WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Predictions

hey everyone its jack from college comm joined by Tom Campbell because this Sunday we will be reacting to WWE’s clash of Champions Ross of course will also be joining us and he is of course currently the cauda holic heavyweight champion but he’s not here no he is in an undisclosed location we believe it’s underneath a home bargain somewhere that certainly was south of the country that wouldn’t surprise me at all but he will be sending his predictions in at the end of each one of our picks so don’t worry you’ll be there you still got plenty of us up my car near us are we do we also as always have a lovely punishment for the loser or losers of this predictions contest there are three options which you can vote for by going to patreon.com/crashcourse the loser gets sprayed with a little bit of the bubbly [Music] or the two losers or the two who don’t win I guess have to be handcuffed together for 24 hours and once again to vote for that head to patreon.com forward slash culture holic so let’s waste no further time and let’s crack on with the first of our predictions top first we have the triple threat match for the cruiserweight championship dragula versus Umberto Carillo versus my man Lin say Dorado I love him so but who do you have and why well first I think we need to as the kids say pour one out for 2:05 live this week we do know tough all week for for the cruiserweight show which means we coming to an end so but will but I think that you know what I’ve got a bet against him pretty much every time I’ve done a predictions competition abetted against him this time I don’t think I can bet against him so although I told my first time I played this game I bet with him okay but also we’ll go back to anyways I think drew gulags gonna be okay I don’t think I I think there’s been enough of the story told between Carrillo and Dorado yet yeah so I want that to span a bit more and I want ghoul actor to retain the etna shenanigans I totally agree in this one I’m gonna go for true GU luck as well I also think should 205 live kind of become more integrated once being canceled should the cruiserweight division become more featured on NXT I think the ghoul acts the best bed to start things off of fresh as the well not a fresh is the new champion but as the champion on a new show I think he’s the most charismatic of the three and I think he’s got a guess yeah I think he’s got the more developed persona and storylines going forward so I’m gonna go for true good luck as well now let’s see what Ross thinks hello you join me my seasonal residents here in Ipswich you may be wondering whether killed a holic heavyweight championship belt is it’s in a case back in newcastle upon tyne because i’m a nip switch this is todd he was given to me by my illegitimate long-lost brother three white he’s gonna tell me who’s gonna win the cruiserweight championship match at classic champions on sunday who’s gonna win todd it’s drew Gulick he’s going to win because of dissension between lincei dorado and from Berto Carillo it’s funny Todd would say that because Sam said that as well Thank You Ross the Royal Tag Team Championships are on the line as Rudolf yes rude and toxic I like it challenge strollin strollin the rolling around at the speed of sound yeah braun strowman and Seth Rollins who you got wide I’ve got for the bloody Red Nosed Reindeer Tom I’ve gone for Rudolf I’ve gone from Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler and I can’t quite work out how because obviously Rollins and strowman are far stronger in kayfabe than they are you know how are they gonna pull out a win which one are they gonna pin but at the same time I do think that it’s the logical one given what’s gonna happen later on in the show when Rollins and strowman go head to head so it’s not what I’m confident on because I can’t actually work out what the finish could possibly be but I’m gonna go for the heels what about you I’m actually picking Rollins and strowman to retain oh I think it adds an extra little wrinkle to their world title match later on the universal twelve minutes later on if they are still having to be champions yeah that makes sense as well I think and and I think this is I can’t see Roode and Ziggler being a permanent tag-team thing I think it’s just two guys that they put a tag match against Rollins and strowman you know hope to you know to add a little bit of Jeopardy to their type of match and it’s two guys who probably don’t really lose much by losing yeah cuz they’ve not got much to begin with as a team exactly yeah he’s gonna think you got nothing as the streets probably said that but what is the cons are like a great champion gone for let’s cross her off straddle and find out then Todd who’s gonna win the road championship match you think the sexy boys will win because gallows Madison will get involved because they’re jealous that strowman and Rollins got to drink a beer with Old Stone Cold’s on this week’s roll it’s a good prediction next up we have the