WWE Raw 3 September 2019 Replay: Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar Super Classics Match HD

here comes the big dog but right about now Roman reigns has got to feel like he’s walking into the Lions Den knows what he’s stepping into the ring with the question is what will he do to change the out finish business with Brock Lesnar number of years ago in Wrestlemania and Santa Clara Roman reigns at black drop pleasure to unfinished business declared WWE is yup Roman is ready too for the fight of his life Pullman range the other rains opponent tonight Brock Lesnar [Applause] tonight step up to the moment step stage to perform at this level but tonight a second upper class here at WrestleMania that Brock Lesnar got his hands on the universal championship defeating 1 days later Lester’s back defending the title against race [Applause] she did fleet in combat sports history Brock Lesnar making his way since Survivor Series of 2016 the last time left in WWE and it was in this building defeated streak of the Undertaker introducing first the Challenger from Pensacola Florida weighing in at two his opponent ladies and gentlemen [Applause] [Applause] they never get past the look in Brock Lesnar’s eyes before a fight before a battle he looks like a wild animal he loves to be it is for the universal championship these shoulders into the midsection of Roman reigns the rage is not gonna beast another German suplex to flick so strong so hands and Romans taking three trips to suplex City Oh past Monday grok Lesnar able to survive five Superman punches from reigns and still Fester down reigns has got to get under the rank champions advantage reigns can only win the title tonight via pinfall or it’s either not beginning to well up he’s got to keep Brock Lesnar moving and off his feet watch this watch couple out of the legs match against the Beast and Brock is stunned here in the early going as romans body hit the floor of bone-shaking suplex I know Roman and right now outside everything’s cold but inside there’s belly-to-belly throw and Roman hit hard so much physicality that neither man has a chance or the hurt Brock Lesnar just dumped him on his face he’s got it Oh God and now it’s belly-to-belly instead he just threw Roman reigns face-first right onto our announce table back into the ring reigns goes along this match is not going to be pretty another German suplex to Roman reigns this time on release as he can’t see bitch oming was its very first victim gentlemen suplex I believe that’s five trying to kill now he’s really slow the pace down he’s really starting almost stalk his prey that’s what croc loves to do another belly-to-belly it has been a suplex clinic for the champion doesn’t agree with you Roman reigns can think straight right now the absolute one-sided dominate SummerSlam a number of years ago one of the most uncomfortable matches either two lapses in a lump outside the ring oh we got to feel like he’s been in a car wreck right now right there that’s a shoulder angel be lucky gonna know a separated shoulder after that lesser touristy move who’s gonna stop it no but if I was a conscious shit right to the range Maury rage has been rather defenseless and oh my god a barricade that Barrett Lesnar like this he’s in tossing stuff around at ringside the look in his eyes he’s got reigns at his shoulder and what’s he doing here reigns Doha and then some little time I was pure instinct right there Roman for the last-ditch effort to try to we knew this is going to be the most physical match of the night it has been this far and the Beast watch this watch this impact Chloe we heart we are literally Tencent Roman reigns knows this is the first time he’s had an opportunity to win the universe attend a gym for the first time in his career boys he needs to do it he needs to do it right now to his feet racing everything that’s it but look at Lester roll back onto his feet whoo massive Spears from the Challenger and that was seemingly instinct to roll up and in disbelief there was the fear but look at Brock chop quickly quarry he made it back to his feet quite sure where he’s at Roman reigns measuring his opponent to shop Roman reigns knows that kind of the back of his lair covered by less Lesnar caught Roman flush in the face with a jump that otherwise would keep a lesser man down isn’t that berry that berry knee would shatter the skull and now Lesnar we’re gonna put Roman reigns away Oh in the world is Roman rate so it is the last time anybody survived an f5 look at this that Roman reigns is still in this fight in any capacity after the beating Lesnar had [Applause] Lester still stalking roman reigns by the champion first I mean this is an unwinnable situation for Roman reigns there is a look of utter disbelief on the fit and with the problem with Brock Lesnar is Brock will do it as many times as necessary Lesnar will put him down [Applause] falling off faster to retain the championship Cayman was on the third step 5 apakah loom 3 and the thing is now Cory see Brock he’s trying to figure out what to do he’s thrown three up fives at Roman his tosses range to the outside Roman [Applause] see but just glancing less there with range that his shoulder he’s not going to do this not here not in the Roman reigns [Applause] I’m not sure Roman can even the forefront of the match Lester driving range to the table Roman bow the RAM what is Brock gonna do next somes ever see just brace the face of the beast incarnate the sick part about this all is Broca’s makes multiple German suplexes looking for another German suplex and you can laugh about guts you talk about never giving up you talk about Rock is enjoying this punishment five on Roman reigns oh five that’s ever to retain Lesnar is getting more and exposed bare knuckles on the Beast incarnate this does not bode me mad what’s gonna hammer oh my god praise that just greatly strike by Lester that’s just made my stomach turn this sickening thud that straight right hand by Lesnar that’s the one you can fear I believe it was the elbow [Applause] rains from behind desperation it’s like Romans saw the red on his hands coming from his own forehead everywhere that Samoan bloodline that Romans fights for so proudly elegant Roman rate the facial [Applause] champion is still Universal champion Bates could not have given any more of himself than he did here tonight but some time woman rains fought through German suplexes f5s two tables supreme [Applause] the other inside the big dog but the fire was not enough in the eyes of rains everything he had left behind the windup universal champion Brock Lesnar what an incredible age but in the end the Beast [Music] [Music]

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