WWE News – Shocking Botch By WWE | Roman Reigns Awarded | Becky Lynch Chooses An Opponent

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July 11th 2019
WWE News – Shocking Botch By WWE
Roman Reigns Awarded
Becky Lynch Choses An Opponent
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We’re kicking off with Monday Night
Raw news, and its good news
for the second straight row for the
company’s viewing figures.
With an average 2.35 million homes
tuning in to watch the three-hour show
this was considered good by WWE’s
current day standards,
and great when you consider that the
red brand was going up against the
Home Run Derby.
Despite being down six per cent from last
week’s show, last year’s RAW on the Home
Run Derby
was down a much greater nine per cent,
showing improvements in the company.
The key to these numbers was that this
week’s show saw a very small drop
in viewers throughout the show, as it
seems many fans are getting
hooked by Monday Night RAW in the
Paul Heyman era.
The first hour of RAW kicked off
with 2.38 million viewers,
though this dropped to 2.35 million by
hour two, culmination in hour three with
2.32 million,
still an impressive number after months
of much lower viewing figures.
This means that there was just a 2.6 per
cent drop in viewers from hour one to
hour three
with the show gaining many female
viewers during the show,
including a 7.7 per cent rise in females
aged 18-49, a figure unheard of for
modern day RAW.
Part of what led to this gain was the
show’s third hour was a stacked finale
to the show, including Ricochet Vs.
The Club, Nikki Cross winning the
Beat the Clock challenge
add herself to the SmackDown Women’s
title match at Extreme Rules,
and Roman Reigns teaming with
a mystery partner
to face Shane McMahon and
Drew McIntyre.
Whatever WWE are trying seems to be
working, so hopefully the red brand can
continue this success in the long run
after months of dwindling ratings.
From RAW to SmackDown Live now
and though it’s clear that the WWE
are trying to get fans interested in
the blue brand as well,
one bizarre approach the company took
this week was uploading the entire episode
from this week’s show to the company’s
YouTube page.
This wasn’t even an accident, as the
video’s thumbnail did have “Full Episode”
in the corner, however it’s obvious
given the USA Network’s
rights to the content, that American
fans weren’t meant to see this.
WWE recently stopped uploading
videos during their shows,
claiming that too many fans were
watching those instead of TV,
making the idea of uploading an
entire show of the blue brand online
even more bizarre.
If you’re in the U.S., or your computer
thinks you are, then you’ll see an error
message, and it seems the video has
now been taken down worldwide.
Currently, full episodes of RAW and
SmackDown Live are uploaded to the
the Network, though only after a
30-day waiting period,
and given how quickly WWE can
change, these shows are almost
always out of date with current
It’s still very interesting that WWE
would put this video up in the first
place, and who exactly backstage
is responsible.
Whilst the company may have botched
in uploading the full show to YouTube
one Superstar who shone this week
on the Blue brand is Kevin Owens,
who continues to build momentum in
his new babyface persona.
After being one of the most entertaining
stars on last week’s show,
Owens continued his verbal barbs this
week, cutting Shane McMahon
down to size in an amazing worked
shoot promo to kick off the show.
After demolishing Shane verbally, KO
would do the same physically,
hitting McMahon with a Stunner, and
though the move is synonymous
with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, it seems
the act went down well
with the majority of people, including
the Rattlesnake.
Believe it or not, the company does
realise that there is too much of the
Best in the World on TV and do pay
attention to what fans say online
recently sending out surveys to fans
to see what they like and what can be
improved upon.
According to reports, the Prize fighter’s
promo this week is supposed to be the
start of a storyline that will phase out
McMahon from weekly storylines,
a big deal considering that the so
called Best in the World has been
all over the place recently
working with Elias, Roman Reigns,
The Miz, Drew McIntyre, the Revival
and more.
Though fans will remember Owens’
brief face turn earlier this year, this
one looks
like it is going to stick, as his prior
run with the New Day ended
abruptly because the company
needed someone
to feud with Kofi Kingston over
the WWE title.
This new character for the Canadian
is that Owens is speaking for the fans
who have clearly had it with having
Shane shoved in their face every week.
Some of the names he mentioned in
his promo, including Live Morgan
Ali and Buddy Murphy all have online
support by fans but very little
if any screen time.
It’s clear this new character is working,
as one fan recently tweeted that
he hopes Owens is having a great day,
and the former Universal Champion
replying that he is, describing the promo
as the most liberating experience of his
We’ll have to wait and see what happens
next for the Prize fighter,
but it seems that a feud between Owens
and McMahon could be in the works,
as it looks like the Canadian will be the
one to finally shut the best in the world
up for good.
Awards season may last from November
to February, but that hasn’t stopped WWE
getting in on the action, with their very
own award at the recent ESPN ESPYs.
The award for Best WWE Moment, did
guarantee the company a win at the show
though it was between four huge
moments from the company
over the past year, though the second
the nominations were announced
the majority of people knew
who was winning.
