WWE Executive HATES Becky Lynch’s Accent, Lucha Underground News | Wrestling Report

WWE Executive HATES Becky Lynch’s Accent, Lucha Underground News | Wrestling Report

What’s up everyone? My name is John, and this is the Wrestling
Report. First, we have some more news on Becky Lynch. Many people were happy to see Becky finally
win a title when she was drafted to Smackdown Live and won the Women’s championship. In the fans eyes, she solidified her career
especially amongst the four horsewomen. But someone backstage doesn’t think she
is cut out to be a champion or at least cut a promo. WWE’s Executive Vice President of Television
Production, Kevin Dunn, has decided to cut Lynch’s time on the microphone, as he does
not like her voice. It is being reported that Dunn is annoyed
of Becky and her accent, so he is giving her shorter time for promo’s from now on. I wouldn’t expect this to change, because
Kevin Dunn is highly respected by Vince McMahon and has been with the company for over twenty
years. Next up, we have an update on Austin Aries. Some of you might have heard about Aries getting
injured at an NXT Live event, and this was caused by a strong style knee to the face,
which left Austin Aries face looking like this. Yeah… Anyways, he is doing better and just needed
stitches. WWE are not considering this a major injury,
so it looks as if everything is going to be alright. I’m not sure what’s worse Austin Aries
eye or John Cena’s broken nose. What do you think? Finally, we have some news about Ted Turner. For those that don’t know, Ted Turner’s
company Turner Broadcasting has made a deal with Lucha Underground to help broadcast the
program in Germany. Turner is interested in getting back into
the realm of professional wrestling, and many people are speculating that he is currently
testing the waters with Lucha Underground. Do you think that Ted Turner is going to try
and compete with Vince McMahon again? Let me know in the comments. And this has been the Wrestling Report. I hope you’re having a spectacular week;
thank you so much for watching Wrestling Hub, and I’ll see you Monday with more wrestling

100 thoughts on “WWE Executive HATES Becky Lynch’s Accent, Lucha Underground News | Wrestling Report

  1. Just another case of the boss not being professional. To take away someone's promo time because THEY don't like their voice, smacks of professional bullying. How can WWE push "Be a Star" when their own staff are bullies?

  2. This Kevin Dunn is a complete dumb ass. Becky Lynch is tremendously talented and deserves the position she is in currently. To be honest her accent isn't even that hard to understand. Her promo at Backlash following her title win was really good and probably her best to date. You can't have a champion that doesn't get microphone time to express themselves, as they need that in order to advance their characters and storylines they're involved in. I hate that this guy is going to discriminate against her because of her accent and completely ignore what she can deliver in the ring. If he is putting Becky Lynch through this bullshit, then I feel sincerely sorry for Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka when they are brought up. As an avid supporter of Lynch, this whole theory makes me sick to my stomach. This guy needs to fucking go ASAP.

  3. She is alittle bit hard to understand sometimes. I don't think she should be punished for it, she's champion so she needs to cut promos. This makes me think her title run isn't going to last long unfortunately, I love Alexa Bliss tho so if she wins ill be 100% okay

  4. Maybe if Becky had massive fucing teeth Kevin would take a likening to her. Again, fake cape, plastic crown- King Ross

  5. It was pretty cringy when she cut that in ring promo with alexa bliss. But hey, she has an accent. I personally would rather have a strong accent than huge front teeth……

  6. kevin dunn is a tool. he didnt like jbl's southern accent to and didnt let him do promos. so farrooq handed him the mic to cut a promo and he has ever since. and its not about kevin dunn and what he likes its about the fans. what a stupid ass and tool

  7. My Name is Kevin Dunn and I make fun of becky lynch's accent, so people will forget about my Fucked up teeth, HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wtf , you fucking piece of shit ! It doesn't matter wtf that 40 yr old virgin thinks , becky lynch is an awesome wrestler what Kevin dunn thinks doesn't fucking matter , it's what we want that matters , were the ones paying for a good shown not him , he needs to be fired on the spot racist piece of shit

  9. Kevin Dunn is a fucking moron.I can't wait for either Shane or Triple H to buy WWE cause neither of them can stand Kevin Dunn and I hope he is the first one fired from WWE.Its his fault why the show sucks so much as well.

  10. WWE needs to have a long talk with it's fucking executives. You are trying to grow the brand world wide. Guess what people are going to look and talk different you fucking white supremacist asshat.

