TL;DR (Too Long Didn’t RAW) Episode 12 for WWE RAW 3-18-19

smart wrestling fan presents TLDR too long didn’t raw we are live from place Chicago I believe oh and here’s Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman there there nice to show up tonight hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman and I want to talk about South Rollins he talked about Brock not being able to beat small guys but hmm yeah I think he beat them all so that’s not even accurate but I do want to put over drew McIntyre yeah thanks for putting me over we’re gonna do the Claymore to somebody tonight don’t know who it is yeah I don’t know what we’re gonna do oh my god Seth Rollins out with a chair oh he’s just beating drew mercilessly they have a match later tonight oh my god ha hey that’s a weird face yeah I got him got him with the chair tonight Ronda Rousey versus Dana Brooke for the women’s title really and also petite attacks told you Bobby Lashley here comes Finn Balor it’s gonna be a mystery tag-team match next happy st. Patrick’s Day everybody and here comes Finn Balor’s opponents Leo rush and Bobby Lashley show me my newest move show me move not your butt not your butt showing me title move here’s my partner rah it’s braun strowman of course oh boy what a let’s see how this match is gonna go ely oh boy lastly just abandon Leo rush I gotta go it’s a bathroom or something oh my god punch punch punch that wasn’t very fair tonight Seth Rollins vs. drew McIntyre like we said earlier not sure why that backstage Rhonda’s getting yelled at by some officials I’m gonna do what I want okay who’s this guy what was that oh it’s Alexa bliss a moment of bliss when we come back and we’re back it’s a moment of bliss with Alexa bliss her guest tonight Elias hello I am Elias and that’s all I got I’m really no way Jose wait this is the heavy machinery why they coming down to that song I told you guys we were practices like 50 times no way Jose oh my god what no way Jose he just attacked Elias I don’t know what’s happening wow that’s really sick this is my life now we’ll be back oh my god Elias versus no way Jose it’s the match Elias wins because he’s the musical guest at WrestleMania or whatever it’s still his life oh here comes Kurt Angle he did something to say and we’re back I wanted to announce my WrestleMania opponent from my retirement match guess who it is everybody can you guess John Cena nope Undertaker nope Arron Korbin it’s Ben cortman but right now I’m gonna fight my son chad gable remember when that was gonna be a thing oh my god look at this great match this is awesome ankle lock yep angle wins that’s pretty much that hey Kurt Angle I’m gonna beat you at WrestleMania no all anybody gets room not gonna remember is me beating you oh I don’t know what else to say oh that’s a disappointment that match no one wants it hey it’s the ha hug and boss Boston hug connection Bayley you need to lower the tide we’ll be right back hey you guys did you see I’m gonna wrestle Kurt Angle did you see hey baron you’re a jerk can I wrestle you tonight nobody likes you do you like him revival do you even like Baron Corbin no not really here they are hey Sasha why are you guys such cowards why you keep yelling at us or not don’t be so bold with the up here comes Beth Phoenix and then Talia here they come and what are they gonna say hey we won a match against you for the titles at WrestleMania what do you say I don’t know you think what why would you say that lousy ah oh my why what what’s this and when we’re back it’s Sasha and Natalya in a match of punch punch punch punch punch what what’s that noise hi I’m Nyjah X look at me distract you look this way look over here I’m the better bet Phoenix oh my god it’s Tamina oh my god Tamina Oh disqualification hahaha yeah that’s no one wants that hey guys what’s going on I’m talking to somebody every week it’s always me it’s me in a mirror Wow ricochet huh no Alistar blacks Burak shades in a match singles match it’s coming up next oh my god it’s against Jinder Mahal former WWE Champion gender mom yep ricochet Juan Wow something Oh Ronda Rousey looks really girl she looks so mad when we’ll be right back hey I’m gonna beat up drew later can’t wait and Ronda Rousey’s getting ready for her opponent I’m Dana Brooke thank Dana Brooke remember that name seriously this is my match oh my god don’t do it oh she’s gonna break Dana’s arm don’t I think you some pros in the ring well what’s this Ronda leaving up heats that guy in the crowd she’s kissing him or I don’t know what’s happening up they just left what I guess that’s her husband I don’t really know we were right back and now this is sad both already in the ring Apollo Cruz versus barren girl wait Apollo 1 he’s gonna have a WrestleMania match what happened and maybe he should picked him oh my god live via satellite not definitely not just backstage we’ll be right back hey I don’t like Triple H he held me down he’s jealous I’m Drax I hate him I don’t like him and that Wow okay hey I don’t like those Saturday Night Live guys I hate them I’m gonna beat them up and they forced me into being the Andre the Giant battle royal I might know don’t beat them up okay convince them you have one week I don’t know what that any of that was Oh main event already drew McIntyre here he is and he is up next and we’re back to your McIntyre hey Roman reigns I want to challenge you to a fight at WrestleMania because reigns you might be able to beat leukemia but you can’t beat drew Kimia hey drew Kimia are you kidding that’s not even funny I’m gonna beat you up now that’s my friend you’re talking about there we’ll be right back and here you go your main event Seth Rollins vs. drew McIntyre punch punch punch punch punch punch punch at all these guys hate each other so much punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch punch there’s Brock Lesnar his music was very distracting hey he’s not even scheduled all claymore Oh drew one drew one the match you just beat hey hey yikes

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