Why Charlotte LOST The Women’s Title So Fast! Meaning Behind Bayley’s New Look! | WWE Smackdown

The meaning behind bayley’s title win on
Smackdown Friday Night Smackdown closed out on a major
title change that has a lot of backstage reasoning behind it Ever since her heel turn a few months ago… Fans have been wondering if we would ever
get a new look or new music for Bayley and that day has finally come Bayley officially debuted her new heel look
and persona on Smackdown Bayley took out all of the inflatable buddies,
her signature ponytail was gone with her now short hair… And the smile was completely removed from
her face Bayley lost her her women’s title at Hell
in a cell in order for her to snap into this new persona and quickly regain the title If Bayley went out there with a whole new
persona and was pinned clean, it would’ve look horrible so she was put in a position
where she basically had to win to establish herself So why did Charlotte lose the championship
so fast? This was actually reported on and confirmed
a few months back The plans with Charlotte is to get her up
to that 16x team champion mark to tie with her father So wwe does not want her to have long Reigns
at all, they want to keep them short and sweet The plan is for Charlotte to have short Reigns
sprinkled in to stat pad her way to 16 world title wins That’s why her reign before Wrestlemania
was short and why this one was only a week long It’s just to quickly help get her to 16x
titles even faster On the flip side, the title win helps establishes
Bayley’s new persona So this new Bayley is off to a real hot start We’ll have to see how the character interacts
with the crowd now that she has fully transitioned over to the heel side What are your thoughts on bayley’s new gear,
look, and theme music?

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  1. So fans have been wondering when the new look was going to come for Bayley and we finally got it last night at the draft. What are your thoughts on Bayley's new look and the meaning behind all of Charlotte's mini title reigns? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys! 😀

  2. I don’t think that’s Bailey as can’t see her doing that
    I think if you look at the pic esp circled it’s Baileys twin sister
    But glad won the title an feel Charlotte flair will now go to raw
    Win the title there

  3. TBH but it never took a genius to figure that out. It wouldn't surprise me if she went past 16X time champion, as a matter of fact I bet they gonna do that.

  4. I'm not a fan of Bayley but I do like the haircut. Its better than that rediculous ponytail she's been wearing since she came to WWE. I haven't had a chance to see the heel turn yet but its got to be better than that goody two shoes bit. We'll see if this finally gets me on her side for a change.

  5. The 16 time Women's champion makes sense since women wrestlers have a shorter career span…they want to make sure Charlotte has won 16 women's titles before she retires or gets hurt.

  6. How can she even act like she has accomplished something when it is daddy and her last name that has caused WWE to keep giving her the title. I knew a long time ago that the only person to beat Ric's record was gonna be Charlotte, that was obvious when WWE wouldn't allow John Cena win another title after tying Ric at 16 titles. She must feel really good about herself knowing she is riding her daddy's coattails.

  7. They are trynna get Charlotte flair to be like her father wow thas so sad charlotte should try to earn it like ric flair did

  8. I also think that she should keep the same rhythm of her original theme entrance music, but put it into a hard rock vibe

  9. I still disagree it's not fair ric flair jr get shoved down our throats and get handed every title and all the opportunities but i know cause ric flair is her daddy smdh

  10. Much like the 24/7 title, the women's division is a joke. Heck we all know the WWE is up to. Why stop at passing her dad. Why doesn't the WWE JUST HAVE PASS TRUTH!

  11. I Love The New Look Gear & Theme For Bayley Looking Forward To Her New Feuds And Mattel Elite Much Success Dark 🖤 Bayley!!!

  12. But all these short title runs will.actually hurt Charlotte in the end. What 2 minutes last time, one week this time? She's going to need a decent run somewhere along the line or it's meaningless

  13. WWE handing titles to Charlotte this rapidly is kind of killing the landscape of women’s credibility as just being WWE superstars to begin with. Like what’s really the point if we’re just gonna keep seeing Charlotte take spots and opportunities for a cheap notch?

  14. I liked how when Bayley came out and posed for the crowd she got zero reaction and she looked upset which was what she was trying to do with the tantrum when she lost the belt, turn heel by having crowd lose respect for her and giving her a reason yo turn heel

  15. Dumb, this move with Charlotte short reigns deligitmizes the title. Playing with like it’s hot potato. At least let 15th be more then a week. Plus she has two belts go after, Trish had long runs and 1 belt for two shows.

  16. I honestly wonder how much Balay cried when they made her bob her hair and cut off that pony tail…
    And as for Charlotte. I'm not putting doen her work ethic and capability.. But she's not her father…. Ric held a company on his shoulders. He literally was the man. Charlotte is good but they are giving it to her to quick and to easily…
    I may be in the minority but I'm sure others feel this way.

  17. I thought about it for awhile and to me it's a good thing cause her persona of a hugger was just too bland and hard to take her seriously so this definitely needed to happen in order to establish her as a serious contender in such a cut throat industry. It's about doggone time WWE!!

  18. I really hope that Charlotte DOESN'T get into the hall of fame just because of her 16x title wins and because her dad is Ric Flair.

