WWE Kane Returns Strap Match Booked! Becky Lynch Vs Asuka! Kurt Angle On Jon Moxley! Wrestling News!

WWE Kane Returns Strap Match Booked! Becky Lynch Vs Asuka! Kurt Angle On Jon Moxley! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
January 18, 2020. We’re kicking off with some news
from next Sunday’s Royal Rumble, as
a stipulation has been added to the Universal Championship match. Now, the Fiend and Daniel Bryan will
compete in a Strap match at the Pay
Per View, and this stipulation was set up by a challenge issued by
Bryan on SmackDown. Last night’s edition of the Blue
show also featured an
appearance by Kane, who revealed he will be entering his
20th Royal Rumble next Sunday,
though as he was cutting a promo, he was
interrupted by Wyatt on the
Titantron, before the Eater of World emerged through the ring
to attack the Big Red Machine. In a move of genius though, this
was a trap by Kane, who once
he was outside the ring, asked Wyatt what took him so
long, leaving Bryan to blindside
the Champion with a running knee. Though Wyatt was able to escape
under the ring, he did not leave
in one piece, as Bryan pulled out one of the
Fiend’s dreadlocks, before
issuing the strap match stipulation backstage, as the
Yes! Man looks to beat the
man who disappears whenever he’s in trouble. In that same interview, Bryan
explained the rules of the
contest, and said while he understood that The Fiend would
try to whip the flesh off his body
and try to rip his arm out of his socket, Bryan is
done with the mind games. This will be one of seven matches
that is scheduled to take place
at the Minute Made Park in Houston, Texas on January
26th, and given that there will be
two Rumble matches, it’ll be interesting to
see just how long the pair are
able to compete at the Pay Per View. Also on SmacKDown, the show
hosted the very first Tables
Match since the move to FOX in October, as the returning
Robert Roode faced off against
Roman Reigns. Shortly before the show, a tweet
from WWE confirmed another
huge stipulation for the match, as whoever won was
allowed to pick the stipulation
for Reigns Vs. King Corbin, that will take place next
Sunday. After an intense back and forth
affair, it was the Big Dog who
got the win over the Glorious One, and Roman wasted
no time in announcing he and
Corbin will compete in a Falls Count Anywhere match. A match that could see Reigns
and the King of the Ring battle
anywhere in, and out of the arena, it looks like Roman is
wanting to end this feud for
good, and doesn’t care where the pinfall takes place. Now, the card for the show
includes the Reigns-Corbin
match, the Bryan-Wyatt match, as well as Two Royal Rumbles. RAW Women’s Champion Becky
Lynch will face Asuka, Smack
Down Women’s Champion Bayley will defend her
title against Lacey Evans, and
Shorty G will face Sheamus on the show. From two stars of today to two
WWE Hall of Famers now, as
the company has sparked some interest with Harlem Heat. Though Vince McMahon may
have decided against the
proposed Harlem Heat Vs. The Revival match at the Royal
Rumble, it’s clear he doesn’t
want anyone else using the name, as recent filings indicate
that the company filed for a
trademark on Harlem Heat this past Monday. This is very interesting as it
seems to have occurred around
the time that WWE was locking down other names for
other top names, including Brock
Lesnar and Paul Heyman. A two-time WWE Hall of Fame
inductee, Booker T still works
for the company and appears on kickoff shows, and
also serves as the co-host of
WWE Backstage. Whilst his brother Stevie Ray
isn’t as involved in the wresting
business, it still wouldn’t be a huge shock in the pair did
have a match against Dash
and Dawson in Houston on January 26th. Now, with AEW nipping at their
heels, the WWE is constantly
looking to sign current talent to new long-term contracts
with the promotion, and this
week, the company did just that. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet,
former United States Champion
Kalisto recently signed a new multi-year contract
extension with WWE, though
details about this new deal weren’t revealed. Pro Wrestling Sheet wrote: “Sources tell us Kalisto decided
to re-sign with WWE because
the wrestler feels as though he still has a lot left to
accomplish in the company.” In August last year, Kalista tweeted
then deleted a message saying
“10 months… #freeagent” which led his Lucha
House Party partner Gran
Metalik to reply “Me too carnal” The Lucha House Party, which
consists of Kalisto, Metalik
and Lince Dorado, moved to SmackDown in October’s WWE
Draft, and last appeared on the
Blue brand on the December 6th, 2019 episode,
where The Revival defeated
Metalik and Dorado, Heavy Machinery and Mustafa Ali and
Shorty G, to qualify for a
SmackDown Tag Team title match at TLC. At Survivor Series last November,
Kalisto unsuccessfully
challenged for the Cruiserweight title in a triple threat
match on the pre-show, and
fans will have to see whether anything changes in his
booking, now that WWE have
him for a few more years. One Superstar who has certainly
made an impact since leaving
the company is Dean Ambrose, as the former World
Champion has become a main
event star as Jon Moxley, since joining AEW
last year. Whilst speaking to GiveMeSport
in the UK, WWE Hall of Famer
Kurt Angle revealed his thoughts on Moxley, saying: “Dean wanted a change and
an adjustment,” Angle said
of Moxley leaving the company. “Maybe he felt he
wanted to work less and felt
that he wasn’t being appreciated. He made the decision for himself
