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November 19, 2019 We’re starting off by looking at
Monday Night RAW today, as
the fans in Boston for a very special treat
once the show went off the air. In the ring, Drew McIntyre said
that he wasn’t afraid of anyone,
and even dared to challenge SmackDown’s
Universal Champion The
Fiend to a fight right there. This challenge was quickly
accepted by Wyatt, as the
pair met inside a Steel Cage, once again
drenched in Wyatt’s eerie
red light. Though Drew got the early
advantage, Wyatt proved to
be invulnerable to McIntyre’s attacks and seemingly
didn’t get hurt by being thrown
into the cage. The ending came when the Fiend
countered McIntyre’s Claymore
into a Mandible Claw and after hitting Sister Abigail,
went to leave the ring, only to
return and hit a second sister Abigail before departing, retaining
the Universal Championship in
convincing fashion. Posing at the top of the entrance
ramp with his title, Wyatt sent a
message to every WWE Superstar, and a
lesson that Drew McIntyre won’t
soon forget. With Survivor Series being just
days away, Battle for Brand
Supremacy continued, but it feels this time,
may have gone too far. During RAW’s main event, the
company confirmed that
nothing will actually be on the line when RAW, Smack
Down and NXT meet at Survivor
Series, similar to last year when RAW dominated
SmackDown and nothing came
from it. Though the addition of NXT has
made for some interesting TV,
this week’s RAW saw all three brands limp
to the finish line with a notceable
lack of star-power. You know it’s a bad sign when
SmackDown sent over Heavy
Machinery and the Lucha House to lead the blue brand’s latest
invasion, and they were later
joined by Dolph Ziggler Robert Roode and Cesaro to
interrupt a match between
Randy Orton and Ricochet against the
Viking Raiders. When RAW became overwhelmed,
some of NXT’s best confronted
some of SmackDown’s worst and after Seth Rollins and
the OC rushed to aid their red-
brand teammates RAW ended with Triple H daring
both brands to invade NXT this
Wednesday. Over the years, there have been
plenty of great inter-promotional moments in WWE, but last night
simply wasn’t one of them. During a match between Kevin
Owens and Drew McIntyre, the
Game ended the match abruptly, and tried to lure
the Prizefighter back to the Gold
brand. Despite Owens showing no
interest in returning, this
didn’t stop Triple H from talking in length about how
Owens never wanted to leave,
and the main roster never wanted him
in the first place. To be fair, its been an interesting
theme of the Game to try and
recruit former NXT Champions, but Owens
didn’t have time to accept this
offer, before the RAW roster stormed the entrance
ramp to attack NXT guys. As Owens watched on, the
Canadian was blindsided by
the Undisputed Era, who shared some words with the
Game, though fans didn’t hear
what Adam Cole had to say. It’s been a few months since
Owens double-crossed
someone, which given his past feels like years. Is Team
RAW safe this Sunday? Tune in
to find out. We’ve got some CM Punk news
next, as the Best in the World
has shown that just because he’s back in wrestling,
he’s still no stranger to
controversy. In a Tweet to promote his
upcoming appearance on WWE
Backstage, Punk claimed “no one is safe”, and tagged both
Vince McMahon, and AEW’s Tony
Khan. A bold move by Punk, Khan would
respond to the former Champion’s
claim that no one is safe, comparing it
to the recent travel issues WWE
Superstars faced after the recent Crown
Jewel event. A brazen response, especially
when you consider that Punk
wasn’t making fun of either WWE or AEW, Randy
Orton got involved next, linking
to an article about alleged corruption by
Khan’s father, Shahid Khan. The Viper’s comments that
people in glass houses
shouldn’t throw stones was quickly responded to by
Tony Khan, who claimed the
allegations were baseless, and referenced Orton using the
N Word on Twitch earlier this year. Despite teasing joining AEW a few
weeks back, it’s clear that the Viper doesn’t have plans in the new
company, and after signing a
new 5 year deal with WWE, is ready to fight for
the company online Back to RAW now, and the love
triangle between Rusev Lana
and Lashley took an even weirder twist this week, when the
Ravishing Russian added some
legal elements to the feud. Not only did she file for divorce,
but Lana also hit her husband
with a restraining order, prohibiting Rusev coming
within 90 miles of her. Fans were quick to realise that
this order essentially banned
Rusev from any WWE events she’d be attending, and it was
clearly a botch, as Lana
corrected herself saying 90 days. As this too was a botch, Lana
eventually said the right line,
claiming that Rusev can’t come within 90 feet of her
in this cringe-inducing promo. With rumors that this feud could
last at least until the new year,
we can’t help but wonder where this bizarre
storyline will go between Lashley,
Lana and Rusev. Speaking of the Bulgarian Brute,
Rusev may be part of one of the
biggest angles right now, but that doesn’t
mean he’ll be around for much
longer. When one fan tweeted their
disgust at the storyline,
claiming Rusev had made a huge mistake in
re-signing, the former US
Champion was quick to call the fan out for having
the wrong info. Asking “Who said I’ve re-signed”,
Rusev is keeping his cards
close to his chest, as fans will have to see what
happens with the Super Athlete. Speaking of contracts, we already
mentioned that Randy Orton has
a new five-year deal with WWE, but the company
had a very interesting way of
going about this process. According to Fightful Select,
Orton’s contract was held up
for months with negotiations starting back
in Spring, but kept being
pushed back. That same report also said that
Orton’s contract discussions
was not a high priority for the company, perhaps
because they expected the
17-year veteran, with 13 World Championships
and two Royal Rumble wins
to stay loyal. During these negotiations, Orton
had fun teasing joining AEW, but
the concern concern backstage was that if
WWE were willing to push back
meetings on a megastar like Orton,
they’d do it to anyone. Ultimately, things all worked out,
