WWE Raw 14th October 2019 Full Show – WWE Monday Night Raw 10/14/2019 FULL SHOW

[Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we have Turner wax he changes tonight it’s draft night advice Friday Night Smackdown is presented by progressive your first round choice for auto insurance you’re looking live at the t-mobile Arena in Las Vegas and we set the tone the tight strap with this matchup [Applause] ladies and gentlemen they’re cops the big dog [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the following contest is scheduled for one fall intruders we first from Pensacola Florida [Applause] tonight represents Friday Night Smackdown but will he be a member of Friday Night Smackdown with a draft concludes after law this coming Monday night it begins tonight on Friday Night Smackdown on Fox the draft continues to raw on USA Network’s the landscape of WWE people’s careers will change beginning tonight and this past Sunday and Helen has seldom Queen Charlotte Flair captured her kissed Women’s Championship which seemingly caught over champion Bailey’s dabit an emotional breakdown of course first angle we will find out tonight why a lot of pressure here tonight glory on Roman reigns he represents back down he takes on Seth Rollins who’s representing Monday Night Raw the winner of this match will ensure that their brand will get the first pick in this year’s draft which makes truly couldn’t be much higher we saw last week the battle lines were drawn so to speak tonight the armies begin to be assembled raw versus Smackdown a constant battle for brands apprentices [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Universal champion [Applause] at ringside I’m Michael bull he’s touring graves and what’s interesting about this year’s draft for use for the first time ever and Jensen is from Fox and from the USA Network are going to be heavily involved in who their brand rap you can bet your bottom dollar that both networks have closed eyes on all of the superbugs on slopes of the rosters both Fox and USA Network wants to have the supreme WWE brand it has been quite the day here in Las Vegas earlier oddly in a press conference announcing that Brock Lesnar the new WWE Champion will defend his title against pay the last west at the crown jewel pay-per-view event later this month Brock Lesnar’s here live tonight and there will be colossal six-man tag-team action for the first time ever and it could be the last time ever as to the most dominant trios in WWE the new day meet the OSI in a six-man tag team match again this is what is at stake in this match tonight Roman reigns represents the blue brand Friday Night SmackDown Seth Rollins represents the red brand of Monday Night Raw the winner of this match will ensure that their team their brands will draft first in the 2019 WWE draft and what a mega matchup that quarry we may never see again between woven raves on the ride Seth Rollins the current Universal champion on the left two top tier WWE superstars two-thirds of one of the most dominant factions this business has ever seen of course I’m referring to the shield two men with a healthy respect for one another that know each other’s game plans inside now yeah both multi time world champions and Rollins and reigns the side headlock by Seth Rollins applied in the early going of this matchup but again quarry big-time pressure here in this match tonight if Seth Rollins had the luck of being the first round overall pick the last time we had a draft here in WWE can you know the universal champion would love to add another feather to his cap at the same time the big dog let’s the raise his stock as much as possible as if it could be even higher you know there’s a very interesting interview with Roman reigns earlier this week online where he talked about Seth Rollins and said hey listen take it from me I know there’s a lot about being the face of WWE it’s not only about being in the ring it’s about how you represent 24/7 it’s a 365 day a year job he said I’m proud of Steph I believe he can lead whatever brand he’s drafted to into 2020 in the new decade and if I’m an executive at Fox or USA Network both of these guys are on my short list for first-round picks when you’re assembling a roster you’re essentially building a team year round not just the one day a week you’re on television you were talking about all the live events across the country you want high character guys true leaders in the locker room that are respected and takedown by Ronald it doesn’t get more highly respected than Seth Rollins and Roman reigns hair shoulders down and Rollins able to get out of that predicament and a stalemate between these former buddies reigns and Rollins Seth Rollins has been described by Roman reigns as a quote workhorse and that is a name that Rollins takes to heart it’s a name that both reigns and Rollins and taken to heart that’s what helped them to the very top here in WWE the tireless work ethic the passion that is unmatched willingness to fight through pain to fight through adversity to be the very best no matter what the cost [Applause] and the official went for a sleep break now walks out what grades who kicks out at two set trying to steal one visit has a lot of respect between these two Seth knows you’re not going to get too many opportunities to steal victory here comes Rollins the forearm was going for his patented suicide dive and woman lanes stopped into this clash speaks with Camila Aaron and he returns with the drop by this time it’s Rollins who gets out of harm’s way went for the flying knee reigns back into the ring and you mentioned it Cory these two men know each other so well fathers countless miles together around the globe ascended to the top of WWE side-by-side certainly the furthest thing from strangers they need to put that in the past tonight too many things at stake but first overall pick here in the draft again Rollins represents raw Roman reigns represents follows it up with a right hand to Seth Rollins and now tempers begin to flare Seth of all people should know you don’t want to trade hands with the big dog oh but Rollins doing a pretty good job of it