WWE NXT INJURY! More Backstage Upset With Nia Jax! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2018

WWE NXT INJURY! More Backstage Upset With Nia Jax! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News. Headline: Laurie Blake @ElFakidor
I am El Fakidor Laurie Blake. HEADLINE: NXT Title Match Confirmed For TakeOver:
Phoenix And we start with confirmation of a huge match
at NXT TakeOver Phoenix in January coming out of last night’s episode of NXT. On the show Aleister Black confronted Tommy
Sports-Entertainment Tomasso Ciampa saying he wanted to invoke his rematch clause. But he was interrupted by Jonny Wrestling
Jonathan Gargano, who said that he and Black had unfinished business. Though I feel like the Black Mass at WarGames
felt like the full stop on that little feud. Though he did hit two Black Masses so maybe
Johnny was seeing them more as a colon. Heh colon. Anyway, Ciampa goaded the pair into settling
things in a steel cage, which Big Willy Reegs made official on Twitter. And Regal also confirmed that Aleister Black
would face Ciampa for the NXT Title at TakeOver Phoenix. HEADLINE: Punishment Martinez TV Debut! Also on the show Punishment Martinez made
his TV debut in a bout against Matt Riddle. Both lads looked good, but I wouldn’t exactly
say Punishment lived up to his name, it was more of stern telling off, followed by an
‘ok, I forgive you’ and then a ‘please let go of my throat’. But while he may not have won his debut, he
did receive this natty consolation prize, a handshake photo with Triple H.
“Imposing, unrelenting, focused… and ready. This is just the beginning for @RealPunishment
in @WWENXT – I expect to see big things from him. Congratulations on your debut.” Looks a little weirder than usual, but I think
it’s because Triple H is trying to hide a sling he’s wearing following surgery to
repair his torn pectoral muscle. HEADLINE: Hanson Injuries Revealed! While we’re on the subject of injuries,
last night’s NXT also revealed the true extent to which Hanson of the War Raiders
was battered and bruised following the Wargames match against the Undisputed Era. Commentator Mauro Ranallo listed off a litany
of ailments, saying Hanson had suffered broken ribs, a ruptured spleen and torn ligaments. Here’s hoping this Sore Raider recovers
quickly. HEADLINE: NXT UK Names Major Stable
Hopping the pond to NXT UK which aired two episodes last night, where a major stable
in the brand finally gave themselves a name. Joe and Mark Coffey and Wolfgang opened the
first of the two episodes in the ring, and said that they are now using the name Gallus
for their stable. Which is better than expected, I was expecting
them to take a bit of Coffey take a bit of Wolfgang add a bit of Scottish and you’ve
got Wolfey. [011]
Some extensive research, by the algorithms at Google, tells me that Gallus is a Scottish
colloquialism meaning an act of boldness or daring. Suggesting someone doing something they shouldn’t
be doing. Which is a perfect fit for the stable. Not all of this is wrestling, most of it is
words. HEADLINE: NXT Signs New Announcer
So with Gallus now officially named, they’ll probably need someone to announce that. And maybe Alicia Taylor could be the woman
to do it. Because NXT has just signed professional drummer
and host of YouTube series Heavy Wrestle Alicia Warrington as an announcer. Redubbed Alicia Taylor because Warrington
isn’t plain enough apparently, she’ll be working her first set of house shows this
coming weekend. Alicia broke the news on Twitter saying:
“BEYOND excited to announce – I am now working w the @WWE I am your host #AliciaTaylor newest
member of @WWENXT Announce Team. It is a complete honor to be a part of THE
BEST in sports entertainment. Looking forward to 1st #NXT loop this weekend
& meeting the #NXTuniverse” HEADLINE: Ember Moon Husband Shoots On Nia
Jax! And she’ll no doubt get a warm welcome from
the NXT Universe and the wider WWE Universe, unlike this next person: Nia Jax. Facebreaker segway. Who has garnered herself a lot of heat for
potatoing Becky Lynch and as mentioned breaking her face. Not least of all from Ember Moon’s husband
and indie wrestler Matthew Palmer who had some harsh words about Jax on Monday. When Moon was announced as filling in for
a kayfabe injured Natalya on the main event of Raw, Palmer sent out this now deleted tweet:
“Hope this unsafe moron doesn’t hurt my wife again.” Harsh words. But then again Ember and Palmer had a Game
of Thrones style wedding very recently, so maybe he was just paranoid, because someone
getting hurt right after a wedding is exactly the sort of thing that would happen. Wouldn’t it George, wouldn’t it, I’ll
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  1. Laurie. Your autograph pic is a hot item that needs to be made. Your being held down like Rusev day.. Think about it.. 🤔🤔👍👍.. It's what's best for business and high demand..

