Vince McMahon Angry With WWE Wrestlers Liking AEW Tweets/Backstage Leaked! News Undertaker Vs Sting

Vince McMahon Angry With WWE Wrestlers Liking AEW Tweets/Backstage Leaked! News Undertaker Vs Sting

Here is your wrestling news for
July 6th 2019
Vince McMahon’s Furious With WWE Wrestlers Liking
AEW’s Tweets Shocking Backstage WWE News About
Undertaker vs Sting.
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Over the years there have been no
shortage of dream matches in WWE,
from Hulk Hogan Vs The Rock at WrestleMania 18, to Randy
Savage Vs. Shawn Michaels at
UK Rampage in April 1992. One match that fans wanted to
see for years but never happened,
was The Undertaker Vs. Sting as the two icons would remain in
separate companies for the majority
of their careers. During the Monday Night Wars,
Sting would be the flag bearer
for WCW, remaining loyal to the promotion until it’s last day,
before eventually joining WWE in
November 2014. Though Sting announced his
retirement at the 2016 Hall of
Fame, the company did tease a clash between the two legends
this week, with a Tweet simply
captioned ‘imagine’. Despite his retirement, Sting told
folks at Starrcast that he would
wrestle again for the right price, and told Wrestling Travel that the
only superstar he would return to
the ring to face is the Demon of Death Valley. It was injuries that forced the
Stinger to hang up his boots,
as in his final WWE match at Night of Champions 2015,
Sting suffered a neck injury
against Seth Rollins, though did tell fans he’d quote
“see you later”, so maybe a
return is possible after all. With nearly 4 years since his last
match, Sting has had time to rest
and recover from injuries, and with the Deadman still going
aged 54, the possibility of a
collision between the two is always in the back of the
minds of some fans. Ultimately, it’ll be Vince McMahon
who will make the final call, and
until then, the WWE Universe can only
imagine what could have been. Though he may or may not be
facing off against Sting in the future,
we do know that The Deadman will be teaming with Roman Reigns
at Extreme Rules to take on Shane
McMahon and Drew McIntyre. Earlier this week, the Big Dog was
making the press rounds for the
upcoming Fast and Furious spin off: Hobbs and Shaw, where he will star
alongside fellow wrestler and cousin
The Rock. Much like the Brahma Bull, Reigns
couldn’t help but be asked some
wrestling questions, and even got asked about what
he thinks about AEW. When asked if he thought if AEW
was good as competion for WWE,
the former Universal Champion said he was pleased for his former
partner Jon Moxley, but showed his
competitve side, saying: “No, there’s no competition. WWE,
we know exactly what we’re doing. We have the best talent in the world.
There’s no comparing, I say that with
firm confidence all the way from the top to the very
bottom. .. We are world class all the
way through. Is it another option? Sure.For
wrestlers, AEW is another
option and another place to get a cheque… Just an option,
which isn’t a bad thing.” This response seems to be a
change from the usual response
of Superstars, as over the past year, WWE performers have
been quick to praise the new promotion and
what it’s doing for wrestling as
a whole. According to Brad Shepard who
spoke to a high level source in
in WWE, Superstars will no longer
be allowed to like or share AEW
content, and we’re starting to see those
changes already. Seth Rollins recent spat with New
Japan’s Will O’Spreay showed
great loyalty to the WWE, as did the Architect throwing Jon
Moxley under the bus in an
interview, saying that the former Dean
Ambrose took his ball and
went home. With reports coming out that
Vince McMahon has been left
furious about his performers speaking highly of the Cody Rhodes
and Young Bucks led promotion,
it seems the war is on. 24/7 title news now and though
Drake Maverick may have gone
through plenty to regain the title during this week’s edition
of RAW, it’s his wife who seems to
have suffered the most. After levelling R-Truth with a suitcase,
the British Superstar escaped RAW
with the title and wife Renee Michelle, as the pair finally got their
honeymoon, though the new Mrs
Maverick isn’t exactly pleased. Not only did Maverick choose
Orlando, where they already
live as their honeymoon, but the new champion has been
all over social media in the
past week, ignoring his wife and focussing
