[Applause] it’s finest watching with a person when that video showed look out look out folks relate to what’s going through Steph’s mine right now not good I mean came on a heavyweight boxer in the world he’s here guys he’s going to confront braun strowman after what we witnessed this men’s tag-team titles the followers ago i cannot wait goofy warriors that is going to be an awesome match six I can’t wait for Wednesday for NXT on the USA Network but right now it’s all about who is the last woman stand up shooter and I’m dressed night it was Natalya getting some payback some retribution pic nonsense Natalya pulled attacking me after our match last night well there’s one out like the trash she is no count-outs and no disqualifications the only way to win is to ensure your opponent had enough of each other like I said it’s wrong for me point and it’s how you’re gonna write it till they said look at these little gifts oh you’re right about them no this motivates no count of 10 in Natalia right now just slapping the tape starting to count but looking at Talia right in on Lacey Evans you have to figure the Lacey Fox I’m really looking forward to the drafts of boom surprise where’s your fur Natalia it’s not gonna keep Lacey Evans down for the 10 count look at the back of Lacey right now accidently execute don’t call her nasty yeah you’re my friend Lacey Evans just breaks the count then the count of nine I think she was playing oh that didn’t work she’s caught here oh man oh and Lacey Evans now southern belle has the right to change your mind often I think she’s more just happy to disappoint the dead women standing waiting if Natalia can break the count the referee is up to eight Natalia Oh sir look at this place the Evans taking a break and as she watches the referee continue to count Natalia referee is down you gotta break the couch but barely pulled herself Oh and at nine Lacey Evans back in my jell-o Oh about those clothes coming up Oh swing it for the fences oh man more seconded coat just got to her feet guy that was so close I don’t know if she actually made it you’re fun I’m looking at the face of lace girls and he is about to get really you want to stay down in the count what a trash can to the face King said Natalia look at that’s taken out ten somehow again and we mentioned this fight can go anywhere in the wait oh and now the teletype the help of the table Oh No and now Natalia look a bit involved oh thank you Timothy’s up again I can’t believe it snow I mean let’s see Natalia is the last woman standing here is your winner for Natalia who is victorious tonight to fight this terrible disease throughout the month the ring entranceway and announce table will be outlined in pink as we remind everyone that what [Music] it’s over and raw was so hot it feels like some man Elliston trap is brand news network has his own specific roster stole apollo crews I got a blue chipper don’t sleep on Hill ha ha I don’t think he’s a virgin I just don’t think he’s consummated his marriage or I should’ve just smoked some heroin brutally whoa that’s the gypsy king right there undefeated heavyweight champion Tyson why are you provoking braun strowman don’t know bout to hunt I maybe shouldn’t have jumped over the barrier I was escorted out bothers to keep guys how often somebody in the tag team division 2 is an interesting one King brought Tag Team Champions Robert Ruth Dolph Ziggler the Viking raiders instant Erik gonna start things off here with Dolph Ziggler and Erik really has that silent aggression King yes I raw tag team champions it’s certainly a step in the right direction this Ziggler he’s already the shelf but everybody wants to put themselves in the limelight to be a top pick in the draft that’s true king and o best on Monday Night Raw and you’re right King tag teams could be split up you never know what’s gonna happen in the government you know oh no are you kidding me look at the strength well Robert Roode trying to take down Aybar that’s really gonna work out that’s hundred boy stood high above there you go trying to chop down the much larger I’ve horse we’ve seen a brontosaurus Oh between these guys these guys are you know nice suit wearing clean-cut gentlemen but the bunch up against the Viking raiders Oh in the pension where authority under the dogs they were trying to call time okay there’s no timeouts on Monday Night Raw but of course then the champions they don’t want to they don’t want they don’t want to get in here this week jokes for the ride Oh strong word goes up it over I think it too is putting it lightly they have just dominated goodness maybe place no biking wants to go he certainly is two great superstars to come together quickly anything putting himself between Eric and Aybar oh look I’m dropping that neckbreaker back coming back into this matchup and now Robert Roode now just plenty with a sit-up yeah it was an early storm but now it’s down to uh-oh just this look at this double teaming two-on-one Robert Roode hey Josh here comes IVA laughs oh good grief brilliant plan anything and everything that moves it seems Ziggler Ziggler now going up at all here in the WWE Ziggler cause superkick Loudoun County what’s wrong earlier what out Oh Exige opiates and wood breaks things up we back there’s some that explosion of Rage one attack any of the to our air cancelling back fists and elbows and now o fortuna’ team or living lookout that dream could be getting closed is Robert Roode looking to plant Eric wood Ike realize it without a doubt well soon the women’s taxi champions the kabuki warriors but also tonight Tyson Fury at WWE’s showcase seemed like a perfect place for