Triple H takes on The Undertaker for the last time ever at WWE Super Show-Down

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are experiencing history. [MUSIC]>>Two of the all-time greats to
ever step foot inside the ring.>>It has been six long years
since one of the greatest rivalries in WWE history was
said to be dead and buried. But legends, legends never die. At WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne,
Australia, the Undertaker and
I have some unfinished business.>>There’s only one name left for
The Game, that is to end the Undertaker. Frustration.>>Stay down.>>Desperation.>>What’s wrong with you?>>The emotional refrain of The Game but
is obsession.>>What approach could you
give without giving a free?>>Beating the Undertaker on a big stadium
is the missing piece of Triple H’s legacy.>>God will give you one
more chance at immortality.>>The one rival Triple H
has never defeated.>>You want an end? You’ve got it.>>It is a Fantasy Match.>>Two legends will collide.>>[MUSIC]>>And in Michigan, never replicate.>>Two icons will do battle.>>And
a moment that will live in infamy in WWE.>>The Undertaker, I promise you. This is no game. [MUSIC] The last chapter in one of
WWE’s most storied rivalries. The Undertaker, Triple H,
for the last time ever. [MUSIC]>>Time to play the game.

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