  11. LOL funny that Becky is more popular with more people in & out of WWE in about 3 years of being there, yet that prick has spent his entire career as an ass kissing dweeb who no one gives two shits about 😂😂

  12. So you mean to tell me
    Kevin Dunn makes Becky Lynch Have less promo times but Roman Gets lots of promo time is Kevin from the same planet as Human

  13. Kevin Dunn is an idiot. I admit, sometimes when Becky's talks fast you have to listen closely but who cares ? I love her accent personally and it is part of Becky's personality. I'm the last person to be politically correct, but isn't Dunn showing some sort of prejudice or bias by critiquing any accent at all in a negative fashion ? There is a long list of past wrestling greats that were hard to understand on the mic…Andre the Giant, Iron Sheik to name a couple. Hell, there are natural born Americans that were tough to understand sometimes, like the Ultimate Warrior. So I don't know what is up Dunn's a** about Becky. I think there is more to it than just her accent and he is reaching for what he thinks are issues with her to knock her down a step or two. Ultimately and hopefully, those above him, (HHH and Stephanie) step up and tell him to basically just STFU.

  14. WWE has all these top international superstars like Sheamus, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and even the guy they pushed to be wwe champion Finn Balor. guess what, THEY ALL HAVE FUCKING ACCENTS. They' re the reason fans come to your events.You're gonna cut mic time off of them because you don't like the way they talk too?Complete bullshit when wwe gives people like sasha banks mic time, when she's cringy stale as fuck.

  15. Kevin Dunn needs to pull his head out of his ass. Has anyone ever heard that fucker talk? Bugs Bunny did not sound nearly as rough with his buck teeth.

  16. fuck you kevin dunn when i come to wwe and speak with an irish accent and tell you to kiss my irish ass you piece of shit

  17. her accent is sexy as hell  nobody fucking cares about this bucktooth beaver no talent ass kissing moron kevin dunn  anyway  shane and triple h  better take control soon  so they can get rid of this shithead  and wwe can become great again   and no talent dunn  can go back to building damns

  18. I keep saying this: Dunn's a poison to the company. This is also not the first time Dunn had issues with someone's accent. He had tried, and succeeded, in bullying JR out of the company cause he didn't like Southern accents. And now this!

  19. so it's her fault she has that kind of accent?! don't like her because of the accent… OMG this is one of the craps that gives me a headache

  20. I think her accent is a dumb reason to not let her speak… It's like saying oh, your feet are too big so you can't kick or your punches are too strong so you can't punch. He needs to not be such an ass because he has a problem with her accent. If she did shit promos that'd be one thing but that's just pathetic and low…

  21. Becky is really funny unlike alot of em and she can act better too and her crazy style is out the box who cares what WWE think like they know whats best for buisness plus she has the cutes nose ever and can out work everyone. Plus you got Shamus fella !!!! and Del Rio nobody moans about them then the big hairy Russian guy who can only just speak without subtitles. Becky and Flair are two huge legends of womens wrestling better than any other women in WWE history plus how cute is Becky and funny without written jokes. Seems too me WWE dont know a good thing coz without mic time Becky wont get over as well like alot of great tech wrestlers in the past and only Becky Flair and Sasha are world class, I think in 2016 most people rrealise their are many accents in the world and its got shit too do with fans and ttalent i mean kids love Becky like a comic book hero

  22. Dunn is an idiot and Vince is a old piece of dried up cheese! They wouldn't know good if it Smacked them up side the head! Want to know why ratings are down? Because the same old shit is running it!

  23. fuck kevin dunn…talk about racism…she's gorgeous and her accent add's to her like ability..so what if he has been with the company for so long, does that make him an authority on everything…i blame vinnie mac for allowing this…love becky

  24. i like becky's accent.
    instead of having a persons career governed by the predjudice of one closed minded individual why is it not based on the opinions of those that matter – namely the fans?
    i mean it shouldn't be hard to get in a focus group from time to time for some genuine feedback (do wwe do this? cos if not they should).
    keep your finger off that switch dunn 😛

  25. Her accent has to be one of her biggest and most beautiful features! 💓💓💓
    I don't understand why so many people don't like it.

  26. Fuck Kevin Dunn! Bucky beaver sumbitch. Becky must have rejected his advances. Like Becky would spit on his sorry ass if he was on fire. Becky is sexy as hell, and her Irish accent is sooooo fucking sexy. Kevin Dunn and his mouth full of 2×4's can suck Vince's ass a bit longer. If you dont like her voice, dont listen, jackass!!!!

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