  2. I'm in the 🇺🇸 US and the only reason I'd get the box is for Oli and Luke's autographs…..that SUCKS that us American's can't get an autograph by "The BEST duo in wrestling" today….😭😭😭😭
    Hugs from Texas❤

  3. Nowadays having heat backstage in wwe apparently means you´re getting a BIG (pun intended or not, even I dont know) push

  4. This Nia shit is getting old. People need to get over it already. Obviously WWE realizes "shit happens", dumbass marks need to learn that too.

  5. The overweight tranny strikes again..
    Btw,who's bright idea is it to give her promo time? She's better off eating the mic

  6. If you can’t take a punch to the face, get the fuck outta wrestling. You should know those are the risks you take before getting in. Not that it makes it okay but you should know these things can happen. Everything I just said was taken from The Big Show in an interview a couple weeks ago.

  7. Enough with heat on Nia for punching Becky. All these fans wanted Ronda vs. Becky for only two or so weeks. Its not the end of the world the match didn't happen. A few months ago the only match people wanted was Asuka vs Charlotte for WrestleMania. No one wanted Becky to be thrown that match. Fickle. Fickle.

  8. Thanks for remembering your US fans. Hopefully we get the Oli and Luke autographs. I will pick mine up in January after I finish paying off xmas lol

  9. I woonder what people would b saying if RHONDA ROUSEY accidentally punched BECKY would u guys still b dissing her… I DOUBT IT quit BITCHING and move on already its not going 2change what happened

  10. The LIE extent to which Hanson was injured! He was doing Forever Clotheslines and cartwheels at a house show last Friday. Warbeard is alive and well.

  11. Next I mean NXT ……what is NXT on the WWE plans to bring CM Punk and his hot little lady back to rule the locker…AGAIN!

  12. Nia needs to get squashed by Ronda in a few seconds and then sent back to NXT. It would be inexcusable to give her any kind of a rub at this point.

  13. Who cares what Ember Moons husband says?? Whose he?? Never heard of him. He's an insignificant mosquito. Why would Nia care about what he rattles while living in some sewer? She don't care about nobody including retards like you… she only cares about Chairman Mr. Vincent Kennedy MacMahon. She gets paid for what she does, and you dickheads calling yourselves fans get shit :)) So whose the fool?? :)))) Nia is going to break more faces … you better believe it. Except screaming and pissing in all directions like little cry babies, what can any of you do about it??? Absolutely nothing :)))) #facebreaker, #bigmommapump

  14. Let's face it, people already hated Nia Jax the moment she debuted on NXT because she wasn't a pencil thin blonde Alexa Bliss clone. Unfortunately she gave people an opportunity to vocalize their hate.

  15. Once again I go to WRESTLETalk to get all the wrestling news and again all I get is WWETalk. WTF? Talking about F, Moon's loser husband looking for publicity to support his worthless raslin career? Never heard of the guy until now. Probably won't hear about him again. #coverallwrestlingorchangeyourname

  16. Need to get off the Nia hate, that punch was a mistake and helped Becky’s legend grow even bigger. All big strong guys have potatoed people it’s a part of the business. No one seems to have a issue with how unsafe half the roster is now days…

  17. Nia Jax is a fat, disgusting pig of a human being. Can't promo, can't really wrestle (with anything other than the Domino's box) and looks atrocious.

  18. Nia really needs to lose some weight…… Daniel Bryan's new gimmick is stupid! All of a sudden he's an insane madman? Not good! And it's getting quite boring!!!!

  19. Also theoretically Nia should be champ. I mean get real, who's going to beat her? Look at her, she's an Amazon!

  20. Oh one more thing, when is the crazed lunatic coming? Again, look at him, he's a beast and makes Lesner look small.

  21. Damn wwe is raiding other promotions shit this is bad for pro wrestling hope other promotions will survive this raid

  22. I really dislike those arrow things you do in your thumbnails. They seem so much like bad clickbait and it makes me want to not click on your videos. You guys are better than to resort to crappy movie channels that put out videos like 'things you missed in one or the other trailer'.

  23. I will say it, if she wasn't "beautiful in her own way" and some other wrestler, she would have sent back to developmental or just straight up fired after such a botch. But she is getting rewarded for that. Just because she can't wrestle properly and deliver promos properly, she keeps saying "I broke her face". That was a very bad botch that costed Becky a match with Ronda. Hope she gets buried soon

  24. Nis Jax is a stupid ugly fat bitch with no talent other than eating and the remarkable ability to fuck up/destroy anything and everything she gets near or touches.
    Probably has something to do with the fact she has her own personal orbit and gravitational works because she is as fat as a planet.

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