three four five straight punches and Roman covering up now but Ray the clothesline Rollins sent over the top rope and the big dog is taken control we will get the number one pick of the 2009 teens rat we’ll find out as this match continues live C this matchup between Roman reigns and Seth Rollins will change the entire complexion of the 2019 WWE Draft reigns represent smackdown Rollins represents Monday Night Raw the winner of this match will mean that their brand will get the first pick in the draft right now if you’re an executive from USA Network you have to like what you’re seeing the beastslayer the universal champion in firm control the big dog at the moment but as we know you can’t keep Roman reigns down long and again Roman reigns representing Friday Night Smackdown Rollins representing the USA Network and Monday Night Raw and look at Rollins looking to try to put reigns away went for the suplex in block though on the former world champion Seth Rollins deceptively powerful trying to muscle his former shield brothers over [Applause] oh I thought Rollins had on that time and that Worman Ranch pops the hips vertical suplex poked off the top of the skull by Rollins kicked out of the midsection Rollins has reigns where he watch it went for the stop reigns gonna roll the shoulders down looking for the window power now the big dog forget this super [Applause] and just that quickly with one maneuver Roman reigns able to change the selection of the matchup hoisting Rollins driving Seth down and nearly hurting a victory in the first pick for the blue team and look at Romans face that is how much this matchup beans Roman reigns Bonnie had Rollins beat off the sit-out powerbomb but Rollins somehow able to kick out and that’s the guts of the determination that we’ve learned about the universal champion Seth Rollins and what he’s done to the likes of Brock Lesnar and braun strowman cousins the innate ability to survive and prevail Roman looks to bring that to a halt right now locked and loaded went for the Superman punch well it’s those sends them in big dogs stunned for the moment said looking to capitalize picking up the pace and shit all the way down here in front of us at ringside Seth Rollins going to fly suicide first Seth not finish Jenny coming again so Jenna this into the announce table by Rollins Rollins looking at taking high-risk victory by any means necessary Seth Rollins now measuring Roman reigns springboard it’s Seth Rollins opportunity Rollins going to look the climb to the top rope looking to pull out a win for Monday Night Raw in the first draft [Applause] half a second away from Monday Night Raw having the illustrious first pick but the big dog fights on take a look at the precision with which Seth Rowand strikes the knee right on the orbital bone of Roman reigns Down Goes the big dog but Seth wasn’t able to finish the job yet Rollins with a frog splash off the top rope but somehow reigns able to stay alive and stay on this match Reince killed a stunt look in his eyes attempting to catch his breath after suffering the frog splash from Rollins then we’ll see the wheels spinning in Seth Rollins head we know what the universal champion what’s next is a beast Slayer he is a monster slayer he is the universal champion and he wants to take out the big dog here tonight Rollins there’s the jet to the midsection Roman reigns is in position for the stop able to sidestep up for the right hand and the uppercut from reigns step up injury by Rollins and reigns with a right and now both of these men throwing everything they’ve got at one another Oh Rollins could be little crook powerbomb boys reigns up and the power of Seth Rollins here Roman reigns into the corner let’s able to kick out this goes to show you how dangerous roman reigns is even when the big dog is running on instinct alone Rollins connects with a buckle bomb but Roman able to rally and deliver a Superman punch to put the Universal champion down yeah rebounding out of the corner to take out Rollins and now both these superstars down and out middle the ranked critical time in this match who can rally who can gain momentum here only imagine the tension backstage between the USA and Fox executives wondering which way the pendulum is going to swing which one of these two superstars is going to bring favor to the respective brands yeah the first pick of the draft will set the momentum for the rest of the night as Roman reigns makes it back to his feet first Reince fired up he’s got Rollins in his sights [Applause] for the role it just gets the shoulder up at two and a half what incredible situational awareness by Seth Rollins felt the spear coming and was able to counter with a modified pedigree driving Roman face-first into the back and Rollins ax try to figure out what he needs to do to put Roman reigns away Romans face first but he’s in position here glory for a while as a patented finishing maneuver the stop Roman reigns mentally has to know what Seth Rollins is thinking but the question is did the big dog poop my wife is through the roof the drug lords the ho [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] you [Applause] my name is Sarah Monday Night Raw will now get the first pick in this year’s draft oh could you imagine what it would mean to have the fiend on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown lot he’s got to be a top draft well let’s take a look at how the track is going to work this year tonight on Smackdown there are 30 superstars that are eligible to be drafted but overall there are 70 male superstars and female superstars as well as bad games move in place into this year’s WWE Draft and as you mentioned 30 superstars eligible to be drafted tonight a completely different pool of 40 super stars this coming Monday on Raw a two-night event since Friday night’s back now it’s a two-hour show and Raw’s a three-hour show for every two picks back down has money that raw will get three pit what no booing guys I mean come on you disappoint me really welcome to the 2019 WWE draft where for the first time executives from both Fox and USA Network will have direct influence over