WWE 2K16 Road To Wrestlemania 32 – PS4/XB1 Notion

WWE 2K16 Road To Wrestlemania 32 – PS4/XB1 Notion

Welcome back to ElementGames on youtube! And welcome to a new WWE 2K16 notion today we take a look at the Road to wrestlemania game mode this mode was last seen in WWE smackdown vs raw 2011 and is a mode that is heavily requested to make a return in future wwe games. The options for RTWM are Roman reigns, Brock lesnar, seth rollins, dean ambrose and kevin owens we select Brock Lesnar and proceed! We now see a 3rd person view of Brock Lesnar! We get a comedic text message from vince mcmahon and then we quit to the ps4 dashboard! Thanks for watching guys. Subscribe or more WWE 2K16 content!

100 thoughts on “WWE 2K16 Road To Wrestlemania 32 – PS4/XB1 Notion

  1. can we make some kind of petition to get road to wrestlemania back please!! it was awesome and I HATE the boring showcase they have now

  2. Not be rude but lol Kevin Owens not at the wwe championship level he'sa damn good wrestler least randy Orton Cena or

  3. 2K Pretty much destroyed  all games when they took away road to wrestlemania and how is this dude not working as head writer for 2K??????~!!!!!

  4. My dream RTWMs

    No.1 Sami Zayn
    You start out in NXT and play a few meaningless matches leading up to the royal rumble. Each time after the match you get attacked by KO. Then, at the Royal Rumble, you participate in the rumble after beating Tyler Breeze in a qualifying match. During the match you do well but get eliminated by non-other but KO. Kevin then wins the Royal Rumble and calls you out on Raw. When you come out you have an arena brawl before you're split up by security. You then get a text from HHH saying you're out of control and that you're not allowed anywhere near KO from then on. You then get multiple victories over the IC Champ in non-title matches before you get a title match which goes awry due to Kevin Owens. Then, at Fastlane, you face Kevin Owens in a Submission match. If you win, you get inserted in the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania. You win and the ME of WM becomes a triple threat match. HHH gives you the night off and KO uses this to mock you. You then fight KO in a backstage brawl and you're then suspended until WM where you face KO and you're WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. You win and confetti and balloons fall.

    No.2 Daniel Bryan
    On Raw you face Rusev in a number one contenders match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship held by Roman Reigns. You have a good match but end up passing out to the accolade which means you don't face RR at RR. You do however qualify for the rumble match and win the RR. Earlier in the night, Rusev defeated RR and did everything he could to make sure you didn't win but you overcame those odds. Rusev alligns himself with King Barrett and you face them in many handicap matches. When the two of them are beating you down Roman Reigns returns and appears to even the odds when POW! You're dropped like a sniviling suckatesh when Reigns spears you. The two of you have matches up until Fastlane when Daniel Bryan wins and earns the right to pick the stipulation for you're match at WM with Rusev. You beat big guys like Orton and Ambrose on Raw and at WM you win the title.

    No. 3 John Cena

    No. 4 Triple H-uhhhhhhhh
    You bury everyone

  5. I hope this is legit, and they actually bring Road to Wrestlemania back. However, I hope that we can have our custom CAW be apart of Road to Wrestlemania, and freely roam backstage as we were able to in the past.

  6. Love the guys you selected for the road to wrestlemania would be fun if they can put this back into the games very well done Element.

  7. takes out pocket, grabs my shovel, beats John cena with it, takes my money out, grabs it, shakes it heavily on my crotch TAKE MY MONEY

  8. Vince -What if i brought Sable back as my assistant?

    Brock -Screw You Vince. Hahahahahaha xD I remember when brock's wife was assistant vince

  9. Kevin Owens: Road to losing IC title to jobber
    Dean Ambrose: Road to getting victimized
    Seth Rollins: Road to getting injured
    Brock Lesnar: Road to put on bad matches
    Roman Reigns: Road to winning the wwe title as a face but getting booed like he's heel

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