on the gold. So far, Renee has had to put up
with Maverick at the airport, and celebrated the Fourth of
July with EC3. It seems the Mae Young Classic
competitor may have finally
reached her breaking point, as during their trip to Universal
Studios, Renee told her
husband to “put that damn thing away”,
referring to Drake’s 24/7 title. Though the gold did not change
hands at Universal Studios, Maverick
should probably listen to his other half, as if he keeps
walking around with the title that must be defended at all times,
he may not be champion, or married,
for much longer. Back on RAW now and though
Bray Wyatt has not been seen
on RAW since his Firefly Fun House ended, that
could all be changing very soon. This week, the WWE booked a
rather interesting match for the
July 8th RAW, as Drew McIntyre and Shane
McMahon will team up to Roman
Reigns and a mystery opponent. Given the actions of McIntyre and
McMahon over the past few months, there’s no shortage of Superstars
willing to team with the Big Dog, and it seems Wyatt has thrown
his name in the hat. Responding to a tweet, the former
WWE Champion simply said
“remember”, and fans have been quick to
speculate on what this means. Whether Wyatt will show up on
Monday Night RAW or not
remains to be seen, one Superstar we know won’t be
answering the call is The
Undertaker himself, who will be teaming with Reigns
at Extreme Rules. A stipulation for the tag match on
RAW has said if the Phenom does
interfere then he is out of the Pay per view,
and with Shane O’Mac getting to
chose the Big Dog’s partner for the bout,
it looks like it’s going to be a long
week for Roman Reigns. Speaking of Superstars being
removed from events, Booker T
had been advertised as one of the big names to make
an appearence at Starrcast 3 later
this year, but it seems this is no
longer the case. Taking to Twitter, the two time WWE
Hall of Famer said how he wouldn’t
be appearing in Chicago and though the five time WCW
World Champion didn’t give an
explanation many fans believe it’s due to AEW. As we mentioned earlier, WWE
are reportedly taking an aggresive
response in making sure their stars aren’t associated with
the new promotion, and with
Starrcast 3 taking place in Chicago the same week as All
Out, it’s not difficult to imagine why
the WWE legend is out. This seems to be the case according
to Dave Meltzer, who wrote that
Booker chose to pull out of the show as he didn’t want to be
in the middle of the WWE AEW war, and that the McMahon led promotion
is expected to make another major
counter shortly. Whilst we don’t know what this counter
is exactly, it’s worth noting that Sting
and Mick Foley both WWE Hall of Famers, are
currently being advertised to
appear at Starrcast, so we’ll have to wait and see
if that changes. Even without Booker there, Starrcast 3
will take place from Thursday August
29th to September 1st in Chicago, and that weekend
will also host All Out, the latest pay per view from AEW
that will see Chris Jericho and Adam
‘Hangman’ Page battle it out to be crowned the first
ever AEW World Heavyweight
Champion. Whilst Jericho and Page will be
hoping to be the first AEW Champion,
Universal Champion Seth Rollins will continue to team with his real
life girlfriend RAW Women’s
Champion Becky Lynch next week in WWE. Not only will the pair team to face
Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin in
a Winner Takes All Extreme Rules next Sunday, but on this week’s RAW,
the power couple will take on Andrade
and Zelena Vega. A win for Rollins and The Man would
definitely help build momentum
before their huge match at Extreme Rules, though a win for
Andrade and Vega could easily
put them in contention for the Universal and RAW
Women’s titles respecitvely. What’s going to happen when
these four collide? Tune in to
RAW this week to find out. From RAW to SmackDown Live
now, and if FOX get their wish
regarding the upcoming move, then WWE could soon be bringing
back President Donald Trump
into the fold. Trump, who was elected in
November 2016, worked closely
with WWE before entering politics hosting WrestleMania’s 4 and 5,
as well as making appearences
on WWE TV. At WrestleMania 23, Trump was
represented by Bobbly Lashley
in the Battle of the Billionaires, and after the Destroyer toppled
Vince McMahon’s Umaga, it was
the Chairman who got his
head shaved. According to Tom Colohue, FOX,
who have shown consistent support
for Trump during his presidency are wanting the
