Wrestlemania 33 Match In Jeopardy! Former World Champion Leaves TNA! | WrestleTalk News Feb. 2017

Wrestlemania 33 Match In Jeopardy! Former World Champion Leaves TNA! | WrestleTalk News Feb. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis. As you might have noticed by all the red carpets
and Meryl Streep speeches around at the moment, it’s awards season. So here’s a WrestleTalk award for Best Social
Media Post of the Weekend, which goes to…Kevin Owens, in reply to Goldberg saying he’ll
win KO’s Universal Title at WWE Fastlane: “Good luck with that, man! Sorry I only just saw this now but I was busy
wrestling at a live event in Germany like true @WWE Superstars do.” No, there’s a mistake. MissyTheTattooedGirl, you won Best Social
Media Post. You had one job. MissyTheTattooedGirl posted screenshots on
Instagram over the weekend allegedly exposing her rather kinky conversation with WWE commentator
Tom Phillips, which claim Smackdown’s fourth man said: “I’m in my seat with a massive
erection. And a 4 hours flight ahead. I’m going to face f*** the s*** out of you.” And you thought chivalry was dead. MissyTheTattooedGirl shared this private conversation
because she found out Phillips is actually engaged. Although these could just be wild allegations,
both her and Todd, Tom, Phillipe, whatever his name is, have since changed their Instagram
accounts to private. They might not be the only ones trying to
back out of something teased on social media. There was a rumor going around last week,
as reported by CageSideSeats, that the planned Big Show vs Shaquille O’Neal match for Wrestlemania
33 was in doubt. The two have been calling each other out on
social media for the last several months. Big Show has since said to WWE.com:
“I mean, here’s the thing. We shot this off at the ESPY Awards, Shaq
said he’s in, I thought this would be a good match for fans to see two giants go at
it. And I see Shaq riding around, singing karaoke
and stopping in at Krispy Kreme. I’m like, “Hey! If you’re not gonna take it serious, find
something else to do!” I’ve given 22 years of my blood, sweat and
tears to this business and I’m doing this favor to Shaq. This could be my last WrestleMania. He needs to step up. …right now? I just get the feeling he’s terrified. He shot his mouth off, he’s in over his
head and he’s trying to back out. So just let me know what’s going on, brother.” Bizarrely, WWE.com isn’t the best for genuine
news. They build up the fictional stories as much
as the television programmes. If they’re interviewing Big Show about his
Shaq match possibly being off, then it’s most likely them trying to build anticipation
for the eventual fight. It’s nothing more than a pre-match promo. But, then again, maybe not. CageSideSeats’ rumor section is now reporting
that WWE are uncertain whether Shaq will be working at Wrestlemania 33, and that’s why
Big Show has been so vocal on social media and when talking to the press. They’re hoping it’ll get Shaq to agree
to the match. Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew
Galloway has announced on Twitter that he won’t be resigning with Impact Wrestling
and that he’s leaving the promotion. PWInsider are reporting that Galloway had
been in talks to resign, but “the company did not attempt to get a new deal finalized
until the last two weeks or so” which although “made him a nice offer with the promise
of being one of the top stars in company…may have been too little, too late.” Impact Wrestling has undergone a backstage
upheaval over the last month, with Jeff Jarrett being brought back in by the new owners as
TNA’s Executive Producer. This could be one reason why it took so long
for the company to come up with an offer for Galloway. PWInsider continue that Galloway might not
be the only talent leaving TNA this week, as Matt and Jeff Hardy have also still not
officially resigned. Their deals expire this week. Impact begin their next set of TV tapings
on Thursday, so both sides better sort something out quickly. Find out about WWE wanting to sign the Hardy
Boys away from TNA and hear the rumored NXT call-up names for Wrestlemania season by clicking
the videos to the left and press subscribe. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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  1. Nothing is sacred anymore. I'll be unsubscribing until the post Wrestlemania RAW and SMACKDOWN shows. STOP TELLING EVERYONE WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

  2. Oil, why dont they bring the number in wrestlemania? how are we gonna remember what happens in the ppv like with previous mania's

  3. I'm sub again,my other account sub your channel too,today my love anniversary 3 year,I want celebrate,wish me good luck if you good person

  4. I Hope WWE finds Big Show a different opponent for WrestleMania if this is really his last one he should go out with an actual wrestler.

  5. As a huge fan of the Hardys, I hope to god they either stay in TNA Impact Wrestling or stay in the indies. WWE will only ruin my interest in both of 'em. All they're going to do in the WWE is dumbed them down, and if they're on the RAW brand, bury them against Reigns or Cena on SmackDown.

  6. I actually can't wait for Shaq vs Show, think about it. Shaq has been involved in WWE for a few years. What if they had been training him for a WrestleMania match, after all Vince said he had been wanting this match for years.

  7. Yay Finn at WrestleMania and please for the love of everything that's good in the world let Drew come back to WWE I would be soooo happy

  8. Matt and Jeff Hardy wanted to go to ROH, in 2015 but TNA offered them tons of money. They'll be going either to ROH, Mexico, indies or WWE

  9. Man.. if the Hardys return, i will loose my shit! they've been such an influence on me when i watched WWE, and their return would do nothing but great thing… hardy vs wyatt, jeff vs Aj, jeff vs ambrose…

  10. Don´t tell your viewers to support you…. Oli, we aren´t sheep. You should be thankful that we want to support you, witch we DO. But if you treat us like sheep… we will look at you as a predatory channel… so knock it off. Sincerely Fuck You!

  11. Shaq vs Big Show: Slimfast on a Pole Match, with each member of the crowd getting a nice soft pillow to fall asleep with

  12. Thats okay, we still got Abyss, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Ethan Carter III, Bobby Lashley, and Eddie Edwards


  13. Drew Galloway can come back to wwe if vince thinks he is worthy enough and he is the only member of 3mb to win a world title (don't count me on this I don't know if jinder won one when he was released from wwe) and the only 3mb member that was released that had success

  14. What's the matter with the rest of you 26k that watched Señor Oli Davis' extraordinary video? You guys have the energy to press your fat thumbs on the link to watch it, but are too lazy to use your fat thumbs to press the like button??!! shame..Shame..SHAME, I SAY SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!!! And that… was shaming.

  15. why would anyone want to work under Jeff Jarrett?…a-gain. Drew's smart, can't say that was his reason though. hope the Hardys continue their success elsewhere. not WWE though, they'd be written into obscurity. anyways, with double J at TNA hopefully that'll be the final nail in the coffin that was breifly resurrected. they've had their chance(s) to be a relevent competitor to WWE.

  16. As much as I'd love having Jeff and Matt back in either RAW or Smackdown I'd rather they stay in a company that allows them to properly explore interesting storylines than the typical shitstorm that WWE creative feeds the fans, that is until they get ultimately buried and their moveset restricted to make 'other' guys look strong.

  17. My phone skipped ahead at the oddest time…. for a second I thought Oli just reported that Tom Phillips said he way going to 'face-fuck' the shit out of Big Show. lol

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