WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 WTF Moments | ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt Vs. Seth Rollins

[Music] hello I’m rust without an cut the challah dot-com your coats are whole like every way children YV run the damn Bell I’ve done nothing wrong what do you mean I’ve endangered somebody’s life this is WTF moments anything goes for chrissake the last 23 years it’s been the same rules all went through you can’t change it now referee [Music] dunphy yeah a WPF more on that much later but basically if you have heart issues please do not buy a Yamaha or your chest will explode to cool the holic signs at Helena cell 2019 a right to start the kickoff show you saw a sign from says our Vegas but asks for a mind called move stay it’s delightful isn’t it I love it now this is kind of a funny one looking back at the start of the kickoff show in retrospect because of course Jonathan Coachman says we are getting ready for a night that is going to set the tone for the rest of 2019 but then when he was speaking about the hell nacelle structure the most diabolical structure apparently in the history of WWE he was saying just us Mick Foley he said there’s definitely a roof on the side but the only way the roof of the cell could be on the side is if the cell itself is on the side then you have to ask the question is that even a cell because the bit that touches the floor is that on the side and there’s a massive gaping hole and next up we have Charlie Caruso saying she ran into a couple of superstars earlier on Sunday day who said they were very worried about their helmet cell matches but big old Chucky didn’t want to say who those superstars were because as you said who those superstars were those superstars would look like massive softies while I mean eat either Sasha of Becky or the fiend or Rollins and it’s not the fiend it’s the fiend he lives inside found the cell basically it’s not Sasha she’s been inside Hell in a Cell before she’s let us know she’s not scared about Hell in a Cell so breaking news right here on WTF moments boys and girls via Charlie carazzo Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch pair of massive softies Sam Roberts then claims that no other woman in WWE has made Becky Lynch look like one of those submissive types who bow down to the dominatrixes since Becky Lynch grew a massive pair of testicles became a biological man but was handed her very own ass by Sasha banks a clash of Japanese last month but what about the combo of Shaw Lutz and Lacey Evans who took the smackdown live women’s title from Becky Lynch and her bollocks among in the bunk or Oscar at the rumble in January or Stephanie McMahon the woman who created the man and the division the man is in and a ringer the Mantis the wrestling in how Stephanie embarrasses Becky every single day of her pissing life because she is Stephanie McMahon I’ve lost me trucker thought but Sammy total bollocks there and coachman that their explanation I have just given also applies to you when you claim that Becky Lynch hasn’t put a foot wrong in the last six to eight months although Oscar but happened ten months ago ten months ago Jesus Christ where’s the ya goin eh I’m next together like simply saying that she doesn’t understand what the Kabuki worries have done to deserve a shot at her WWE setup Liat women’s tag team titles even though we all know that the kabuki warriors defeat the team of Sony Deville and met Mandy who of course once upon a time looked like they were in line for a shot the women’s tag team titles before they cut that awful promo on an episode of SmackDown life and doner he said bollocks dear lasses he kind of talked see you’re not getting a title shot so basically Alexa the vendor to eat so boogity says that he doesn’t want to call barely a follower but then he calls barely a follow up Sam Roberts Russell and podcasts then post this out to Booker T who says well if it looks like a duck if it quacks like a duck well it must be a duck but we all know from that TNA promo you know what TNA promo I’m talking about Booker T has got his Birds mixed up those people who’ve seen that promo know it’s all about the chicken who comes from his homeland his country of Houston Texas go and watch that if you haven’t seen it because it’s amazing direct quote from Jerry the King Lawler now who said I heard that when Lacey Evans got deployed to Afghanistan she got shot at by both sides now I’m sure that your reaction when you were Saturn watching that kickoff show was similar to mine when I was sat in this office watching that same kickoff show I heard that live from Jerry then I was like wow Jerry that’s a bit too far you silly old goose maybe it wasn’t quite like that in hindsight but still Jerry that was unnecessary you are tall and next up we have deal Maddon who I’m sure it’s just a massive piss taker and he’s already quickly becoming my favorite commentator in all of EE jolly we next up he claims that he knows that Lisa Evans has a bag for a year but she also has a giant bag for a hand sanitizer but I was left asking the question with hand sanitizer thing he’s being literally that big why do you need a curry a massive bargain them around with you when he can pick those little things up from any corner shop going why do you need that massive bag Lacey your big