Wrestlemania 32 Arena Mod & Triple H Concept Attire – WWE 2K15 Mods

Wrestlemania 32 Arena Mod & Triple H Concept Attire – WWE 2K15 Mods

Welcome back to a new video! in todays video we look a very sweet Wrestlemania 32 mod! Now it’s still quite a while away, so this is an idea of what the arena could look like. The ring has accurate logos on the apron and ring posts. Triple h has a custom wrestlemania entrance, with king of kings helmet and custom theme! triple h hits the pedigree and scores the 1, 2, 3 before retaining the title! Big thanks for watching this WWE 2K15 mods video!

94 thoughts on “Wrestlemania 32 Arena Mod & Triple H Concept Attire – WWE 2K15 Mods

  1. Damn, that's a badass attire and theme for Triple H. And the arena looked really cool, great concept video bro!

  2. Triple h will go for the pedigree ronda rouseys theme will come on no one will no who it is shecomes out stairs at hhh stephanie comes out slap ronda they brawl like lana and summer rae tripleh tries to stop them ronda hits him in the face rock bottom 1 2 3

  3. I would want the rock to win however we all know most probably with some kind of help from the authority triple HHH will win😰😡

  4. I still don't understand why they put that extra stage in there. It seems like more of a glitch than a meant to be occurrence. Also since they made that extra arena. Why not let it be unlockable to use in single player.

  5. I really liked the concept. I think The Rock would most likely get the win if this match happens….which it most likely will.

  6. You should do some minecraft stuff beacuse some youtubers got more subscribers with minecraft

  7. Mr element I have two questions what is your favorite color and animal the last thing is turn around… turns around pedigree bow down

  8. Glad what you did with the MyCareer mode wrestlemania! Look sick as hell! Also Triple H theme. Im digging it. 😉

  9. The Rock would win because of 3 reasons:

    1- The Rock wouldn't lose after not being in a match in 3 years.

    2- Triple H won against Sting last WM already.

    3- Fans wouldn't want to see The Authority beating the Great One at WM!

    Great concept BTW

  10. just one comment on he video you should have used it's time to play the game as the song because that's what he used at WM31

  11. This seems like a bad question but what are you gonna do when you got WWE 2K16? Also, i love the "Subscriber of the Week" thing. It's great to see a great Youtuber who cares about their subscribers 😀

  12. hey give me subscriber of the week this whole time I am active watch your video ,hey element games you are awesome video makers so I hope u keep doing this please name me subscriber of the week man I had watched each video of yours.Hey first thing I do after waking up from bed is check if u have uploaded a awesome video bro…man make videos like this I am always with you.where are u from

  13. If Trips takes on The Rock at WM everybody knows he'll leave with the W. He is NOT keen on losing on the grandest stage of 'em all. This is just a ploy to get Rousey back in a WWE ring…

  14. I can either see Rock vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon vs Ronda Rousey or a mixed tag, Rock and Ronda vs Triple H and Stephanie.

  15. wat do u call the name thing when the arena shows like raw it says RAW beside then it says world heavyweight championship Seth Rollins etc.
    What do u call the title board looking thing.

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