WWE Raw 16th September 2019 Highlights – Baron Corbin VS Chad Gable Full Match

live on Monday Night Raw which tonight is presented by KitKat have a break have a kit kat Monday night Raw’s represented it in the finals of the King of the Ring tournament none other than that Fanny boomer Money in the Bank contract over a former United States Champion a former constable on Monday Night Raw Baron Corbin [Music] [Applause] the fight tooth and nail for this opportunity what it would do for chattering [Music] dad Gable the representative from Smackdown live he would love the opportunity to be king [Applause] like the road for both of these individuals in the King of the Ring tournament Baron Corbin advanced the finals with wins over the Cedric Alexander and then a triple threat match last week over ricochet in Samoa Joe chad gable got here as we take a look at the brackets with a win over untrodden and then Chad gable of course would have move on ahead to that big matchup against Shane McMahon and then now he finds himself the finals I should mention Evy Shelton Benjamin in the first round let’s talk about how Baron Corbin had to defeat two other competitors simultaneously in a triple threat match to punch his ticket tonight he did Titus till the victory contest is the final match in the King [Music] introducing first from Kansas City weighing in at 285 pounds [Applause] and his opponent from Minneapolis Minnesota weighing in at 286 [Music] we saw the tail the tape earlier on Chad gable this is the largest man that he’s faced to this tournament Baron Corbin here in the finals of the 2019 King of the Ring 1985 the inaugural event Don Muraco became the first king of the ring over the years a dozen WWE Hall of Famers have called themselves King okay so this might be the largest man Chad tables at a date but think of the technique of childless man’s a former Olympian Oh Chad gable absolutely no slouch in the ring a former Olympic wrestler he is very very talented very very tough but Baron Corbin we listed his accolades it gets me going right for the ankle okay and Baron Corbin still upright made himself get to the ropes and forced the break by gable let’s talk about the fact that Baron Corbin arguably has been performing at the highest level of his entire career you may not like the guy you may not be able to stand anything about ferret clothing but you cannot deny the role that he has been on recently but Cory in Chad gable you can make the same argument he has not been at this level in his career since he’s come to WWE when you look at the men he’s backed off in this tournament thus far don’t count with Shane McMahon the best in the world Chad still prevails here he is we know what this tournament is meant to careers over the years it was at the King of the Ring tournament where austin 3:16 was born he talked to Triple H it talks about how he moved on to become one of the all-time pros because of his victory in King of the Ring I think tonight’s gonna be one of those like we learn a lot about chat table table listen Chad Gable competed in representative United States in the Olympics him well let’s just say he was let down a little bit maybe he left the entire country down slightly even say that chad gable did win a gold medal he did everything he could he represented the United States of America great clearly got a participation trophy out of the deal that’s fine let’s talk about Baron Corbin and what a gracious ruler he’s gonna be over WWE as King I cannot wait [Applause] [Music] of Monday Night Raw we have ever had in this tank as well have like King Joffrey back in the position and here’s Baron Corbin up over the top as Chad Gable since Corbin outside the ring bearing quickly back inside [Applause] ask Booker T last night we saw the classic champions but he thought about Baron Corbin possibly being King of the Ring Booker said he’s a big guides [Applause] [Music] keepers area carpets take it over Kidd Gables claw his way back into the finals of the King of the Ring the new food is Gable outside the ring the official valve county gable trying to pull himself back inside I believe we’re at a count of seven now gable try to drag himself back into the ring this is the finals of the king of our tournament will gable be counted out he beats the count and he’s still in this match against Corbett we’re a half a second away from King Corbin reigning over WWE it’s so close you can feel it you can taste it Baron Corbin has been dominating Chad gable for much of this matchup the finals of the 2019 King korban representing raw chad gable representing smackdown live cover by corbin hook of the leg gable with the heart stays in it chad cable is not just gonna lay down and take this one no way let’s show you what happened before the commercial break Corinne how Corbin took control this match de ville hesitated for half a second allowing clothing to gain his width and a launch pad into the timekeepers area and it has been all change for him since we’ve learned a lot though about the heart the resilience of chad cable throughout this tournament but has the cinderella run come to an end here tonight on Monday Night Raw I don’t think you’re jumping the gun here a little bit calling corvington Corbin it’s basically a foregone conclusion ring Baron told me himself oh good you already have a place in the court I’m doing a little fun angling is the discussion to be made but I believe I’ll be in a position that’s comfortable any late they like the old-fashioned brothers work as if gable makes it back to his feet Cutlass shots now to the midsection of Baron Corbin gable whipped into the corner by korben korben watch the agility here the quickness of us good god David turned upside down Baron concealing and poor bit into the cover to win the king of the leg and a kick-out by cable again and now you see the frustration building in Corbin yeah gable does not know how to stay down every parent Corbin thought he had it won at the big food connection launching the Olympian yeah I don’t know if Chad cable has a clue where he is right now but just out of instinct alone stand in this one yes survival instinct by cable Corbin looking to put gable away what a clubbing blow to the back of the neck [Applause] you guys realize in less than 24 hours the entire WWE Universe had look very very different all the naysayers will be exiled all the doubters will be silenced you know what if he is can I go play in that child