WWE News -Man Behind Bray Wyatt’s Character/Kevin Owens Vs Shane McMahon Future/RAW Reunion Big News

WWE News -Man Behind Bray Wyatt’s Character/Kevin Owens Vs Shane McMahon Future/RAW Reunion Big News

Heres your news for JUly 17th 2019.
WWE News – Man Behind Bray Wyatt’s Character
Kevin Owens Vs Shane McMahon Future
RAW Reunion Big News
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We’re starting with big news coming out
of SmackDown Live today and the WWE seems to have a habit of advertising huge
things that don’t end up happening. Earlier this week, the company claimed
that Daniel Bryan was set to make what they called “a career-altering
announcement” though gave no hints about what
it would be. As fans speculated on whether Bryan
had been forced to retire once again, or if it was something different, the
announcement never got made. Instead, Bryan appeared on the show
and acted like he was going to say
something, only to storm off, repeating the segment
again and again before leaving for good. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the New
Day, who won the SmackDown Tag
Team titles titles from Bryan and Rowan at
Extreme Rules, mentioned a rematch, though this didn’t happen either. What Bryan’s announcement will be
remains a mystery, though it should
be noted that the former WWE Champion was
supposed to be part of RAW’s 10-Man Battle Royal for Brock Lesnar’s
Universal title, but was replaced
by Sami Zayn. Whilst fans are worrying that Bryan
may be gone from the ring for good, one Superstar who has finally
returned is Bray Wyatt. After months of Firefly Funhouse
segments, the Fiend certainly made
his presence known in the ring, demolishing Finn
Balor in his frightening mask. More details about the Mask itself
has come to light, with Horror mask legend Tom Savini, who’s work can
be seen in franchises such as Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th and
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre being revealed as the mastermind
behind it’s creation. In addition, Tattoo Artists Kyle Scar
borough also played a part in the the mask’s creation, and recently
spoke about his experience working on it, saying on his
Facebook page: ““[Wyatt] had an idea in mind that
needed help. He had the team of people to create the idea, but
didn’t have the vision. When I was done, his response blew
me away. I was told I ‘saved his career.’ Now, that’s absurd, but he was in a
rut, and the WWE weren’t giving him the green light based on
descriptions alone My drawings were literally on the
desk of Vince McMahon. VINCE
MCMAHON saw my renderings to help give him
a visual guide for Bray’s idea and it
was green lit.” What happens next week with Wyatt
remains to be seen, but it’s clear that
Scarborough’s hard work has paid off, as the mask
certainly did set a scary tone during
WWE’s flagship show. Over to SmackDown now and Kevin
Owens continues to be doing incredibly well as a babyface, especially when
you consider his many years as a heel. Owens, who is being pushed as an
anti-authority Stone Cold-esque
hero is speaking for the WWE Universe, with getting
Shane McMahon off of TV as his
primary goal. Attacking McMahon for the past few
weeks on SmackDown, it seems
these two are destined to have a match
together at some point, and according to Brad Shepard,
the company are considering a Steel Cage match for the two
at Summerslam. Though the pair have faced off in
Hell in a Cell back in 2017, the dynamic between the two is
so much different now, and the Prizefighter will no doubt
be over with the crowd at Summerslam in his native
Canada. Back to RAW now but we’re looking
ahead to next week’s show, as a special RAW reunion has been
planned for the three-hour event. So far, huge names like Hulk Hogan,
Ric Flair and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin have already been announced
for the show, though there could be more at play
here than just a nostalgia show. According to Dave Meltzer, this RAW
reunion may have actually been
planned for this October when SmackDown
moves to FOX, though it’s unclear why the company
would move it to next week. Speaking on Wrestling Observer
Radio, Meltzer said that it’d be kinda weird for WWE to do two
similar shows so soon together,
saying: ““Here’s the thing, SmackDown’s
20th Anniversary is coming up
very soon SmackDown is gonna have their
first show on Fox very soon. The original idea for the first Smack
Down on Fox was essentially this show Now I suppose they could do it twice,
but after doing it in July coming back and doing the same type of a show
by bringing all the legends back in
October you know, I guess you could do it
just because it’s the debut on Fox and this is Network television and it’s
kinda weird to do it that way so I don’t know if they’ll do another
one like that.” Meltzer continued by saying that
The Rock isn’t expected to appear on the RAW reunion, though there
are clearly reasons why. Given his busy schedule in Hollywood,
it’s no surprise that the Most Electifying Man in Sports Entertainment
won’t be able to make it, as he is currently busy promotion his
new Fast and Furious spinoff: Hobbs and Shaw with co-star
Jason Statham. Though The Rock may not be
