The Stranger – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

The Stranger – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

What’s crackin, B? This week we gettin straight absurd with The Stranger by Albert Camus. My man Meursault ain’t trippin bout
the fact that his mama just died. Matter of fact, this thug don’t seem to
get bent over much of anything. Meursault slides over to the beach where he hollas at some fox he knew from back-when named Marie. Even though his mama only been stiff for twenty-fo, Meursault don’t waste no time slippin Marie
his French baguette. Know what I’m sayin? Later she ask if he wanna get
married. And he all like, “For sure baby. If you want.
Not like dem cuffs mean nuthin.” Man, you sure pimpin ain’t easy? For a lil while now, Meursault
been chillin with some mack-daddy named Raymond. Thinkin his woman been
actin a hoochie behind his back, Ray-Ray gives her five across the face
and brings the law down on his ass. With Meursault’s help, though, Ray-Ray
shakes off the 5-0 and gets off scot-free. Thing is, the bro of Rad-diddy’s fine
lil peach jonezin for some STREET justice. He and his Arab posse roll up on Ray-Ray,
whip out their shiv, and shank him real good. Later, Meursault rolls up on one of those A-rabs, takes a good long look at his piece, and realize that whether
he shoot or not, it don’t make a difference. And once the sun’s hot- ass rays start doggin our man, he whips out his glock and POP POP — Fool gets smoked. Meursault gets thrown in the clink,
and the law puts his ass on death row. But it ain’t only cuz he 187ed a fool. His realest crime is bein a stranger to the rules of society and not havin a heart like errybody else. Before Meursault bout to get tooken out fo good, a chaplain drops in to give him one last chance to embrace the big G-man. All the sudden — Meursault snaps, get all in the preacher man grill, and say “Look, bitch. Nothing matters. I did some things in life. I didn’t do other things. And none of it matters.” Right before he bout to snuff it, our boy finds a lil peace in knowing for sure that it’s all bout to end. And the universe ain’t even gonna blink. Damn man. This cat don’t seem to
give a sh*t bout nothing. If a muthaf**kin meteor dropped down instantly icing a million homies, this fool wouldn’t bat an eye. But does him bein this hard make him a bad dude? Truth is, he ain’t bad or good. He
just different from the rest of us. Day in day out, yo regular erryday hood
ain’t got the nuts to tussle with the truth: Life is meaningless, and what we do or don’t do, what does or doesn’t happen to us — none of it matters. When we start bitchin and moanin bout
how good or bad somethin be, we really just imposin order where it don’t belong. And when a homie who don’t play dat game swangs in to town, he a stranger to errybody. But even though ain’t nothin seem to bother this hustla, a death sentence can trip up even the hardest of hoods. When Meursault starts marinating on
meetin the man upstairs, he flips sh*t bout how these fools gonna ghost him. To Meursault, the worst part bout it is that there ain’t no chance he gonna duck the reaper. “All I care about right now is escaping the machinery of justice, seeing if there is any way out of the inevitable… What really counted was the possibility of escape, a leap to freedom, out of the implacable ritual, a wild run for it that would give whatever chance for hope there was.” And if you packin a big literary d*ck, you know that my main man Dostoevsky droppin dat same angst in The Idiot: “But here I should imagine the most terrible part of the [guillotine] is, not the bodily pain at all— but the certain knowledge that…your soul must quit your body and that you will not longer be a man— and that this is certain, certain! That’s the point— the certainty of it.” What Meursault don’t realize till
the end is that hopin to escape the machine ain’t no different than all those other bullsh*t lies that wankstas tell themselves on the reg. There’s only one way to roll like a big dog
in an indifferent world: with one hand on yo nuts. Embrace that you ain’t gonna escape a damned thing, especially death. And when yo time comes to dive six feet
deep, ain’t nobody gonna give a damn. Cept me, padna! Cuz I want you to take yo hands off your nuts and hit dat subscribe button. See you next week.

100 thoughts on “The Stranger – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

  1. He is a stranger because he lacks empathy. Add in apathy, & his word comes into view. If you can not grasp why you would want to do anything, how can you truly know anybody. He needs a grasp on moral reason, but instead cowardly retreats inward. When he can no longer deny death, or his moral obligations, he flips! This removes his apathy, but leaves him to drift since he has no clue why what he did was wrong. Left to his own devices, this end is as pointless as inevitable. A little help would have went a long way.

  2. There was a quiz on this story I had to take back in college. Thanks to this video, I didn't have to read for several hours. So thanks.

  3. Mersault is a sociopath. Not saying that all nihilists are evil. But what is stopping people like Mersault from shooting and killing more people?

  4. If the soul of Albert Camus is out there floating around, he's probably hit your subscribe button himself. Please, sir, I implore you to give us your analysis of La Peste.

  5. I love this shit.
    Fast, concise, and best of all I would have never heard of some of these books.
    Wise crack is a golden crown on youtube, and Thugnotes one of the shiniest jewels.

  6. Well, who'd have known that one could possibly narrate such a depressing story in such an uplifting manner? The same story that stole my motivation and will to live and opened my eyes to how we are all constantly consumed by nothingness/meaninglessness​, and it is inevitable. Damn, I remember not being able to function normally for weeks after I completed reading this novel! But it was an enriching experience nonetheless.

