Undertaker Loses at Wrestlemania vs Brock Lesnar

Undertaker Loses at Wrestlemania vs Brock Lesnar

I thing WrestleMania and allow all girl
old and I’m but when the internet breaks about
something huge happening whether it’s a raffle UFC no matter what we all sorta wanna learn about it we all
left onto the headline so here was the headline The Undertaker is unbeatable at WrestleMania 49 years old is the Undertaker I
remember when I was a kid and I still am but like when I was a kid
the younger younger Rick strum he was still around and he
was haulin ass and kickin ass almost every time now apparently only by
10 WrestleMania reveled in WrestleMania and
Brock Lesnar yep Brock lesner former USC standout was a 5100 wrong at 3100 Aug 24 and then this happened water will
discuss the %uh I’m to him with at the remaining like a
pay-per-view event like I watched upon videos on Instagram and
what not a people that were there man is it it’s a spectacle it is unique
in its own way every sport is unique but the crowd that they drop Mendoza some
unique that the better so if we can the last part of the video
was obviously the best so valuable that up very quickly even if the up I to impress who rarely direct sports as the has a nice little naral last
laugh at that I one more I believe we have yep her Iran’s reacted DUP what does happen that dude was path to
man he was shocked when he was pith at the
same time I mean like if you can just the tail on that we could pull it up with him video
port the tail on there are some other means that will put
in post the the video playing but like man was that I feel bad for the guy mad he shook crestfallen at the same time so there’s
some great pictures the Undertaker down 21 in one at
WrestleMania Jim Ross legendary leaded tweeted
seventy-five thousand plus stunned shocked has the mat world imploded the streak ties but the legend will live
forever the men’s chiming in on the Twitter I am
speechless the dead man never dies but the street
does Stone Cold Steve Austin holy shit
weather is ended the three gave this Christ 21 in one passed out never got hash tag Street
Bridge is the base hash tag WWE so now here’s the big
question after WrestleMania will the Undertaker
retire is 49 years old apparently and take them
over an hour just to get his body ready and in order to go wrestle on the map here’s the other thing he went to the
hospital according to one website where he was treated for a concussion
and possibly neck injuries so will he return showed me raffle again but the comment section below I
personally say now is 49 years old sometimes it’s just I
gotta go out tony laruso one-on-one with the cargo
hold that the one on a loss with the Lakers but then you start to think about it and how great would it be on one of
those late Monday night when you hear the theme song for the
Undertaker the lights go out and it’s a cliffhanger to what might be and and with
possibility at him making your return what do you
think thoughts comments section below about him up ok

100 thoughts on “Undertaker Loses at Wrestlemania vs Brock Lesnar

  1. 1:43 His eyes are on fire, Jaw looks unhinged, Glasses are unbalanced recognition, and most of all his nose has been sized up like a balloon. XD

  2. Undertaker had a concussion. He didnt know where he was. Therefore he didnt kick o ut like he should have. The red was even told undertaker was to win

  3. There are already rumors going around saying that even though The Streak is dead, Sting is gonna challenge Undertaker at WM31 in his last match. They could be false, I don't know. But that would go down as one of the GREATEST WrestleMania matches ever. If that doesnt happen, my opinion is that Undertaker is gonna be inducted into the 2015 Hall of Fame.

  4. I Never liked the undertaker that much because I hated his gimmick. I liked the big brute wrestlers better GO BROCK!!!

  5. Undertaker needs to retire, he needs to rest because his 49 years old, his not that energetic as we use to see him for the past years and he looked weary and tired in his match with Brock Lesnar.

  6. Taker match was boring it doesn't deserve hype at all. The fans reactions were more entertaining then that match was. Sorry but I'm getting really bored of watching the same old same old boring 30-60 minute 3+ finisher kick out trying too hard to make match of the year hoopla.  

    This match was fought very sloppy. It was probably why Taker got hurt honestly. Thirdly the announcers needed to wake the heck up while calling this they sounded like they were alseep.  All in all a terrible match to watch very disappointing whether Taker won or lost it was just boring.  

  7. So a Real kicking ass UFC machine Brock lesnar wins in a Fake Fighting match Man THAT IS Some BULL

  8. Look at all the people trying to be edgy in the comment section.

    "hurdur wrestling's fake anyone who likes it is dumb xddddddddd not a sport get this shit outta here" 

    First of all, it's entertainment. It has it in the name. World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT. If you don't like it, that's fine. But constantly using the reason that it's fake is a contradiction. Almost everything you could possibly see on TV is scripted. I'm sure you like to watch movies even though you definitely know it's fake, right? Use your brain a little before you make a comment. 