the draft as they hope to establish their exclusive rosters and now for the first pick of the first round headed to Monday Night Raw the man Becky Lynch exactly a shock here in WWE the man Becky Lynch has been as dominant of the supersize we’ve had on the entire roster won the main event at WrestleMania headed to Friday Night Smackdown the big dog Roman reigns you want the big dog on you’re off – whether it be on Monday whether it be on Friday the pollster any raw Monday Night Raw will remain phenomenal with AJ Styles Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vo Steve the current United States Champion is running buddy Stan Monday story really a phenomenal trio of people is wreaking havoc oh man what brand are on Monday Night Raw and be careful what you wish for Fox Friday Night Smackdown selects Bray Wyatt saw the damage he could do moments ago selfishly I’m excited to have Bray Wyatt on Smackdown keep the feet away from me as far as possible and the last pick of the first round Monday Night Raw chooses drew McIntyre I think this is a great pitch future world champion could not agree with you anymore a true terminator in sports entertainment drew McIntyre definitely going to bring things big-time to Monday Night Raw we want to take you back and show you the Fox war room immediately after selecting Roman reigns and you can’t blame the Fox executives the big dog now finds his home take a look the recap Becky Lynch the number one pick in the 2008 deep wrap ways the raw Roman reigns to smack now the OC and AJ Styles to Monday Night Raw Bray Wyatt the fiend on Smackdown a true McIntyre will make his new home on Monday night to our WWE draft panel joining me tonight we’ve got two-time WWE Hall of Famer also my co-host for WWE backstage on Fox Booker T I love I love it that’s it Roman reigns I said the Fox except the guys in the boardroom would make the decision and that guy would be Roman reigns dad is also joining us today we’ve got WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix that’s what do you think you know Becky Lynch the man she’s had such a great year 2019 congratulations to Raw I’m grabbing that first round draft pick also joining us here tonight WWE superstar Samoa Joe grenades very wonderful being here I’m glad to see you’re still keep the lights going in your house and tonight tonight strap is very indicative of what we’re looking at here tonight drew McIntyre absolutely a future world champion and I think Roz off to a strong start building their foundation stick with us here we’re gonna be covering the WWE Draft all night here on Fox that’s Eddie’s dissappointed itself [Applause] look before I come out here and make short work of shorty gable I want to address you as your king now it doesn’t matter if I’m drafted to raw or to Smackdown I just want to let you know what I will be now I will be a benevolent King and I will share all of my riches with all of you [Applause] no no no no not really I wouldn’t give any of you anything as a matter of fact I’m gonna sit in my throne high up in my castle as far away from all of you as I can because I can’t stand the smell of Phil coming off all of you [Applause] Oh hail king Corbin after being attacked by kids woman following their match at Hell in a Cell Vanilli duck shorty gable let’s tour exactly that live next five is number one NFL broadcast team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Detroit this is obviously a big night for Fox and for Smackdown with this draft going on back in 1989 the Dallas Cowboys had the faith and the trust in you to make you the number one overall pick it’s an honor to be drafted it’s an honor to be drafted number one overall and certainly something I’m very proud of if you were gonna just finish off an opponent what was your finishing move in the ring probably my go-to has always been the piledriver it’s not my signature move because it came before me right but it was effective nonetheless that’s Troy Aikman and I’m Jill Bakken like the rest of you I’ve just learned a lot about oh you’re like a so funk of WWE this might be really good at your job nobody can stand you tonight’s Batman is sponsored by progressive making it easy to butter your all the cards are at the end by Pizza Hut dump cheesy pizza who are bringing these snack down to smackdown there is the k-mer Gordon [Applause] [Music] Heys so uh Corbin and shorty cable one on one hand tonight on Friday Night Smackdown with a bill that gable sending him out of the ring and Corbin wasting little time hoping to a bearish cable beard died as cable is driven into the barricade either one of these superstars would be a great draft pick for either raw or smackdown listen I know king orbital was expecting to be a first round pick for either raw earth smackdown I’m sure right now the king is incensed that he brought the post face first goes Corbin and gable now finds himself looking to a take control this matchup former Olympian represented the United States in 2012 did cable aren’t moved by game while trying to chop down the much bigger Tinkerbell and continue to work on the left leg of Corbin much like she did at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event last week his bone on bone contact gable driving his knee right into the side of Corbin’s and Corbin though likea grabbed the nose and twisted it was able greco-roman eyebrow grab Cole studied that for many years looking down now with a deep arm drag and right to the face King Corbin cover now on gable hooking the leg is about a kick-out by gable Corbin former up Money in the Bank ladder match winner former United States Champion former Golden Gloves boxer take another look at the foreman was nearly booting the teeth right on a Gables mouth together remember this could be the last time we see this match because shorty Gable and King Corbin could be drafted two different grants and then coal Oh forgive me I know you just rattle off an incredibly impressive list of accolades for King Corbin but how about the most recent he is the reigning king of the Ring that’s not something that can be overlooked no doubt over a dozen WWE Hall of Famers have