WWE 2K20 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin entrance video

[APPLAUSE]>>Here comes the Rattlesnake.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [SOUND]
>>The following contest is scheduled for one fall.>>One fall!>>Making his way to the ring,
from Victoria, Texas, weighing in at 252 pounds, Stone Cold Steve Austin.>>The Texas Rattlesnake
is ready to strike.>>Ready to strike anyone, Micheal. DTA, don’t trust anybody.>>Austin’s got an extra tall can
to hand out tonight, gentlemen.>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]

100 thoughts on “WWE 2K20 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin entrance video

  1. It’s disgusting that you want people to pay you for this, you can’t even get right how he’s walks to the ring, one of the greatest of all time and you can’t get something simple like that right.

    I can’t wait for yukes to release their games now they’ve split from 2k

  2. So basically this is a 2K19 patch that is $60?

    Also.. gotta love when leather has the physics of cloth X_X And they charge $60 for this? 2K is getting lazier and lazier.

  3. This is what Austin's entrance would look like, if Austin poured 30 pounds of fabric softener on his vest while doing the laundry.

  4. Omg why u people come here to complain and still going to buy the game…suck it up…its going to be better than the last it's going to be the same….2k cant please every at the same time lol just suck it up ppl I KNOW FOR DAMN SURE IM STILL GETTING IT

  5. Oh for the love of, why do they still have that menu button there, ruined the entrances in 2k19, and looks to be the same for 2k20… lost me on that.

  6. This Austin entrance is worse then 2k19. 2K along with Visual Concepts or whatever is showing they really need Yukes. No wonder Yukes got tired and partnership ended.

  7. Let's face it, 2k is trying to hide the fact they put no effort in this game, which is why they have barely released anything.

  8. Same game, different year.
    The games sum up the state of the company itself: boring, outdated, devoid of imagination and dependant on stars from 20 years ago to sell the product.

  9. Awesome Entrance for One Of The Greatest WWE Superstars Of All Time, however 2K still didn't get his entrance right Austin no longer uses that theme and titantron from '97

  10. The finally fixed his in ring turnbuckle performance!! Now if only he has more than one entrance theme, like the theme after this one or "disturbed" then this entrance would be epic!!!

  11. Hold up! You guys make the irl announcer speed up his cadence so the crowd can’t chant “ONE FALL” then you put it in the game?!?!?

  12. The only thing I don't like about the next gen WWE games, is that you cannot use custom entrance music for your CAW wrestlers.

  13. Parece afeminado su camino al ring.. Cambienlo porfa es asqueroso, además si stone cold entrace a una una arena el estadio entero deberia estar gritando a todo pulmon

  14. I need to be able to control how much pop there is per super star, also, did hte crowd really say "One fall?" That's good immersion honestly

  15. I thought Austin walks with his head nodding speaking something…Complete Badass style…Arena too explodes when he appears.They ruined it

  16. thank god they got rid of how he goes on the ring, he always would move his arms to high to move his body to get on those, was so bad

  17. The Rattlesnake??? IT'S THE TEXAS RATTLESNAKE!!! The glass breaking needs to be louder! The crowd pop needs to be louder! So much is wrong here.

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