Toe wrestling contest held in China

Toe wrestling contest held in China

it was a case of putting your best foot
forward for these contestants in a toe wrestling competition
dozens of contestants went toe-to-toe at a water park in Chongqing city China
more than 80 participants including children fought hard to win the unusual
and smelly contests footage of the competition was released by China News
which showed that participants grimacing and giggling during the balance some
took it exceptionally seriously while others just enjoyed the one-minute games
in which each person attempts to pin down the others foot a few even
attempted to cheat by throwing water in the faces of their opponent as well as
the honour of being crowned the champion the victor received free tickets worth 9
to yuan ten pounds to the waterpark according to Chongqing fooling District
Committee on Chinese social media site Weibo organizers of the event told
reporters that the friend the game serves as a warm-up session to park
goers before they enter the water our visitors always get muscle cramps while
swimming especially in their legs and feet the spokesperson said this always
happens when they forget to stretch and warm up before going into water toe
wrestling was invented by for drinkers in Staffordshire UK hoping to create a
sport that the British could dominate in the first Championships took place in
1974 but the contest was disbanded two years later when a Canadian stranger
entered and won the sport is now regaining some popularity and the
competition is held annually in Derby Shearer dedicated fans have been trying
to get it made in Olympic sport but sadly the Olympic Committee has so far
refused to acknowledge it the current reigning champion is Allen nasty Nash
who has won the Derbyshire competition 14 times
Rebecca beech holds the women’s title and her mother has won previous

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