been King of the Ring and gabled making the front of the Corbin here right outside the ring and look at gabled oh he’s had enough I was respected Gable shit over the announce table Oh Corbin grab him again and our tops let’s take it over at nutzy the best healing wireless shoulder out of too thick the height of Baron Corbin really came into play there gable unable to truly pin Corbin’s shoulders down how impressed are you with the power of gable now you can’t not be impressed by everything shorty gable does the guy’s ferocious he’s a legitimate competitor despite all the time that was just raw strength is he gonna go for another one can’t believe it for a second German suplex Corbin though able to counter and able just did not have enough money gable may have overexerted himself Corbin focused the attack on Gables lower back earlier in the matchup and clearly it’s become a factor gable almost running on instinct trying to apply a third German suplex Corbin a step ahead look for a chokeslam came a little roll through he got the shoulders down up up out of there in a kick-out at two by Corbin korban able to lawn is back though and still gable tenacious with the anchor line locked in look let go Mormons got nowhere to go hang on King shortie gable might snap the Kings angel more than I to make into the paddle cable pulls it back to the middle away nowhere for me to go able to roll in his back now Jack nice cover by Campbell soldiers down almost Adam kick-out by Corbin and Gable are created at the end of days and King Corbin with a hard-fought victory tonight here is your winner another in a string of impressive victories as King Corbin continues to rule over the WWE landscape the question is will they take it up one Monday work Friday and I expect that the draft continues in moments in the latest to weigh in stars the number one pregame show on television Fox NFL Sunday [Music] that’s a big day for the WWE’s rapport I told you when you look at this any successful organization starts with the track doesn’t it yeah that’s how you build great franchises that you know it’s a big day for Smackdown all right okay you had a first-round pick who yours my number one guys always been Dusty Rhodes the American dream is there a any more colorful air and more exciting he’ll fill the stadium up he would be my god growing up in Boston right around the corner from the garden killer Kowalski the Sheik clear to you guys Stephanie McMahon is back at the podium kicking off round two of the WWE Draft headed to Monday Night Raw the Viper Randy Orton doesn’t get much bigger than this that graduates is the Monday Night Raw the apex predator and into Monday night and coming Friday Night Smackdown the boss Sasha banks the boss its boss time on Friday nights women’s division it’ll look very very different next week on Smackdown Monday Night Raw is about to defy gravity with the addition of ricochet a real-life superhero man who could do breathtaking feats of athleticism a great competitor Congrats ricochet Friday Night Smackdown selects the monster among men was like Fox Network is gonna get these hands and the final pick in the second round for Monday Night Raw the almighty bobby lashley the almighty is on the red brand you have to wonder where Lamas going to end up is she going to be with them on Raw here on Friday Night SmackDown well I want to take you back now to the USA executives in their war room and this is their reactions after drafting the 13-time world champion Randy Orton let’s reason to celebrate huge legitimately landed one of the greatest to ever step inside of a WWE ring that’s cause for some celebration again here’s the recap around to work the raw banks to SmackDown a ricochet – Ross Roman – Smackdown and Bobby Lashley recaps round to go with a Monday Night Raw [Applause] hey guys you still here with our WWF – officially in the books here miss Phoenix what do you think is Lana gonna stick with bobby lashley it’s a great strategy by both Raw and SmackDown to go after those powerhouses braun strowman bobby lashley but if flama does go with with lassie I have to say Rob made out better in that decision Samoa Joe what do you think you know I think with the addition of ricochet you see a clear pattern showing up here and it’s youth anchored by experience and that’s Roz going after with ricochet in the mix you have two of the hottest young stars in him and drew McIntyre with the addition of Bobby Lashley you got some mean individuals on that brand very very good on Raw Smackdown got some heavy here to spit Thomas on shipit tell my braun strowman strowman so my kidding them ahead let me tell you they like to New York Yankees right now they spending a whole lot of money baby to get the top-notch players it’s about long green duck it’s baby braun strowman here things got heated last week the premiere of Friday Night Smackdown on Fox things got heated between the mantra among men braun strowman and the gypsy king Tyson Fury box doesn’t get much bigger than Tyson Fury yeah most every weights don’t move like me that’s the best every way of my generation by far especially not my compass that’s why it’s gotta be one of the reigning lineal heavyweight boxing champion of the world here to get eyes on this situation I love you on a match hands with Tyson Fury that out Ziggler set right into fury in a minute where’s Jerry going this is a new world one try to make fun of me I’m here to document [Applause] the last thing you want is to get it 5 red I’m a heavyweight champion of the world how many heavyweight titles of you more somebody’s got to get hurt [Applause] and I would not you bad braun strowman at Tyson Fury want to rip each other apart [Music] he’s now a member of Friday Night Smackdown drafted moments ago the macho a moment ron strowman preparing for a colossal battle in three weeks on the WWE Network versus this man he is the lineal heavyweight champion of the world the undefeated Tyson Fury the ink is dry the deal is done a gargantuan clash in three weeks streaming live on WWE Network at crown jewel Tyson Fury one-on-one with fraud strowman today there’s a press conference to set up the