old weirdo man next up we have Jonathan Coachman doing what Jonathan Coachman does best and that is making a massive trixin himself on a kickoff show on a WWE pay-per-view night this time he claimed the clash of Champions was called clash of the champions even though the last clash of the champions took place all the way back in 1997 before Jonathan Coachman had even been born of course he was born in 1999 the night when he first met Vince McMahon which was the night that Smackdown had their first ever show and next up we have Booker T saying that there’s a time limit for the Hound the cell match between the fiend and Seth Rollins even though that bloody well isn’t surely if there was then WWE will be pullin an AE W by letting us know first of all there is a time limit for this match and second of all in past Hell in a Cell matches we would have been told when the 10-minute mark you know towards the end when that happened and when the five minutes before the end when that happened – and Booker T bringing this up and then realizing that a double e does and the finish of the match between Cody and Darby Allen it makes you wonder why do – he doesn’t do it it makes things way more exciting doesn’t it tonight enter if you dare escape if it lets you so that’s why the cells read these days it was obvious wasn’t it because that cell there is tars it’s made from tars I don’t know tars was orange before you go at the comment and tell me l razzmatazz was orange red is close to orange in the rainbow so there but shame on WWE for first of all taking his catchphrase and second of all adding themselves to the long list of people in the wrestling industry who have disrespected the good name of tars no doubt about that some of you will show this to toss maybe I don’t know and I’ll get myself on that list toss all of you that poor child as you can see there that dad is gone radio rental for all of the right reasons pyro whoa loud noises and loud lights and bangs and stuff but that child there is quite literally living and its own little hell with the loud noises that pyro brings unless of course that child there knew what was to come at the end of the night if he did why didn’t he tell us well that’s one way to raise awareness for breast cancer I guess the referees quite literally hard 45 long minister chain that door shop but they didn’t which then resulted in Becky Lynch get in her hands there on that little chin there and making that l nacelle much really unfair once again we have a WTF moments video and once again were asking the same question why are the referees and doubly duly made to be so stupid k Hawkins the only referee in the last 30 years to come out of a match where he’s refereed it with any sort of – his name Curt Hawkins we need you to officiate every single match on EE dory TV ever victor civ now anything is legal he said as Becky Lynch got her hands on that chain are you sure about that big Joseph again when he said King as we’ve said anything goes inside Hell in a Cell as Becky got her hands on that table are you sure about that but now we have questions that need to be asked why would there be a monitor under that ring when the fiends presumably well he did we’ve seen it now but I hadn’t at the time would have been in the backstage area ready to make his big entrance before that main event and not living in the ring like he’s done on some rows in recent times so the questions then who was under there and why are the under there I hope it’s not horns long back to Victor so if we go and I’m gonna read this up just to make sure I get it spotty dog he said and again King everything legal everything legal he said just as Sasha banks hit the blue Nene right to the head of Becky Lynch are you sure about that part of it Joseph we go that stick across Becky’s face he says as Becky had the kendo stick wrapped around her throat hello there I’m Nicky Lynch oh ma Girl ma Girl ma Girl ma Girl ma Girl ma Girl ma Girl ma Girl ma Girl ma Girl ma Girl hey Corey did you ever think you’d see the nights where Roman reigns would tea with Daniel Bryan team yes dog Wow Margaux on W de lui televised events the tag-team tandem of Daniel Bryan and the pet dog have teamed together in t1 to tag-team warfare no less than four times dating back to their 2015 program together Michael a quick google would have told you that Michael son please turn off CBeebies and do some research bear with me a second there boys and girls because my brain just cannot compute how Michael Cole could not research the thing I’ve just told you there but he could tell us all that the first-ever tornado tag match took place in 1937 and featured Myles Steinbach mr. savage Tiger dollar and fazool Muhammad’s there are no words are there he even though he would have been sitting there on his computer on the Google machine it’s Google time and next we have Michael saying Romans being held prisoner by Harper the irony of the situation kills you sometimes doesn’t it poor Harbor and next up we have the moment where Eric Rowan snapped a pencil and since he’s a big old tree himself is that cannibalism he didn’t either did he manslaughter murder I don’t know but it also could have been seen as symbolic because as we all know the buca’s in wrestling not the tease but the people who put the shows together put their shows together with