as Orton is officially with WWE until at least 2024, and fans
shouldn’t expect the Legend
Killer anywhere else. Back to RAW now and Becky
Lynch finally got herself some action
after issuing an open challenge. When the Man was looking for
a fight, it was The IIconics who
answered, as the Australian pair were still fuming
from being left off the RAW
Women’s Survivor Series team. All this frustration didn’t mean
much though, as after Lynch
was joined by Charlotte Flair the two WrestleMania main event
stars defeated the IIconics in
minutes who sufered an even worse fate
after the bell. As the IIconics were reeling, the
pair were easy prey for NXT’s Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke
and Marina Shafir, who also beat
down on Flair and Lynch when they returned
to the ring. When Baszler and her crew
bounced, they trio were able
to escape thanks to some local Boston security
getting in the way of Flair and
Lynch, but The Man responded with punching the security man
square in the jaw. This epic punch was noticed by Nia
Jax, who fans will remember put an
end to Lynch’s Survivor Series plans last year with a similar punch,
and commented about the attack
on Twitter. Jax, who is still out after double
knee surgery, is expected back
in the first quarter of 2020 so its good to see she’s keeping
track of current WWE events. We’re heading back in time to
January last year now, as then
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo
Amore was publicly fired from
the company. Accused of sexual assault that
was dropepd due to insufficient
evidence the company said the reason for
Amore’s firing was that he didn’t
make the company aware of the allegations, ahead
of them going public. Enzo, who maintains that he
didn’t know about the accusations
until they went public, spoke to Hannibal TV
recently, where he spoke about
his departure. When asked if he’s considered
any legal response to WWE’s
actions, the Certified G said: “Absolutely not [have I ever
considered a lawsuit]. You
have to understand the gratitude that I have for the
opportunity I was given and
when you join the Mob you don’t talk about the
Mob, man.” “I did nothing wrong. The world
knows it, the police report says it.
You fired me based on a tweet so here’s me firing back. Now I’m
not gonna sit down and be no
bitch about my brand and what it is that I bring to the
table as a pro wrestler. At the
same time I’ll play the game It’s a game, man. It’s pro wrestling.
It’s a work it’s not real life.” Despite his departure, Amore
hasn’t been forgotten by WWE,
as the former Champion made a spectacle of
himself at the 2018 Survivor
Series event, and discussed rumors of a
possible return to WWE. Enzo said that those rumors were
being started by WWE, and went
on to explain, saying: “I didn’t start any rumors, let’s just
be clear about that. I do have
confirmation that it was not obviously me — it
was someone in their organization.
So, my phone’s been ringing I’m not saying it’s WWE. I’m not
saying it’s the other organizations.
I’m just saying that I’m a free agent in the pro
wrestling world.” The former 205 Live star will be
performing at the world-famous
Comedy Store on November 23rd, and whilst we
can never rule out a WWE return, it seems he’s having plenty
of fun on the indies. From one Cruiserweight to another
now, as Humberto Carillo will receive one more shot at AJ Styles on
next week’s RAW. On the November 25 edition of the
show, Styles will defend his US title
against Carillo, who got a ringing endorsement
from Rey Mysterio, who hopes
the 24-year-old wins. This isn’t the first time Carillo has
competed for the star-spangled
strap, as he unsuccessfully challenged AJ at Crown Jewel,
but is hoping this time will be
much different. Before Styles can focus on
Carillo though, he needs to look to
Survivor Series, as he will take on SmackDown’s Intercontinental
Champion Shinsuke Nakamura,
and NXT’s North American Champion
Roderick Strong in non-title action. Also at Survivor Series, Rey
Mysterio will take on WWE
Champion Brock Lesnar, and the match has had a
special stipulation added. After Mysterio using a pipe on the
leg of Lesnar on a recent edition
of RAW, Paul Heyman confirmed that the match
will now be a No-Disqualifications
match this Sunday. As if Lesnar wasn’t already
dangerous enough, giving him a
weapon only makes the Beast more deadly, but it seems Mysterio
with the steel pipe was able to cut
him down to size. Who will walk away from Survivor
Series as the WWE Champion?
Only time will tell. And we’re finishing today with a
recap of the RAW results we
haven’t covered yet as Humberto Carillo was able to
build momentum to next week’s
title match with a win over AJ’s Good
Brother Karl Anderson. Bobby Lashley continued his
dominane by defeating No Way
Jose in mere minutes whilst Erick Rowan also made
quick work of local competitor
Alex Malcom. With his spot as RAW’s Team
Captain on the line, Seth Rollins
was able to get a DQ win over Andrade, thanks to the
odd interference of the Lucha
House Party who struck the Architect at the
right moment to secure him
the win. In Cruiserweight action next,
Buddy Murphy was able to
topple Akira Tozawa but this wasn’t the end of the
night for the Australian Superstar. Post-match, Murphy would goad
Aleister Black for a fight, and
whilst the Dutchman is already on the hunt for new foes,
it seems their future match will
happen on his terms. In the first-ever singles meeting
between the two, Natalya and
Asuka unsurprisingly put on a great match, but it was the Kabuki
Warrior who got the win thanks to
her partner Kairi Sane. It was some sweet payback for
the Empress, who lost on last
week’s show to the Canadian as Asuka proved that whilst she
can stomach losing, losing twice
is a different story. In the main event, the Viking
Raiders were supposed to
defend their RAW Tag Titles against Curt Hawkins and Zack
Ryder, but when they were
ambushed by the AOP the WWE’s resident figure
collectors were replaced by
Randy Orton and Ricochet. This match however, didn’t last
long either, as NXT and Smack
Down quickly caused the DQ, as its clear the
road to Survivor Series is
nearly at an end.


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