The Rock Dwayne Johnson At WWE WrestleMania 34?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

The Rock Dwayne Johnson At WWE WrestleMania 34?! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis… Miz & Maryse Release Debut Child
…and happy birth day, Miz and Maryse. As in an actual ‘birth’ ‘day’. The most literal version of that word. Because Maryse gave birth. The Miz tweeted in celebration of the It Couple
releasing their debut child: “Of course our little girl arrived early. Welcome to the world Monroe Sky Mizanin 3/27/18
11:40pm” with the new family taking pictures of THESE HANDS. There’s no seamless way to transition from
the beautiful creation of life into our next story, so I’m just going to crash into it. Goldberg Is Making A Show About Knives
Goldberg’s making a show about knives. The History Channel have announced Goldberg
will be hosting their new programme Forged In Fire: Knife Or Death’ – a new nonfiction
competition series where “The nation’s top bladesmiths, martial artists and knife
experts slice, stab and chop their way through some of the most daunting obstacle courses
ever seen”. The programme will start on Tuesday 17th April,
a week after Goldberg headlines this year’s Hall of Fame class. Why’s Goldberg hosting a show about knives,
you might ask? Well he does know a thing or two about ‘spears’… Because that’s his finishing move. Interestingly, Goldberg’s not the only part
of last year’s Universal Championship match at WrestleMania getting their own show… Paul Heyman Getting His Own TV Show
…as according to The Wrap, Paul Heyman is set to produce and star in his own TV series
said to “straddle the line between talk, opinion, comedy and pop culture — all with
the one-of-a-kind Paul Heyman brand and energy as the driving force”. Heyman himself told The Wrap the show is “Created
by people with ADD for people with ADD, to be enjoyed by people who would subscribe to
a theology of ADD.” The Wrap notes that Brock Lesnar’s isn’t
the only contract set to expire at WrestleMania 34, as Heyman’s WWE deal comes to an end,
too. And while he could be paired up with a different
wrestler – managing Ronda Rousey or a heel Roman Reigns being the most exciting options
– this new TV series could be Heyman lining up work for the next post-WWE phase of his
career. Who would you most like to see Heyman manage
after Brock? Click the i in the top right to have your
say. But while Paul could be transitioning from
wrestling to TV, we might have another huge star going the other way. Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson For WrestleMania? In an odd piece of news, British tabloid The
Daily Star has noted that betting site Oddschecker currently believes there is a 99% chance that
Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson will be at this year’s WrestleMania. “The bookies believe he is almost certain
to appear once again at The Showcase of the Immortals and 1/100 implies a 99 per cent
chance that we will see The People’s Champion inside the Squared Circle.” Those odds are… way more than 33 and a third
per cent chance. This huge jump is similar to when Daniel Bryan
suddenly became the favourite to win January’s Royal Rumble, despite still being retired
at the time. Seemingly off the back of unsubstantiated
rumours and fantasy booking, Bryan consistently had some of the best winning odds in the days
before the match even though he wasn’t a member of the active roster. So The Rock making an appearance at WrestleMania
could just be based on educated guesses and no actual insider knowledge. Or word has gotten out that WWE have plans
for The Dwayne at the show, and bookies have slashed his cameo odds accordingly. It just so happens that Rock’s new film
Rampage – in which he befriends a giant albino ape and fights a monster wolf that can fly
– IN YOUR FACE, David Attenborough – is out just several days after WrestleMania 34. So a cameo at the show could be the perfect
way to promote its release. Another huge WWE return might also be planned
for WrestleMania in Braun Strowman’s mystery tag partner! Click the video to the left to find out who
that might be. I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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  1. "With the new family taking pictures of THEEESE HAAANDS" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Yes, Rock is going to be there to interfere in teh Roman VS Lesnar match, handing Roman the title and creating instant heel heat for the Roman.

  3. Mannn it should've been Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Ronda vs Triple H and Stephanie the way it was planned.. I don't think that match is gonna do too good

  4. Is there anyone out there that's dumb enough to think that Brock Lesner will win at mania??? You know Vinces boy Roman ( my mic skills suck) Reigns will win. Don't you??????

  5. Roman heel would be good but could also be a debuting Lashley.

    Here's 2 ways they can do it won't go in2 full story detail just the gist of it.

    1. If Lesnar is out after mania with no more appearances next day on raw his music hits but it's only Heyman walking down he says cut the music gets in ring cuts a promo on lesnar on how it's out with the old in with the new & out comes Lashley then they go in2 how lesnar quit wwe cuz he knew Bobby was coming & he got scared. Now he's the new beast his 1st challenger could be Braun 2 legitimize Bobby but then again dont want him jobbing out rt now so could be Bobby rude if he gets drafted 2 raw or Randy as well. There's others like Finn, Seth a.j etc but don't job them out. Then there's Roman but doubt wwe will put Bobby over him.

