Women’s Wrestling: GWF Who’s Next Revolution | Episode 5

Women’s Wrestling: GWF Who’s Next Revolution | Episode 5

In this episode of Who’s Next Revolution… I can go nuts. No way! With the Kiss of Death! Until one of you reached the corner you can grab a sausage and a beer. Another two up-and-coming female pro wrestlers have the chance to impress an expert jury
and more importantly you – the fans. They have the chance to get a spot on the
roster of the German Wrestling Federation. But don’t forget: At the end
of this episode we reveal who from last week’s contestants has advanced
to the next round because of your votes. Here we go with GWF Who’s Next Revolution. Good music at least. Has to be a heel. That’s the one with the skull. My real name is Jasmin.
I am 25 years old. My in-ring name is La Catrina. I was faszinated by the Day of the Dead. I’m a big Halloween fan,
I love to paint my face, play other roles, love Horror movies, that’s why I thought to portraying
something dark fits me. My gimmick represents the
Day of the Dead from Mexico, I’m “the living death” that has
risen from the ashes of the dead. Dark and mystical – that’s
what I want to portray. I am part of Who’s next because I
think this is a really cool format to present yourself in front
of a worldwide audience. I want to see how far I can go. I want to present myself from the best side. I’m going to win Who’s next,
because I’m eager to learn, my moves are powerful and no one
holds a candle to my character work. My name is La Catrina and I represent the Día de Muertos – the Mexican Day of the Dead and I will rise up from the ashes of my opponents because all of them are mortal but La Catrina is immortal. And all of my victims in this ring they should be prepared for their date with the Kiss of Death. La Catrina thought about her gimmick. Everything made sense. I liked that. Her promo was solid. Pink skull. You can summarise
this with one word: deadsmart. My name is Ida and my in-ring
name is Keesa the Bambi. “Bambi” because all my life
I was compared to Bambi because I have big brown
eyes and I’m rather small. Everything has changed for me since
I started training pro wrestling. My life turned upside down.
This sport is my life. There’s nothing I’d rather do. Wrestling is like an addiction to me. Keesa the Bambi is kind-hearted
but if you tease her and take advantage of her
kindness she can go nuts. Little bit, maybe. I’m here on Who’s Next because
I want to gain experience, I want to get feedback from the
wrestlers, from the viewers, from the jury. Simply to get better. I’m going to win Who’s Next
because I can be very stubborn and I want to complete what I’ve
started and not half-ass it. My name? Keesa the Bambi. I may look shy and innocent at first but if anyone tries to… Find your way back. If anyone tries to take advantage
of my kind-heartedness, there is also a
different side of me. No one wants to mess with a little aggressive
and crazy Bambi like me in the ring. But I’m always ready for a fair fight.
Fair fight? Bring it on. But just remember:
if you try to kill me, Keesa the Bambi…
try harder. Was she doing like a psycho-ry kind of promo?
Like a bit one way… She’s nice, but she’s… – Weird.
– Yes. Ok, that kinda comes across. Like, like any other girl. Keesa the Bambi, the name fits pretty well. She has an innocent face. My promo was not good,
I’m not happy with it. My thoughts on Keesa:
She is very nervous, she has to calm down to be able
to improve her performance. Checking the time. Oh, yes. Oh, finally comes a hold. Looks like a choke, now it’s ok. How are they for time? They’re in the middle. Close to three minutes so far. Oh, that was a miss. Come on. Taking too much time, way too much. Come on. Only a one count, that could’ve been a two. Should have been two. Slipped neckbreaker, little bit of
slip right there if you ask me. I think they picked good moves. They just
need to clean the technique on all of them. It’s the right moves, but
not the perfect technique. Practicing, practicing. Oh, was that a cut-off? That looked like, I don’t know. That’s gonna be it. At least they use the time well. They’re still like around four minutes. Looks like it’s time to go home. – Using the time well there.
– Yeah. That’s a bit of weird cut-off, right? It’s just from nothing to cut-off to finish. I’m sure that’s her finish as
well, because she did the kiss. It’s going into the finish. Should come soon. They’re trading blows, okay. We’re into the last minute, come on. They run like in slow motion. I hate that. They should be running. Good timing though. Good timing, it’s a bit of a
better build up for the match, right? I’m not happy with my match. It could have been much worse, but it also could have been much better. I think the best thing about
our match was the structure. We clearly showed who is
heel and who is face. We tried to tell a story
and I think we did this well. I though Catrina had the best entrance. It was a bit Papa Shango like,
but I still enjoyed it. It was original, it was
unique to her character. Well done for doing
the promo in English, that’s never easy doing
it in a second language. I thought you did good heel work, you tried
to cheat a bit on the ropes, stuff like that. Maybe you should have cheated again before you got
your finish trying to relate it all together. Even though I didn’t understand
what Keesa was saying in her promo she still gave me that sensation
that she’s not all there in the head which is a big part of her character. So the fact that she was
able to portray that without me even understanding her
words, big ups to her. I thought both of you picked the right moves.
You just need to clean up your technique. When you get whipped into the corners,
you have to attack the corner. When you run the ropes, you
have to attack the ropes. So you just need to put more intention
into all of your movements. I actually rate you both about the same,
so I give you both a 5.5/10. Good job. I am happy that we’ve got positive feedback. Also told us some things that we should work on. I especially like the praise for my character
work and I think I can build up on it. Both of them are not long
in the business, therefore I was surprised about their
good ring psychology. I liked that you took your
time when you came in. Your promo was solid, it was good. Keesa, yes that happens sometimes. You flounder
and afterwards you are even more nervous. Maybe sometimes it’s better so say something short
that has big impact instead of dragging it out. Punches and kicks:
Those need more power. Especially women are generally
not so good with those, so if you work hard on them
you can easily stand out. Concerning arm drags:
It’s a somersault bump. It’s a straight bump,
it’s not a side bump. Forget side bumps,
get rid of them. One negative thing was your pacing. It was
always the same speed, from start to finish. Wrestling is an up and down. There are calm phases and
there are fast-paced phases. The end is always fast-paced. You really have to
step on it there. You get a 6.5/10 from me. We’ve got justifiable
criticism, that I will work on. I liked the build up.
The girls had some good ideas. And from a time perspective
they did well. La Catrina: Entrance was good, pink
skull could make a great handbag. All in all your promo convinced me. Quick tip: Don’t wiggle around while
doing the promo, stand still. Back to arm drags: No side bumps
and don’t run towards each other, One is in the middle and
other comes running. Very important to
avoid confusion. Elbow drop: Always look into the eyes of your
opponent. Otherwise it could get dangerous. As heel: Stay on your opponent, even
if the referee pushes you back. Don’t walk a mile away
and then back again. You are like a predator – always stay on it. Striking and kicking very lax, we are
not at a chicken hunt or domino game. I have to hear it slap.
Very, very, very important. And while running, it looked like you fell asleep. Please, run. It’s called running. You can grab a sausage and a beer
until one of you got to the corner. Build up was good, good effort.
A little bit unclean with some things. But I’d say a 6/10 for the
both of you for the match. Vote now for your favorite
at GWF-Wrestling.com/vote. Hit the subscribe button and
enable notifications to be the first to see who
advanced to the second round. If the fans liked my match and if
they wanna see more of my gimmick and the Day of the Dead, they should vote for me so that I can destroy my opponent next time. If fans liked what they
saw, if they wanna see more from Bambi or from
Bambi’s crazy side, I’d be thrilled if they vote for me and
hopefully we’ll see us in the second round. And now let’s see who you, the fans, voted for on our last episode to advance into the second round. Congratulations to… Gulyás Irén!