Though Kofi Kingston winning the
WWE Championship at Wrestle Mania
was an amazing moment, and Becky
Lynch making history
by winning the first Women’s main
event in the show’s history was
nothing could topple Roman Reigns
returning from Leukaemia after being
diagnosed in October.
The feel-good moment for the Big Dog
also defeated Ronda Rousey capturing
her first wrestling title at Summer slam
2018, and though Rousey,
The Man and Kofi all gave great matches,
it was the Big Dog who was in an actual fight.
Winning the ESPY is just the latest accolade
in Reigns’ career which already includes the
Grand Slam, a Royal Rumble win and the
Universal title, and has helped put a
on what has been one of the most amazing
returns in all of wrestling history.
Carrying on with ESPN, and after the
success of the WWE’s Women’s
culminating with the first ever women’s
main event in WrestleMania history,
the publication made history by having
Becky Lynch be the first ever WWE
regardless of sex, on the cover.
Though this is a huge honor which no
other WWE Superstar can lay claim to,
The Man wasn’t exactly at a loss for
words, and after being congratulated
by many people online, took the time
to issue a challenge.
After being congratulated by Stephanie
McMahon for the history making moment
Lynch responded with saying thanks, but
also said that the two should fight sometime.
A rumoured match between the two
for Summer slam has been making
making the rounds recently, so we’re
not quite sure if this is some great
foreshadowing by The Man, or if she’s
just picking a fight with the Boss.
Lynch, who has become one of WWE’s
hottest commodities over the past year
appears alongside GLOW actor Alison
Brie on the cover,
and the WWE recently continued their
mission for female empowerment
by announcing a new WWE studios
series this week, titled ‘Fight Like a Girl’.
The show, which will be made with
content from the mobile platform
will see several female Superstars
paired with young women struggling
with personal issues that are
holding them back.
The Superstars will draw on their own
lives in and out of the ring to help
the situation for those they meet,
and each episode will contain
a quote “stunning transformation”
according to a statement by the
Both Stephanie McMahon and new
WWE Studios head Susan Levinson
Levinson are among those with a
producer credit show,
and though we don’t know when Fight
Like a Girl will premiere, we do know
it’ll be filmed at the WWE’s Performance
Centre in Orlando.
Back on RAW now and though Bobby
Lashley dominated Rey Mysterio on this
week’s show and will hope to do the
same in his Last Man Standing
match against Braun Strowman at
Extreme Rules, it’s clear that not
everyone is a fan.
On fan, Eric from Elkhorn, Wisconsin,
even took to Twitter to explain his
with the Destroyer, tweeting for
Bray Wyatt
to make his presence known as
soon as possible.
Eric may have gotten what he wished
for, as after Lashley responded by calling
out the Eater of Worlds, Wyatt
responded with some binary.
For those of you not, ahem, cool
enough to understand the code,
The Firefly funhouse leader said,
“I am in your home Bobby”, a terrifying
thought in its own right.
Lashley himself clearly didn’t understand
what he said, responding with a confused
Vincent Vega gif from
Pulp Fiction, as it seems the two
Superstars may be facing off in
the future.
For months, fans have speculated on
who Wyatt will face first since returning
as the Fun House
leader in April, and it seems we may
have finally found our answer.
AEW news now and it looks like Joey
Janela and Enzo Amore’s Twitter feud
has gotten real
as the two engaged in an alleged fist
fight at a Blink 182 concert.
Janela, who not too long ago said that
Amore had made a joke out of Pro
claimed that he saw Amore at the
concert and went to shake his hand,
only to be rebuffed.
In response, Amore has said that Janela
ran backwards when confronted
by the Certified G, describing the
AEW star as “soft AF” online.
Though this whole feud and alleged
fight seems kind of dumb, it shouldn’t
be around
for too long, as Janela commented
that he won’t be able to fight the
former Cruiserweight Champion
when his
exclusivity contract comes into effect,
perhaps a subtle dig at Amore,
who after making an appearance with
Big Cass at the Ring of Honor New Japan
G1 Supercard during WrestleMania
weekend, wasn’t snatched up by
either company.
And finally, today we’re looking at
Zachary Madsen, the man who attacked
Bret Hart during the Hitman’s second
induction into the WWE Hall of Fame,
this time for his work as part of the
Hart Foundation.
After being arrested and a series of
postponements, Madsen was scheduled
for his
arrangement earlier this week in New York,
though this too has been postponed.
Instead, Madsen will now appear on
September 9th this year, and if the
isn’t postponed again, the MMA
fighter faces up to a year
in prison for assault in the
third degree.
Bret Hart himself has said that he felt
bad for what happened, though feels
the punishment
Madsen suffered immediately afterwards
was more than justified.
The punishment the Hitman is referring
to is the beating Madsen took by many
stars, including Travis Browne and The
Revival’s Dash Wilder,
so maybe he’ll think twice the next time
he thinks about jumping the barricade.
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