WWE RAW 13th September 2019 – Braun Strowman Destroyed Roman Reigns.

subscribe to my channel and also press this Bell icon so you never miss any new update have a chance to slay the Beast Roman reigns closing it on the universal championship what the hell I’m gonna keep this short and sweet I want Brock Strommen fight but when it comes to braun strowman the fight doesn’t get any bigger any feet are salivating at the thought of what should I do Dexter Ouma Roman writers you got lucky [Music] but now that Romans out of my way I intend to tear through that I am the monster among damaged what on earth [Applause] [Music] destructive forces we’ve ever seen in WWE he at one point aborted police still in Roman reigns both to the hospital patias limits out after a payback tonight it is a long talk with Renee young and Jared [Applause] injured limb separated shoulder possible and a few weeks ago placed in sight first on a stretcher but guys do not count Roman reigns out here is the man but Roman reigns of make this woman no one was waved on it none of the Booker just said all the guts but Roman reigns possesses but in any things as valiant as they come he has been through Wars and his careers against his shoe percent you could tell that early quarry well we gonna have to figure something out he came out of the gate Thea’s Roman reigns launched himself on the steps instrument and the monsters off the monster among men and reigns telling strowman let’s go get in the ring let’s get this thing started Roman reigns nothing now reigns against turns to the tension looking to make quick work in this one from strowman wrong stronger with the Big Show bernstrom we’ve got to be feeling real good about obsess Lane let’s not forget the fact about clothesline from Roman reigns pets intensity power and then the truck Stroman turns Azov leg Roman reigns the standard bear that one god that everybody in the locker rooms is seriously hurt his Foreman is picking him apart directly on watch this but was it too soon was it too early did he risk everything and again stability w8 I absolutely agree there is no quit in winnable situation Kodiak bears sitting there you gonna argue over property lines and here’s the other problem Roman ran to it he was waiting for the moment and he struck a few weeks ago and now tied a cover on reigns reigns gets the shoulder up it’s wrapped like a constrictor absolutely right like a giant anaconda seni one bad ribs you can’t breathe to start with and now with this guy nearly 400 could leave in bone Roman reigns and Roman reigns has got to be having problems almonds hands are the size of sledgehammer hands dismal and well Norman trying to somehow create a little bit of separation the elbows to the side of the failure against a guy like strowman Romans side steps and strohman focused attack and we don’t know how it could be internal damage was that about the injury strumming misses wildly Roman again now Roman reigns and then braun strowman matches it with a kick up that he lit up a world away that guess someone saw private jet paths happens asking where all the grains i was then a condition expand that crash relieve got you got to think it’s gonna be Roman reigns she what I don’t know where Roman reigns is getting it but Roman reigns caught by stroganoff Coleman still on his feet he’s assisted by the barricade but Braun and the official given both these men a lot of leeway tonight and you gotta like to see that though just the one thing that could help it he’s got to keep his feet Murray now warming back in a count of four don’t we might have knocked himself silly it beats the cow unbelievable enrollment had an uncapped and try to recover Cory smart strategy [Applause] the quarry is that old woman had left was at that last gasp effort the big dog bringing the biggest roman dance at his feet strolling turns around stands [Applause] strong economy Oh star look at that that trouble movies need to move need to move quick cavities got nowhere to go booked for the Matt Ron just supporting shocked you’re shocked on the face to tell about the ribs of a teeth up the full brunt of it but then put him away cold of what he’s going to do when strowman again but a power slam woman came in to pay back with a plan imposed a monster among men a valiant effort tonight I’m not even sure 100% how you stopped long strong you look at I told you bronze Roman at Roman reigns once beat braun strowman at Fastlane wants talk to him now it’s about mein punishment [Applause] or something [Applause] oh my goodness hit his heels and off this move this move here completely dead to the strains body [Applause] steps above his head Roman reigns it takes [Applause] maybe to be a fish is bleeding with Stroman that you get self careful guys we’ll help you get some EMTs out of here Roman reigns Roman reigns come on we gotta get some help out here for Roman reigns where the hell’s the EMTs Roman it Roman is seriously series Castellano whines we dump Callisto off the stage in a dumpster a ring imploded because of storm that he now this you know you can see the damage coming out [Applause] [Music] Roman reigns wants to walk out of this arena on his own his own power general manager tonight as far as I can tuck away to it expected but anyway the magic broad braun strowman’s set called for the bell and this match is underway the monster among men [Applause] right the answer no big bands hurt but is still on his feet personal this is mothership noodle zone that we’ve never seen him in before God tell you he’s better state his day these two men feel for one I think you’re absolutely right Rowan’s vulnerable [Applause] Stroman came out here with Stroman The Undertaker and WrestleMania is take it out strowman tonight screaming who’s screaming watch strowman [Applause] the Arena you [Music] hello guys welcome in my channel prolong hello here you are to enjoy the game WWE 2k 19 in this row match we will have two superstars reigns versus braun strowman okay guys here to enjoy this amazing match alright we are live from Baton Rouge [Applause] [Music] nice because so many againin oman impaired it’s here ready to destroy this monstrous instruments arrival in WWE I think we all knew that he was a dangerous man but I truly realized what he was capable of until his rivalry with Roman reigns oh I’d agree Michael and to say that strowman opened a lot of eyes during that robbery would be a gross understatement especially when you look at David Gates and man I never get tired of watching these guys compete look what these paramagnets doing oh my god the paralysis are all I’m back hide that when it comes to braun strowman quarry no i’d say the monster man has become the most destructive WWE superstar in history and in short order braun strowman definitely takes inflicting pain to a whole new level but he’s fine with destroying inanimate objects too especially vehicles oh my god to further demonstrate the destruction of strowman that you guys mentioned we’ve seen him pick up a limo with Elias inside and he’s overturned deep WWE’s the production trailer then at WrestleMania he crushed a parade float and then there’s the wonderful mrs. destruction with pain before their royal role match bran used a grappling hook to pull a giant lighting rig onto Kane and Brock Lesnar that’s why we now have a no grappling hooks backstage polling [Applause] headbutt to the back of the neck a what a Chancery [Applause] look at that height did you see that that was amazing [Applause] [Music] [Applause] when this guy’s on Lookout it’s time for this one the monster back between the ropes what’s wrong soup I knew it was only a matter of time anything for the finish sir [Applause] of course we all here’s the cover one and he’s able to get the shoulder up isn’t gonna no way that easy [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Stroman dodged that one as fire was saying braun strowman absolutely took orders from Bray Wyatt at one point but that all changed finally the 2016 WWE draft when strowman broke out in his own and proved that he was indeed a monster among men did they hold by defeating two three sometimes even four superstars at the same time Luca is [Applause] he’s going for the pen come on well this guy’s a competitor he’s not going down yet yeah it’s gonna take more than that to keep him down though it wasn’t mentioned early in his WWE career Roman reigns comes from a royal bloodline in the world of sports entertainment he’s the son of WWE Hall of Famer Sica really like the rock shows and WWE Hall of Famers Rikishi and Yokozuna Wow the ref got hit hard there he may not get back up oh well Roman first had James have dominated the gridiron after incredible college here does he have enough left in them to capitalize his shoulders are down you but that match was even better than advertised here’s another long event history-making attack

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