Women’s Wrestling: GWF Who’s Next Revolution | Episode 1

Women’s Wrestling: GWF Who’s Next Revolution | Episode 1

12 aspiring female pro
wrestlers from across Europe want to become part of the roster
of the German Wrestling Federation. They have to prove themselves
in front of an expert jury but at the end of this episode
only you, the fans, have the power to decide who
advances to the next round. Welcome to GWF Who’s Next Revolution. Here comes Kara. Good thing that she takes her time. Does your pen work? Doesn’t work? Fantastic. My name is Steffi and my in-ring name is Kara. I am 23 years old based in
Darmstadt, Germany and I study biology. I’d say that I make sacrifices
to get my name out there. For example to come
here I was on the road traveling by Bus for
10 hours last night, although I should learn for a test. Kara is a warrior, she fights for her believes and she fights to improve women’s wrestling and that women’s wrestling doesn’t have
to hide behind men’s wrestling any more. There were negative experiences
since I’m training pro wrestling and there were moments in between where
I thought if it is worth it at all. After my debut I did not get any matches for
one and a half years, which wasn’t easy for me. There was this feeling that
it may not be not worth it. But slowly I get more matches
and I’m optimistic that it will get better. My plan is to establish my gimmick today
and to show that I can be confident. She’s the face, yes? Does she want to scare someone or does
she want to impress with the sword? I don’t get it. I’m not so thrilled about the sword. The problem with the sword is, if
you get booked internationally… You cannot take it with you.
Tom [La Ruffa] had that problem. My name is Kara and I am here to fight, because there is no bigger honor than
to defend justice on the battlefield, and I rule this battlefield. So you should remember my
name, because I am Kara. She’s a little bit scared in the promo. Yes, little bit scared but
she has introduced herself, you’ve heard the name,
what she’s fighting for. Fine that she introduced herself,
now I know her name at least. There are wrestlers
that don’t do this. Oh there’s the little black haired
girl that didn’t say hello to me. She gets zero points for that. My name is Gabbie.
My in-ring name is Faith Hyden. I am from Madrid, Spain. My favorite [wrestling] moment was when
Eddie Guerrero, my favorite and he’s in my heart. The moment he won the [WWE] title and
Chris Benoit came and hugged him like family, like real tight. It was super moving. So that’s how I want to be. I’m gonna lie, I’m gonna steal,
I’m gonna cheat to get to that point. I’m a huge fan of the Women’s
Wrestling Revolution of GWF, so when I saw the opportunity to
come here I said: I’m going. Dive in. I’m taking every opportunity I can.
So thats me – going for it. My personal goal is getting people to know
me, to see my face, to remember my name. You know, this is not going to be my
last time here. I’m gonna come back. If they’re going to hate me, I don’t care.
If they’re going to love me. I don’t care. I’m gonna try to make this my second home. She doesn’t look that evil. No. The entrances were extremely weak, because
the heel was face and the face was heel. My name is Faith Hyden and I
made the long trip from Madrid to show everyone
that I can win this. It is a pleasure. Promo was convincing, even
though didn’t understand a word. Yes, but her voice did not convince me.
It was so… Faith’s promo wasn’t ideal because you
weren’t able to understand her name. Strange posture from Kara. Strange one, yes. As a warrior she lets herself get
pushed into the corner too easily. Especially because she is
taller than Faith. And if I understood this correctly,
she is the heel and Kara the face. About Kara: It is cool that she came
with a sword and that she is a warrior but she can’t make herself
small against her opponents. This isn’t good positioning. You could easily knock her over. Ouch, shit. I like it that they keep it simple, not trying to make a stunt show out of it. But this could still happen, you never know. We’re already one and a half
minutes into the match. Oh well.
That’s something. The last 30 seconds count.
Sure. Oh come on. Oh come on. Oh come on. Hit properly. And energy, up up up. Come on. Kara is too scared to hit someone. Yes, and I am missing the
aggression from Faith here, it is like “Ok, I’m doing that now.”. Ok, it wasn’t different with Faith, the knee didn’t connect.
No. And this one neither.