a pencil so they can easily change the things they’ve booked before if it needs to be so with that knowledge in mind Eric grunts not with a pencil on he’ll nacelle 2019 night it’s quite fitting isn’t it it’s a disaster area Michael Cole shouted as loud as he could when Eric room was speared through the announce table by Roman reigns we already knew that Michael you’re sat there oh I when Michael called remind us that Randy Orton will be the team captain of Team Flair a crown jewel on Halloween when somebody will die I remembered a thing that Randy Orton said on a game in stream last week and therefore it’s got to be a WTF moment that Orton hasn’t been transferred to team Morgan as long as he’s the captain of Team Flair it’s got to be a WTF moment are we going for the 0 5 4 which is 4 5 0 in reverse which means it’s going the opposite way it was going in the 5th in the first place Michael said just about Nellie I don’t know now this might just be me but I feel like I haven’t seen Ali even try to hit a zero 5 4 in many many many many months just about the time when he nearly ended Daniel Bryan’s life by Nina right in the head on Smackdown life now if I’m right there this means beyond any shadows of any doubts that brand new lead Friday Night Smackdown announcer Michael Cole has not been watching Smackdown for a very long time that’s irresponsible and next up we have to make Ali’s counter for an RKO it WTF nobody because we haven’t seen that before I don’t think and if you have seen it before keep it to yourself one word for me though and that is Wow Ali is wise like Mufasa is the thing I’ve got written down here which was meant to be a play on words but I know just some of you at home will comment Ross his name wasn’t Mufasa it was Mustafa even though I know of this and that was a play on words I just won’t bother and the fact that I had to explain that just now means that was a bollocks joke to begin with I’m panicking now in the words of Natalya doing one of her signature poses that’s one way of getting people to watch this week’s raw putting on a match that nobody wants to see for a ninth time nine you know the definition of insanity yeah finally after so many years the spotlights if the show are shining bright on the real stars of WWE the ghoul Andy’s mom well done lads so now we have Cory mentioning all of the Japanese greats who have used the mysterious poisonous mist out their mouths in the past in the wrestling ring he mentions the great kabuki he mentions the Great Muta but he doesn’t bloody mention Tajiri first of all what does Cory have against Tajiri and second of all what is Tajiri been doing with Corey graves and maybe even mung I and third of all does this now mean we have to call Oscar the great Oscar because if we do I’m on board choo-choo yes Michael Cole that’s exactly how the rock does it with those hand movements and everything when he says the millions and millions Corey’s face says it all doesn’t it now I don’t want to encourage people to give that moment therefore a Michael Cole and maybe put something on the bottom but he definitely didn’t say put that Buffy has new gallows his big superkick always being called this shiz kiss the shot cake no last week we saw an AE EE referee do booger roll as a random man attacked a participant in a six-man tag team match and you can take your Omega wasn’t a legal man therefore it’s fine bollocks and shove it up your arse Oscar sucks that’s not how the wrestling works okay in my mind put until we do anyway we have to polar opposites as John Coon rings for the Bell a couple of seconds just seconds after gallows Madison started two on one attack and that’s even though the normal you know one-man legal the ring – man not legal on the outside was abolished about five minutes before that everyone was everywhere there was no rules why do you don’t believe totally we keep poking themselves into positions but they can only get out of through really infuriating booking from a fan’s perspective you have a million restless for Christ’s sake use them where they need it don’t use restless do you want to keep strong then because they can’t take a pinball have bollocks DQ’s all the time that just pisses us off and not in a not in a heat way you know when a wrestler gets heat the only person who gets heat is the company who booked the bollocks to begin with concussions are funny CTE the right boot but then something amazing happened because as we all saw back at the start of the other two meaner train it pulled out of the station but the tamina train inside the Elimination Chamber got derailed but now here we are at the start of October and whoa that Tamira trains back on the trucks she’s going full steam ahead boys and girls a mere three thousand four hundred and twenty two days after a EE Dooley debut which is roughly four hundred and eighty nine weeks which is roughly one hundred and twelve months which is roughly eighty two thousand one hundred and twenty eight hours ago before that moment happened on Sunday the girl her dream finally comes true as Tamina wins a WWE title and finally the same nobody meaner than Tamina still means Bogar all what happened to his scepter maybe he has got an STD and that’s what caused that thing to turn black and shrink even though it was black beforehand just drink that but then I have to