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boom it’s predictions time and we are on the fast lane to fast lane do you see what I did there I’m so afraid of the real world okay so this is a b-level pay-per-view before one of the big four paper views of WWE’s calendar year which means one of two things either were in for an exciting time we’re swerves changed a very Road to Wrestlemania as we know it all we’re in for a bunch of false finishes messy DQ’s and basically unsatisfying conclusions two matches in order to keep all these feuds plates spinning over till wrestlemania it’s probably going to be the latter but let’s live in hope it’s got sting on it how bad could it be so I’m gonna give you my predictions for all of these matches we’ll see how right I am if I get less than 50% right I will do a challenge which you can assign me in the comments below okay so we’re gonna start on the kickoff show with Miz TV interviewing Paul Heyman now this technically isn’t a match but my prediction is that the winner will be Paul Heyman Dolph Ziggler Erick Rowan and Ryback versus Seth Rollins Big Show and Kane but this match was thrown together on last week’s Raw because none of these guys had anything to do and it was glaringly fucking obvious so who’s gonna win well actually that probably might be interesting because I think miss Matt will mark the return of Randy Orton I think J&J security will come down they’ll be doing their cheating ways it’ll look like the bad guys are going to take it but then Randy Orton will appear and RKO everyone to fuckery then Ziggler will pin Rollins and that will immediately put Randy Orton on a hot streak and set up the feud between him and Seth Rollins for Wrestlemania which would be amazing so yes I’m giving the prediction to team rogue ler back row goal back copyrighted Goldust vs. Stardust the Battle of the painted ninnies now I’m not sure about this one as I mentioned in a previous review I think they’ve got this feud ass-backwards but basically Cody Rhodes needs this Stardust needs this win Goldust must surely be setting up his retirement by now he can’t go on forever he’s had an amazing comeback but there’s only so much gas left in the tank so all he’s gonna be doing is focusing on putting his brother over whether that’s now or that’s at WrestleMania is the question because honestly it’s a brother versus brother feud and that sort of things should be happening on the grandest stage of them all so I’m gonna probably say that Cody will get himself disqualified by going nutso when Goldust calls him Cody okay he’ll beat on him in the corner until the referee pulls him off probably hit him a couple of times with chairs look really weird doing it and that’ll set up some sort of maybe no disqualification or maybe a cage match or some sort of stipulation at WrestleMania the Intercontinental Championship between Dean Ambrose and bad news Barrett again this feels like one of those fuses better served at WrestleMania cuz both these guys are great workers and they’ve got nothing going on in the next month so why not spin this out to WrestleMania which probably means especially because bad news Barrett has been booked to fucking shit since he got the championship as he always is it’s probably gonna be the case where bad news Barrett gets a sneaky victory and someone might distract Dean Ambrose maybe Seth Rollins will come out something will happen maybe Barrett will sneak a low blow either way I think Dean Ambrose will come up short on this occasion thereby setting up something for WrestleMania and for him to be crowned the new Intercontinental Champion and burdened with all the losses that that championship means nowadays don’t do it Dean you’re worth better than this so yes my prediction is bad news Barrett god save our gracious Queen the Tag Team Championships now this feud has been built weirdly it’s basically a husband and wives thing so that’s probably what’s gonna come down to the finish I reckon Tahlia will have something to do with it possibly a heel turn from her when she aced ends up sticking it because there’s only so abused she can be by her husband plus she’s got that kind of pink streak in her you know she’s going sassy click oh yes I reckon Natalya will turn on the Usos cemento he’ll turn maybe lock in a sharpshooter to new me on the outside or something yes I predict new champions by the end of this match now the good thing about these guys is that the USO’s perform very well on the big stage and Cesaro and Tyson Kidd are superb athletes so these guys given enough time could probably put on the match of the night interests in terms of workmanship and I think this will probably take them into Wrestlemania for some sort of multi tag-team kind of hallelujah just throw all the tag seams in you might as well the Divas Championship page versus Nikki Bella now the Bellas for good or for ill and definitely for ill seem to be the face of the women’s division at the moment so probably