WWE Raw 16 September 2019 Highlights: Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles survivor series HD

in corner the beast Brock Lesnar dominated in every turn perhaps the most dominant champion in WWE history and I thought they did Styles earlier on today he said the moment his hand was raised in Manchester a couple weeks ago the moment he won that WWE Championship he didn’t want to celebrate immediately his mindset turned to one subject how to beat that man Brock Lesnar Lesnar circling the outside of the ring like a great white staring a hole through Styles letting AJ know held on its way and AJ Styles is staring a halt back to trot Lesnar has not taken his eyes off the Beast it’s a peace march down the ramp into the ring that Georgia Bulldog mentality of AJ Styles back down from no one it’s all been right there dog [Applause] first from Gainesville Georgia winning at 280 pounds he is the WWE Champion the phenomenon [Applause] he’s a pony ladies and gentlemen fighting you hear that mr. performer as I want to make one point right Lester’s been Universal champion for 231 days it is the longest world title reign in over four years here at WWE Lester has been indeed about a heavyweight that we like a builder way to God it carries a a big big punch I like this matchup I love it [Applause] these styles so many ways has epitomized with Smackdown live is all about the land of opportunity the land to prove what others never thought you could accomplish Brock Lesnar’s proved with Friday Night Raw’s all about Byron the past [Applause] a credible atmosphere at the sold-out Toyota Center here in Houston Lester Percy styles for the first time ever miles has got to stay away bottom line he’s got to stay away from Brock you just cut the ring in have it just cut it up right now AJ Styles is in trouble and for all the Daniel Bryan agents are talking about taking croc elasaur the deep water thing done hey guys get him there and here’s the deal in poker we followed broccoli watch we call his matches over the past year break down this is the most focused I think I’ve see Bryan you know she faced Goldberg arrested before about Prague Lizzie he don’t want the water we don’t want the bridge all he want is work right now for AJ Styles intense time to withstand this storm this early storm of Brock Lesnar I think the reality beginning beginning to become very evident that the house and AJ Styles built is merely a zoning and fraction in Quebec City oh and out less lurk 285 pounds right to the midsection and just up AJ Styles in the spine those are just standing on the face of styles great you gotta believe Meister take a look back here how this match started let’s go right out of the a straight kick to the solar plexus and then a collage of shoulder blocks leather all over aging my crazy gotta believe lesser hurt everything Kate O’Brien said this past week that one lizard is a quitter he quit WWE quit UFC sonic a winner I don’t know with two guys I’m watching Styles might be out that Nia it was like a liver shot but to tell you sup to that first shot that took a whole lot on a channel things gonna be there cop that’s one that’s the person right there suplex City it’s not gonna take too many more than that book thousands very quickly becoming aware of what he got himself into you guys you remember what happened in Rocky right yeah lost lievable the release overhead belly-to-belly suplex [Applause] listen silence came into this knowing it’s a payment of the line eight disguises right now thank you sir we could be actually answered Sal’s eyes are glazed over hey Jay might be out of this one already it’s one thing to watch less we’re on tape and to think we prepared but asian-style unfortunately finding out it is a whole different experience with who are in there one on one it’s the size of Saturday German suplex you know Mike Tyson said everybody got a plan it today get it about hey Booker we’re about to rename your city watch this watches the back of the neck pages off of the canvass we’re gonna Stiles is out guys I’m look at him he can’t even stand up straight the referee might want to think about calling this one lesser is so focused tonight talk about AJ Styles eight sure you look at this Valles has never encountered a person Blackrock I agree with you you’re absolutely right and that is a scary sight right there brought lives are jogging around the rink sauntering around the ring in full control yeah that’s right Rockledge to get this just kind of punished but out all night roll by rock ledges career WWE have called all his matches at the back love to call a lesser match baby Wow Lesnar just launching spires into the German announce desk and out Stiles is live is here Lesnar is completely manhandling AJ Styles look at child right now and Lesnar has a tendency to do that