u.s. title march a very late one that was set up on Raw actually this week between AJ Styles the reigning champion and a man who’s had his number recently it’s Gary Garber the janitor Cedric Alexander who have you gone for and white well if it was Gary challenging either GaN Gary yes and Lee but it’s not we’ve got Cedric Alexander but I’m gonna say on this occasion it’s AJ Styles to retain I’ve enjoyed Cedric’s rise on Raw I think he’s in a great position when he’s knocking heads with the ocn AJ Styles I think it can’t hurt to be in a in a match against AJ Styles on pay-per-view I think it’s a great exposure for him can’t see Cedric winning a singles belt just yet though in time yes but not quite yet how about you Jackie oh boy I’ve not got much more add I totally agree I’m gonna go for AJ Styles I’ve also been really enjoying Cedric’s push but I don’t think it’s quite time yet let’s see if frost agrees with us as well and let’s go to his super-secret location or you will win Todd AJ Styles will win he says because even though Cedric Alexander has been around for a while he’s been having good matches we still don’t know what he’s about and despite the fact pinned AJ on this week’s Raw AJ will continue with some buggery to even Gators Championship reign and continue this feud for a while when I said it will eventually win because he’s currently in line for a big push on Raw the words from top their Smackdown tag team title match up next and it’s the new day Big E and Xavier woods against Scott Dawson – Walter the revival part of ft RKO which makes no sense as an acronym F the Randall Keith Orton whatever Trevor Jack who you pick anyway this one’s a bit of a coin flip for me I don’t think it’ll be the last match that they have together I think maybe we’ll see one of those lovely drew that new day Hell in a Cell match against the U so that was really good yeah so if Helena cell on the horizon I think we’ll get a rematch regardless of who wins this one but as for this match itself I honestly have no idea I’m gonna potentially just go for the new day I just think that maybe the revival will get it down the line maybe at Hell in a Cell or maybe unlike the first Smackdown on Fox or something but I don’t think that it’s gonna be now but it’s definitely one of my has every one of my least confident predictions what about you I’m actually producing a title changing okay I think the revival are going to be the new day I think because we’ve got this we’ve got this title match later on with Kofi and Randy Orton and I’m playing off that a little yeah the whole idea that you know has Randy like wound up Kofi to the point where like he’s gonna make a mistake and lose the belt and I think if the new day lose earlier in the night it kind of sets that little bit of a doubt in is this gonna affect Kofi is this gonna change the game does this mean that the new day are going to have a terrible night or it just kind of adds an element of doubt the title match if the new day lose the tag titles I think it just adds a little bit of intrigue in a later batch so I think for that reason and that reason alone I think the revival are gonna win the tag belts for Smackdown that’s very fair logic perfectly happy with that but does RAF’s agree let’s cross to the secret location and find out much tot who’s winning the Revival’s winning because the new day have injured body parts are because the revival are traditionalists easy for me to say in my humble abode to your nips which upon Tyne England I’m rambling now just like a rabbit the revival will win because it will beat down the already-injured leg of Xavier woods and they already hurt pride or whatever a biggie even though it’s a story of the new day coming back up they won’t do it top things so next up we go to the big ol brawl between the big dog and the bit and bit the bit up and Eric Rowan Tom who have you gone for him why the big dog and the big dog with the M and the W the wrong way around I’m gonna go with Roman reigns on this way yeah seems obvious that like Romans just gonna clatter him there just tracking this whodunnit thing out now I know well mean lessly so I feel like maybe this is like let’s just scrap this storyline and refresh part of me if I had any sort of bravery about me I’d have gone for Rouen here because he is the one with the momentum I guess he’s the one who’s been attacking Roman but at the same time I think this is just gonna cut short a storyline that really did lose its way quite quickly so I’m gonna go for Roman reigns as well I don’t know what to make of it I really don’t know what amazing mind you know what if they just let them just batter each other for 20 minutes or it might be good fun I think it could be a good match but the storylines especially because I’m not covering Smackdown week to week I’ve just been catching up with it the next day and just being like what let’s lose this guy who looks like Ron where is he isn’t gonna cropper what if he runs in I’d like that I love them let’s make that a thing what is Russ gonna go for so we find out