No impact. Come on. They have to believe what they’re doing, that’s the big thing. Faith reminds me of… what was the name of the Spanish guy
that also was on Who’s Next? Mr. Thrashman Mr. Thrashman, yeah. She reminds me of him. Do you see Eddie Guerrero style somewhere? She said she’s working the Eddie Guerrero style. I’m missing… She lies, steals and cheats? No.
That’s what I mean. You shouldn’t forget,
she’s had only six matches so far, let her work step by step. Easy. Maybe the hairstyle of the old Eddie Guerrero. If it was only hair pulling or eye scratching, anything. Energy, energy, energy. Come on, come on, come on. Kara could have jumped, that would have refined it. The time I grabbed her to the DDT I did the sign, she
actually lowered her hands, so the moment I was releasing her neck she did a spike, so she hit her head. So it was a mistake of both. Unfortunately, Gabbie’s head
landed directly on my knee, because my knee pad slipped so far, that she exactly landed on my knee. I feel bad. But since I got spiked by her
directly before this move, it compensated it a bit. I have done MMA before, so it was like… You know, it hurt like hell but it was like… Stunner! Oh my god.
That’s it. One, two… I wished for a better match, but I had really fun in my match with Kara because we are both still learning. Faith acted like a badass
when she came to the ring but then she was too soft in the ring. If you want to hit somebody, lay it in. You can hit somebody on the chest, on the sides, on the neck. Just don’t hit in the face, but other than that you can give it in there. I especially remember that
the punches were too soft. I think the girls will have to work on that. Kara you were very nervous in the promo. How many promos have you done so far? Only this one. Only this one?
OK. You had a strange posture. You stood there crunched in
and made yourself smaller. You are tall, so present yourself like that. And there were those abrupt punches in between. Those did not connect and missed rather than to look convincingly. I give you guys 5 from 10 points. 5 out of 10 sound harsh, but
everything they said is correct. I have to work on my intensity and to not make myself smaller
because everybody else is smaller. I will start with Kara. Promo was fine for the first time. You were a bit shaky but the more you do promos the more you learn and the better they get. Faith you gave the information that
you work the Eddie Guerrero style. I missed it in the match because there
were some points where I thought: “Ok, kick her now, scratch her eyes,
grab her hair or something like this”. You’re smaller so you need to cheat a little bit. I didn’t see it really, for me
you were more face than Kara. For the match I will give you 5 from 10 points. All in all it was mediocre. They are super professional, you know. They give you real advice that you can improve on. Every single thing they told me was on point. They weren’t mean, like getting you down. They were pushing you up. Kara, I don’t like the sword. Because if you bring a sword to the ring, eventually someone wants
to see you using it and using a sword could be tough in the ring. The promo: For you, if you put
it up in Spanish and your name is inside that promo and
I didn’t understand it, maybe you should express your name
a little bit more inside that, so that everyone can
understand what you’re saying. Wrestling wise just believe in what you’re doing. You both are doing things and thinking
“Oh, I don’t want to hurt her” or whatever. I don’t know, but you didn’t really
believe in what you’re doing. Faith, your basics. You have to work on them. The hammerlock was wrong, the headlock was wrong, the takeover was quite dangerous in my opinion. That’s the tiny things, you should know that.
Please work on that. What I noticed positively is that they
both have a great look for wrestling. Like you with your height,
and the blond hair, like a valkyrie, I’m buying it.
Completely. Great. You as the little Spanish fighting girl, completely buying it, great. I give you both for everything
also 5 from 10. Thank you for being here. Vote now for you favorite
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advanced to the second round. You, the fans. Try to get me back. You know look at me. You know I can give better punches, I can give a fucking
amazing DDT, an even better one. So I count on you! With your help, Kara will be in the next round.

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