say that it’s you know it’s a right old hoot us fans and people like the rock and Becky Lynch Colin big bald bastard Baron Corbin and STD haha but when Colin big bully buster fair in Corbin and STD comes from the mouth of Michael Cole it just doesn’t work because if it if if big Baldy Buster Baron Corbin is an STD what the hell does that make Michael Cole he was way worse than big bully Buster Baron Corbin I better not say because it’ll be bad now I know laughs you would have been like what oh hell nah huh hold up when big ball he fasted Baron Corbin claims that our last week’s Friday Night Smackdown he put the rock in his place but if you look at the footage back once again you can clearly see the big ball he busted Baron Corbin is hitting a gnarly jumping end of days on the great one for once I agree with Michael Cole how dare Gregg Hamilton insult little bollocks afternoon as well how dare the harm insult Chad cabled by calling him shorty gable after he rolled a big ball he busted Baron Corbin or do we now live in a double universe where a King of the Ring actually gets to do more individually we let’s just dress up like a giant Bell end WTF either way I guess Charlotte Flair like Shawn Spears therefore it’s confirmed that Charlotte Flair will ask Shawn Spears for a job at 80 W and therefore Charlotte Flair is joining aew confirmed hack Theory here on Colter holic now I can’t have been the only one wondering here why the hell didn’t Carmela pinned Tamina to win back her 24/7 title but then Corey graves came on commentary and answered all of our questions because he said finally their graves can get some sleep which means boys and girls that since winning the 24/7 title the first time all Carmela and Corey graves have been doing it in their spare time in it at home he’s shagging a baby it’s the second time I’ve done nah evidence that big bully Buster Baron Corbin is a crack King and I would know cuz I was want to know that’s not how it works person with two signs for two different wrestlers that’s not how it works at all you can only love warning it’s like being one of those balanced who supports two football teams and you think and get away with it just because one of those teams is in the Football League and the other is in the Premier League you’re in our soul if you do that I’m not calling that person an hour sore but the hands on an official that means that’s at least a $10,000 fine because unlike Becky Lynch who inadvertently striked an official and crafted champions barely met that won some weight and Irwin our shyster the biggest WTF moment of the night has to be the fact of Big Joe civ Jerry the King Lawler they spoke over the top of the fence entrance you can get that behavior that nonsense and put it right in the bin baby boys that’s a pre wired thing remember back in the 90s went back god that’s gotta be can happened then Cain and his debut much I think it was against mankind at a subsequent pay-per-view and the arena was bathed in in red lights that looked like blood and fire and brimstone and how are nobody in the arena outside of the first few rows could see a pissin thing much less the people at whom you all are looking at the television screens like that why would anybody think they were going to get different results by doing the same exact thing 22 years later honestly don’t know no I said neither start of this video I just can’t tell if – you’re Madden is a massive piss taker here’s the evidence during that hell nacelle much he sat there on commentary and said things like we’ve seen what that mullet can do to ramble and rabbit what might it do to ramble in Rollins and then when Bray Wyatt hit Rollins are sort of stabbed him with that massive comedy timmy mallett in the core of the cell he said or shouted oh no it’s almost impaled him I don’t know about you but I was in stitches when he was doing all that routine you’re a good man do and then we get to the finish of that cell match and it saves WWE right for spunk in their load early and putting the feet inside Hell in a Cell just because oh sell Oh red Oh mask and ooh Halloween probably and all popular as well now we all knew us fans as common people knew that before this match the fiend just couldn’t lose just too soon for that and we also knew that Seth Rollins he couldn’t lose either because it was way too soon after Seth Rollins this normal man had beat Brock Lesnar big scary UFC Brock Lesnar twice this calendar year and I know that the fiends perhaps being Rollins after Rollins beat Lesnar twice would have made the fiend the undeniable beast endure with all Yui but you just know that next month it’s Survivor Series ee Dooley and Vincent one in particular would have been looking already for someone to beat the beast they kind of do things long term now none of this was good a work from the start so why was it booted but the way the finish was done was bollocks because it looked like the referee has disqualified Seth Rollins for using a little hammer after Bray Wyatt had used his big comedy hammer even though Triple H had used a little hammer but 20 years before this but since then we’ve learned at the referee called off the match because he was scared that Rollins was legitimately gonna murder the fiend Bray Wyatt and bollocks to that as well first of all the theme should never ever ever be in