billionaire back on WWE TV,
saying: “One particularly bold request
that FOX has made has been to
request an appearance from WWE Hall of Famer Donald
Trump on the first SmackDown
Live on FOX TV.” A strong gambit by FOX, it’ll be
interesting to see whether WWE
would be willing, or able to pull this off, though
the same report says: “it is believed that a deal can be
struck for an appearance” The connections between Trump
and the McMahon family are well
known, as Linda McMahon served as the Administrator of the
Small Business Administration in the
Trump Presidency from February 2017 to
April this year. In 2017, Forbes reported that
WWE was the biggest donor to
the Trump Foundation, essentially keeping the busines
afloat before it was shut down in December 2018 for various
legal and ethical violations. We’re not sure if WWE would be
ready to bring ‘The Donald’ back
to the company in the midst of his presidency, though we all
know to never say never when it
comes to Vince McMahon. And finally we’re ending with some
Jon Moxley news, as the former WWE World Champion continues
to be one of the most hotly discussed
wrestlers of 2019. After leaving WWE earlier this year,
Moxley shocked the world when he debuted at AEW’s Double
or Nothing pay per view, destroying everything in his path after the main
event between Chris Jericho and
Kenny Omega. Throwing Omega from the Double or
Nothing stage, the two are set to meet
at All Out, though more details of the the former Dean Ambrose’s
contract with the new promotion has
come to light. Recently, AEW announced that
Moxley signed a three year deal
with the company after Double or Nothing, but has
a huge get out clause. According to, Moxley’s
contact allows him to walk away
from AEW after one year, if, for whatever reason, he isn’t
pleased with how things are going. This definitely seems like a sensible
safety net for the hot commodity,
who has spoken openly about being frustrated with his last year
in WWE, and doesn’t want to get
trapped in another unfulfilling promotion. Moxley certainly seems to be much
happier working with promotions
like AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling, and
recently spoke to the latter about
what working in WWE felt like: It’s almost like Vince is in the ring
with you, the producer is in the
ring with you like you have two little bubbles
on your shoulder” The reigning IWGP United States
Champion, who won the title in his
first match for the promotion continued on, saying how he felt
much more relaxed and back at
home in his New Japan debut: “All of a sudden when I got in the
ring [in New Japan], five minutes
into the match I was like, there’s no chatter. There was no
producer-ref-Vince chatter. It was
like silence. And I didn’t expect that. I was like,
‘Whoa, I’m alone again. It’s just me
in the ring’; And then I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this
is what I used to do.'” Whilst we can’t see Moxley leaving
AEW anytime soon, it’s good for
him that the option is there after his first year, as the former WWE
Superstar must be eager to
spread his wings after being with the company
for so long. Whatever happens, expect Moxley
to continue to be one of, if not the hottest commodity in
wrestling, for a long time to come. Well guys, that’s our news for today
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    They should use this for their next PPV poster :

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    LX Dark Sniper hopes that we can get our dream match of Sasha Banks vs AJ Lee in a AEW ring where both of their skills will be appreciated.

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    AEW, if they're going to COMPETE, needs shots in Japan, U.K., Canada, and New York (esp. MSG if they can!). If this company is already as over as it's die hard fans would have everyone else believe, then Cody and The Bucks are just leaving money on the table. Not only that, but it would give the illusion that they're a global brand instead of an "attraction company" that has "attraction shows" here and there.

    What's going to happen when they do T.V? Didn't Cody or someone say they're going to be LIVE! every week? What kind of buildings and arenas are they going to book? Will they not book a vast number of buildings and be more like NXT and have a sort of home base they perform out of?

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