the King was talking with a [Applause] [Music] [Applause] earning Phatak statement by Corbin save another look at this Dave will fight with everything he has a great balance bike driven before he flattens gable once again how gable has accomplished a lot in the King of the Ring tournament but it could be coming to an end Baron Corbin has been dominating chad gable sternum first into the top turnbuckle drive the wind right out of here once [Applause] no matter what though Davos still just has that Fightin’s he will not stay down longevity his career might want to rethink that you’re advocating submitting giving up right he’s getting and this is getting dangerous at this point sharp elbows right on the job gable damage so can this takes out everything chad gable is attempted Corbin has had an answer for but everything barry corbin is a tip that has not been able to put chat table away can see that frustration starting to set in for corbin here what’s it gonna take and burn a week to that point we’ve seen barry corbin and how frustration has cost him things in the past at once cause Baron Corbin the universal championship if I assure you when Baron becomes King he’s gonna rid the WWE have shoddy officiating it’s been problematic Chad Patton has been here for 20 years he’s one of the best officials in the history of WWE this cuz somebody’s been somewhere a long time doesn’t mean they’re good at what they do sometimes you fly under the radar you know they get Corbin look into a somehow put gable away Chad Gable back to a vertical base gable trying to fight out of this create a little bit of separation here behind again how much more of this can gable take I can watch this all night let’s be honest we might get to I don’t think Corbin’s gonna be well-liked in his kingdom power needs no friends let’s see a coup in the future listen Hamid angle myself is one of the top advisors make sure the King stays on a long time I even get a coupe in okay Tyrion nonetheless Corbin now sends a gable into the rock he does toward right directly above Gables eyebrow broke the whole shoulder we’re gonna steam you for Jack Gable then Gable somehow capitalized how much does Gable buddy W universe burger rally by table gingerly heading up to the top row Chad’s gotta capitalize on this Barron’s on his back have a table is a absorbed a tremendous amount of punishment here tonight they will try and everything he’s got to pull himself up in the corner to continue to bring to fight to Corbin jab daily under the corner toilet Baron Corbin had knocked down that bootcut woman rate the thing ladies and gentlemen this is the 2019 King of the Ring tournament finals live on Monday Night Raw from the University of Tennessee and the upstart underdog chad gable try to put [Applause] an incredible dominating performance by Baron Corbin tonight but how about Chad Gable and the guts to the heart this young man has shown after David picks in the corner or been able to muster the strength to deliver a pop-up power slam and nearly claimed the throne so much love from the WWE Universe the chat table they’re trying to rally Chad cable in this match tonight Corbin taking a moment to compose himself on the outside and deliver a little more punishment while doing so a cable driven dolly to the fair okay ribs first [Applause] it doesn’t seem to be enjoying inflicting punishment [Applause] label is down and fading fast in his game example doing the dwarf Aaron Sylvane always has a little bit more to deliver cable into the barricade again I mean when you look back on this match Baron Corbin is dominated 80% of it chad gable spending most of his time just trying to survive shifted the entire barricade the Chad gave his body that was like Babe Ruth’s calling his shot Corbin pointing at the throne knowing then history is within grasp shoulder first into the steel steps and again another critical opening another critical opportunity for chad gable in this King of the Ring tournament finals the official on account of for now a count of five Corbin stumbling just trying to make it back to his feet ah what a dick Jenkins katifaq Corbin will beat the count Gable though going to continue to punish Corbin or Monroe right into the clutches of Ganga this feel close to his advantage taking up strategy by de Ville trying to soften the ankle of Baron Corbin we know Gable loves to lock in the ankle lock submission down low to the leg jag Gable Chad Gables his pinky corner part is it Chad Gables time is it his moment is it his opportunity [Music] Gables showing some intensity at somewhere [Applause] what an incredible performance of guts my gable is a career-defining out for those men it’s just a shining example of what being King of the Ring means how badly Barons bourbon and also Chad Gable want to claim the throne it’s an opportunity to call yourself the best of the best the King of WWE to fall follow in the footsteps of it doesn’t WWE Hall of Famers orbit around the ring post once again the leg seems to be holding up fairly well gave a look like he was going for the German suplex hey to the roll through Joker’s down [Applause] Jabil he was just a half second away from becoming the new king of the ring Becky just mustered that energy at this point in the matchup with almost only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades Renee jack gable looking the seal the deal from the top row lands at his feet is Corbin moved out of the way gable for the one at end of days Danny Lee ankle foot to the ankle to the shoulders down [Applause] – the bottle rockets for sir Frank [Applause] you have to respect the guts in the toughest Baron Corbin just this plain sad gable was planking on that submission with everything in his big and if you’re chad gable corey how do you regroup you were so close to winning this tournament and Corbin was able to force the brain able just played his ace he’s going to try to find another one Morgan looking to avoid the ankle lock guardo went to rake the eyes are now gable with the elbows to the side of the face and the back of the neck of Baron Corbin still some fight left and Gable and Corbin in the end of a magical run for Chad Gable [Applause] [Music] see [Music] all rail chain what is unbelievable performance tonight a very game Joan incredible hard credible guts put in the end korban reign supreme I’m a horrible day and W chose his topic you have no fun

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