8 thoughts on “Women’s Wrestling: GWF Who’s Next Revolution | Episode 5

  1. Wer hat euch mehr überzeugt und warum? Who convinced you more and why?

    Seht hier das Match in voller Länge. Watch the Full Match here: https://youtu.be/UoU4qAvqL18

  2. Also die Gimmicks waren beide interessant aber das Match war echt teilweise hard to watch aber gut ich denke das kann man verzeihen

  3. Jasmin aka La Catrina. Die deutsche Latina Sister Abigail oder sowas. Ohne Schminke sieht sie besser aus. Promo ist aufbaufähig, aber ich habe allein in dieser Staffel schon schlechtere gesehen. Keesa the Bambi, pass auf, dass der Bambikiller nicht zu GWF kommt. Chris Raaber reißt dich wahrscheinlich in Stücke. Alleine wegen den Namen. Schüchtern und harmlos? Das stimmt, du siehst vom Körperbau aber schon zumindest aus, wie eine jüngere Jordynne Grace. Wie Wesna gesagt hat, war keesa zu nervös bei der Promo. Beim Wrestlerischen habe ich glaube ich von Beiden zu viel erwartet. Keesa war noch okay, aber von La Catrina hab ich einfach viel mehr erwartet. Das Unterhaltsamste an dem Match war das Commentary von Michael Kovac. Keesas einzige Aktion war die Rolle vom obersten Ringseil zum Cover. La Catrina hat komplett reingeschissen im Match. Beide sind nicht die Besten, aber es war definitiv auf Augenhöhe. Im Match war Keesa zwar besser, aber La Catrina war besser in der Promo und sie hat ein Gimmick. Die Kritik von Michael Kovac war sehr geil zum Anhören. Hat mich unterhalten. Echt schwer zum Tippen. Ich überlege mir kurz meinen Tipp, werde dieses Mal aber nichts sagen. Vielleicht lassen sich ja andere von mir beeinflussen und nehmen meinen Tipp immer als richtig war. Bei der Gulaschkanone war mein Tipp nämlich vielleicht ein Fehler, da ihre Gegnerin ein guter Heel war.

  4. La Catrina hat ne gute Promo gehalten, Keesa haste die Nervosität halt extrem angemerkt, aber gut, sind beides noch jung, passiert.
    Catrina ist hier routiniert, sicherer, das Gimmick durchdachter, von daher denke ich liegt sie vorn

  5. Bei La Catrina fande ich es Schade, das die Promo nur runter gesprochen wurde, wenn du ein Mystisches Gimmick hast, dann sprich anders, habe Pausen oder sonst was 😀 sonst cool von beiden:

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