front Lester Cain Velasquez magic crown jewel Brock Lesnar very very intense here in Vegas and here comes the Beast [Applause] ladies your topic please w something we champion you know you heard cory mentioning that clip moments ago that Cain Velasquez took the UFC heavyweight title from Brock Lesnar nearly a decade ago well now Cain Velasquez hopes to take the WWE Championship from the Beast it takes place in three weeks streaming live on the WWE Network Halloween here in the States Thursday October 31st the special start time of 1 p.m. Eastern Lesnar vs. the last guest we will truly see whether or not history can repeat itself Cain Velasquez sucks in MMA universe by de throwing the beast Brock Lesnar can he do it again at crown jewel ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul hay and I am the advocate for the reigning defending undisputed WWE heavyweight champion of the world my client and I could not pass up this opportunity to come out here this evening and enlighten and indeed educate each and every single one of you see what a normal human being has a fear and is confronted by that fear what does a normal human being do normal human being shakes and Quivers and has nightmares about their fears a normal human being when confronted by their fears will cower away from the mere thought of such a confrontation what does brock lesnar fear one thing in life to relive October 23rd 2010 wins the butcher of the Ultimate Fighting Championships Cain Velasquez beat victimized bloodied and conquered Brock lesner when Cain Velasquez took at will and by force the UFC heavyweight championship of the world Elaine from Brock Lesnar her dog first round TKO and let’s put our cards even warmer on the table for nine years Brock Lesnar has new has no excuses about that night that’s the type of fighter that came Velasquez truly is now here’s where the problem comes in last week Friday Night Smackdown on Fox Brock Lesnar won the WWE title oh we don’t know it about four or five seconds and then rey mysterio comes out and forces brock lesner to confront the ghost and the fear of his past well what Lesnar does not fear fear Brock Lesnar embraces his fears because Brock Lesnar conquers his fears a little more than nine years passed that fateful evening rock Lesnar will conquer his fear on October 31st at crown jewel my client Brock Lesnar will conquer the nightmare of his past because on October 31st that crown jewel lack luster will conquer Cain Velasquez now you can roll this clip back in a few weeks because you’ll understand that ladies and gentlemen what I just offered you was not a prediction that ladies we got company the music for the man Brock Lester decimated a couple of weeks ago ready to steer Raylan rates of Dominick and rain that’s painful ah yes [Music] [Applause] espera espera not so fast you must have forgotten some footage from my man Mira Sami Familia came Velasquez ladies and gentlemen this was a Saturday October 23rd 2010 Anaheim California Rock defending the UFC heavyweight championship versus the two-time all-american Cain Velasquez Cain was cut early but then he would dominate frog because rock quarry could not keep Cain on the mat quite simply Cain Velasquez overwhelmed Brock Lesnar and conquered the conquerer actually helped earn pain the nickname of cardio came because it’s superb physical conditioning which would earn him the UFC heavyweight champion the first-ever Mexican UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and there’s the star again he avoided otro cicatrice and rotor lado de tu cara oh he said at crown jewel he’s gonna give you a matching scar on the other side of your face you gotta wonder if the same will repeat itself in three weeks at crown jewel quarry I don’t know that I have ever seen anybody stare down Brock Lesnar the way Cain Velasquez is right now an uber confident challenger this is going to be a true flash at crown jewel I cannot wait to see the WWE Championship Velasquez Lester that crown jewel [Music] don’t you dare be sour clap for your world famous six-time chips and feel [Applause] by progressive who while new day is here in the arena getting set for a big announcement but October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and WWE is again partnering with Susan G Komen to raise funds for this terrible disease I’m Samantha I’m Sarah and we’re the maybe twice yes very seriously is our ability to promote the power of positivity and we are so proud we are so proud to support the fight against breast cancer alongside Susan G Komen baby so please give a warm Las Vegas welcome to breast cancer survivor Sarah Veilleux and Co survivor Samantha [Applause] now WWE and Susan G Komen have been partners for quite some time and through that partnership we’ve created the champions for hope contest which these two fantastic women have won [Music] a year and a half ago CeraVe you with her sister Samantha by her side was able to defeat breast cancer and we of the new day had the pleasure to meet you too a few years ago and to see you go on this journey and to see all your ups and downs and your highs and lows we want to say that you are two of the strongest people that we’ve ever met and we are so insanely proud of the both of you and with that said as we do in WWE fashion we would love to present the two of you with these WWE Women’s Championship now ladies if you’ll excuse us we have to go put a hurting on the OSI why us why because so the new day set for six-man tag-team action here tonight on Friday Night SmackDown glory the new day one of the most established their tag teams in the history of WWE early no shortage of championships up until last week topi Kingston was the WWE Champion one of the most dominant trios this industry has ever seen we’re about to see them alive for the first time ever with another very very dominant trio in the OSI well the question is what brand will and upon and will they stay together as the WWE draft continues [Music] [Applause] test it’s a six-man tag-team match scheduled for one fall making their way to the ring the United States Champion the phenomenal AJ Styles Luke Gallows and Cole