to his opponents looks like take my left shoulder take the left shoulder oh and this is becoming well eerily similar to the Brock Lesnar John Cena match of a couple of years ago when rock Lesnar completely dominated it dominated John in a way that I’ve never ever seen before like they for Brock was so from last year’s Survivor Series as well on us and AJ trying to get back up to his feet couldn’t do it I don’t think he tried good I think that was all instinct I don’t think he has any idea where he is or you said it and the referee didn’t be able to where we thought that it’s know how to stop this fight crazy strength [Applause] one end in the ring to another and the thing is it Lester wants to take his time he wants to draw out this punishment by Renato here you over there talking said I acknowledge I know it’s a doubt that it’s going on here’s the universal champion is manhandling the WWE Champion with a knee right to the face Booker both you and I have been on the receiving ends of an attack by Brock Lesnar we know what this man is all about he’s frightening scary he’s a physical beast he beats the hell out of you and you know I was at the ring with a young rock lizard well-rounded boy experience aboard H was Brock Lester that has no pity that has no remorse right now I’m smiling Lesnar imploring AJ to fight my rage ever still trying to fight oh I got a whole get knocked back down good clover block look I don’t think lesra wants to I think listen wants to do this all night long watch this and open he closed pretty quick that Stiles and put so much pressure on himself to do we shocked the world but to represent Smackdown may that be right there he just developed it bring his son of his old body right now AJ Styles the trouble guys at barn you talk about representing Smackdown live it’s a 3-2 advantage right now overall but it’s got to feel pretty thin here here AJ style oh here comes this storm age Oh thought about the thumping Brock Lesnar pushed off AJ Styles with some space [Applause] the breeze the key is is Brock Lesnar is down Lester is down AJ’s got to take advantage right here but tan AJ take advantages AJ have anything left in the tank but there is anything left we’re going to find out real quick AJ able to sidestep unless there’s needles right into the tiles attacks the opposite Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels set on the kickoff show a little tight the longer this match goes the better it is for AJ Styles and this is the point exactly Stiles is starting to get a second win here the Beast is in trouble that solves the thought let’s are down to his level unless they’re staggered up to the unsecure II know guys I would feel that way but AJ took a lot of punishment [Applause] Lesnar just so powerful able to just snap AJ right off AJ was thinking about a tornado DDT was there just slung him away but the key is Brock Lesnar still rocked yeah I agree but let’s take a look at this I’m AJ this is Bret tornado DDT Brock just planted AJ right on his face Hayden a chin went into the canvas I now Lesnar and Stiles both men down we knew this thing wasn’t gonna be pretty continue this raucous stunt Brock is stunned truly phenomenal just still being in this matchup right now to the back of the neck what we’ve known about AJ Booker his resiliency his drive and watch this look at this all the momentum Stiles have left back across the neck of look at Snyder’s mouth the Isles is going to the outside Lesnar is showing hey you got to take risk this time just doing just that AJ Styles looking for his best shot [Applause] Wow grab that left be right there I think it should be grabbing every part of his potty bugger I thought you’ve made maybe hyperextending don’t let back that backflip right there anything’s possible book I mean we know one thing let’s take another look at this Styles looking for a phenomenal for maybe a lesser safety right knee come down hard it could have been a hyperextension but I said it I was agreeing with you Booker that Stiles is trying to get himself back up to his feet does their stunt still the both men are frankly now let’s her back up staring down the phenomenal one hobbling told his play hard things Lesnar through so much behind that punch did his own momentum took him across Stiles body thousands only being held up by the rope both of these guys are gonna know they were in a fight tomorrow wait a minute style since the high ground here let’s sit on the outside and oh stop Collins has to pull it off with AJ has enough left I’m telling you oh maybe and practice now Bacchus down but AJ’s got to try to take advantage again here Nathan they’re trying to will himself back into this match anything you can think of to throw out at the beast Brock Lesnar is going to cover in this match has their little vixen he’s gonna fight