from Ross his top secret location let’s go there right now I’d love it if he was we don’t know where he’s gonna be if he’s just in front of a sign like welcome to Newcastle but no let’s cross over to there Todd have you gone Todd there you are who’s gonna move between Roman reigns and Erick Rowan it’s gonna be Rowan you think that No Disqualification was a crucial detail but into this match which means Daniel Bryan it will be revealed to a be behind this all along we’ll get involved and then we’ll get Roman reigns against Daniel Bryan inside pound the cell next month Roy will win Wow I agree with him women’s Tag Team Championships on the line as Alexa bliss and Nikki cross face Mandy rose and Sonya De Vil Jack who you’re picking him why um Alexa bliss and Nikki cross I think the whole angle with Mandy rose on this week’s smackdown was poorly received and I think that maybe they’ll go oh let’s just keep the tiles on a lecture and Nikki from her also it doesn’t make any sense if the bullies win that does make any sense I know that sometimes in wrestling the bullies win first and then the good guys win later on and that’s the very fabric of this glorious sport but I think that in this case well it’s been so kind of such a low blow I think that you just need to have the baby faces win straight away so I’m gonna go for a lexer and Nikki what about you same I just think there’s not enough I mean obviously there was all that stuff on Smackdown oh you’re ugly la la la la but apart from that there isn’t really any momentum behind mani roses yeah Deville like they flip-flop the middle of it wasn’t one they weren’t a good guys it wasn’t Sonia like the locusts did the prize was that like a push towards being a booty everyone thought she was gonna like turn on Mandy and yeah become like a babyface on her own I don’t know what happened convoluted nonsense I don’t think that I don’t think they’re gonna win the belt I think Alexa Brisson Mickey will retain said titles but what does Ross thing from his top secret location let’s find out an extra Nicky Mandy and Sonya it’s a lecture in Nicky next up the icy tidal March petting the champion Shinsegae Nakamura probably with Sami Zayn in his corner against the Challenger the Mears Tom do have you gotten why now I’m gonna go against a very popular theory which I’m sure you’ll share shortly Nakamura has to retain in my opinion they’ve just launched this thing where he is sort of this this beast that savvis ade is controlling and he would just feel like a real waste of perfectly good momentum to have this new partnership formed have this new partnership bills and then just to have Nakamura lose the championship at this point before they’ve even done anything so I reckon Nakamura to retain probably via shenanigans but Nakamura to retain I think the maze will win there by berm one step closer to completing his own indeed WWE’s quest to make him the most the icy champion with the most reigns because obviously we all know who’s in first place currently and he enjoys a little bit in the bubbly so I think that the Miz will win then Nakamura winning back at some point then the Miz will win it back and then W we can go there you go maze is the most successful I see champion of all time don’t think about that other dude so I’m gonna go for the Miz sometimes it’s nice to predict with your heart and with your with your like emotions and how you feel the story really should go sometimes you’ve got to use the horrible sterile logic and I’ve got four here oh but I only forgot about him but what’s Ross got to say about this whole thing Tata macho fear because I firmly believe that schinsky and I could murder will defeat them is to retain the Intercontinental Championship because this new tandem with some ease in and also because I believe but there’s this feud with the Miz was just a placeholder food for Nakamura while Ali was in the King of the Ring tournament and the Ali feud will continue after Sunday so that’s why Nakamura Wyn WWE Championship on the line Randall Randall Keith Randall Keith Randall Randall key challenging Kofi Kingston who you picking in wire jack oh this is another one that I’m really not certain on but I’m gonna go for Randall Keith I don’t necessarily agree with it I don’t think that he maybe needs to be WBO champion again at this stage of his career but sometimes I feel like W really just can’t resist it just can’t resist you in it another thing that kind of turned the tide in my head as well was this week on Smackdown Kofi looked so strong and so powerful and so in control that I can’t really see him just winning and then that’s it I know that the old myth of like whoever stands tall on TV will lose it a pay-per-view I know that’s not actually true but it kind of suckered me in this time a little bit but what about you I’m going to use a little bit of the logic bomb that you dropped okay well while ago and say Kofi Kingston on this occasion okay cuz Kofi Kingston is two weeks away from beating the title reign of Jinder Mahal oh and and I think they are key