two or five lives I we should be the top draft picks on Raw and SmackDown that was a good idea guys [Music] he’s here he has a plate it’s finally been picked but I don’t know that me to be your Hall of Famer you guys Matt you gotta admire the sink brothers because they’ve been at a lot of movies over in India let’s can we cut oh oh only there’s any cut slack there’s no black setting of it oh well this is the advantage in a two on one matchup advantage could you imagine if Alistair Black gets trapped into it didn’t take long how impressed were you just now Alistair black which if you would you make him the number one pick well without a doubt I mean he was very impressive to sister in the world Tyson Fury is here he’s not asking he’s demanding an apology or hear from braun strowman mythology how would you describe what happened between the two of you on Friday Night Smackdown but I do too so Tyson Fury wants an apology might get these hands ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest Rey Mysterio last week my son Dominic was brutalized by Brock Lesnar and something like that will shake anyone to their core were you feeling a week later after as Paul Heyman would put it you were victimized by the beast mall my son and there wasn’t a damn thing I can do about it for someone that’s gonna avenge what happened to our family nuestra familia it’s Kane and asked for what for making their way to the ring Luke Gallows correlator Center is set for six-man tag-team action here tonight stars those three members are the lucha house party this six-man tag team matchup is next and braun strowman and well pinky think AJ’s thousands Ophelia affects that right out of the ring he was spaghetti legs for a long time after that that right hand perfectly symmetrical the United States Champion AJ Styles wants to prove quickly as no ill effects from that massive right hand he suffered last night is look at kalisto go kick after kicking Styles quick love that big club oh this entire match what a dropkick quickness Piper T all of these guys boy puzzling say Toronto to expect Knicks out of these guys let’s say erotic see your point King almost time cheering but so innovative is the lucha house Karl Anderson nothing innovative about a kick oh and tag was made grandma to leak is now the legal superstar take a look at this King are you kidding me Luke Gallows talk about how the lucha house party likes to have fun these the OSI are a group of guys that are not about follow three members of the OSI wishes side to them actually off but I don’t know if they I don’t know if they have time to refocus this world guys mind it’s hard to follow cake ran met Sun Lake Joey to the air turning up the speed feather her killer three members lucha house party take you to the air come on check out part of continue to hack team match what actions is meant to coach it so much dominance here tonight who solve all three members of the Oh Karl Anderson [Applause] bad intentions Baloo girl insane Toronto starting to fight flow coming through the air high crossbody Campion sit there no no no and Lynn said righto so far away there’s now AJ Styles a Styles on rubber legs Karl Anderson breaks it up if that Brompton gallows taken out Mary written land nice AJ Styles here it comes [Applause] adios he was gonna regroup they certainly bounce back maybe now they’re trying to make us [Applause] no method styles then the OSI continuing to stop away on lincei Dorado his two cents AJ Styles looking at it exclamation point but nine inch super charismatic undefeated lineal heavyweight boxing champion of the world look at this guy when you think about it this man is um is maybe the number one draft choice he’s welcome the host of bitch TV [Music] team Hogan first team flare was made at crown jewel where the Miss had both those Hall of Famers on welcome to Miz TV last like the rock Velasquez like Tyson jury please ban Becky Lynch [Applause] [Music] the man standing tall I can’t say enough about that match that’s right I was just appealing 24 hours removed from that Hell in a Cell match up again hello Bakersfield the SmackDown Women’s Champion between Charlotte Flair fine Women’s Champion beating Bailey and recapturing this Smackdown live or wooden champion don’t you guys feel like it of England was reported that she slapped somebody hit this Queen I Queen slaps people every week someone at some point you gain a little mutual respect maybe at some point both women’s champions sitting in the ring both women two-thirds of the xcel to retain your raw women’s championship anyone is looking for an amazing serial look at this face on the box of golden crisps like Sasha banks beat me all the way through hell and I’ve probably never been more banged up than I am today she was kicked by Charlotte who became the new SmackDown Women’s Champion and I don’t need to remind you this but I will the draft can change careers it can change the direction of everything you write because you two will be teaming together against the new WWE women’s tag team champions that these women have to team up this might want to get in there or maybe not that he’ll himself and the kooky Warriors charging it special inch it’s solid flesh standing tall no referee we got chairs in the ring yeah these women are going at it no stopping them getting able to roll free finally referee coming on down some order being restored here on Monday Night Raw and someone note maybe not champions have things on their mind championship showcases next thing but the action is underway again can’t wait Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are arguing over how they can