  9. Fuck vince. And wwe. I know its fake. And i has no problab they end steak. But it was a fucking smeckdown level metch. No 21-1 grafics. No last ride. No chairs. Just a fucking metch. I was hoping a if streak ever ends it will be greatest metch like wm 25 taker vs hbk or wm 12 hart vs hbk. Or wm 28 hhh vs taker. But fuck. Vince destroy undertakers legend in a C+ level metch

  10. Even though I knew that Undertaker would lose it was pretty shocking.Taker wanted his streak to end so he did it with Lesnar.Undertaker was a legend.

  11. I just can't believe the steak died when the streak died I died inside a hole was in my heart Brock Lesnar is a childhood ruiner i think WWE should just close business after undertaker got beat I suffered heart problems after he got beat I had to go to the ER because of Brock Lesnar it's all his fault if undertaker comes back my problems will go away and I will feel happy inside again 🙂

  12. I think the undertaker should retire. But not after this match. I think he should have one last hurrah. It doesn't have to be at wrestlemania but he should go one last time.

  13. So much build up just to give it to Brock Fucking Lesnar. He's not even a full time wrestler. Brock has just been handed everything in his 4 year wrestling career. 4 years and all and he's had one of the best careers ever. I can't believe WWE would just spit in the eye of all their longtime fans with this. The Streak took 21+ years to make. 21+ years of buildup, for Brock Lesnar?

    And to anyone saying Wrestling id fake… Yeah no shit. Same with pretty much every movie, tv show, play, etc etc. People watch it because they find it entertaining television and an entertaining show, not because they think people are actually getting dropped on their heads. Oh and also, it's not fake, it's scripted. As in the moves are not fake, and if you don't know how to take them properly, you will fuck yourself up in so many different ways. It's scripted as in they know it's going to happen, but they go through real pain and real carnage. I'd like to see someone fake getting thrown off a 20 foot ladder into a table in front of thousands of people. Yeah good luck

  14. The only reason they ended the streak is so he could retire, It's just the closure that the WWE Universe needs, even if it isn't the closure they want :/

  15. You know its scripts when other wreastler a show up just to beat or stop players from winning and just to clarify the undertaker would have won had no one intervened.

  16. Can't believe his streak was broken there was lots of people for taker to go against like RVD, john cena, roman reigns, and maybe hulk hogan if they fought long ago.

  17. I bet that was the exact same reaction and facial expression of atleast 50000 people at that moment…

  18. I cried I was fucking shocked yes I've Ben watching him since I was born around Wrestlemania 17 and some people just don't understand when you watch a person like the undertaker work so hard that he gets to a place no one else can achieve and you give it to a part timer like lesnar it just doesn't all add up in the end

  19. I think The Undertaker should retire because the guy almost 50 so he should retire. I don't think he should wrestle cuz after neck injury he can't. I don't he can take another match.

  20. The dead man will never stop he lives and breaths that ring he will ethier die in that ring or will really and finally

  21. Single-handidly the most shocking moment in entertainment this year. The sports bar I was at was speechless/distraught for several minutes. We all thought it was a mistake. Most if us were distraught for multiple hours afterwords.

  22. For those of you who are familiar with those wrestling angry fan videos – I HAVE NEVER SEEN A WRESTLING REFEREE MOVE THAT FAST IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually when some one is pinned it goes like : One fuck-a-dee-fuck Mississippi EPIC PAUSE,  two whatchamacallit-whenabranchfallsdownandnoonehearsit Mississippi….I think you get the idea: but this match ended with a one, two three = WTF (Where's the funeral?)

  23. Shut up dicknose. I just want to see the video, not be subject to the steady stream of liquid shit dribbling out of your mouthhole.

  24. That black guy (among others) was so obviously planted there by the WWE so they could film his reaction. It was so over the top (over acting). The camera knew to zoom in on him right away because they were told before hand to do so, hence him being right up front. Adds to the whole SHOCK of Taker losing. People have been planted near the ring for DECADES to get a reaction from the crowd/audience. This is NOTHING new.

  25. This was the last wrestle mania I’ve ever watched I was mad asl when this happened not wasting no fuckin 60 dollars to watch undertaker lose

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