and and in the similar sense – as you say with the meze they’re kind of keen to sort write some new history yeah and they’ve been very keyed on that as of late and I think Kofi Kingston becoming like one of the longest reigning dodo a champions of the modern era feels like quite a nice bit of history all right and also it’s as I mentioned earlier with the revival winning the tag belts in my head it adds a little bit of doubt to the match now yeah I will will that will the new day losing their belts affect Kofi mentally yeah then he has to overcome overcome rival and actually does it and then finally puts because I think because think about we still haven’t really put the whole Randy Orton stupid stupid stupid thing to rest no we’re like still yeah that is yet to happen so I think this has got to be the moment where Kofi finally goes right I am good enough because I beat you yeah to the next I think whoever he faces next he will probably lose too but I don’t think it’ll be round rookies I think Randall Keith is is merely just continuing to push him up there fair enough to believe but what does Russ think that’s the question over to the top secret location to find out we need to not like snakes hardwoods who will win between the Viper Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston the curvy Kingsmill win because when f arias means just like SummerSlam which means this view will continue and that end in sight Elvis el Nord if you agree nod nod he nodded next up I think it’s fair to say probably one of the most hyped biggest matches on this show it’s the raw Women’s Championship between Becky Lynch and the returning Sasha bugs who have you got a wife I have gone for Sasha on this one I think that Becky’s had an incredible time around I’ve enjoyed Becky Lynch being champion but I think that in my head again I’m thinking long book and wise I kind of picture Bayley with the SmackDown title Sasha with the raw title both in with the women’s tag belts oh I have all the gold type scenario okay and then I mean know what they did Becky and Charlotte as a team this past week on Raw literally they could build that to Survivor Series the whole thing of Becky saying Charlotte a convenience I was like nah Charlotte then it goes Becky tagged me and Becca’s like nah so they build to that yeah gave it to us for free but whatever Trevor but I think that journey begins for Sasha banks by winning over Bailey how about you say winning over bet I’ll Becky no Bailey you just teamed up with a semi that would be really silly I’ve gone for Sasha as well I’m thinking only in kind of an opposite way to you but coming to the same conclusion because you’ve gone kind of long term I’ve gone kind of short term I’ve just looked at it I’ve used Occam’s razor taking away all the extra stuff oh yeah we’re going for the soft Wow I’ve taken away all the extra stuff around it and I’ve just thought they’ve just brought Sasha back she’s newly healed she’s the new big star of the women’s division given the Bell straightaway and that’s why I’ve gone for Sasha are you impressed with my use of autumns rate comes race not to be confused with the authors of Paynes may a comes raised on tomorrow’s are yeah yeah I love Occam’s razor oh thank you Ross and maybe he’s used Occam’s razor be as how how funny would that be it would be great if he used a different like school of philosophical thought he just whips out up there but it like Zen like Buddhism out Larry Strauss is narrative theory let’s get it Russ and find out banks and Becky Todd who will win banks will win and Todd firmly believes the WWE came not lying to Sasha banks twice it won’t counter yeah and because you signed a new contract there’s got to be assurances that’s just gonna hold the role in this championship and that will happen this Sunday with Becky chase and that title Charlotte chase near the one and the four horsewomen wood all the way through to WrestleMania where they will have a fatal 4-way match Thank You Todd for your help at this time SmackDown Women’s Championship on the line and it is Bayley defending against a Charlotte Flair who you got why Jack that right the this is a risky one and usually I try to make a rule in these predictions contests of not trying to think too much about it don’t complicate it never go for a no contest or a draw that’s not gonna happen never try and think about screwy finishes or stipulations and stuff but I’ve done it this time I’ve gone for Charlotte Flair but I don’t necessarily think that means she leave us champion I think Bailey a weasel our way out of it by DQ or count-out or something so Charlotte will win the March but not the title or the back-up plan to fall back on with this prediction is that or it’s Charlotte Flair and she’s often booked really strong so maybe she’ll just win I’m going for Charlotte Flair either way I don’t know what I’m doing what’s your prediction I’m glad the opposite and I’m picking Bailey I feel like Bailey needs to beat Charlotte to get a bit of a proverbial monkey off her back right yeah because it’s