Undertaker Possibly NOT WRESTLING At WWE WrestleMania 34?! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. Where Is The Undertaker? We’re just five days away from WrestleMania
34, and there have still been zero sightings of The Undertaker’s massive dong. Many hoped to see John Cena appear on last
night’s SmackDown, prompting the Deadman to make his last-minute return to WWE, but
creative instead decided to book all their feuds’ go-home angles as people looking
at the WrestleMania sign and commercials. Loads and loads of commercials. But that hasn’t deterred Cena’s Instagram
campaign to bring the Undertaker out of retirement, who – after posting joke references to Mark
Calloway’s previous gimmicks, and a strange cartoon drawing of Cena poking a smiling Undertaker
head with the caption “C’mon, do something…” – has now updated that last one to a picture
of a dog laying an Undertaker-shaped poop. Cena isn’t the only one disappointed by
the lack of Undertaker dong, as a fan went so far to call out the Deadman’s real life
wife Michelle McCool on Twitter: “I am legit disappointed #Undertaker did
not show up, hit the gong, or give ANY sign he accepts @JohnCena challenge! @McCoolMichelleL where is your husband????” A tweet that McCool shockingly responded to,
revealing that the Undertaker… …was eating breakfast with his family. Apart from an speedy backtrack from that fan,
who quickly and politely tweeted: “enjoy your breakfast! Rock on and please don’t bury me alive emoji!”,
this raises multiple questions: what does the Undertaker have for breakfast – click
the ‘i’ in the top right to have your vote? How does he like the souls of his crushed
opponents in the morning? And who really is Byron Saxton? But most pressingly of all… what is going
to happen at WrestleMania this Sunday? Undertaker Possibly Not Wrestling At WrestleMania
34? While the Undertaker’s WWE return to face
Cena at the Grandest Stage of them All has been reported on for months, many – myself
included – are starting to get a little worried it might not actually happen. It’s very effective storytelling on WWE’s
part, holding off on Taker’s return long enough to make us doubt a match we all thought
was a certainty. Unless the match isn’t a certainty… which
Mike Johnson hinted at on yesterday’s PWInsider Elite:
“No one has told me he’s scheduled to wrestle, but they have told me he’s scheduled
to be at ‘Mania. So maybe he’s going to have a face-off with
Cena, and they are going to use that face-off to build something else? I don’t know.” So, according to PWInsider, Taker is scheduled
to make his WWE return this Sunday, but it’s yet to be seen if it’s for an actual match
against Cena, or if it’s just an angle to build a match later down the line – possibly
as far away as next year’s WrestleMania 35 at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. It wouldn’t be the first time a non-wrestling
appearance at WrestleMania has been used to start a year-long build for a Cena match at
the following year’s show – with Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson’s special guest host role
at WrestleMania 27 setting up the first ‘Once In A Lifetime’ match between Rock and Cena
at WrestleMania 28. Road To WrestleMania Update
Luke and I will be treating Cena vs Taker as if it is going to happen on this Friday’s
WrestleMania predictions show – which isn’t just me vs Luke, we’ll also be making combined
predictions to take on Wrestling With Wregret’s Brian Zane. Make sure to subscribe to WrestleTalk so you
know when that goes live! But speaking of John Cena, it’s time to
check in with Kenny McIntosh, who I believe has a breaking traffic update for us on the Road to WrestleMania. Over to you, Kenny! Be more god damn professional Kenny! The new NXT title belt design has been revealed
by Triple H! Click the image to the left to find out what
it looks like on WrestleTalk.com! And the videos below for more great wrestling
stuff. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Undertaker Possibly NOT WRESTLING At WWE WrestleMania 34?! | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2018

  1. Who the fuck cares if he wrestles or not. It's time he moved on . He's a tired man , he has appeared in countless wrestlemanias , I'd rather see him retired than watching him , not being the old undertaker he used to be. It's like when Hogan and Andre in 87 Andre was in his last wrestling days. It's the same situation here. Besides that wigger cena doesn't deserve a Wrestlemania match with the deadman

  2. Taker is going to ruin the card and that match is going to be a joke and another embarrassing match that he will be in!

  3. I’m thinking if the match happens, it would be fairly short, it may be not as short as the Rock vs Wyatt Family match but maybe somewhere around Goldberg vs Lesnar 2.

  4. I think undertaker will interfere in brocklesnars match and cost him his title
    because Brock defeated him in the same arena New Orleans


    In the trailer for "WWE 2k18 Wrestlemania Edition" they show Undertaker and Cena in a match set against the Wrestlemania backdrop.

    So the match is GUARANTEED to happen at WM34.

    The only question is HOW it will unfold (ie what is the catalyst – my bet is a John Cena on the mic segment expressing disappointment and queue the Undertaker chimes..).

  6. ahh man!!! i always laugh my lungs out for that byron saxton reference and that background music is awesome…..👏👏👏

  7. I think Cena will call out Undertaker during Wrestlemania, and then Undertaker will pop in the ring. And then the match continues…

  8. Its the last match he got to show up or they gone lose millions of dollars wtf they build on this for a month and no taker yet he got 3 days to say something

  9. Really really hope Cena will die within the next few days. That way I don’t have to see another ass bump ever again

  10. Undertaker gonna come to wrestle mania 34 have a talk and challenge John Cena for wreatlemania 35…..like the rock and John Cena back in raw after wreatlemania 26… brilliant plan by wwe

  11. Undertaker doesn't owe us anything. . Every one should just leave him the fuck alone and move on.. as is, a match with Cena would be pointless..

  12. no Cena vs Taker?

    good! it is better to see a bunch of full timers in the card than a bunch of has beens.

