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We’re kicking off with WWE news
today and though the promotion
remains to be the biggest
wrestling game in town, it’s clear
that 2019 has been a difficult
year for them.
Falling ratings, departing Superstars
and low attendance figures have all
been an issue for WWE this
year, and never was the latter better
displayed than at a recent house
show in Utica, New York.
According to the Wrestling Observer,
the July 6th Live event brought in
just 2,100 fans, and that’s
after the company did a 2 for 1
deal on tickets.
Low attendances have become a sad
staple of WWE in 2019, with several
TV events often having
small crowds, though WWE position
the fans to make it seem like a packed
The same report by the Observer
also stated that though die hard
fans will be quick to snatch up
tickets, the company, much like other
promotions is seeing a decline in
casual fans, saying:
““WWE has become closer to what
AEW and NJPW are, in the sense
they have their niche audience
that will buy tickets as soon as they
are available, and obviously due to
exposure that audience is
bigger, but the casual audience that
was the life blood of wrestling isn’t
connecting with WWE and
doesn’t know about the alternatives
since nobody else has TV with any
real visibility right now.”
As strange as it may seem, WWE’s
fortunes may turn around once AEW
gets their upcoming
television show on TNT, as though
the new company is at odds with
Vince McMahon, it could
definitely peak the casual audience’s
interest in wrestling as a whole.
Knowing Vince though, one step
we can’t see him taking is booking
smaller venues, as doing so
would seem like a step down that
the Chairman of the board doesn’t
want to take.
Looking ahead to Extreme Rules
this Sunday, and though the
hardcore pay per view has a stacked
card, with a total ten matches being
announced, the company were
apparently considering adding
some more.
Some reports have suggested that
The IIconics were going to defend
their Women’s Tag Team title
against the Kabuki Warriors, and
Paige herself said that she was
going to make that happen,
after the Japanese team won their
number one contenders match in
Clearly, that didn’t pan out and
according to Bryan Alverez who
spoke on Wrestling Observer Live,
the WWE will not be adding any
last minute matches to the Extreme
Rules card, saying:
““At the WWE creative meeting
yesterday the decision was made
no more matches added to the
Extreme Rules show. So if you recall
the last WWE pay-per-view went off
the air pretty early about
10:20 eastern time, much, much
shorter than those shows that
used to go four hours for even
even the B-shows. It looks like this
show is not going to go all night.
Now it’s just ten matches
for the WWE pay-per-view so
hopefully they can get in and
they can get out.”
Despite both women being former
NXT Women’s Champions and
massively popular with fans,
neither Asuka nor Sane have been
used much in 2019, as the company’s
Wild Card rule has meant
fans now see the same array of
Superstars on both RAW and
SmackDown Live.
When Asuka and Kairi Sane do get
their title match remains a mystery,
though it could be at next
month’s Summerslam or even sooner,
depending on the company’s new
Executive Directors Paul
Heyman and Eric Bischoff.
Whilst fans may eagerly anticipate
the upcoming title match, one bout
that remains in the minds of
the crowd for all the wrong reasons
is The Undertaker Vs. Goldberg.
Colliding for the first time ever at
WWE Super Show Down in Jeddah,
the dream match between the
two legends turned ugly quickly,
with both men showing their
The match which saw the Deadman
emerge victorious wasn’t received
well by fans or Superstars,
and though NXT’s Matt Riddle has
made his feelings about Goldberg
pretty clear, he isn’t the only
wrestler to comment.
Speaking with GQ this week, Batista
admitted that he tried to talk the
Undertaker out of the match saying:
“I called, man. I called ‘Taker and said,
“Is there any way I could change
your mind?” He laughed, and
I knew I couldn’t change his mind.
He said ‘it sounded good when we
first started talking about it.
Obviously the match wasn’t good
and though the Animal said he
only caught snippets of the match,
he knew things had gone badly:
“I only saw highlights which were,
you know, low lights. it was not
good. It’s just bad circumstances
all the way around. I feel like Taker’s
there for the right reasons. I think
he’s there because he still
loves it. But I wish that they would
utilize him in the right way. I think
a novelty match with Goldberg
is the wrong way. I just don’t think
it’s good for anybody and especially
it’s not good for the fans.”
The Deadman will be hoping to move
past the match this Sunday at Extreme
Rules, when he teams
with Roman Reigns to take on Drew
McIntyre and Shane McMahon, and
though Goldberg himself
has said he feels he needs to have
another match so fans don’t remember
him for the Show down
affair, only time will tell whether the
former Universal Champion ever
returns to the ring.
Though the Deadman will have his
work cut out this Sunday at Extreme
Rules, he isn’t the only
Superstar who’s had a difficult
journey to the pay per view.
Earlier this week, Alexa Bliss admitted
she wasn’t feeling very well and had
a very bad sinus infection
which could not have come at a
worse time for the petite powerhouse.
After a rough year which saw the
former RAW and SmackDown
Women’s Champion suffer multiple
concussions, being pulled from this
Sunday’s title match against Bayley
was the last thing anyone
wanted, which is WWE added Nikki
Cross to the match, making Bliss’ time
in the ring that much easier
Fortunately, Bliss seems to be doing
much better, recently uploading a
photo of herself at a stylist,
saying that though she was the
sickest she’s ever been for the
past two weeks, she seems to be
ready for Extreme Rules.
With Cross added to the match, it’ll
be interesting to see how WWE
books the handicap title match,
though it should be noted that this
week on SmackDown Live, the
Scottish Superstar said she and
Bliss would be co-champions,
if they win the gold this Sunday.
And finally today we’re ending with
news from Braun Strowman, and
though the Monster Among
Men will have his hands full tomorrow
night against Bobby Lashley in a Last
Man Standing match,
Strowman did receive some
unique backing.
This week, the Greatest Royal Rumble
winner hung out with former President
George W. Bush,
describing the 43rd president and
himself as a couple of American
Bush, who led the U.S. from 2001-2009
has maintained a low profile since
leaving the Oval office,
and though we can’t exactly see the
Republican leader entering the ring
this Sunday, we know never
to say never when it comes to WWE.
Well guys , that’s the news for today
Let us know your thoughts down in the
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