if they’re going to be unseated it’s going to be a WrestleMania type job my prediction is that Nikki will pin Paige but it’ll be because of brie Brie will distract Paige or concur with the belt or something like that it will she’ll cost of the match and basically what will happen is the Bellas will be put in a triple threat with Paige for the Divas Championship that’s what I think I think it’s going to be a triple threat and then the Bellas will turn on each other at WrestleMania again igniting that feud all over again which point Paige will jump in and win the Divas Championship probably either way Nikki Bella takes this one okay we’re into the main event scene John Cena versus rusev it would be as mad as a Hitler calendar to have rusev drop his title on Fastlane it’s a b-level pay-per-view I get that you know the feuds hot John Cena’s looking much more aggressive than you normally does but it’s it’s a streak it’s a huge streak and it’s a championship why the hell wouldn’t you save that for Wrestlemania so basically there’s gonna be some sort of shenanigans happening here maybe there’ll be a double count-out or maybe John Cena will win by disqualification which is probably more likely the case but either way rusev might lose by DQ but he’s definitely keeping his championship and these guys will battle again at WrestleMania the triple h vs sting confrontation now this one’s weird because basically sting you don’t really want him to be around at all before WrestleMania he wanted to turn up wrestler match win go into the Hall of Fame that’s pretty much what you want from him in fact the less you see of him the better and they’ve been doing that bloody brilliantly in the lead-up to this feud you know he’s weird spooky madrix etc so well the two enduring images from this view will have to be the baseball bat versus the sledgehammer now is that going to happen at Fastlane I think it possibly could here’s what I imagine playing out Triple H’s in the ring with all of the authority he call sting out I’ve got everyone here sting come and get it if you think you’re hard enough the lights will go down the lights will come up stings in the middle of the mall with a baseball bat he clears the ring however Triple H slips to the outside then while he’s knocking down the Big Show or Kane Triple H will sneak up behind staying with a sledgehammer clonk him on the head sting goes down however then the lights go out the lights come back on and sting is nowhere to be found so technically sting was left lying Triple H gets a shot in because so far the food’s been very one-sided so far but also sting manages to maintain his sort of I’m magic gimmick maybe or maybe sting will just clean house with a baseball bat point to the WrestleMania sign with the baseball bat and then he’ll disappear but I don’t know you there’s only so silly you can make Triple H look before it starts to get a bit one-sided plus we’ve got Triple H’s ego to think of the main event Daniel Bryan versus Roman reigns and my heart wants what it wants it wants Daniel Bryan versus Brock Lesnar in WrestleMania main event it wants that but I don’t think they should do it and also I don’t think they will do it basically if the WWE kowtow and put Daniel Bryan in the main event again they just look impossibly weak now don’t get me wrong that’s what they should have done the first time but there’s no substitute for getting it right the first time and this is not what they should do because it just seemed it seems weak it seems like a repetition of last year it seems like honestly there’s a crisis happening at the top of WWE stick with Roman reigns as much as it pains me to say it as much I didn’t actually think I would be saying it they’ve done an amazing job with stemming the fire Roman reigns is adding to his moveset he’s looking better and better this feud with Daniel Bryan is done in the fucking world of good it legitimizes his claim for the title like nobody’s business yes he’s not there yet yes it should have been Daniel Bryan but to be honest for the sanctity of the Royal Rumble win to avoid tarnishing that and to you know give the WWE creative some power back stick with Roman reigns Roman reigns pins Bryan after an amazing I’m hoping Daniel Bryan goes on to face Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania okay so those are my predictions like I said if I get more than 50% wrong I will do a forfeit of some design also here’s a drinking game for you to enjoy while you’re watching Fastlane now I did that with the Royal Rumble but this time the rules are much simpler simply take a drink every time you hear the word WrestleMania and I’ll see you in hospital I’ll be the one chokeslamming the doctors okay thanks for listening to my predictions let’s see how they pan out I’ll be doing a review show of course on Monday or Tuesday tune in for that one I’ve been the posh car who likes wrestling enjoy Fastlane cheerio

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