take Queen two belts Charlotte two championship whoa what Oscar right now paintbrush should I’d the man rohan display last night at Hell in a Cell but a game king that you and she has to be feeling the effects early beat the last night regula Joe had to get her hands back on Oscar who says hold a victory over the man on a night it was for all four of these women and held up cell and Oscar throwing her body on the monday night hope you brought up the trap don’t forget the WWE draft begins this Friday on Friday Night Smackdown right down into the midsection with him did you understand anything they said earlier I tried oh and what a when she able to roll through at the moment overall Women’s Champion and now this is a moment and here comes the tenth time Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and there’s no love lost between flare and osku either Harlan Flair Lightner up it’s all champion Paul as soon as the cream tagged in and on the back of her head heated in very physical matches last night at hello I have no idea what’s going so five Charlotte Claire the other could be looking for the figure-4 maybe transition to the figure eight instead Oh tossing Charlotte Flair just just look at everything shy or Charlotte flora got caught by Oscar of the raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and the SmackDown Women’s Champion that being Charlotte Flair hey guys I have known hired lives becoming tag team champions oh it’s Charlotte Flair just catching Bowl and tossing Charlotte Flair taxing the wrong Women’s Champion comes the man hey Becky Lynch taking it right to caisson motion and Becky Lynch charges right back but now catching osku head Oh Beck’s floater role Women’s Champion perched high down Oscar what a fist that was full from Tyra your feet hammering away at each other [Applause] my job connects only is she dealing with the punishment that she’s experiencing this man Oh Charlotte Flair Flair oh go behind Becky Lynch wrong Women’s Champion shoulders are gone just like Tyrese anus then Becky Lynch is that new attitude and maybe a couple of new tricks from osku oh there goes Charlotte play action right back to the WWE Tag Team Champion evidence two on one it’s not going to work here heat control [Applause] listen Nicky cross and they haven’t forgotten about 24 hours ago they felt that green mist green mist into the faces of these two I’m Nick look at home listening [Applause] the ricochet set for action going up against this best print this Tuesday at 10:00 9:00 central on e can’t wait I can’t wait you never know what they know it’s gonna be awesome but right now it is a Debbie to be draft showcase matchup between motivated and this isn’t anything personal but he’s going to show that he’s the best exactly that is nothing personal kid he’s just going to showcase so you know both of these guys really well right I sure do both of them are tremendous athletes both of both of them are capable of incredible feats can remember sitting in this they’re right at the our announce table one night on the draft and my broadcast partner got drafted to the other brand and cruise me to the air these two superstars know each other so very well as British a this time Apollo cruise in the counter for every counter kick be thinking about it blood gotta be rushed into his head here in doing whoa man a bit more territorial we mean by that I want to have the best show oh okay all the tools to succeed here in the WWE and ricochet follows it out Mick look in town in ice able to roll through and wrap showcases crews hoists up ricochet Raymond slithers down the pack dipsy-doodle there here we go ready to shave victories a winner on the cell match it it was downright disturbing I still still can’t believe what we witness 24 hours oh you’re right the undefeated top-ranked heavyweight boxer in the world wallet tag team championships next week here on Raw Lenny Oh heavyweight boxing champion of the world the gypsy king Tyson Fury off the cuff antics his entire career and he’s gonna have a live mic here in a matter of moments cool Vic you could talk all the trash you want in the buff to hold back punches or his thoughts doesn’t fight his tongue I can’t wait to see in here what Tyson Fury has to say first of all welcome to Monday Night Raw and welcome to Bakersfield big shout-out Bakersfield it is abundant an apology apologies yourself unsure what does that look like the face of a man who’s about to apologize be on out of me what are we gonna witness not an apology that’s five that bustable elephants like pong strowman and Tyson Fury in the ring something’s something’s bound to give [Applause] now trying to have a little fun with you last Friday on Smackdown that is until I saw the way you lie I gave you a little present in dolph ziggler anything you want it’s to get in my ring you have no idea what I’m capable of hello security did jump on me and take me out because I the God in this ring and I would knock you out joy you’re mistaken my friend it’d be you laying on your back I’m a heavyweight champion of the world how many heavyweight titles have you won [Applause] look at the security teeth rate these two everyone here he’s got his hands on strowman show me trying to fight back look at furious [Applause] all right so much [Applause] a champion then look intensive period he’s knocking out anything that moves there’s Sherman now fighting back [Applause] hooking up at 10 and here comes the locker-room that tell me that he liked The Roommate be brave enough to get between these two men they are dealing out insane combos [Applause]

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