The Rock vs The Undertaker Casket Match Raw, May 17, 1999 WWE

The Rock vs  The Undertaker Casket Match  Raw, May 17, 1999   WWE

the people’s champion the celebrated
people’s elbow wait
they throw down a bigger Hey and he’ll goodness he they’ve said make sure that
they did not come open the other tech was headed for the chest yet and health
in the rock who will make the sunday of paper being having some words and wait a
minute more trouble on the way here Shane McMahon in China where all
well this don’t go here’s a casket to knock down the undertake past it eases
cast the clutter amid the cast watchin outside Rock got the advantage by using
his cast won’t get it right this time and another right hand by the rock predictiveness multiple cases here
oh you saw that his Armand Ruffer got busted open
probably now can’t believe Helmsley where that
sledgehammer and Helmsley broken rock solos in this match go today a change
there’s a rock in the mattress over the Undertaker wins to turn the lights I cannot believe what we’re saying the
rock is helpless inside that casket and on top of it the Undertaker I’m gonna tell you something Triple H
there the rock up the stage last weekend from the rocks are banana
look at this this week the rock inside that casket
what are these team that’s doing wait a minute inside that casket

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