so he said a great [Applause] victory in a big way we could get matters AJ’s not going to try the five away by it again find his heart out and laser is rocks try to write himself along the steel cost inside now by style there’s no surefire strategy to take down Brock Lesnar you just got to keep on fighting you just got to keep coming at Brock Lesnar Oh God less Knar in styles I – I and laser went down in defeat Toa the poop rate on the ear of Lesnar Paul Heyman Koya J Styles a elusive and abusive speed kill the metal rope I want styles and AJ capitalized no not yet [Music] Wow oh that was almost a an incredible victory for styles and almost gave smackdown the win here at Survivor Series that would have shocked the world styles nailed every bit of this springboard 450 splash you don’t see everybody perfect subscribe to channel and click on bell icon for new video that was almost an incredible victory for styles and almost gave smackdown the win here at Survivor Series those would have shocked the world styles nailed every bit of this springboard 450 splash you know theater but perfect poker you absolutely don’t but AJ’s not in there with a guy ages in there with the Beast so what’s even as impressive as that maneuver is the fact that AJ Styles is still in this match just the beating [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] look at the pain in the face of the be saw glistening full talk with Rockstar tweet by block legs are trying to share the pain [Applause] good AJ Styles skull like a basketball James Harden life here in Houston brought Lester that is a way incredible the way that he put he bought the calf crusher watch this and it was incredible torque on that path crushing maybe a spouse but there’s no work how much damage has the leg of Lesnar suffered God instead of land one big boob it is all over with as we know Brock’s thinking about the f5 but AJ’s had a counter for it so far silent on Wes they’re trying to hold on to the top rope [Applause] oh my god that say about rock Lister what does this say about AJ Styles – AJ Styles connecting all the markets at the fact that Brock Lesnar is doing this match the Beast is an endangered species in this manner but let me tell you something would you hit a man with your big shot it does something to you when he they’re just a doubt you’re absolutely right darling himself right now see me doubt [Applause] Universal champion AJ Styles has nothing to be ashamed of he took frontbencher to the limit tonight but in the end the beast broadens what a match two incredible competitors two phenomenal competitors tonight AJ style comes up just short but well there’s no shame in that right away the Block Watch still favoring that left me it’s rough lenders interest what does that mean for the future of role of AJ Styles this in turn what does that mean for the future of SmackDown I see AJ Styles lying on his back at least Legends moving around at Brock Lesnar so Jana the challenge for the youth football and I what a match and AJ Styles what could bother the case without the threat of spies brought his AGame and then some who deliver a breathtaking 450 splash [Applause] but it wouldn t cleanser down was quite on and then this the closing moments here look styles going to the well one too many times phenomenon in the beasts important the reigning defending undisputed Universal champion reign supreme tonight and with that victory raw has now tied Smackdown three matches a piece here at Survivor Series three wins smack nap three wins wrong tell you what Brock Lesnar won this match but I guarantee you he’s got a lot of respect for AJ style here’s the thing you know there’s not many people in this pack that laughter I’m smiling about what happened to this matchup tonight with brock lesnar winning at time things up but there is one person smiling that’s jinder mahal who bam his wish when he faces AJ again for the WWE title because Brock Lester just beat the hell out of AJ steyr absolutely right there is no way AJ Styles rolls into Tuesday at 100% after this encounter with the beast but even in defeat I am proud that that man AJ Styles represents Smackdown live as WWE Champion agree with you completely Byron I mean there’s no shame in what AJ Styles just did was very very impressive a championship worthy performance but tonight but nominal was not enough to topple a beast incarnate allez they’re still family effects of that wicked chap pressure earlier on valves are going to be feeling the effects of Brock Lesnar for at least a week or two maybe even longer you’re right AJ may never be the same again lave certain matching Survivor Series from the jaws of defeat for Monday Night war ladies and gentlemen it is free of peace it is sudden-death time here in human you

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