WWE custom elite scale Steel cage

Welcome everyone the JX army here And this time I will show you my custom elite scale steel cage I do these one with two cages of Mattel because one, only one can only fit a normal sizes ring I have one right there there it is holding all my tall ladders and I get one for the like classic ring, is a tribute to the troops K mart exclusive well, these one, I tie them whit some elastics or some spring ropes, black spring ropes this fits very well don´t move, dont falls I can actually put wrestlers up (this falls) like a match, the most heavier ones can put on the top and this dont bend or something (There it is looks cool soo cool) well these one you can see this have no door this was a problem first and this one was a break for the action and actually do this one this falls for an action in the ring the door for the action figures there it is, open the door and you have these little Cena here or someone like I dont know Billy Gunn or even the classic ones like Diesel there is Diesel (its good its fantastic) my custom Vince McMahon right there some others like The Rock is i think is fits well, I can hit it and this not falls dont move I can put him someone heavy like… I show you the last part of the video there is Mark Henry I can put right there The Big Show (I can put him over… Yokozuna) right in the middle so you can see this dont bends (Oh come on hey, fantasy matchup?) well is pretty much it there it is I can close this and thats it I can actually pull them out well there it is right there and right there I pull him out its more easy with two hands but there it is I’m holding them there with a hand there it is and is pretty much it but well it’s good I don’t think that Mattel will do an official steel cage accessorie for the next the next reing because they don’t do elites rings more if wiked cool do another one but I prefeer the Mattel the original well that is all and see you next time

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