  19. yeah but rics time with the belts meant something. you are changing the womans belt so much its starting to feel like the 24/7 belt

  20. Not to hate but do a voice over for your videos it seems like you put enough effort it seems like you do it because your broad

  21. Short-lived title reigns would quickly run up Charlotte's numbers to equal her father's, but to truly equal his accomplishments? Comparatively, her daddy had 2 title runs in the WWF, 6 with WCW, and 8 with the NWA. Maybe she can talk with RoH, AEW or TNA to give her culmination of championships the appearance of legitimacy…?

  22. What was it Bayley said post match in the ring? The "Screw ALL of YOU" was pretty obvious, but what was that prefaced with?

    (something) …bitches!

  23. I don't thank nothing of her new look her hair look like a wig and she kind of looked stupid trying to be dirty but I guess it is what it is

  24. I love Bayley's new attitude an look, it's time she drop the goody, goody persona for awhile an the plan to get Charlotte Flair a 16 time women's champion is a terrible idea let some other woman besides Charlotte Flair get a chance at the Women's Championship it's not fair to the other women for one an two it will get boring seeing Charlotte Flair with the Championship an going after it every Friday an every Pay-Per-View

  25. To be honest I would be insulted if I were Charlotte it’s embarrassing to be losing all these titles so quickly what’s the point of being champ if it’s lost right away

  26. Charlotte gets everything because of her dad that's not right dont need to be like her dad let John cena be 17 time camp

  27. Something seems to be going on with Sasha and other women in the WWE from what I'm picking up what it is I don't know I don't want to speculate because I don't want to sound crazy

  28. I loved it! We were waiting for it it was long awaited and anticipated I always knew she was pretty (and maybe I'm biased bc she from The Bay too) despite them dumbing it down for her being Face but just after last night one night Bayley looked badass! and a million times better both physically and in-ring
    Sasha unfortunately injured her tailbone in the match with Becky at HIAC {Best match of the night btw 👑) but hopefully that doesn't fw her momentum too much and she'll return to the ring sooner rather than later
    I can't imagine them splitting up in the Draft when it's over because them portraying a pair of femme fatale Heels on SmackDown! moving forward would be an interesting direction WWE could go in 🤔⏳

  29. Charlotte flair be looking like she on drugs or popping a whole lot of prescription medications or something

  30. Bayley change alot even the hair,theme music,dress,and even the strength we love you all bayley/the new smackdown champion

  31. I think you're giving here a good explanation for Charlotte's short reign and titles, but Bailey turning heel nah she's just not good at it and it is not in any way impressive. Look at Io Shirai. Now that's a good heel turn. Bailey, not so much.

  32. It appears the women's evolution started and ends with the four horse women sharing out the titles amongst themselves. I wonder when Mandy, Sonya, Sarah, Liv, Ruby, Dana, Ember or Lacey etc will get a look in?

  33. ReMinds me of what they did to Victoria ….
    16x. Ha!!! Short n sweet … Not real Champion ….Don't need another . Just wrestle 50yrs instead. No titles. Just wrestle

  34. I love the new Bayley. I like her new Attitude & her new style of wrestling. She's got that feisty bad girl kinda vibe going & I've always been partial feisty bad girls my whole life. So good for her. They should've did that with Cena 10 yrs ago.

  35. I like the new Bayley it’s great but why let Charlotte get to 16 titles for just because she’s a flair I just find it stupid

  36. So basically what they’re saying is no other female will ever get a real championship run because Charlotte is gunna continue to overshadow everyone’s hard work and talent … choices.

    ANYWAYS! … I’m OBSESSED w the new BAYLEY!!😍😍❤️❤️

  37. You really don't see my point of view, is the draft, I think this was rumored since Fox debuted the draft, I just think Bayley won the Smackdown women's title to open a door to the women's locker room on both Raw and Smackdown ( NXT, for the upcoming months)

  38. The new look is great. Her aggression is great as well. Bayley needs some umph behind her. Make her credible threat, not always the sacrificial lamb so to speak

  39. All they want is to get her to 16 just like her dad as fast as they can which y her and sasha played hot potato with it and now her and bailey are doing the same

  40. WWE needs to give her back her belt. If WWE wants her to 've a 16x champion no worries because she will and surpass that BUT GIVE HER A DAMN LONG REIGN!!! CHARLOTTE WORKED FOR IT!!!

  41. The smart play then would have been to do a slow burn with Bayley's heel turn (rhymes but it stays). Have her be torn between her loyalty to Sasha and being a babyface role model. Then you could have had her either do the turn on Becky at Clash of Champions to help Sasha win or snap after losing to Charlotte.

  42. Doesn't make any sense to me don't know what WWE is thinking Charlotte is the greatest women's champion of all time and they only let her keep the title for 1 week before losing it. is it time to go to aew

  43. Months?she has been heel for like 3 weeks 🤣🤣 that is why i like watching this videos because they are full of lies 🤣🤣

  44. They're planning LITA vs Bayley for Evolution 2.0.. They wana give Lita a proper last match.. So Bayley as a heel would be a perfect opponent for Lita

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