a position to be murdered this early on into his run and second of all this is how the pissin sell we’ve seen attempted murder so many times over the past 22 years what’s one more how’s that gonna hurt why does this change now now if this was merely a No Disqualification title match I would understand fully if the referee thought hey Brie white safety is in danger I’ll call off the match but this is hell nacelle a stipulation than a set quite a precedent over the past 22 years back in Mardy Hell in a Cell was the worst stipulation you could get in W Louie two people two men who hate each other had been through every other stipulation possible with the cell the last resort to sort their feud out and in that match one of them would normally die or come close at least so of course with the past 22 years of this stipulation behind this match on Sunday we would have thought Rawlins Wyatt the referee lets it go until a winner wins by pinfall or submission or death isn’t that just the very concept of this match maybe not now but it was beforehand maybe I don’t know so I guess that now that we’ve got to wait in this modern era until every October to have a Hell in a Cell match we’ve got to get used to this now back in my day as I said the feud would necessitate the self but now the cell necessitates the Feud hordes available to rent October we better book this it’s just bollocks isn’t it but at the end of the day in my mind you kind of just changed the severity of the hell nacelle much after the 22 years of history which it has and I guess they already might have changed it considering this is the second year in a row Oh a Hell in a Cell much hasn’t ended with a conclusive death what a shame but again all of this just comes back to EE deal to be proven themselves into a corner and then get themselves out this corner with the result that just pisses off the fans just stop pissing us fans off man since last Friday we’ve had Kofi Kingston lose his title like he did we had names like Austin and Undertaker advertised for Smackdown and Cena as well only not to be there and now we’ve had this bollocks as well it’s a great job there’s not a second mainstream promotion in America for fans with you know massive distribution and all that for that the thing are I’m sick of being pissed off by wre and their crap Buchan and their lies I’ll go watch them instead oh there is and as I said I’m the cult whore Iceland podcast last week I don’t know about you but if if this wasn’t my job I would scrap watching the main roster because watching NXT watching aw that looks like a winning combination we’re gonna see a lot more good stuff that puts a smile on your face and stuff that you think are I don’t know how to do that better it just pisses me off weird times we live in [Music] [Applause] [Applause] now I’ve seen this bloke and the t-shirt is wearing and let me tell that look first of all thanks for your support but second of all I’m not happy with your conduct pal Seth Rollins doesn’t Boog WWE the footage there seems to indicate that you’re having a GU obsessed Rollins for the finish of that how there’s so much on Sunday Seth Rollins did what Seth runs was told to do Seth Rollins is not the problem it’s the bukas it’s Vince McMahon now we know the finish to that mash did Seth Rollins no favors nor has the ways been booked in a very cheesy manner for the past year maybe or his Twitter game over the past six months but don’t have a go at him for anything put his own Twitter game and because of that I hope we don’t see Seth Rollins on Raw for at least a couple of weeks or he will get the Roman reigns treatment when Roman reigns appeared the night after WrestleMania thirty three billion of the day fans don’t have a go at the wrestlers it’s not their fault they’re doing what they’re being told have a go at the people who are telling to do the things that doing on the air be good boys and girls and then we finish with a baffle in one so the fiend is just about dead the referee calls off the match because he’s scared that the fiend may actually die but then the fiend comes back to life mandible claw and Seth Rollins blood spin out of his mouth a fantastic but fantastic image to end the night but just before the blood appeared there was there was a few minutes of back-and-forth so why wasn’t the matter restarted he pissed everybody off he saw oh he’s back he’s fine but he didn’t give him the thing that’s surely Foley stretcher that vibe I’m just annoyed now and that is it for the WTF moments from Hell in a Cell 2019 a night that’s you know they just pissed us off a bit more and not in a good way that benefited the heals just a bad way that didn’t benefit anybody at all and in relation to hell nacelle get geared up and ready for the return of Hell in a smell without and Puccini locked in a room for a long time with something smelly if you want to see how that went down watch the live reactions right at the end when Tom Campbell reads a letter that I put together thanks for watching let us know what you think in the comments below you can follow us on Twitter after cult a hollow you can find us on Facebook at facebook.com forward slash called holic and if you enjoy what we do here at kill the holic you can play so our patreon page patreon.com/lenguin

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