appearing next week on RAW, the company are still hoping to have
the former WWE Champion appear on the debut episode of SmackDown,
when the show moves to FOX this
October. The blue brand is closely associated
with the People’s Champion, as it was the Rock’s catchphrase
“Layeth the Smack Down” ”that gave the show it’s name, and
with so many huge stars already announced for the RAW reunion,
the company are probably best saving the former WWE Champion
for October. With or without the Great One, expect
next week’s show to be a huge event, and with names like the Texas
Rattlesnake in town, WWE should expect quite a
boost in the ratings. One name that won’t be appearing
on the show is Jim Ross, as though though the legendary commentator
was a staple of WWE, and considered
by many to be the greatest play by play announcer of all
time, he has declined the invitation. Now part of AEW, Ross said in a tweet
how the new promotion’s financier Tony Khan left the decision to appear
up to him, and said that though he won’t be appearing, he
hopes next week’s show is a huge success for the McMahon
led promotion. With so many legends of the past
being on RAW next week, there’s always the chance that one
of them could become the next 24/7 Champion, and would
probably have just as much luck as former Champion Drake Maverick. This week on RAW, the British Super
star’s second reign with the gold came to an end when he tried to
consummate his marriage to real-life wife Renee Michelle,
losing the gold to R-Truth in the pair’s
honeymoon suite. Chasing the new Champion into the
night, Maverick didn’t even have time to get dressed, running after the
rapping Superstar without any pants. Regaining the title is clearly the only
priority for the British star much to his wife’s annoycance, as
Maverick was recently spotted making new 24/7 title Wanted posters,
without even getting dressed yet. The best part of the entire video has
to be that Big E pulls up as Maverick is walking into the parking garage
without any shoes on and though the powerlifter is known
for his sense of positivity, the look of disgust on Big E’s face tells
the entire story. Jeff Hardy news now and TMZ are
reporting more details about the Charismatic Enigma’s arrest this
past Saturday. In case you didn’t know, Hardy was
recently arrested for public intoxication, and the new details don’t make
seem to help Hardy one bit. An uncovered police repot has
revealed that Hardy was found
passed out in a public stairwell and reeked of
booze before being arrested. Later admitting to drinking Vodka
before the cops found him, and though the former WWE
Champion won’t face misdemeanour charge, he has
paid the $153 ticket. The case is now considered to be
closed by police, and though Hardy could always go to court to appeal it,
we can’t see that happening. Hopefully Jeff will be able to keep clean
as he rehabs from a knee injury that forced him and Matt to vacate
the SmackDown Tag titles, and WWE gave a statement on the
matter, saying that Jeff is able to
handle the consequences of his own actions. Though Jeff clearly made some bad
decisions, the same can’t be said for
this week’s RAW which saw an average 2.45 million
viewers, a 4.3% increase from last
week’s show. The three-hour show was a stacked
event, with an appearance by new Universal Champion Brock
Lesnar, a ten-man Battle Royal and the return
of Bray Wyatt all adding to the numbers. The show kicked off strong with
2.38 million homes tuning in, and that raised to 2.5 million
in hour two. Though hour three saw a dip to
2.48 milion, this is still more than
what the show started with, indicating that people
were interesting in what WWE was
offering. With a RAW reunion scheduled for
next week’s show, expect these
numbers to go up again, as it seems WWE are starting to
get past their ratings slump. Whilst Monday Night RAW seems to
be doing well under the management of Executive Director Paul Heyman,
the SmackDown E.D. Eric Bischoff
has revealed he’s got a lot to learn
before taking over the blue brand. Speaking on the post show for his
83 weeks podcast, After 83 weeks
with Christy Olson, Bischoff said how major changes,
both with the fans and the company
has caused him to get a bit nervous, saying; ““The honest answer is, I’ve got a
lot to learn between now and the time I actually am fully
integrated into the process because the audience has changed.
Television has changed. So much has changed over the last
five or seven years that I’ve got some catching up to do. I’m not going to
sugarcoat it.” This response is a far cry from the
cocky Bischoff of the Monday Night
Wars who repeatedly threatened Vince
McMahon on Nitro, as it seems
former WCW magnate has cooled
off considerably in recent years. According to Dave Meltzer, Bischoff
wasn’t in Worcester for last night’s edition of SmackDown, and had zero
impact on the show in any creative
meetings. With decades in the wrestling business,
expect the controversial personality to try his best to make SmackDown
the top show in WWE, when he finally takes over in the
not so distant future. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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