WWE RAW 13th September 2019 – Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins RAW

subscribe to my channel and also press this Bell icon so you never miss any new object [Applause] the architect is in the BigDog sites Roman reigns is set pay-per-view on the WWE Network apocalypse I look at this right here this is the reset moment back into its evil but to walk out the number one contender to face Bob Knepper tunity to weaken one of their opponents but before this Sunday you know we mentioned in her earth to mana went his separate way stabbing Roman and Dean in the back a number of years ago and since some of the biggest fights I could imagine I mean dump it in any opponents never brother much a little brother anymore and he beat the crap out of me for submission will go on to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal champion she had him here tonight Seth Rollins rolling up Roman reigns and a kick-out by the big dog pulls with braun strowman [Applause] that shoulder looks good at the ribs look good the movement it there hey back she could be up to six months after shadows by reigns sandy mow cheap down into his arsenal try some new things because Roman reigns knows Rollins so standing saw absolutely spectacular athleticism from right knee is his greatest strike down I’m sure Roman reigns aims got him in the best shape of his life he is truly 100% his man again the question is mojo earlier tonight Cory here’s your pekka’s Roman mrs. Wiley with the rolling through bones SAP driven there’s unbelievable moments in WrestleMania history Oh dad the brotherly fight and watch Roman reigns check it out the tripods oh right into the palm she can to take advantage [Applause] and so rains tossed over the top rope Seth Rollins gonna launch himself now takes out range okay bye Roman reigns an hour main event two of them w e network reigns has done a great job of targeting his attack to the ribs of fatal five-way on Sunday as we take another look and what happened during the commercial break now suddenly reigns is in complete control we’ll be in the ring at the same time with so much at stake an opportunity of proc Lesnar in the universal title Rollins folks F there’s a reason why this is my yard and it’s taking no cheap shots everything’s legal I like it Oh Sunday Oh fatal five way No Disqualification nope as intense as ever the big dog mistake say that he owns Roman reigns Roman reigns locked and loaded went for the Superman punches so he reigns now on less than 30 legs for the first time in a while bloody by Seth waiting for that adrenaline to pump through his body hoping to find a way their guns Rollins running for this is what Seth left in him oh now you could tell he’s labour remember the midsection that Roman had worked on throughout this matchup and now Seth goes to the air again stood up and Seth Rollins going to launch himself with a suicide dive for the second rope reigns is vulnerable in the center of the Ring Rollins was looking to put the match away and roll on to Baltimore bout either but again that’s just a look inside the guts in part of Seth Rollins [Applause] ronzo typically jaw that could be in falls into the cover is it enough except to put rock battling with everything they have let’s take another look at this Oh head of scum for three good digging down deep looking to suck it up heading up to the top rope rains back to his feet caught over the wire and slumps over the architect might be out pulled on the top rope what a physical powder Roman rain oh no this will do it if reigns connects here this is over wow I’m in disbelief instinct absolutely incredible the official down a count of six Rolla so just on Monday Night Raw Roman reigns and Seth Rollins two of the five men he’ll be joined by Finn Balor Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe Sunday the winner most pay-per-view on the WWE Network but for reigns and Seth tonight it’s about Walking Dead character right now look out Oh sidestepping its shoulder first put Wyatt to take a step towards Sunday there is some serious damage the Romans are after that big shot to the stay of the room and set up top blockbuster rails there he goes again Rollins taking it high lose that Seth Rollins top wall dogs flash to AIDS previous damage done to the ribs might have been the deciding issue that WWE Universe showing great respect for what face image to be sitting here watching this arrow at this new era take it to the limb if I know Seth Rollins I think I know what he’s got in mind [Applause] Rollins Nexus is over great shots guys Roman reigns tonight was the better man receive it this was a battle sunday is the war will that help him heading toward the fatal five way on Sunday can you blame me for not picking a sign yet of chasing my pick rosy moment settled out of the way and went for a spear set Rollins countered again perseverance visit between rules match will it be Samoa Joe fifth power for the universal championship it happens Sunday at its true [Applause] hello guys welcome in my channel pronto here you are to enjoy the game WWE 2k 19 in this raw match we’ll have two superstars Rama race versus Seth Rollins that would be the friendly match okay guys let’s enjoy this and let’s do this here we go okay oh my god live from Las Vegas so many many people that’s our winner fauna big bugs or Marines dr. Amano and fights in the ring okay guys just do this oh my god the power come from the remains look at here come on take it out with a powerbomb I can’t you came back right now okay guys going from a double play with this new how’s that for ferocious it’s like someone at the ravine point by this booth exhibits a weakness for a specific move some will return to utilizing that move as long as possible Seth Rollins in some trouble here key but he’s very aware of who he’s in there with and what he had me to rebound he just passed to make sure this doesn’t get too out of hand for sometimes a momentum has a way of we permanently swinging one way that’s what he wants to avoid it I think a lot of people right now are scratching their heads wondering how he let this match get so out of hand the frequency of this move is becoming deliberate at this point to say the least okay [Applause] damn lunch ready is it here Superman funds okay what this happened Seth Rollins flames high-flying abilities with brutal grounded strikes to keep opponents guessing if you’re an opponent how do you find an opening I faced Seth Rollins many times but that was before his injury he might just win this thing right here he’s gotta come [Applause] back to Seth Seth Rollins delivers the pain in an astonishing fashion folks ouch this is all over okay let’s take a look at some of the action that match wow wow I haven’t seen a match like that in a long time

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