up well they both them pretty damn well for them selves yep King of the Ring semi-finals dare I say match of the night Alex I loved this match this was incredible super great match loved it Joe got a fantastic reaction yeah and oddly so did Baron Corbin Corbin’s been putting in work man let’s the thing about him is that as we said if he’s if he’s allowed to have these these matches at this kind of work right this kind of pace like people are really gonna start to really fall in love with with this guy even though he’s a heel and we all love to hate him but where you are you getting to the trouble as we’re like okay Corbin here’s the part where you slow it down for five straight minutes yeah I just put a guy in a headlock that’s that happen else in crossface that’s what it always was when you knew you saw that you knew the match was in trouble now what I don’t agree with is all these people that said best he owned the business and I’m like no he really wasn’t the matches were bad the promos were bad people didn’t want it like it did people tuned out in droves that’s not best healed in business that’s not can he be working this style I think so the other thing is you want to see that guy get beat you want him to be able to talk you into the building you want him to be able to piss you off into the building yeah and I think that this Baron Corbin can do that yeah and I love that we’ll talk about this match and all the things that but I love that that he wins matches either he’s winning them by pulling out is never ever been kicked out of finisher which is a major deal because when the first guy like if you if you put him in a position where he can be a champion of some kind and so up comes somebody who he doesn’t take seriously and that guy is the first one to ever kick out of the finisher that makes that guy whoever that person is like that’s a that’s a very useful thing to have in a heel also I love that when he when he wins matches by cheating he doesn’t actually she yes he’s just he’s just as smart and that’s what pisses you off because you’re like I cheated cheat no I guess he didn’t cheat damn it that makes me even madder like that’s the kind of thing that you want in the heel that’s great the whole thing of like I’m gonna I’m gonna like I’m gonna I’m gonna get out of this match because I don’t want to be in this match because I’m too good for this match that’s like okay just just have the match when they do that chicken chin thing or they beat him all the time or eat to win all the time it’s like what good is he what good is he this tournament has shown how good Baron Corbin is I love stopping the Tower of Doom spot I love it crowd is all about this match a really big testament to WT making this tournament matter I love the boot to the deep-six spot Joe pulls Corbin out into a Coquina clutch I dug that spot to Nags him onto the floor and ricochet breaks up with a shooting star press and again we talked about being smart as a heel why are babyface is so stupid ricochet just sit in the ring sit in the ring and wait for Komodo to completely choked out Baron Corbin one of your opponents is then out of the match well I mean he cannot I’m gonna land on both of these guys in pin 1 but what he didn’t and like that’s the things like you I don’t know that to me that seemed like breaking up that at that point felt you could wait for like Joe to like to like put out Corbin then throw coburn off of them and then land right on Joe and then throw him in the ring you could do something that wasn’t like hey my opponent is putting my other opponent into a sleeper hold before my second opponent is out cold I’m going to break up this submission did that didn’t make any sense to me you could you could be smarter than that yeah Corbin throws ricochet over a barricade after 6:30 ricocheted hit a recoil and missed at 6:30 but this was real good this is that I’ll be on Chad gable versus Elias tomorrow night I can’t wait to see Baron Corbin and Chad Gable if they’re allowed to work this pace yeah man especially I mean it’s it’s it’s a pay-per-view match yeah they’re doing it I mean it must be honest it could very well be the pre-show shouldn’t this shouldn’t be it’s the king of the ring finals you got you got to figure out some way of doing that this should really culminate at Survivor Series it really should have that is the elimination aspect of it he survived he is the winner right but I’m yeah that it’s it’s so awesome to be able to see like is somebody like I thought it was going to be Mustafa oh your buddy Murphy but if it’s jad cable it’s chad gable like somebody on that level overlooked passed over like not but not having a injury kept them from their rightful place whatever to then have a chance at this to get that kind of a marque even if he loses too you know and looks great in defeat to put over Baron Corbin like to have to know that if you go into a match for the King of the Ring championship against Baron Corbin you’ll never be more cheered than you were since you were in the Olympics chad gable like that’s gonna be a fervor like he’s gonna get from that crowd so let’s hope they figure out a way to wrestle a match that leaves up to it I see a lot of PR I see one person saying but it is a point it’s been echoed should have been a King of the Ring pay-per-view I disagree I think if you see the same person three times that that’s a little bit too much unless it’s gonna be