oh we do know the OSI AJ Styles and Anderson and gallows will stay intact on Monday Night Raw they were drafted in the first round earlier tonight and remember this may be the last time we see the snap jump because they’re no more wild card rule after the draft once you drive to do a brand that’s where you stay exclusively either on the USA Network or Smackdown here on Fox it’s really an ingenious pick by the USA Network a three for one if you will by drafting the OSI to the Monday Night Raw bread by the way you do realize we work for Fox now right I can give credit where it’s due I’m an unbiased journalist Cole you should try it sometime buck wouldn’t call me out on something like that so here we go now it’s gonna be a big Luke Gallows starting things off with guest Xavier woods in a six-man tag team matchup first time ever that the six of these men will meet in a matchup here two powerhouses in the hot and heavy on the outside Anderson bang Oh see take it over live on Smackdown subclass it contain the game six-man tag-team matchup the new day versus the Oh seed we can tell you coming up in just a matter of moments round number three of the WWE Draft AJ Styles tags in here comes the foamer WWE Champion Kofi Kingston goat the extremely closeted quarry over the course of the past few days the fact they lost the title last week the Lesnar could be tears of a volatile situation thrown as a very very important match up for Kofi James to be able to rebound to get back on his horse after a heartbreaking defeat last week goat me when the boom dropped AJ Styles the oshi and styles were trapped in oil tonight in the first round of Monday Night Raw this is the last night they’ll see him on Smackdown the new day still do not know what brand they will end up on Kofi Kingston with a shot to big gallows big kick by Kingston and Cokely heads up to the top rope Styles slowly makes it back to his feet tall baby with a big crossbody lateral press hooks the leg and it’s Anderson breaking things up just in the nick of time Carlin has to keep in the match of a library pinkie monstrous power the belly-to-belly by big games big boot by gallows Xavier woods plans to boot the side of the face and a DDT and the new day looking to rally what’s what’s got nine woods gonna fly takes outer Senate gallows but man Wally says wow that’s crazy unbelievable high-risk maneuver to the outside by Ward’s Styles all alone in the ring Kofi Kingston back up to a vertical base that was launched out in the 8th but all in a chain with a forearm right to the face a now staying up for the phenomenal forearm Styles top rope launches itself Kofi a to the duck underneath and Kingston looking for the SOS countered by AJ Styles now looking for the Styles Clash late connects with this it’s over great counter by Kingston incredible balance dropkick by Kofi and Kingston caught by Styles looking for the cat pressure but don’t be kingston build up by styles shoulders down almost had him what an incredible sequence between these two former WWE champions eautiful balanced by Kingston nice cover art styles both these styles of company back to Monday Night Raw [Applause] but will this be the last time we see the three members of new day together Tori because remember that teams don’t necessarily have to stay intact in the trash entirely probable as we take one more look at trouble in paradise the move it took Kofi to the top of the mountains and Kingston hopes will take him to the promised land once again the new day celebrating here on Friday Night Smackdown on Fox but this is WWE Draft 2019 it is the first type of a to night event here tonight on Fox the continues Monday night on Raw on the USA Network and we set the tone for tonight with a big matchup Roman reigns is representing Friday Night SmackDown Seth Rollins representing Monday Night Raw the winner of the match would guarantee their brand would have the number one pick in the draft let’s take you to the closing moments of that match Seth Rollins is in control and he was looking to go for his patented stop against Roman reigns when the double happen certainly out of Seth Rollins worst nightmare the beam would appear I’m gonna get to see the goddess on Smackdown anymore no the three times we’re all Women’s Champion heading back to the red brand you see the Fox 4 of understandably upset that is a massive loss you want the goddess on Friday nights Friday Night Smackdown is about to get classed up with the sassy southern belle Lacey Evans just got a lot classier Lacey Evans coming to Fox this is a great fix well done Fox and Monday Night Raw chooses the man who fired my brother ko Kevin Owens Kevin Owens petty to Monday Night Raw former Universal Champion big picture laughs and remaining on Friday Night Smackdown the smackdown Tag Team Champions the revival in the world today in my humble opinion – Wilder Scott Dawson and the final pick of the third round Monday night Raw’s selects the Queen of Hearts Natalia so big is better and making their way to Monday Night Raw certainly going to be a force to be reckoned with [Music] they’re picked so far here recap now round number three of the WWE Draft do we want to remind everyone that since raw is a three hour show it’s only fair that Monday Night Raw gets three picks in each round to Friday Night Smackdown to pick so again there is a recap of round number three coming up in a matter of moments round number four of the WWE Draft we saw the Queen of Hearts get drastic of Monday Night Raw now we get to see the Queen herself but Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair defense against the former champion Bailey tonight some orphan sweats what is that day McMahon and now for the 4th and final round of the WWE Draft Monday Night Raw selects the vibrators pick the wrong you want to join the raid it’s going to be on USA Network good pick by Raw Eric and I vlog going to Friday Night SmackDown lucha house party I’ve never seen you so excited I love the lucious I know this Monday Night Raw chooses Nikki cross the unhinged one hence the Monday nights could be alongside her pal Alexa bliss and remaining on Friday Night Smackdown