Wrestlemania 33 Match Back On? Matt & Jeff Hardy Still Going To WWE!? | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2017

Wrestlemania 33 Match Back On? Matt & Jeff Hardy Still Going To WWE!? | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News! I’m Oli Davis, and I’ll be replying to
as many comments as I can in the first 15 minutes of these episodes going live. AJ Lee and Paige are currently being recreated
for the screen with Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson’s new movie Fighting With My Family. The two, of course, had a memorable frenemy
relationship when they were both in WWE, and one fan asked if they still keep in touch:
“Yessss. We mostly talk about make up, periods and
when’s the next time we will post underwear selfies… @AJBrooks #freaksandgeeks”
@RealPaigeWWE Tuesday. We agreed the next time is Tuesday. To which Paige hashtagged: #tittietuesday
Of course, they’re just being silly together. They won’t actually post any underwear selfies
today. I’ll just make sure…[the entire duration
of Summerslam 2016 later…]…dammit. One WWE tease that actually might be happening,
however, is Matt and Jeff Hardy returning to the company. This has become a rather confusing story. The Hardy Boys departed TNA Impact Wrestling
last Monday, and various sites reported they were in talks with WWE about a return. Then, on Saturday’s Ring of Honor show Manhattan
Mayhem VI, they shockingly turned up to win the ROH tag team titles from the Young Bucks. We were all swerved, The Broken Hardys went
and signed with Ring of Honor instead. But then reports started coming out that their
ROH deals might not be as significant as first thought. Dave Meltzer has since said on Live Audio
Wrestling that while he knows the contract’s specific details like creative control and
ability to take independent bookings, “Whenever I ask the timeframe, I’m not getting an
answer, which makes me think… Is it three months? Is it two months? Is it a year? It could be like a four event contract…
possibly.” And then Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff also played
coy with the contract length when talking to ESPN: “we’re very excited to have [The
Hardys]…being part of Ring of Honor for the next set of weeks or months, whatever
it ends up being.” This all while Pro Wrestling Sheet – a very
reliable news source – is standing firm by their report from last Friday, that the Hardys
and WWE are in preliminary talks, and that it was always the plan to do more with the
Young Bucks heading into their ROH match on Wrestlemania weekend. For what it’s worth, Wrestling News World
are reporting these talks are even further along, with Matt and Jeff starting drug testing,
medical screenings and physicals this week. Pro Wrestling Sheet are also reporting that
Matt has officially filed a trademark for the name ‘Broken Matt Hardy’ for “Entertainment
services, namely, wrestling exhibits and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer.” TNA will presumably dispute this, as they
claim to have ownership of the character. It’ll be interesting to see how this affects
the Hardys’ gimmick in ROH, and their potential return to WWE. A return that Matt continues to tease, warning
the Raw tag team champions on Twitter: “Be aware, @KarlAndersonWWE & @LukeGallowsWWE…I
will eat and I will delete you!” Delightful. We didn’t get the rumoured Finn Balor return
on Raw last night – although he’s still advertised to come back at the live event
on Friday – but The Undertaker did show up to start his ULTIMATE THRILL-RIDE Wrestlemania
33 feud with Roman Reigns. It’s happening, folks. Another match that might be happening, after
both sides said it was “probably” off last week, is Shaq vs The Big Show. O’Neal revealed on his latest Big Podcast
With Shaq: “I’ve talked to somebody high up in the
organization, and…we’re back talking again.” So Triple H pretty much shot on CM Punk on
Raw. Watch my full review of this week’s episode
and find out about the botched finish at WWE Fastlane by clicking the videos to the left
and subscribe. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Wrestlemania 33 Match Back On? Matt & Jeff Hardy Still Going To WWE!? | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2017

  1. if the hardys go to wwe they gta have creative control so wwe don't ruin and water down the broken brilliance that is the Hardy boys

  2. It really didn't take a genius to know that their ROH deal was gonna be short. The Hardys were ALWAYS going to come home to WWE sooner rather than later.

  3. this wm33 is gonna be one of the shitiest wm's ever… there's no taker vs cena or aj ??? no shaq vs bigshow ??