one of those one-off specials that WV throws up against aew because hey a lot of people saying oh my gosh worlds collide it’s replacing NXT what’s going on you’re gonna find out what’s going on when do you randomly announces hey what full gear that’s one year we had us what we had no idea nobody told us we didn’t we didn’t get CC Don that email I’m sorry oh and now we already printed the t-shirts guys we can’t change it I’m sorry now now we have to have our show at the same time as your show whoops oh no hope they have a DVR Jesus Christ main event time 10 man tag Cedric Alexander Seth Rollins strowman and if I King Raiders defeated the OSI Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler I thought this match is gonna be bananas and it wasn’t no just wasn’t broad lighted an early chokeslam Viking raiders got some offense we see Cedric being worked over to yaoi wowie chance which was not promising I did dig all the motion on the apron like everybody on the babyface side like trying to work people up that reminded me of like early 90s type of stuff because hey how much have we bitched about babyface is not having friends all these people that are nice don’t have friends but all the assholes get along yeah I mean man looks like the fight full roster or something Jesus Rollins didn’t do a nice Falcon Aero and things are breaking down it was hard to follow it was going on of all the zooms you know styles connected with a phenomenal forum to ivar and strowman Mo’s everyone down we go to another commercial after strowman and Rollins are arguing because Rollins gets pushed into strowman now what I like is this didn’t continue I am led to his doom Alex that during the commercial strum was like well alright I’m sorry I just saw the replay up on the jumbotron I’m up I understood you were obviously pushed into me not of your own volition so I suppose we’re all right now friends yeah that’s what happened so ah man this match was nothing special I thought it’d be more balls to the wall ivar does a big cent on to the pile on the outside which he barely cleared that roll oh my god but then Cedric pin Styles the lumbar check I love that but what I didn’t love that’s as soon as he did it you could tell no this isn’t me reporting something it’s me assuming somebody was like god damn it pal get him out there we’re about to go off the air get off set out there because the last time Austin closed a show they almost blew time yeah so Austin power walk santino style to the rim does a beer bash pisses me off Alex because just last week I ran an article with braun strowman check out the interview at youtube.com slash fight ‘fl where he implied that he only parties in Crocs meanwhile I in fact see him partying in the bats yeah opposite of what he told me not good come on Brian yeah what do you think of this match was fine I’m you gotta have said or go over styles so you can get a reason to have that u.s. title match on Sunday because all titles must be defended which is good because you know usually the IC title gets left off of chose forever and ever and ever so I’m glad they have at least one champion at least one pay-per-view a year where all the championships get get defended that’s good but I agree it was weird thing with like Cedric you know gets the pin and before he has like they don’t even hit his music hey music was like okay JJ style let’s be fair let’s be fair no it wasn’t it wasn’t Cedric Alexander that did that spot I was trying to say I think it was a CH and Kenny Omega that did the rock stone cold spot and pwg but hey you could think of worse childhood dreams to come true than celebrating to Austin’s music oh absolutely I didn’t want to do want to say that um I’ve I asked what the how long you thought the last match of women’s match at MSG on Raw was somebody went head and found that stat for me okay from at four horsewomen four on Twitter the last women’s match on a raw in Madison Square Garden in 2009 was Molina versus Alicia Fox victory people for the Divas title in a lumberjill match that ran one minute and 38 seconds do you understand the significance of this match Alex yes it’s not is it not character Cameron’s favorite match it is Cameron’s favorite match on tough enough in 2011 when Cameron was there in line yeah Stone Cold Steve Austin goes what’s your favorite match and she goes my favorite matches between Molina and Alicia Fox and Austin goes whoo amazing zipper chat sent by Rob Wilkins he says hey check out the fight for Facebook group do you think that WV and MSG will go back to an exclusive agreement again ready for Samoa Joe face turn I am ready for a Samoa Joe face turn they got to do it carefully he cannot lose his edge but they have they had it all primed and ready like there was that thing where he was like hey Sami Zayn you’re talking crap about me he goes out and squishes Sami Zayn we’re like okay like Samoa Joe is just like this vigilante who just murders people we all get a cheer for him anyway well like yeah he was like no just kidding you people suck like you ruined it you’ve had an awesome thing going than you yeah but I hope they have a way of like getting back to that point when it was totally organic where we’re all ready to cheer for Joe and then they said no you’re not allowed to anymore yeah really all they have to do is have Joe do the same stuff but win yep that’s a yes that’s it do I think that MSG and w/e will enter an exclusive