  13. While I prefer the Deadman persona over all of 'Taker's forms, I think the American Badass would definitely fit this scenario. As much as we'd all like to see 'Taker take souls and dig holes all the way through WrestleMania 50, we all know it probably won't happen. If he is retired, I hope he's enjoying it to the fullest and happily raising his little girl with Michelle McCool. (And hopefully working on an autobiography; let's face it, that would be one awesome book!)

  14. This won't be The First Time that The Undertaker was not at WrestleMania.
    He NOT At Wrestlemania 10 and WrestleMania 2000/16.

  15. It's gonna be like never been kiss. John is gonna be in the ring by himself waiting for the undertaker with a countdown going on and then the counter will go off with undertaker no showing and John will be disappointed and hang his head as he shuffles to get out of the ring and then you'll hear his motorcycle revving up and he'll drive down that ramp while kid rock plays, brother! Woo! Merica!

  16. No man no leave taker alone people he gave us 33 years of wrestling plz just let him stay in retirement.

  17. If John Cena can call out the undertaker.I just wish that the undertaker would call Sting out.thats a match I’d wanna see at next years wrestle mania.🙏

  18. Undertaker has a 95% chance at being at wrestlemania, the way it's been built up it's almost got to happen, cena did say he was going to be in the crowd as a fan and not do anything like the battle royal, this leads me to think undertaker will be there, plus the way it is being pushed is like it isn't going to happen, the Monday before wrestlemania no dong rofl no taker, so most people won't see it coming

  19. Cena will come out and talk about how disappointed he is and the undertaker will come out and match on, or he'll partner up with Braun lol

  20. Cena will come out and talk about how disappointed he is and the undertaker will come out and match on, or he'll partner up with Braun lol

  21. Good I don't want the undertaker to wrestle anymore also I thought since Samoa Joe been backstage they should've put Samoa Joe out there and we get Cena vs Joe or since bray Wyatt went into the lake of reincarnation maybe he comes out like I'm the new undertaker

  22. WrestleTalk has become the WWE by ignoring their fans and relying on overrated, poorly drawn out angles that put over their favorites rather than pushing the right people. Just give Kenny a push to the main roster already!

  23. Calling it, hes coming out as American Baddass on his motorcycle. Kid Rock will be there and perform his song.

  24. There was no reason to have Undertaker vs. Cena. It's ridiculous to want or expect it now.
    If they insist on following through what do they do? Shit on the man a third time?!

  25. The rock vs john cena at wrestlemania 28 was called "once in a lifetime match", and guess what?
    It happened again the very next year.
    how could that be once in a lifetime???

  26. hey guys how are you, love the show just thought id let you know that the taker match is confirmed please tune in to a video of the press conference for wrestlemania 34 where the undertaker made a surprise appearence and gave his answer.

  27. I think this what will happen with the Taker/Cena issue!!

    Cena is going to come into New Orleans as a fan and Cena will legitimately behave as if he is one.

    Somewhere down the line someone like Renee Young or someone like that will interview Cena and ask him how it feels to be a fan.

    Cena being Cena will oversell the pleasure of what it like to watch mania as a fan when he notices Michelle McCool on the other side of the barrier directly opposite him as a fan as well!

    This will prompt Cena to turn his attention to her and congratulate her for turning up and her dead bastard of a husband was too chicken to show up.

    This will probably prompt her to come over and slap him which will lead to Nikki Bella coming out of no where to attack Michelle.

    As all three are now in the ring with Nikki and Michelle kicking each other’s ass across the ring with Cena and security trying to pull Nikki away, the lights suddenly go out.

    Then the Undertaker (Deadman or badass don’t care gimmick at this point) turns up and starts to deliver a can of whoop ass on Cena!!

    Cena and Taker being the only two fighting in the ring right now are now being held back by security with the audience screaming ‘let them fight’
    Taker and cena then turn their attention to security and start working together to beat them all up

    Once security have been thrown out of the ring
    Taker catches Cena off guard and delivers either a tombstone or a Last Ride to Cena.

    Taker then looks down at Cena’s motionless body and the rolls his eyes up to the back of his head
    The lights go out again

    When they come back up
    Both Cena and Taker are no where to be seen setting them up for a match next year!

    Hopefully that will mean we won’t see Cena for a while and then when he comes back like at survivor series he returns as a heel

  28. Aleister Black is going to show up at Mania during Taker and Cena's face off and attack Cena, that will lead to Black Vs. Cena at the next ppv. #TakersProtege!!!!!!

  29. This match was never going to happen. This gives the WWE a chance to tease the match happening, but not actually lie to the fans.

  30. If he wasn't gonna be at mania, what was the point of john calling him out? Why would they make john look like it an idiot doing all that stuff if the match wasn't going to happen? Smh

  31. so Cena's gonna be watching in the crowd as a fan and at some point there'll be a giant dong? i mean, all those weeks of Cena taking up time to call out Taker will definitely result in at least an appearance if not a match.

  32. I have an idea why undertaker won't be at wrestlemania could be as the new orlines is where the streak ended

  33. I’m still hoping that they do the mark walks down to the ring with no music just lights go out there is a commotion the announcers are confused then mark walks down to John on the front row and says ring now.

    Side note I’m still loving the jacket.

  34. Undertake is a legend. If he was still young and had that much stamina as before then brock and Roman and John would have pissed on their pants during previous wrestle.ania. Whoever wins between John and undertaker I don't care undertaker is everyone's father in the ring. If u all agree hit a like button.

  35. Personally, I would rather have the match at Mania 35. I just feel like if Taker has the match this year, it'll feel rushed. And if this is his last match, why not let him try to put on a match where he feels good and is the closest to 100%. Just think about the hype that we would have for next year.

  36. He is coming out as american badass while kid rock sings the song why u think he was inducted this year kid rock that is

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