WWE Raw 16 September 2019 Highlights: Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Bálor

200 at the big fight hashtag my yard I mean ever bet against Roman reigns who in five weeks will defend his title against one of these five men that is Brock Lesnar and his advocacy five men earned the right to cross the border into suplex City versus Brock Lesnar [Applause] becomes the number one contender for the universal championship there are no count-outs there are no this wall because you gotta love it [Applause] cannot hear almost stoic incredibly confident ready for combat hashtag take walk toward us a walk with confidence to guarantee you’re going to see short-term alliances it’s a necessity in a situation like this you’re going to see a lot of chaos for sale along history tomorrow and rate set loans the earlier this year almost us can imagine Tresemme t-pin balance standing in the center of the Ring let the other port burn themselves out let them spend energy to keep his emotions base to face Bray Wyatt and Roman reigns remember they had a battle on wall few weeks ago that broke that deal up could have take the fight straight tool big right hand by Roman gray one the former WWE Champion said oh it dropped by reigns this is about establishing and tell others what the Joe his fare against Roman reigns and Roman reigns now look we’re solving raids now look for a Samoan drop on finn balor who continues to fight back if we’ve seen finn bálor can hang lock the kick of power then bitter enemies reigns and Rollins squaring off Wrigley’s to the bold bid he’s a battle and now Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe back into the ring they double-team Roman reigns what is Seth Rollins do at this point o driven shoulder first into the post in this this is so much at stake bad situation for Seth Rollins as you were the other here oh really I’m the best thing to do is get three two guys out of the ring and making the one I want matchup he’s gonna launch himself into Joe and taking it down outside the ring action is fast to Balor to Bray Wyatt it doesn’t matter who who he’s stomping on someone’s getting old and 20 for the ribs Corey the ribs were severely damaged at the hands of braun strowman over a few Weeke to this matchup Roman reigns moments ago go for the drive-by and watch Joe interception and we didn’t work together in the past and then turn on one another rather the devil that will you know that and again remember only a few weeks removed from the rib injuries in the internal injuries [Applause] there’s a man who just Joy’s conflicting – a wire [Applause] I guess beat the hell out everybody else no one-on-one is a great strategy you can almost fit your way around the ring and target Roman reigns rolling it back to st. Anna steps right power of the by that Bray Wyatt battle bogies is the troll it’s a bullet Wyatt his prey has to work with him take out everybody else make it a one-on-one matchup and that seems to push the ball once and right now he wants to work with Bray Wyatt and it’s working out well it is [Applause] it has been all brain and Aldo nearly 600 [Applause] that’s Balor and Bray Wyatt as well [Applause] see Joe tearing apart a carcass Bella Bella lipoma this kid has been baladi a whole lot of time it has been an incredible alliance so far between these two men and completely the number just took him over big shot right there but Bray Wyatt [Music] look at Joe keeping an eye up that we’re gonna have to betray one another at some point it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when and valiantly to do something here to fight back but right now he’s just a bunch of blood how much backwards keeps out of his way and the fight as well in the architect with a kick to Bray Wyatt now separate face-first into the turnbuckle and suddenly the Kingslayer that’ll stop eat your tracks what a riot here oh hey other steps [Applause] right into the eater of worlds hands do you sit through islets ate all of it DMT right they’ll to spit try to somehow break out of it and I’ll help double star extreme holes in this fatal five way look at all the damage Minh unloaded on Roman reigns [Applause] to keep the alliance with Samoa Joe or does he turn his back so the uneasy truce between Jo and Wyatt cannot [Applause] highly intelligent physically able superstars in WWE working Nick look would it fit ballad opens gonna take it as long as he bombs at the can there you go good point perfect our truck poeple coming forward Stamkos way [Applause] perfect scenario to deliver a drive by the way up to the top floor at their fifth ballot took all of that big Powerball Toronto play pays big dog is running the yard right now first navigate [Applause] ah here comes Samoa Joe from behind reigns Leslie he’s getting the best of that exchange now prey Wyatt right after Roman reigns [Applause] Rawlins they get double D beautiful cover hey but becoming number one contender was Seth Rollins [Applause] well dive through to Samoa Joe to get all of the Doku got enough of it and now set rockets are gonna take advantage suicide I’m just shocked she’s gonna be a permanent alliance Bray Wyatt’s showing some Hojo his true colors right there holy wood my goodness look at this Rollins head first but were to take control this match [Applause] other though we’re right there Seth relatives keep this momentum flowing boy this is Seth Rollins ready this way Brooke just tremendous resilience that moment is now for Seth Rollins at a tremendous conditioning of Seth Rollins paying off time is going after the Beast Lester Joe make sure it doesn’t happen few moments ago your Samoa Joe you can’t be surprised come on all’s fair in love and war you go yeah why don’t win this is gonna happen show it Bray Wyatt exploding as the Bray Wyatt gets the shoulder up at two [Applause] what the are you getting it now burger pray what wondering what we were gonna see this simple watching himself [Applause] scariest individuals at WWE today and now looking for the sister Abigail [Applause] Joe across the spine of Samoa done six women Balor was on the wrong end to too many of those chair shots great food right there by Fiat dope dude that then broke incredible fit Bella’s on the boobs is a rocket pack seal the deal Finn Balor needs to score a victory hit do the only outside gold it’s got a power we’ve never seen before the aggressive power just taking it to Wyatt Bray trying to step Uwe it is coming out a fifth ballot a dike we’ve got to have it put the survey at pee and Samoa Joe Krupa huh if they’re trying to block [Applause] is out on the table balance is going up to the top rope Seth Rollins as the devil in his eye fit its but Singh at his right knee the surgical there are bodies strewn everywhere [Applause] carnage through the sky was old-school Seth Rollins their quarry look at this absolutely surreal athleticism to the wind but that’s what you gotta do you got fit down Joe down play down there everybody’s hurt and everybody’s feeling the pain did this extreme food check back into the rank Roman reigns back into the ring hey Gabe things to the punch that doesn’t happen off put that big uppercut coming like that it Robichaud his feet [Applause] look at this input all of it whether the Geo they draw with all the kick with all the field this is my house well makes a living did vod’s so the sound is headed up here and roll to kick out a to great tank event to keep the big man down get rolled and rain tonight so roll the branson hopefully he will fall each one of these big chances Seth Rollins delivers the Frog Splash but you could see it set his face it hurts even as often as it hurts you opponent don’t beat you stop doing it Seth Rollins gotta suck it up bog splash through the announce table through Bray Wyatt to the top rope rondalee Ed Wood good day for sister Abigail had to duck going hit up behind buckle god here tonight just felt that right in the city [Applause] [Applause] Joe is on his way there aren’t too many literal dreams Lesnar is at the top of the list and we’re gonna see it and great balls of fire to say it Gaza look at the create history for himself leave a legacy of this business and his fatal five-way mash bodies whether that was the sphere and Shingon burning through Bray Wyatt three men would go up to the top rope he delivered his Finnish maneuver known as the coup de Grasse and we thought after that move by fit Balor Cory Joe came from out of nowhere just that fast secondo finn balor passing out the bulletin think about his battle with Brock lesner in five weeks and great balls of fire you’re looking at the new number one contender for the universal championship in demand [Music]

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