Otis and Tucker heavy machinery oh my god I got just salutis with the caterpillar heavy machinery Fox realize how much more they’re gonna have to spend on catering for these two well why do you ask him the Fox executives they seem pretty happy then they picked heavy machinery one of the top tag teams here WW I think the executives realize that Otis big SpongeBob’s a documentary and the final pick of part one of the WWE Draft Monday Night Raw wants the smoke Montez board and Angelo Dawkins the streets rapid then that is a by Monday night I concur goal very very high upside on this duo WWE drama we’re all about to wrap up here on Friday night packed him what do you guys think of how everything’s shaked out so far Joe you know when you look at the raw roster up and down these guys are solid as can be dangerous dangerous individuals including the Viking raiders these guys know what they’re going to do and I really like what the war rooms put out tonight appreciate you saying that Joe but when it comes to unpredictability one-of-a-kind spectacle Bray Wyatt’s braun strowman Roman reigns I got to hand it to Smackdown the Fox execs got to be stoked LeBron’s looking good over here booked I mean BOTS awesome job raw awesome job but i’ma tell you right now the one name that stands out to most of me in this thing raw got a ricochet man ricochet is a top talent anywhere in the world the guy’s a major player well just to keep you guys informed here anyone that went undrafted tonight there was a part of our available talent pool they are going to be called undrafted free agents at this point so stay tuned to wwe.com to find out where your favorite superstars are gonna end up [Music] I certainly hope that the champ stays on Friday nights the Queen has arrived [Music] some moments ago you saw today young and put 40 on our panel we invite you to join Renee and Booker this coming Tuesday night right here over on fs1 because it’s Dodie Dodie we backstage that a view of that brand-new show it immediately follows the American League Championship Series Yankees and the Astros Renee hooker with WWE backstage or up coming up next Charlotte Flair defends their newly won Smackdown Women’s Championship against former champion Bayley for Charlotte Flair the 10-time champion to defend the SmackDown Women’s Championship against the former champion who she defeated at Hell in a Cell Bailey what happened at the Hell in a Cell event what a great matchup it was between two great rivals the champion at the time Bailey certainly came into the match with a game plan took a few shortcuts but inevitably the Queen was just too much for the hugger to withstand Charlotte Flair would lock on the figure eight submission Bayley left with no choice but to submit making Charlotte the champion for a tenth time in WWE Bailey Ashley threw a temper tantrum after that matchup she was so upset that she lost the SmackDown title [Applause] [Music] and introducing the Challenger from San Jose California with her trademark smile on wonder if she collected her thoughts well enough to sleep Hell in a Cell in the past and moved forward because Bailey has its opportunity to recapture her coveted smack that won his championship [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] whoa [Applause] Lily slaughtering inflatable people hurt her trademark well yeah in something that’s defined barely throughout her entire career here in WWE and what Bailey is all about that fun-loving persona [Applause] [Music] excuse me that was more than a temper tantrum after losing the title toilet bailey’s undergone some sort of metamorphosis a complete change in personality from the former champion Charlotte does not know quite what to make out of this visit to make in this city you’ve all known Bailey for years and this is the furthest thing from anything we’ve ever seen on a room [Applause] so the question is now how does this this new persona what will it mean for Bailey in the ring with the SmackDown women’s title on the line here tonight hopefully it means Bailey can focus on winning championships in’ and here we go Bailey went red after Charlotte Flair this is for the Women’s Championship on Friday Night Smackdown here on Fox and Charlotte now turning the tables and Bailey fighting out as well and a very aggressive Bailey from the get-go here it’s Charlotte as well be careful not to get overzealous because the Queen will make you pay if you make a mistake on Jason just like that neckbreaker by Charlotte Bailey has to pin or submit Charlotte they win the championship here tonight champions advantage it could be the last night we ever see this rivalry depending upon where these two women are selected and the draft as Bailey is whipped getting a barricade near Point quarry Charlotte Flair’s see just about everything in her career as a 10-time champion I don’t think this a change in Bailey is going to affect the Queen at least actually outside of this matchup oh there’s nothing if not spent taking a few shortcuts gonna wonder oh thank goodness Bailey’s friendship with Sasha banks had anything to do with this Sasha banks returned recently with a new look new attitude and it served the boss quite well but the Bailey’s taking a page under that rock Prosser row we do know banks is part of SmackDown drafted earlier tonight meanwhile Bailey looks to regain the SmackDown Women’s Championship can Charlotte get back to this match why [Applause] he’s the world’s toughest firefighter because on Fox in Las Vegas it is Charlotte Flair defending the Smackdown with his challenge others Bailey almost had Bailey there but Bailey Corrie a new look Bailey the new attitude Bailey has been in control this match it remains to be seen just how effective this new I look oh my goodness from Bailey will be but at the moment certainly impressive after losing the spec now women’s title at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view and that nicely Kelly went nuts you see a temper tantrum and here tonight came out with a new look a new attitude and now she’s dominating the current champion Charlotte Flair well I think it was less a temper tantrum a