WWE 2K19 Mycareer Mode Chapter 1 + BCW’S Best Trophy Napjcjd

Oh hey Big B CW show this Friday night at the high school tell your friends don’t need a flyer I go to every show wait is that you what do you mean facing mr. CQ in the main event it’s definitely you okay I guess I can see the resemblance but that guy’s a huge indie star why would he be out here flyering for a show hey is this weirdo bothering you he’s one of the wrestlers no no I’m not have fun at the show yo I thought wrestlers had money why would he be driving around some crappy bug van si si good point more proof that I am not who you think I am sure you gotta check out this guy’s highlights online he’s going to be a huge star and WBE someday Thanks that’s nice of you to say I mean about the wrestler on the poster who is um definitely not me come on let’s go hope you meet mr. CQ I can’t stand that guy well maybe I’ll see you in the crowd Friday night I mean he’s a fan as a fan definitely not from the ring because I’m not a wrestler you you you hey I want you to meet Matt Bloom from NXT Matt this is my protege Van Gogh I’m a big fan mr. bloom I’ve studied all your matches from your run in WWE and Japan really great stuff Thanks you must be a true student of the game I try to be so why do they call you van Gogh are you some kind of artist that’s what I gave him that name because everywhere he goes his dad’s old work van Gogh’s he practically lives in that thing yeah practically so what brings you out to our show I’m here to scout your opponent Cole Quinn you should take a look at me too I mean you came all the way here and you’re just gonna be watching the match anyway right I respect your confidence but I’m here to evaluate Kol Quinn that’s not to say I won’t be watching every other rustling here tonight but I wouldn’t go get your hopes up understood well I gotta go get ready but it was really nice to meet you mr. bloom and you know thanks for coming out to the show tonight man good to see that slow your old greenie tonight’s my big chance to get signed to NXT so don’t do anything to screw it up okay look I’m gonna give it everything I have tonight and we’ll see where we stand after that all I know is I’ll be standing in Orlando at the performance center you can continue standing in high school gyms we’ll see how about you worry about facing me tonight instead of trying to get Matt Bloom’s autograph suck-up how about you worry about you you [Applause] [Applause] mr. C Joo is showing why he is attracted interest from promotions all around the world including WWE enjoy it while you can ladies and gentlemen if you’re wondering where mr. C cues opponent got all these sweet moves you can thank me after the show because I trained it [Applause] to quote my old boss Vince McMahon water over [Applause] this is what bcw is all about [Applause] if let’s do keep it up they’re going straight to the principal’s own [Applause] this is what bcw is all about no fancy stage no flashy pyro no one what in their mouth for way too long well except for me other than that it’s all action all the time and these guys are two of the best there’s so much at stake in this match let’s just say you never know who’s watching and a B CW show [Applause] oh my god [Applause] I think that’s against the school’s code of condo [Applause] tonight tendencies oh never mind just enjoy the match everyone [Music] [Applause] you you good vengo yeah great job out there means a lot coming from your land oh here I come I’m gonna get a condo on the beach there’s no beach in Orlando well then I’ll make sure to furnish my condo with wall-to-wall sand before you start making big plans we have a few things to discuss like what my start date future opponents waist measurements for the NXT title not exactly to be honest I’m not a fan of your mr. CQ character you need to come up with something different it’s not really a character but fine I can come up with something different after I get to NXT full disclosure I don’t think you’ll be heading to NXT not anytime soon at least you’re just not ready I was actually more impressed with your opponent over here wait what so I’ve decided to offer him an opportunity instead you’ll have a trial match from up-and-coming WWE event really yes I’ve been doing this a while now and I notice a kind of joke because you were supposed to be here to Scout me and not him plans change all the time in this business that’s a good lesson for you to learn I have to go catch my flight you and Baron will be hearing from us soon with the details on your trial match don’t make me regret my decision I won’t thank you unbelievable I told you not to ruin this for me and look what happened whoa all I did was give it everything I had out there okay I can’t help but that he saw more potential in me potential or was it your boy baron here putting you over with him I always knew that he was your favorite but I didn’t think it would cost me a shot at WWE this was all Matt Bloom’s decision do you think I want to see my top guys leave and do you think we want to stay here forever wrestling in front of a few hundred people for crap money that’s not what I meant I’m just saying we’re building something good here besides if you left who would design our title belts I’d only make your belts because you pay us so little for wrestling it’s so bad teacher’s pet over here has to live in his van I thought that was a joke I only live in it when times are tough which is most of the time well that nicknames not as much fun anymore look you just need to trust the process we’re building a brand and think of it this way if any of us make it to WWE it’ll be good for everyone it’ll help put bcw on the map and lead to more opportunities oh yeah easy for you to say you’re the one with a double w/e tryout match he’s right though what’s the saying the rising boat will lift all tides I think it’s the other way around whatever come on let’s drop this thing and bring it in for a bcw handshake yeah no thanks I’ll let you two celebrate alone don’t worry about him and congrats I am truly happy for you you you this is way bigger than the high school gym and the VFW and the State Fair combined don’t let that bother you all that matters is the Rings the same size all right good point but I assume their rings aren’t covered in rust and mysterious stains hey we’re working on fixing that come on let’s go meet Triple H and try to play it cool you don’t want to recite his entire career history like you did with Matt bloom wasn’t his entire career history hey hunter it’s been a while this is my guy that Matt blue wanted to bring in for the tryout match tonight nice to meet you you trained him Baron I did he’s one of my top students I’ll try not to hold that against him look I’ve heard a lot of good things but I want to see you in action tonight before we decide anything do you have an opponent for him yet I do surviving in WWE is all about how you handle adversity so you’re gonna face the toughest guy we have actually the toughest monster we have go introduce yourself to Brun don’t worry he won’t hurt you not until you match at least hey bran I I just wanted to introduce myself no autographs I’m not a fan I’m actually your opponent tonight you mean victim so how do you want to die tonight ha ha I’d like to survive tonight if that’s okay with you what I meant was in what type of match do you want to get these hands tables match could be cool the owner of our promotion could never afford table so we never really got to use them I can’t believe you thought I was actually going to let you choose the type of match tonight we’re gonna do what I want to do because I’m the monster among man so it’ll be a steel cage match that way you can’t run from me steel cage great idea yeah it was my second choice you you you

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