and if he feels it’s the right
decision I’m happy for him. But WWE is the biggest
company in the world at it will
continue to be. I believe Dean will be back. I don’t follow
AEW, but I get wind of it.” Though Angle may believe
Moxley will be coming back
to WWE, there are some Superstars who fans have
speculated will be joining from
WWE to the competition, and the Revival are on that list. This week, fans were given more
reason to speculate that they
will be leaving WWE, as the pair of Dash and Dawson
have filed trademarks,
interestingly with the same lawyer as Cody Rhodes, Jim Ross and
Arn Anderson, who all can be
found in AEW. With the Revival’s contract with
WWE coming to an end this
April, it wouldn’t be surprising if the pair jumped to
AEW as soon as possible,
where they would be no- doubt be treated as bigger stars. It’s been reported that both men
have received lucrative multi-
year contracts with WWE already, but haven’t
resigned, leaving fans to wonder
just where the team will be in a matter of months. One star fans shouldn’t expect to
see leaving soon is Andrade, as
the United States Champion has established himself
as a main roster star, thanks to
his feud with Rey Mysterio. Fans of the WWE’s Ultimate
Underdog may be disappointed
though, as according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter, there
are no plans for Rey to regain the title, and whilst
Andrade is expected to be
champion for quite some time, the feud between him and
Mysterio isn’t over yet. He said: “Mysterio was supposed to be
the third person in that feud
(Owens, Joe And Seth Rollins’ Faction) but they’re
working the short term
Mysterio versus Andrade program until they work their
way out of it originally and this
doesn’t appear to have changed the idea was from
Andrade to have a longer very
serious program over the title with Carrillo as a way to get
both guys over a singles Latino
stars. But now with Murphy being added to the
Rollins group they regain one
short on the face side Andrade has already become a
main event worthy Superstar
and a tremendous heel on the main roster, so it’ll be
interesting to see how he fares
against Humberto Carrillo. Despite a strong start, Carillo has
received a stop-start push on
RAW, and despite a few show-stealing matches, the
company seems hesitant to put
a title on the former 205 Live Superstar. And finally today we’re looking at
the results of SmackDown, as
Greensboro Coliseum hosted an explosive show en
route to the Royal Rumble
next Sunday. After the show’s opener which
saw Team Hell No reunite to
combat Wyatt, fans saw the in-ring return of John Morrison,
who defeated Big E in his first
WWE match in over 8 years. This win didn’t exactly come fair
though, as it was a distraction
by Miz that helped Morrison seal the deal with
Starship Pain. After The Usos defeated the
Revival, Lacey Evans got a
huge win over Bayley, and the Sassy Southern Belle will be
hoping to do the same next
Sunday, when Bayley’s SmacKDown Women’s title
is on the line. Up next on the show, Elias tried
to host a musical serenade,
but was quickly stopped by Sami Zayn, Cesaro and
Intercontinental Champion
Shinsuke Nakamura. After Zayn announced the King
of Strong Style for the Royal
Rumble match, the trio beat down Elias until Braun
Strowman made the save,
making it clear that he is still after Nakamura’s new
Intercontinental Championship. In our second women’s division
match of the night, Alexa Bliss
battled Sonya Deville, and whilst Heavy Machinery’s
Otis helped Fired and Desire
last week, this week wasn’t the case. After Otis helped Mandy Rose
defeat Bliss last week, Deville
chose to bring the heavyweight to the ring, but
when Rose was kicked from
the apron, she landed in Otis’ arms, distracting Deville long
enough for Bliss to score a
pinfall victory over the former MMA fighter. And in the main event, Roman
Reigns defeated Robert Roode
in the aforementioned Tables match, ending Smack
Down on a huge note, as the
road to the Royal Rumble, is nearly at a close.

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  1. honest opinion : i hated the strap match i thought it was unnecessary of a match but somehow this feud between bryan and wyatt got me actually excited to see a strap match

  2. WWE really wants us to feel that nostalgia. Morrison, Sheamus' old look, Daniel Bryan's old look, a short Team Hell No reunion and now, a strap match.

  3. Let Jon Moxley alone I'll admit WWE fuck up with scripted promos. If Jon Moxley comes back ooo Jon Moxley would whoop everyone's ass.

  4. Also when Kane came out I was like wtf old school Kane. But na I thought it was the Kane that roll with the dead man The Undertaker. He started out as the Devil's favorite demon. Now you have him losing matches. It be cool if he put up an actual freaking match against the damn fiend

  5. Jon moxley is overrated he lack personality he’s not a very good wrestler has a dry move-set and he not in top shape I don’t get it

  6. Stupid gimmick match they think this is a high quality mat h or even company you see this on the indies. The only difference is they have money .

  7. Vince couldnt offer me enough money to buy my name from me….. fuck that, aint no man going to legitimately have legal claim over my name but me.

  8. My opinion only- Becky looses her title about time- seldom defends it. AND SHE GOES TO ANOTHER BRAND. Never liked her from rhe beginning- Needs to go. NOW

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