full-blown meltdown cover here her by Bailey to win the title back in a kick-out by Charlotte certainly a newfound intensity in the eyes of the challenger tonight I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Bailey this focused laser focused on Charlotte Flair unbecoming the SmackDown Women’s Champion once again you know how hell-bent she was to prove herself as being a great champion when she held the gold extremely disappointed he embarrassed even that she lost this past Sunday and Bailey with a side headlock continuing to wear Charlotte down and it’s not often you see Charlotte control like this by an opponent on Flair just so powerful arguably the most in WWE physically speaking very very hard to maneuver Charlotte around if she is not willing to let you do that look at Bailey again into the side headlock controlling Charlotte this is for the SmackDown Women’s Championship currently owned by Charlotte Flair and Bailey now to the apron catches Charlotte with a forearm and it’s Bailey controlling the face the apace I should say so far in this match and I’m sorry Duffy Nataly off they ate better this could be the opening the champion needs right now effectively Charlotte Flair could stay in the ring collect the ten count and retain her championship with that’s not how the Queen will get herself over that top rope and taking out the Challenger a 10-time champion Charlotte Flair Bailey back into the ring Charlotte now with a good Flair chop at another one it’s Charlotte Flair wearing down the Challenger [Applause] drops daily to the map it’s our pivot stamps and a suplex great throw by Charlotte yeah Ferg mentioned strength of Charlotte Flair McQueen beginning to feel that this does not bode well for Bailey the Challenger yeah but barely able dit well momentarily fuck’s he had stop Charlotte but would not happen there and now Charlotte wearing the legs down a Bailey which will set up the figure eight which is how Charlotte won the title Sunday now trying to drag Bailey back to the set on the ranked Bailey holding on to the ropes Charlotte Flair is defeated Bailey with the figure eight submission twice in as many weeks you know that that’s what the Queen’s gonna mean look at that boot drive II barely off the apron again and that is the intensity that Charlotte Flair brings to the Ray Bailey now in jeopardy of squandering another championship opportunity and you use the word squandering what will it mean if Kelly loses here tonight we saw what it meant [Applause] the face here is impact from the Queen rolls the Challenger and cover by Charlotte flair to retain the title and a kick-out at two by Bailey once again check out the impact Charlotte Flair tremendous athleticism and the knee catches pal Charlotte now trying to muscle Bailey into the center the ring smart move by the Challenger kicking out the knee of the champion we saw Bailey attempt a little bit of leg based offense at Hell in a Cell to no avail Queen reverses looking for a backslide Bailey though using the ropes to her advantage Bailey Novelli tactic doing the title Charlotte kicked out of two of a belly-to-belly we have seen Bailey used that maneuvered a great success throughout her tenure in WWE Charlotte Flair with too much left in the tank daily just planting the champion but at this point Bailey can’t get frustrated because remember the SmackDown winners panels on the line Charlotte neckbreaker face-first into the turnbuckle goes the challenge and again that frustration by Bailey at the official loud Charlotte or II recuperate and how the Queen goes up to the top rope Charlotte looking for a moon shot family got her legs up at Charlotte able to counter [Applause] gaily trying to make it to the bottom rope Bailey is desperate Charlotte Flair trying to better her ring positioning to prevent Bailey from reaching the ropes and now looking for the figure-4 but Bailey face-first into the middle turnbuckle cover gonna smack up Charlotte Bailey using the ropes for leverage but a kick-out by Charlotte at two Bailey can’t believe it and look at Bailey Emily she’s got to be careful here quarry that she’s not disqualified yeah but all the damage you can inflict within the rules is necessary to become Smackdown Women’s Champion Bailey all too aware of those facts right now [Applause] suplex by Bailey to Charlotte and now Bailey measuring the champion running knee drives Charlotte into the bottom turnbuckle Bailey looking to win the championship right here dragging Charlotte out toward the center of the Ring what’s Bentley looking to do though we’ve seen Bailey utilizing this efficient LIC drop from the top rope Hollow Macho Man Randy Savage nearly with charlotte in the middle of the charlotte to win the championship is it enough hair salad at Dylan or fall to the Challenger the kids speak enough to the resilience of Shana Flair and again the frustration by Bailey we certainly has the heart of a champion [Applause] Bailey is unraveling before our very eyes much like we saw selection look at I take advantage of barely scream the official [Applause] Elias wins tonight the spot that women championship for the second time in her career then a sinister smile by the new champion a new look Bailey has won the gold the desired results were in chief nobody has any rights at question the motive heard of means Bailey is once again at the top of the Smackdown is roster well Valley wants us to talk about it tonight we will because Bailey’s the brand-new smash down winners champion I think it was George Hackenschmidt that Senate ehee a triumph congratulations Bailey but gets the launch you didn’t [Music] ladies and gentlemen night number two of the total Uwe draft continues this Monday live on Raw from Denver 40 superstars eligible to be trapped to this Monday night these bitches did you say screw all of you [Applause] any questions vote none at all Bailey in a new attitude is the brand new Smackdown Women’s Champion don’t forget to join us Monday night on Raw for the conclusion of the WWE draft good night from Las Vegas everybody this is Friday Night SmackDown [Applause]

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