    2. In this storyline same thing it's RAW music hits & Lesnar does come out addressing the issue how every1 said he was out after mania going 2 MMA then Paul says Brock is the only guy who can fight in MMA & WWE at same time so he not going nowhere out comes Lashley & destroys Lesnar bad 2 where he is Kayfabe injured next raw he cuts promo on how Lesnar isn't the only dual sports athlete & how he has a better MMA record than him & never got k.o etc….saying since lesnar wasn't leaving on his own he got rid of him. Now he starts feud with either roode or Orton feud 4 2 months then he can start a feud vs Braun by now both have been built as 2 biggest monsters or vs Roman if WWE wants 2 ta ke title of him which I doubt either way they fight at su mmer slam & Bobby wins next day he tries 2 celebrate out comes lesnar 4 payback lays Bobby out. Next raw lesnar comes out with paul saying yeah Bobby has a better record than Brock but that he fought in the minor leagues against nobodies just like he was in WWE but couldnt hack it so he went 2 monor leagues(TNA) 2 fight a bunch of nobodies.This sets up a match at survivor series in Nov with reigns getting his rematch in either Sept or Oct . Like this it gave lesnar basically from after mania till SURVIVOR SERIES 2 train 4 his MMA return with minimal wwe action. At survivor series Heyman turns on him like he did 2 him vs big show next day on raw he comes out with Bobby 2 celebrate & says he told Brock 2 hold out 4 more money with wwe but told WWE lesnar didn't want anything 2 do with wwe any more that's y his contract didnt get signed & how he won't be coming back 2 WWE ever again.

    Either storyline works imo & both leave open the possibility of a lesnar comeback once he's done with MMA if he wants 2 return & if not it makes him look weak so either way wwe gets a W.

  6. Rey Mysterio's official WrestleMania status disclosed..

    The legend spoke about his WrestleMania status in an interview.

    It doesn't look good for Rey Mysterio fans

    There has been much speculation about Rey Mysterio's role at WrestleMania 34. Unfortunately, from the looks of it, he won't be a part of the proceedings.

    Mysterio was a part of BELOW THE BELT, where he spoke about a variety of topics. He was asked about making a WrestleMania appearance, and we bring you his response via NoDQ.

    Rey Mysterio expressed how thrilled he was to be a part of the Royal Rumble. He was then asked if he would be a part of WrestleMania 34:

    Unfortunately, I just suffered a torn bicep three weeks ago. Opted not to get surgery. It’s a full tear but I’m just gonna kick back, do some therapy for it and hopefully I’ll be ready next month.
    While Mysterio made it seem like he wouldn't be a part of WrestleMania, he made it certain that it won't take long for him to heal and make a comeback. He also did not rule out the possibility of a return!

  7. Please pair Paul heyman with ( heel) Roman reigns , it will do wonders for his career and finally turn Roman reigns into ‘the Guy’ that wwe have always wanted him to be – it would make sense, probably make him more popular than he is now and would be a draw to the Monday night raw brand

  8. If your are a game you should know that she was born on the same day they realesed the game farcry 5 , thats funny and odd

  9. Heyman should manage a female superstar. That could be Rousey or someone else. Maybe someone from NXT? We could really use a Heyman Girl for once

  10. to old watch he'll take massive break in between a match on top of that the  peoples champion is starting to get old

  11. I certainly thought you brought up Rampage to suggest which match he's in. He teams up with a giant, albino ape (Strowman) to team up against a wolf that can fly (tell me thats not Sheamus) and a long, skinny crocodile (Cesaro).

  12. Triple H beat kurt angle in backstage before the match even starts so kurt says to ronda that he could not wrestle tonight but I'll make sure this match is gonna happen
    Later when triple H and Stephanie are in the ring and then ronda makes her entrance to the ring has a badass (The Rock's entrance music hits)
    The Rock and ronda rousey vs triple H and stephanie Mcmahon

  13. Are there seriously people who haven't played the Rampage games? I used to play on the Rampage World Tour arcade cabinet all the time when I was younger.

  14. There should be a segment between John Cena (Blockers), The Rock (Rampage), and Batista (Avengers: Infinity War) at WrestleMania talking about who’s movie in April will make more money just like how WWE did it with King Booker, Big Show, & John Cena segment back in late 2006. It’ll definitely be a money segment

  15. Paul managing Ronda could be awesome but he is like Palatine. She isn't a heel now but she's likely need to be fit with Paul.

  16. If Paul Heyman stays, I honestly think Samoa Joe would be the best bet. It would be a continuation of his ongoing feud with Roman, similar to his intent to take down Undertaker. Ronda is a good trash talker and I think she'll improve on that more once the aspect of being a LIVE STAGE PERFORMER loses it's NEW EXPERIENCE for her. It seems odd to me that WWE originally wanted The Rock to be partnered with Ronda for this upcoming match, would decide to switch off from that idea if they KNEW he COULD make the date. If it is more than RUMOR, I would expect something to happen to Kurt, perhaps at Mania, to take him out of the picture so that The Rock could come in as his surprise replacement for the match.

  17. Fuck miz. Maryse is so much better than him.. but too late. Now we have another fucked up kid. And that dumbass name? Good luck kid. I'll pray for your SIDS


  19. How come all these wrestling channels are done by British guys? Are they the only ones who give a fuck about wrestling anymore?

  20. Making Paul Heyman Roman Reigns manager would be just handing Brock Lesnar gimmick to Roman.. He become a downgraded Brock 2.0 just Heyman building him up how unstoppable he is every week. Except its not as believable as Brock cause Romans a fake badass a fake tough guy.

  21. They better not just bring the Rock to help Roman get over again… I'm calling it my prediction right now that it'll happen lol

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