one of those opponents that Bailey always seems to have come up against to never I mean you’ll tell me if I’m wrong in the comments never really feels like she got the worn up on and now she’s this sort of knew every Bailey not a level playing field she cast him money in the bug but that was a cut yeah yeah right exactly competitive match that Bailey you know whether it’s screwy honor I don’t know about what competitive match the Bailey wins yeah and Charlotte fair and I think that just kind of adds this whole thing of Becky and Charlotte need to team together to stop these two from destroying the women’s divisions like the bloody Avengers it’s a very boosters crossover for Bailey I think to retain it that seems to me the obvious thing but does Ross a great let’s cross and find out top we’re all you become for 20 minutes Todd when I I love Todd Charlotte and Bailey who’s going to win Dane is going to win nefarious means continuous feud all the way through to Hell in a Cell thanks and finally the universal title March can they coexist can they not well by this point no because they’ve rested each other yeah that would be silly if they got along in this one it’s Seth Rollins the universal champion taking on braun strowman who have you gone for him why it’s gotta be Seth for this I think this is good I took it sounds really bad go get to it I do believe this is one of those pageviews when nothing massively groundbreaking will happen this just feels like okay it’s there let’s crack on right I think Seth will retain I think it’ll be I think it’d be a fun match I think I think those two will have some good chemistry together I like the idea of Seth trying to overcome this mountain yep of a man but I do think the Seth will leave with both the raw tag title and a double w title or belts intact for Stephanie what about you sir I I’ve come for Seth as well but there’s just this part of me I mentioned before how I never go for a drawer or no contest because it’s so difficult to predict when it’s gonna happen she’s got this nagging horrible dread feeling that Brock Lesnar’s gonna come because it happened around this time last year didn’t it was Hell in a Cell last year when he came back and then I happened the money in the bank this year it just seems like women seen him in a while he’s just gonna run out and do some somebody said his name three times in a mirror huh and every time strowman gets this close to winning the university I’ll someone messes it up for him being it Baron Corbin that time or sometimes Brock Lesnar mainly broccoli so I’m gonna I’m gonna go for Seth and just hope that it’s just a normal wrestling match nothing out of the ordinary happens and it’ll be fine and we’ll not see any beasts incarnate or otherwise and it would be totally cool okay let’s see what Ross thinks and if he’s mentioned Lesnar as well that’s a really big coincidence because we don’t know what he’s said but maybe you won’t have but I’m scared I’m Lee Todd we have the universal championship match who’s winning that [Music] Seth Rollins is thanks time so those are our predictions for clash of Champions I am only sort of half confident how are you feeling about your prediction well I’ve literally had a hundred percent record on predictions oh yeah and I had an absolute stinker on predictions yeah so it’s everything to play for I don’t fancy the massive lot birthday cake again no I’d quite like to take the championship on holiday with me next week I don’t bloody hell no we can’t let that happen I’m going I’m going abroad do want the belt on tour follow me oh I love a walk with Elias I have no idea what Ross has gone for but now that you’ve said that we need to start low from Hoffman to Ross I hope your picks are good and a hold of mine are as well cuz we can’t let this happen again time we just caught I don’t want to see cost Adele ha ha ha I do I do I love whatever happens someone’s gonna win the bout and they’re ours gonna be some hilarious punishments yet the other side and you can vote for that on our discord in its champions chops it is the tag team that won’t get along handcuffed for 24 hours the two losers or sprayed with a little bit of discord there at the patreon patreon O’Connell darling daddy’s Rushmore of the patreon the discord is all involved it’s all time it’s all tied together no we don’t mention the discord enough thanks for doing that I’ve been jerking follow me on Twitter adjusted Java Tom Campbell you can follow me at Tom Campbell or outside my house and thank you very much for watching and leave your thoughts in the comments down below thanks very much for watching and let us know what you think in the comment section down below you can follow collar holic on twitter article the holic and on facebook at facebook.com/ forward slash coulter holic if you enjoy what we do then please do check out our patreon patreon comm forward slash culled a holic where you can pledge and don’t forget of course most importantly of all to hit subscribe and to join us

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