  4. Wrestlemania 33 Card(what it looks it's gonna be right now)

    Neville vs Austin Aries : good

    Baron Corbin vs Dean Ambrose : good

    Charlotte vs Bayley vs Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks : okay

    American Alpha vs The Usos : could be a good match

    Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho : Good

    John Cena and Nikki Bella vs The Miz and Maryse : bad(good for the miz to be working with cena at Maia tho)

    AJ Styles vs Shane Mcmahin;Okay

    HHH vs Seth Rollins : good

    Wyatt Triple Threat : good

    Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker : Makes me wanna kill myself

    Alexa Bliss vs ??????

    Samoa Joe vs probably Balor: good

    Brock Lesbar can Goldberg : bad

  5. i'm still not convinced that the hardys will go to wwe b/c of the history of drug use and wwe's new health violations stuff

  6. Imagine if Alexa Bliss had joined "The Beautiful People". Just imagine for a moment, if you will, the entrance to the ring… ah… >:-P

  7. Pls wwe, make it happen ! its been 9 years since jeff leave wwe and 8 years since matt release ! Do something vince ! sign them back, it will helps you to dominates the ratings of wwe

  8. Roman who? Don't know him, unless you guys are talking about Roamehn Raynes and he was a formal wwe stars and he was the biggest threat and won many titles in the wwe! He even feud with Krispen Wah and had great conversations with MEEKMAHON and the MAN WITH THREE Hs

  9. How is the story confusing dumbass? When they are indeed in storyline to be the greatest tag team in space in time?

    Stupid fucks can't even keep up with a storyline but want to complain about storylines of course WWE will be one of their stops

    My god you all are dumb fucks

  10. I am getting strong feelings in my loins that a certain broken two some will make a surprise appearance in Orlando 😉

  11. I mean in Case Big Show NEEDS an opponent and Shaq can't make it. I say put Braun Strowman in a No Holds Barred Match against Big Show. Because let's face it, Braun would most likely be in the Battle Royale set up to one the damn thing. Or at least be the last to be elimanated.

  12. roman reigns heel turns hint:on wwe channel it show people say roman suck wwe could have edit it but they didn't so maybe heel turn

  13. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing that The Undertaker is going to lose to literally of the worst and most hated wrestlers of all time. Sigh Thank God I download their shit online.

  14. Underwear selfies by Paige & AJ Lee, hmm even though I know that they aren't serious I still may have to double check……. umm to make sure that it isn't… umm… fake news….

  15. Hardys will return to WWE for sure. give them a part time deal and jeff will make bank off his merch alone and basically have them work raw or SD and PPV.

  16. Has anyone noticed that The New Day are teasing at the Willow (Jeff Hardy Alter-ego) entrance with that umbrella on their ice cream truck?

  17. Itd be amazing of the hardys could bring the bucks with them for the mania match to be on the network. Wouldnt happen but would love to see bucks vs hardys on hd in a full arena. Bucks r the best in the world n wwes tag division currently swallows

  18. i think if we start tuning out wwe will get the hint, im pissed about paying for a ppv that was essentially a raw

  19. So was that tweet Paige posted just joking about divas or was she meaning her and AJ doesn't keep in touch?

  20. Holy shit. What if it was never Brock that broke The Undertaker's streak? What if it was Roman. Fuck R.I.P WWE

  21. Not that I don't like the gimmick I hope the broken Matt gimmick is done soon. after they join wwe and win tag team championships of course. it seems very played out.

  22. If they win the tag champions on wwe They should call it the Universal Tag championships of De wooooold!

  23. Holy Sh$t!!! Our 50 year old part time champion finally took a bump! F5!!! Maybe this will lead us to another part time champion at Wrestlemania! Vince has lost his mind!

  24. The Hardy are possibly going back to WWE At Wrestlemania because The Hardy Are At The same place on April 2 same Day as Mania But I Think After Bray Wyatt Hit he move The light go out and Broken Matt Hardy will come out of no where

  25. but you know, its really up to the hardys if they want to return to the wwe or not, where every they go, its okay as long as they are providing for their familes

  26. They should book The Hardys for WM against Gallows/Anderson for the Raw Tag Titles (Since The Hardys have been on a Expedition of Gold)…… the stadium would erupt, just let them show up, no promos, no spoilers, no bullshit. #Delete

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