agreement I don’t I think that missed well here’s the thing I don’t think it’ll matter unless it’s aew running the show cuz nobody else running that right now matters right all due respect to New Japan and Ring of Honor’s they’re not selling that out again together no even no you know I think the world of Okada and Tana Hoshi and all these people but I don’t think they sell it out I think that a lot of those tickets were sold with people expecting the elite to be there that’s just my assumption I can hardly prove that also yes guys check out that Facebook group you it’s facebook.com slash group slash fight full or you can just search fight full pro wrestling it is a great discussion group I’m really digging it Astros Jay said they chanted Becky’s husband at Seth and mr. Lynch I sure why not why not he probably honestly gets a kick out of that all things considered yeah as long as it doesn’t become habitual or anything so as we wrap up Alex Smackdown msg tomorrow we know King of the Ring semifinals we know Undertaker is gonna be there you got any hopes for the show I think I think my name is possible that we might see the fiend make an appearance when the Undertaker’s in the ring getting the ring finals I’m hoping that said semifinals excuse me I got a little head of myself because I think we both know that J gable has to win this because in Elias vs. Corbin matches make any sense yeah but I’m at least hoping that Elias has another fantastic matching and lucky had last week against Ali and gable you know the cables gonna be lots of praise for that we backstage I’m gonna write about it soon but um some key people were very very happy with Elias and Ali especially oddly yeah some key people according to a well-placed source I would like you all to leave a well-placed thumbs up it would help us out a ton whenever you guys leave a thumbs up it really helps our algorithm our views listens all that stuff are broken up between YouTube iTunes stitcher Google Play all these places so anytime you leave an iTunes review that really helps us out because all of our listens aren’t going to iTunes and pushing us up the charts whenever you leave a thumbs up that really helps because all of our lessons aren’t coming via YouTube so any reviews that you all can leave any thumbs up that you guys can leave really really help us out I’m looking to travel even more to get great content for you guys I’ve had like I’ve done like I think 30 interviews over the last month and a half so I’m turning them out getting them out there check out that RJ City interview thousands of you listen to this thousands of you need to check out that interview it is a discussion I’ll tell you that much he explains why no wrestling company I doesn’t really explain he just says that no wrestling company should hire him that interview is a good indication why Alex your last Monday Night Raw episode I’m sure you might do a fill in here and there yeah here and there when when I’m what I’m needed or or when something so egregious happens that I simply must make a run in I’ve done run-ins in the past I don’t know how the news tech nology will allow it but i may have to just message Sean Ross I have to say you’ve got to let me out here so I can yell about something but no these three years covering raw I have honestly been any a huge amount of fun I’m not going anywhere I’m not dying but Raw’s been to place usually where I get a chance to uh they’re selling on Mondays you’re deadly on Mondays that’s true but Monday has been the place where I’ve been around the longest and and it’s been the place where I’ve gotten did you know give most of my great rants that have gotten / hashtag trigger grants but yeah this has been it’s been great I’m I’m looking forward to to moving into a new section of of wrestling those of you who watch our takeover specials know that my favorite stuff in the world is NXT and I’m so excited to be reviewing that but I will miss some of the stuff going on on Raw there’s there’s there’s no doubt that it’s it’s had an upturn recently yeah the matches have all been way better than they were let’s say over the past couple of years and I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes even if I won’t be covering it immediately afterwards on the fight bolt wrestle podcast I know a lot of you want to hear me talk about impact and anthem I’ve got to do some fad gathering still you better believe that’s gonna be a topic we discuss on the list and you boy Wednesday Jimmy is a Toronto business man he is going to talk about some other Toronto businessman businessmen I can tell you that personally already I am not thrilled with some of the news some of their PR people got laid off at access and that is one of the best PR teams I have ever dealt with have you ever heard me do a New Japan interview it’s probably because of new Japan on access those media calls probably because of them they’ve invited us to every show and I’m ashamed that I did not get to go I just started to travel this year I want to send my best to that team because that access TV PR team is way better than anybody I’ve ever dealt with it anthem and they do not deserve what’s going on there right now I hope it’s healthy for everybody that it can be in the business we will talk about that more on Wednesday on the listing you boy until next time guys leave that thumbs up we’re out

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