  7. On one hand, the guy sounds a total sociopath. On the other, maybe his problem was that felt too much? One of the things that the book shows is how full of bullshit ppl are. Like the dude who was mean to his dog until the dog ran away. Then spend the whole book crying like a little girl. Our man was always trying to be so chill but the contempt and love he felt for his mom was always lingering. So maybe the issue was that our man was always trying to run away from the irrationality of life until he was forced to embrace one last time before hitting the bucket.

  8. i cried for two straight hours cause i felt so bad about Mersault in the end. It was about uniqueness and individuality in the end. I felt for him. Also these existential thoughts and the fucking judge and 'father' who thought they already knew everything about him-i hate them.

  9. I know this comment section is full of nihilist. Yes life is pointless, but you are fortunate enough to be conscious. You can experience love and fear, and love feels soooo good. This is a huge oppurtunity that most matter doesn't have. Even if you claim to love nothing, the least you can do is increase the oppurtunity of love for those who are less fortunate than you are.

  10. This book reminded me of Edipus, I thought that maybe its intent WAS for us to decide for ourselves if Mersault should be executed; but then, he spoke with the priest. Let's just say shit got dark.

  11. Your explanation was really accurate. You helped me understand the protagonists point of view much better than when I was reading the book.i could sense the merceau didn't give a damn about anyone or anything. I just couldn't seem to properly grasp the fact that nothing he does really matters. Even killing a man. Doesn't really matter to him. The only thing, in the end, that shakes him up, is death

  12. Interesting take. I understood similar to how I understood Crime & Punishment, in that nihilism is empty and it’s logical conclusion is death. And the little I understand about Camus, he was not endorsing nihilism in the slightest.

  13. How does this guy make a book I hated as much as L'Étranger sound interesting?
    (It's the book I hated the most among all the books I've read in college.)

  14. I have two ideas about the book:
    1. The condemnation of the protagonist is completely unfair, he's simply being killed by society by the mere fact he's different from others. Smoking or not smoking, having sex or not having sex is irrelevant to the question of if he killed the arab. As a society we have to stop judging people in that way. Even if he seems to be a cold motherfucker, as long as he doesn't mess with anyone else there's no need to judge him as an evil or righteous man.

    2. The protagonist is an asshole, and I would be surprised to understand that Camus wasn't criticizing him as well, for him nothing matters, life is meaningless, but then why did he get mad to the priest? why was he so nervous waiting for the day of his execution? I thought it was all meaningless, but in the darkest hour he was thinking a lot of the things he was going to miss and the time he was wasting talking to someone he didn't care for. This wouldn't matter if it weren't that his complete lack of care for things, doesn't allow him to differentiate what's right from what's wrong sometimes. He didn't criticize Raymond for being such an asshole to his girlfriend. He didn't call the police himself when he was hitting her. He didn't tell Salamano to stop hitting the dog. Yes life's meaningless, but I better waste it doing what's right and defending what's right. That's why Camus didn't support leftist authoritarian regimes. Otherwise, he would have said, "nah, nothing matters"

  15. Actually some existentialists like Kierkegaard and Sartre conclude that it is up to us to be responsible and create love, humanity,etc in a meaningless universe .

  16. Man… Thug Notes was the reason why I subscribed to this channel, and that idiot nerd, Jared, the reason why unsubscribed.
    I'm reading this book for the 2nd time. The dude is very selfish! I believe thinking about others and the pain we might cause them is what refrains me from doing certain things. But also, it would seem that hurting our own mother is one of the worst things to do. I guess with her gone, the rest would be some kind of freedom…

  17. This is probably a dumb question, but what exactly is the diff between existentialism and absurdism? They seem pretty similar to me at least on the surface level

  18. The scary thing about Mersault to me is that we could just as likely be in his position, born in a world, where nothing gives excitement or invokes enough emotion to give meaning,. and that trait upon a series of unfortunate circumstances leads to a premature death.


  19. “Life is meaningless” said the nihilist before immediately getting mad and sad about many things in life in the future. “It’s a pity nobody else can see that.” said the nihilist before he really hoped people would recognize how cool they were.

  20. Could u please speak more like when ur reading Because it is not clear Thanks a lot…(from non english native speaker)

  21. Just finished reading this book in French class! Despite its relatively simple language, it was still a little difficult to read thanks to its depth and esoteric themes. Still happy I read it though.

  22. I remember hating this book in eleventh grade philosophy, I recently revisited this book and now it's one of the smartest books I've ever read.

  23. He says it doesn't matter if he kills the guy or not, but it did matter. The difference between freedom and death sentence.
    For the guy AND for himself.

  24. Something I always see that no one talks about this.One of the most important part of the book is what he calls his mother in the start of the book 'Maman'. That shows the last bit of emotion the narrator has left before the events in the rest of the book take place

  25. Kudos on The Idiot reference of Myskin's opening conversation, in the waiting room; best argument I've ever heard against capital punishment

  26. I found out after reading this book that it was typical stock for high school AP English classes.
    Made sense, considering how boring and aloof (and subsequently unaccomplished) a good portion of these kids ended up being.
    Remember the 90s, everyone? When only stupid people were the ones having fun, or treating anything like it mattered?

  27. Enjoyed this man, i read the stranger many times was looking for an entertaining video of an analysis and you provided an informative and fucking funny one. lol

  28. "…when a homie who don't play that game swings into town, he a stranger to ery'body" brilliant thematic analysis. Like when I read Soh-Crates, your informal manner of speech makes alotta sense. Merci, Monsieur.

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